Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 15 part 1

Chapter Fifteen: Gathering Power, Awakening of the White Knight

They were enemies we could have defeated easily if our transformations hadn’t been undone.
But the opponents clearly used the same technology as us.
Not just us, Katsumi was also reverted to normal and driven into a corner, and we who were in an extremely dire crisis saw a scene of despair before our eyes.
“Gu, ugh, gaa!”
The silver belt equipped on Katsumi’s abdomen.
Accompanied by red electricity, it assaulted his body as if corroding it, making him cry out in agony.
Somehow still standing while writhing in pain, he looks at us and the girl.
Even with his face twisted in pain, strength dwelt in his eyes as he grit his teeth and desperately resisted.
“Katsumi, don’t! I hate it!!”
Seeing the black-haired girl called Alpha bound by the shining rope yet desperately trying to call out to him, he showed an incongruous serene smile for the situation.


Scene transition

He closed his eyes.
He stopped writhing in pain and took a deep breath.


Noise ran through the echoing voice, and the stagnant red electricity was sucked into the belt.
Instead, overflowing warm golden energy instantly covered his body.


Together with that voice, solemn music unfitting for this place starts flowing. As if celebrating the birth of something, the powerful music makes not just us but the invaders also show confused expressions.


Light envelops his body, and multiple armors are constructed and float in the air.


The armors equipped with metallic sounds.
However, the last three plates colored red, blue, and yellow slide and equip onto his chest belatedly.



After multiple overlapping voices, he completes the transformation spewing smoke from his whole body, and his figure composed completely of white, the opposite of black.
Armor attached over the black bodysuit.
Three horns extending from his forehead upwards, and black lines representing tears engraved under the blue compound eyes.
The arm, shoulder, chest, and leg armor is thin, with red, blue, and yellow plates engraved on the right chest armor.
Seeing his figure giving an overall slender image, we could only be dumbfounded.
“…Magnificent! Oh, of course I believed you would properly equip it!”
Vega approaches clapping while he silently looks at his palm.
Did Katsumi get brainwashed…?
“I don’t wanna. I don’t want it…”
For him to become an enemy.
When we were having so much fun and laughing together just earlier…
About to cry, I reach out my hand.
He turns his mask here.
The will conveyed from the compound eyes that seem to be shedding tears wasn’t dead.
“Now you’ll be our comrade too!! To start, use those hands on your comrades–“
“Shut up.”
“I said shut uuup!!”
The white warrior’s body is wrapped in light particles.
In an instant, with unbelievable motion he accelerates and his fist bares its fangs at the worst of the invaders.
“Wha-!? What the!?”
Punch for Vega detonated right before reaching them, blowing them away without a direct hit, but it was still an unexpected blow enough to stir their fear.
I still didn’t understand the situation, but I could grasp that developments were clearly different from the enemy’s intentions.
“What the… all of a sudden!?”
“I suspected it, but you’re perfectly compatible over here too!? What happened to the brainwashing!?”
Katsumi-kun, who had just transformed into a new form, looked bewildered rather than confident as he clenched his fist, checking his condition.
“I can’t get a grip on things all of a sudden… This Proto Suit is different.”
He wasn’t overwhelmed by power. Katsumi-kun remained himself.
Having received the alien transformation item on his body and still maintaining a strong sense of self, he glanced at Vega and Ax, who were still motionless, then tore apart the glowing ropes that bound the captured girl with his bare hands.
“Alpha, run.”
“Run!! Have you forgotten our promise?”
“N-No! I said I’d stay with you! That’s why, I’ll stay close!”
Alpha, as she was called, closed her eyes like a scolded child after Katsumi-kun’s stern words, then disappeared from the spot in an instant.
After watching her go, Katsumi-kun turned his gaze forward, cracking his knuckles as he headed towards Vega and the others.
“You’ve made me wear quite the strange outfits, invaders!”
“Why…! Unbelievable! You’re not brainwashed? It’s not something that should be broken by a lowly species like you!!”
Was Vega’s brainwashing ineffective on Katsumi-kun?
Though Vega was initially shocked by this fact, he quickly regained his composure.
“But even if you’ve transformed, it’s meaningless if we deactivate it from here. Ax.”
“Y-Yes, understood…”
Ax operated an arm terminal. He intended to forcibly deactivate the transformation, just like before…!?
“…!? It won’t deactivate!?”
“What’s going on!?”
“The energy output of the Dust Suit has been rewritten! The belt itself rejected our interference!”
Ax, panicking, was joined by Vega, who couldn’t hide his agitation.
“Did the Core reconfigure the system for the transformer!? That can’t be!!”
“Is this conversation over?”
A white warrior exuding an unmistakable aura of anger.
Vega and Ax turned pale at the illusion that seemed to twist the surrounding space due to his anger.
“So, is it okay to attack soon?”
The ground exploded as Katsumi-kun rushed towards Vega with incredible force.
Seeing his anger firsthand, the man and the scientist-like woman, now transformed into silver and gold warriors different from the ones we had fought, quickly activated their changers.
The gold warrior who transformed from Axe raised his hand towards Katsumi with a challenging look on his face.
“Gr-Gravity space, I’ll use it on this guy—”
“Shut up!!”
However, Katsumi-kun swiftly kicked him at an almost imperceptible speed and then lunged at Vega, who had donned a silver suit and armor.
Faster than the Proto Suit.
And his raw power was significantly enhanced.
“What the hell were you thinking, coming to Earth without permission!?”
“Shut up! You humans and your petty emotions! You think you can defeat me with that custom-made, star-class equipment specially enhanced for me!!”
As they fought, Vega’s suit gained additional armor, and more weapons were added.
Vega’s appearance transformed into something more like a giant covered in machinery than just armor.
“What… what is that thing?”
“What an ugly robot…”
A humanoid mass of machinery.
With the sound of engines and the release of electricity and steam, Vega, covered in armor and weapons, attacked Katsumi-kun.
“That outdated pile of junk, I’ll crush it!!”
A massive arm made of metal swung down at him.
Katsumi-kun effortlessly caught it with just his palm.
“Too light! Hey!!”
The ground cracked from the impact, but Katsumi-kun himself showed no signs of strain.
In fact, he trembled with anger and casually tore off the mechanical arm with brute force.
“Quit messing around! That power is…!”
“You’re talking nonsense! You’re too damn noisy! Shut up!”
He struck Vega, who was encased in machinery.
The armor of the struck machine was torn off, and debris scattered.
“You’re spouting useless nonsense! You’re just a loudmouth!”
“Gah, ugh, damn it!?”
“And being needlessly durable pisses me off!!”
With these unreasonable words, he leaped onto Vega’s shoulder and ripped off the opposite arm. Before any additional reinforcements could be transferred, he continued his attack.
“My repairs can’t keep up!?”
His appearance was no different from when he had been a Black Knight, single-handedly defeating monsters.

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