Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 2

With this revelation, Sara began listing the romantic things she wanted to experience, thinking of them on the spot.
(Sneaking home after school, studying together, oh, and I’d like to go to the beach.)
Sara started to list things she wanted to do in a normal romance.
Since the list got too long, she narrowed down the realistic options,
realizing that time was running out.
(Going home together, studying, and the beach… maybe?)
She judged that the first three options were more realistic.
(I guess there’s not much time left, so…)
The next day during lunch break, Sara immediately sent a message to Haruya.
[Sorry for bothering you late at night. Can you come to the rooftop during tomorrow’s lunch break? I have one last favor to ask.]
She felt bold about it but knew it was her last chance.
With a somewhat heartbreaking feeling, Sara mentioned the name of her crush in her heart.

The next day during lunch break.
Haruya, wearing a wicked smile, headed towards the rooftop.
This was because he received a message from Sara the previous night.
The content was about having one last favor to ask.
Though he hadn’t been told the details yet, Haruya was excited about being asked for a favor.
Following Kohinata’s advice, Haruya heard that if he did a favor, he could be confident that his true identity wouldn’t be revealed.
To be honest, with Sara’s current mental state, Haruya couldn’t rule out the possibility of her accidentally revealing his identity.
Therefore, he thought that if he heard Sara’s “last favor” and then asked her not to reveal his true identity, it would work out well.
(…Any wish is fine. I have my own plans anyway.)
Suppressing the emotions he kept inside, Haruya reached the rooftop and prepared to hear Sara’s request.
“Um, could you listen to my request?”
“In essence, you want me to let you do three things that seem like ordinary romantic activities, right?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“I see.”
The offered list included walking home together, studying together, and going to the beach—three activities.
These are the three wishes.
Haruya was taken aback;
he expected something more challenging.
He thought about asking her to keep his secret in exchange, but he decided it would be more efficient to wait until after hearing Sara’s “last favor.”
Looking at Sara’s anxious eyes, Haruya uttered a simple “Got it.”
In response, Sara’s face lit up, and she expressed her gratitude with a “Thank you very much.”
(…It’s nothing much. It’s just a condition to keep my identity hidden.)
With a forced smile, Sara bowed respectfully.
“So, is it okay to start right after school?”
“Yeah, but I don’t want it to be too noticeable. Can we wait until our classmates have left?”
“Yes, that’s perfectly fine. I had the same intention.”
And so, after school, Haruya and Sara ended up walking home together.

After school.
Waiting until the number of students going home settled down, Haruya went to the school gate and waited.
Sara hadn’t appeared yet, and after about five minutes of waiting, she finally showed up.
“Sorry for keeping you waiting…”
“No, I wasn’t really waiting.”
They exchanged the usual banter, both looking around nervously.
Haruya was currently in his disguise, presenting his public persona, or rather, his shadowy side.
“Hehe. You really can’t believe that you were the same person. Isn’t your hair too long? I think you should cut it.”
“I get told that a lot, but I feel more comfortable this way.”
Haruya chuckled, and Sara whispered to herself.
(Well, it’s not bad that only I know… )
With a slight distance from Sara, Haruya started walking ahead, concealing the emotions he kept inside.
“…By the way, my house is in the right direction, but what about Himekawa-san?”
“Oh, mine is in the same direction, so please don’t worry about it.”
Haruya nodded, and then he and Sara started heading home.
Just walking home together with Sara made them stand out.
Although they weren’t directly stared at, Haruya could spot students from other schools observing them from a distance.
Just the act of walking home with a beautiful girl heightened the tension.
Sara, watching Haruya’s back as he glanced around, felt her heart pounding.


(Feels like he’s protecting me… This isn’t bad at all.)
Sara struggled to suppress a smile that was threatening to break out.
In the midst of this, fortunately, Haruya didn’t encounter any students from the same school. He breathed a sigh of relief.
Walking cautiously, on alert for almost ten minutes, they finally saw the end of their path where they could relax from the constant watchfulness.
At that moment, Sara abruptly stopped.
Following Sara’s gaze, Haruya noticed a crepe vending truck parked there.
(Seems like she wants to stop…)
Haruya, who honestly wanted to go home right away, thought it wouldn’t hurt to earn some goodwill.
“…How about having crepes?”
Haruya suggested, and Sara enthusiastically nodded in agreement.
“Sure, let’s go.”
Saying that, they moved towards the crepe stand.
“…These are delicious, Yuna!”
“Yeah, this place is surprisingly good…”
“Too bad Sara-chan couldn’t come.”
“So, Sara has been seeming like she doesn’t want much involvement lately,”
a voice that sounded vaguely familiar to Haruya reached his ears.
Regardless of the conversation’s content, he confirmed they were wearing the same high school uniform, and his face twisted in discomfort.
Both Sara and Haruya shared the same thought at that moment – “Oh no, we need to escape.”
In a rush, they tried to leave the scene, but…
“Eh? Is that Sara?
Why is she trying to run away?”
“Yeah, true. And who’s that guy with her?”
“Huh, I don’t know…”
It seemed they were too slow in their escape.
Sara and Haruya exchanged glances.
(What do we do? Those people are my friends…)
(If we run away here, Himekawa-san will be in trouble too. I have to figure out a way to bluff our way through.)
After silently communicating through eye contact, they resigned themselves and headed towards the S-class beauties – Yuna and Rin.
“Who’s that guy with you, Sara?”
“Yeah, he seems interesting…”
Both of them stared at Haruya with intense curiosity.
(No, no, they’re just classmates from the same class as the S-class beauties.)
Feeling impressed by his own lack of presence, Haruya couldn’t help but make that internal comment.
But more than that, there was a sense of déjà vu in Yuna and Rin’s voices.
(Still, these two voices sound familiar… )
As someone who often frequented the cafe where they worked, discussing their shared interest in shoujo manga,
hese two sounded exactly like those girls.
However, considering the possibility of having three similar-sounding people in the world, Haruya didn’t pay much attention to it.
Seeing Sara struggling with how to explain, he scratched the back of his head and replied to the two girls.
“Well, you see, it’s just that…”
” ” ” ” ……… ” ” “
Sara, along with the S-rank beauties, fixed their eyes on Haruya.
“By chance, we met when I was thinking of buying crepes…”
Haruya nervously explained, and surprisingly, Yuna and Rin nodded, seemingly satisfied.
(Managed to bluff through this one…)

Now, because it felt a bit awkward to let him go home alone when they’re in the same school, Haruya ended up sharing crepes with the S-Class beauties.
It might seem like a situation that every guy would envy, but to be honest, Haruya felt completely out of place.
“Sarachin, are you really okay now?”
“Yes, I appreciate your concern from yesterday, but I’m fine now.”
“Good to hear. Sara, I’m glad you’re okay.”
After the S-Class beauties finished their conversation, the next focus shifted to Haruya.
“By the way, your hair is soooo long. Don’t you think it would be better to cut it… right, Yuirin?”
“Um, well, I understand what Rin is saying… I won’t deny it.”
Agreeing with Rin’s enthusiastic suggestion, Yuirin nodded vaguely.
“I’ll… consider it.”
“Hahaha, sure, take your time thinking.”
“I don’t mind either way, but… by the way…”
The S-Class beauties talked to Haruya about this much.
Later, the conversation shifted to Sara’s story, and with Sara getting better, they transitioned to discussing love.
“Hey, you over there too, about Sara’s story. Don’t you think this is a fateful encounter?”
When the topic of Sara’s love story came up, Rin asked Haruya.
“Ah, please stop.”
In response, Sara blushed and looked down.
Of course, that was expected. Being told it’s a fateful encounter right in front of the person involved.
Haruya, on the other hand, blushed in embarrassment due to the shame play.
Why, you ask…
“He’s amazing, you know. Just hearing about him makes it clear how cool he is. I actually want to see him… that person.”
“I would like to see him too… that person.”
Direct and cliché compliments came from Rin and Yuirin, respectively.
“(Hey, what kind of torture is this…)”
“(Ugh… this is way too embarrassing.)”
Both of them blushed and were dyed in embarassment

On the way home that day.
There was silence between them on the way back from the crepe shop.
They couldn’t discuss private matters with the other S-Class beauties (Rin and Yuirin) present.
“Ah, then I’ll go this way.”
And when the paths diverged, Haruya and the S-Class beauties parted ways.
Sara discreetly waved her hand in this direction, making sure the others didn’t notice.
In response, Haruya nodded slightly and then changed his direction and began walking.
While walking alone on the way home, his phone buzzed with a notification.
It was a message from Sara.

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