The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – Sublimation
Charl, stunned in his arms.
Her whole body was covered in wounds, tattered and torn. Even without words, it told of how she had fought with all her might.

As if having its prey stolen, the Lizardman [Fragment]’s eyes turn this way as it raises its gigantic fist.
“[Alvida]. [Arsene].”
Faster than that burly arm can swing down,
Summoned from the ring, [Alvida] and [Arsene] simultaneously charge at the [Fragment], blowing away its massive body.
“Al…I’m sorry. With my strength…this was my limit…”
“You don’t need to apologize. You did great.”
Looking at the knights and [Shadows] gathered here, it’s easy to imagine what Charl had won with her efforts.
“You’ve come closer to that dream you called naïve ideals. You’re amazing, Charl.”
Both her and everyone else
probably gave it everything they had, pouring out every bit of their power.
“…………You’ve given me courage too.”
The scenery of the royal capital stretching below. The raging fires and rampaging giants devastating the land – Something that should have been brother Leo’s burden. Something the royalty of this country should have shouldered, yet I thought it had nothing to do with me.
“The courage to chase my dreams.”
My voice almost shaken. If I shut my mouth, say nothing, keep it locked in my chest, then surely I could just stay complacent. I can run away anytime or just give up.
But that’s no good.
Because I closed myself off like that, I couldn’t understand brother Leo.
“Will you……tell me about it too…………?”
Putting your own dream into words really does take courage. Like once you say it, there’s no going back. That probably isn’t the case but…sharing your dream with someone, it makes me nervous. Oh I see, was Charl always feeling like this?
“I……want to be king.”
While most would probably laugh at this dream, Charl didn’t laugh.
“I always looked up to brother Leo. Like the hero in the picture books I read when I was little, he was so cool and…I’m not sure when but…I started dreaming that I wanted to become a king like brother Leo too. But my magical power was cursed, seen as an ill omen so…I gave up quickly.”
“I was only running away. The road to my dreams was just too dangerous and difficult. Giving up was all I could do. Because I didn’t want to hurt myself, I forced my dream onto brother Leo……and hurt him instead.”
I should have been the one to bear those wounds.
I pushed onto brother Leo what I should have borne.
“But still, I’ve decided. No more running. No more giving up. To face myself. That I would carry what brother Leo carried too…No matter how hard and painful, all cut up and battered, still chase my dream.”
Unexpectedly, a warm palm touches my cheek.
“…………Al is not alone.”
Charl’s hand makes me keenly feel that someone is by my side.
“I and Ms. Makina and everyone else……are with you. We walk alongside you. Please don’t try to carry everything alone. Let us get hurt with you when those times come.”
The same sugary sweet naïve ideals.
Perhaps detached from reality. The reality should be harsher and more brutal.
But Charl does not make excuses with reality to justify giving up.
She has the will to stand against the monster called reality no matter how harsh and brutal.
I feel so emboldened by that back of hers.
“…………Yes. Keep walking with me from here on too.”
[Arsene] that I had already unsummoned disappears and the summoned [Alvida] dances around me.
“Makina. I leave Charl to you.”
I entrust her to the maid I trust most before focusing my sight on the enemies I need to cut down.
“Have the knights and [Shadows] guide the civilians to evacuate.”
[Alvida] that had been deployed around me wraps my body in the [Soul Raiment].
“I will slay the rest.”
I channel magical power into the new ring housed on my right hand.
That ring, which had shattered into a stone flower before, was a final masterpiece created by a certain girl in her last moments.
The overflowing petal-like magical power colors the [Soul Raiment] and further empowers [Alvida]. Surging power courses through me and changes my equipment into an even more powerful form.
It probably falls under the [Enhancement] system but the effect is in a different league.
Something that transcends limits and enhances magic by one stage.
Proof that this ring itself rivals the [Regalia Rings] ring of the king’s robe.
I heard from Elinne that she adjusted it to be usable with the [Regalia Rings] but I see now. This is [Magic that enhances Magic]…no, that’s not right either. This magic is surely…magic that pushes the back of those taking another step forward.
I pour power into the blade and slash in a flash.
The vastly increased sharpness of the blade slices deeply into the giant’s chest.
Amid the spewing miasma, I take aim and hammer in bullets of magical power in rapid succession.
The giant whose chest was turned into a beehive shatters into shards of magical power and bursts apart in an instant.
However, this isn’t over yet.
The screams haven’t vanished from this royal capital town yet.
“I’m going.”
“……Good luck.”
“Please be careful.”
Seen off by Charl and Makina, I leap towards the rampaging giants laying waste to the royal capital.


I gaze up and overflowing radiance mingled with gold and jet black flutters down like flower petals.
Immediately after, one human prince charges at a giant and a streak of gold is carved into the blue sky.
“Is it alright to hand over your best friend’s memento?”
Elinne quietly nods at Evrard’s question.
“It would only go to waste if I kept it. My friend wouldn’t have wanted that either.”
The [Sublimate] magic ring entrusted to Alfred.
It was the final masterpiece infused with her best friend Netos’ life and soul.
There were misgivings and hesitation on parting with it.
Worries lingered even after finishing tuning the [Regalia Rings] at the final stage before the exhibition match.
But Elinne saw and heard and knew – his determination.
—-I’ll carry what brother Leo carried as well.
The feelings concealed within those words. The resolve to walk the thorny road of dreams.
—-Please advance……no. You should be advancing. Even if frightening and terrifying, that desire called dream is something you should be shouldering.
The resolve she showed to bear it while overcoming pain and sadness – he had seen it.
“Can’t go letting those royals get the better of me. More than anything……”
That weak and delicate creature called human is desperately standing up with the resolve to shoulder such heavy burdens. While I could never say it to his face…That figure gave me courage. I saw hope in him.
“I figured the current Alfred could leave behind our friend’s proof of life to this country’s future.”
That’s why I parted with it. No, I entrusted it to Alfred.
As [Magic to support the backs of people] wielded by the one who will become king one day……and be passed down into the far future.
“Really now…After clinging to that thing like a cursed item that couldn’t be removed…Have you progressed too, Teacher?”
“So it seems.”


“Stay with me everyone……!”
No reply comes from the friends who lost consciousness and collapsed even when called out to.
But still, the girl could not stop calling out to them.
The savage roar of the burning Lizardman giant.
The rampaging calamity from that sudden monster aberration had instantly reduced the surroundings to a warzone.
Caught completely off guard by what could be called a sneak attack, her companions who had shared joy and sorrow fell over. It was sheer coincidence that only she was unharmed.
Even if her companions were in perfect condition, fleeing would probably be the only option anyway.
The lizard’s eyes capture the girl within them. Precisely, the girl and her companions beside her.
Her body instantly stiffens. At first she thought there was immobilizing magic cast but I quickly understood that was incorrect.
This is fear. The realization that I am designated prey and what awaits is nothing but being predator food. We were made to comprehend that we were dominated by an overwhelming force.
“Uh…ah…t-take, [Fire Magic Sphere]!”
It’s not from courage. Nor a final futile resistance. Simply my body moving from terror. It was nothing more than a scream’s substitute.
Thoughts of magical power consumption and hit accuracy all vanish from mind, I desperately shoot out flames indiscriminately. Coincidentally or not, all the numbering fireballs directly struck the Lizardman giant and blasts erupted.
As the blasts and smoke clear, the unscathed Lizardman giant emerges.
Overwhelming power disparities don’t permit such weak resistance to even enter thoughts.
Legs won’t move. Not even a scream comes out. Confronted with the approaching gigantic claws, the girl could only tremble in fright awaiting her body’s destruction.
The girl’s voice is too faint and frail.
“Someone……save me…………”
A prayer that surely wouldn’t reach the heavens amid the raging fires and havoc.
“—-Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!”
But one who heard was there.
And then, before I realized it, the giant’s arm is severed halfway.
Which means that joyful dancing in my vision had to be shreds of magical power.
“Are you hurt anywhere?”
The owner of that voice was a boy. Black haired black eyes. An ill-omened symbol shunned in this country.
Yet for the girl in this place, undeniably a savior.
“Ye, yes…………”
“Then that’s good.”
His crude manner was certainly unaccustomed to direct kindness but the sentiment of caring for her well-being fully came through.
“Stay there.”
After confirming the girl’s safety, the boy turns his gun barrel towards the Lizardman giant whose arm was just severed.
“……I’ll finish this quickly.”
As per his words, what transpired next was literally over in an instant.
The magical bullets shot out a moment later traced like a shooting star and pierce through the jet black giant.
While raising a distorted death knell, the Lizardman giant bursts apart.
Its remains transform into shards of magical power scattering – The peril eradicating the girl and her companions’ lives dispelled.
“The knights and black-clothed group will come help soon. Get taken somewhere safe.”
Leaving only those words, the black haired prince leaps away again.



The man curses his own powerlessness. Tears shed at the unjust rampage.
The rampaging flames around him also threaten the man’s own life if he doesn’t flee immediately. But the man had an unescapable reason that prevented his flight.
“Hold on, daddy will save you soon……!”
His beloved daughter was pinned under the rubble that had collapsed from the Lizardmen’s devastation.
To the man who had already lost his wife, his remaining daughter was most precious, an irreplaceable life. Losing his daughter is unbearable, and he even occasionally thinks it should have been him buried instead.
However, reality was that his daughter became the one trapped while the man struggles alone to move the rubble.
The sole lucky factor was that his daughter’s body was wedged into a gap, uncrushed. Her child sized frame had served as good fortune apparently. Peering in the gap, while she appears to have lost consciousness, her body seems unharmed.
All that’s left is to remove this rubble then. But misfortune stuck the man at one point.
The Lizardman giant had already closed in right before his daughter.
“Hurry……Hurry…the rubble…!”
Unceasing body trembling from both the fear of losing his daughter and fear of the giant. Yet still the man desperately wrestles with the rubble with all the courage he can muster.
Can’t reach. No matter how hard he tries, his hands can’t reach his unconscious and collapsed daughter.
The Lizardman giant’s maw holds flames, exhaling a fiery breath to incinerate the insignificant life before it as if a flickering candle flame—-
“—-Shut it!!!”
A streak of gold carves the air announcing a boy who kicks up the giant’s jaw.
Forced to shut its mouth before it could release its breath, the giant staggers onto its back while blasting flames upwards. A heavy tremor shakes the surroundings and the shock also causes the rubble around the daughter to crumble and rain down.
“The rubble is……! Nooooooo!”
The man’s shrieks are useless as countless rubble come crashing down on his daughter.
As if his knees gave way, the man sits limply on the ground.
It was as if any willpower to go on living or hopes were completely uprooted, such a feeling of loss seeped through him.
An unforgettable beloved voice, his daughter.
Wiping the tears clouding his vision, he sees his daughter’s face when it clears up.
But why and how, the reason came immediately.
Walls and a ceiling made from earth-attribute magic shelters and protects his daughter.
Most likely an application skill for [Earth Magic Walls]. Generating earthen walls from the ground pushes away the surrounding rubble while instantly constructing a ceiling to shield against the downpour.
“Whoa…close shave there.”
The one who saved the daughter was the black haired boy who suddenly appeared and kicked the giant’s jaw.
Black hair black eyes. Anyone in the royal capital or even this country would instantly recognize with one glance.
“The third prince……”
Ignoring the man struck dumb, the Third Prince dashes out. Powerfully luminous blade severs the giant’s chest with a flash after it toppled onto its back from the kick.
Confirming another city rampaging giant has been blasted into shards of magical power before bursting apart, the Third Prince gracefully drops down beside the man.
“……Take your daughter and run towards that bell tower.”
Where the prince pointed. An undoubtedly tall bell tower stretching to the heavens stood there.
His sight shifts to the daughter protected by earth attribute magic.
“There should be a long blond haired girl around my age there. She’ll heal your daughter’s wounds with recovery magic too.”
Leaving only that, the Third Prince leaps away.
Towards the next enemy.


Vision blurring. The fading strength about to give out. But still the adventurer man absolutely refuses to let go of his sword. Glaring at the inconceivable monster Lizardman giant with a size dwarfing humans.
Behind him, both companions and fellow adventurers had collapsed from exhaustion. The remaining ones standing was through sheer luck. Sheer willpower and stubbornness to hold themselves together after suppressing terror was all that kept them erected there.
The man, known for his strength, unleashed a powerful swing.
The giant Lizardman didn’t even bother to evade it. It didn’t care about the life-threatening blow struck by a person.
The broken fragments of the sword, now halfway shattered, traced an unimpressive arc.
The reliable sword that had saved him from countless predicaments and defeated formidable enemies throughout his adventurer’s life now easily snapped.
For a moment, he was shocked by the impact of the now somewhat lighter sword.
Like swatting away a flying insect, the man was slammed into the ground.
In reality, his prideful strength, his prized sword, his cherished companions—nothing mattered. The desperate blow was inconsequential to that giant, to the point where it didn’t bother to avoid it or pay it any attention.
To resist was to be nothing more than a crawling insect on the ground in the eyes of that Lizardman giant.
“It’s useless… there’s no way to win against this…”
It wasn’t clear who said that. Perhaps it was a voice heard only within his own mind. Uncertain as it may be, everyone present had undoubtedly given up.
Pride, determination—all mocked by that giant. Everyone realized that everything was meaningless, that the giant had rendered it all futile.
The sound of crafted armor, trained to perfection, hitting the ground echoed.
The noise of someone kneeling, hands on the ground, and the sound of bitter tears falling—all mixed with the sound of resignation.
“Is this… the end here…”
He clenched his fist in the face of insurmountable power and his own helplessness.
Energy drained from his body, and he couldn’t even bring himself to look ahead.
Both the blade and his heart had been broken.
“Don’t give up.”
That voice was the only source of hope in this situation.
A beat later, magical bullets rained down from the sky. Countless flashes shot through the giant, spewing out miasma.
The Lizardman giant’s howls served as a background chorus, and amidst golden trails, a single boy landed in front of the man.
Illuminated by the blazing flames, the boy had black hair.
In this country, someone with black hair and black eyes was considered taboo. The man remembered a black-haired prince in the royal family.
“Uh-oh! Dodge—!”
Roaring in anger, the giant raised its fist.
What would happen if that sturdy scale, which had broken both blade and heart, was repurposed for an attack? The result was evident.
Once again, a golden trail flashed.
With just one swing, one slash, the boy severed the giant’s arm along with its raised fist.
“What… this can’t be true…!?”
While the man stood dumbfounded, the black-haired prince had already sprinted forward.
Closing the distance with a speed that allowed no blinking, he drove the blade into the core as if delivering the finishing blow.
Before the enormous severed arm fell onto the city, the Lizardman giant exploded, shattered into magical fragments.
The black-haired prince, who effortlessly bisected the giant, expressed his gratitude to the man.
“Thanks to you guys holding on, we made it in time. The others managed to evacuate.”
They couldn’t do anything. They felt utterly powerless, insignificant, and small. That’s what they thought, but it wasn’t true. It wasn’t just that.
The sword, broken by a single word, couldn’t be restored. But… the shattered heart somehow managed to hold together.
“Leave the giants to me. None of you will lay a finger on them again.”
Petals mixed with gold and black danced, leaving trails behind.
The black-haired prince jumped toward the next battle.


Some witnessed it. Rooftop to rooftop, racing through the royal capital.
Some witnessed it. The golden and black brilliance that severed the giants.
Some witnessed it. The fight of the black-haired boy, once despised.
Everyone engraved it in their hearts.
The tale of heroism of the third prince, who had played the villain, was witnessed by all.
Even in the midst of treating the injured with healing magic, news of his deeds reached Charlotte.
With each giant shattering, a light of hope gleamed in the eyes of the people.
It multiplied, spreading to the point of pushing back the darkness of despair.
“Call someone who can use healing magic!”
“It’s okay if there’s some uncertainty in magic power! The Elf [Engraver] over there can adjust the output!”
“Hey, someone’s stuck! Help clear the debris!”
His desperate fight rallied everyone’s spirits.
“How long are you all going to cower!”
“We can’t lose to the third prince!”
The symbol of ill omen, supposed to be hated, was now giving hope to everyone’s hearts.
“Al-kun, everyone is watching you.”
Encouraged by the hope in everyone’s hearts, a mix of golden and black magic burst forth, and another giant sank.
“Not the hated third prince, not the shadow of Leor-sama …………”
Only one giant lizard fragment left.
“Al-kun. Everyone is finding courage in your back.”
It was as if he was the hero from that picture book.


“The last one…!”
Empowered by the [Transcendence] entrusted by Elinne, [Alvida]’s enhanced power was formidable. Thanks to the enhanced performance, he could instantly defeat the appearing giants one after another. He could reach out his hand and make a difference.
Using rooftops as a foothold, he approached the target giant in a straight line.
However, his magic power was reaching its limit. If the battle dragged on, it would become disadvantageous, and they wouldn’t be able to stop that giant. At that point, many people would die. The lives of so many would disappear.
There was no room for mistakes. The weight on his shoulders was immense. What was supposed to be carried by Leo, his older brother, now burdened him heavily.
(Truly heavy… history, the future… and lives. It’s too heavy for one person to bear alone.)
He aimed the gun. The target was the giant’s core.
(This is what Leo was trying to bear. I truly didn’t understand anything until now. I didn’t know Leo was trying to bear something so heavy… and cruel.)
Filling his magic power, a bullet of enhanced magic power took form.
(…It’s a little, but I understand Leo’s pain now. The enormity and cruelty of what I imposed on him… I’m sorry. Sorry for not realizing it, for not understanding. It might be too late to apologize now.)
The giant roared, swinging its tail, smashing houses that could be used as footholds.
(Still… even so… I’ve made up my mind.)
The footing crumbled… but he had already leaped, evading it.
(What Leo was trying to bear, I will bear it too. Yes, I will—-)
The Lizardman giant realized it had evaded the attack, but it was too late.
(—-become the king of this country!)
Taking aim, he pulled the trigger.
“[Transcendence – Raging Wave Cannon]!”
A magic bullet, a mixture of black and golden magic, pierced through the giant’s core, turning into a meteor-like flash.
Soon, the evil giant shattered into magical fragments along with the explosion, and a peaceful silence returned to the royal capital.

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