The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 5

Chapter Five: I turned 6 years old

When I tried to do pest control, Brichan and Noel-kun were surprisingly skilled, making me anxious.
I swung my arms in a hurry, managing to crush one bug, but before I could deal with the second one, the two of them caught up.
Seriously! Both of them were being reckless. I had no choice but to cast a lot of sacred magic, but to tell you the truth, even that wasn’t enough.
But what was that… Noel-kun’s power?
It felt different from the light attribute that humans acquire. It was more like the flow of magical power reminiscent of spirits.
And that language… was it the [Spirit Language] used by high-level spirits and demons? It seemed to use only one syllable, but how could a human pronounce it?
However, maybe it was impossible for humans, as it was supposed to convey intent to all existence, yet normal people couldn’t hear it.
Maybe, just maybe, due to my overwhelming holy magic, there was a side effect!
What should I do… Could I be sued? After that, my face was red the whole time, and while there was no fever, something felt off.
For now, let’s pray for a quick recovery.
Now then! Despite all that, I conducted an inspection of my territory. Father mentioned that there were some places he’d like me to visit.
And finally! I turned six!
Being six years old means I’m already a splendid young lady. I won’t sit on any man’s lap except Father’s!
…Oh, Grandfather is watching me.
So, I turned six, but nothing particularly changed.
Oh, hold on! I did stir up some trouble at the royal castle during the birthday party. I pretended to cry in front of Grandmother and Lady Elea just to bother them.
I also played with Sherry’s soft hair.
At the properly organized birthday party in the Tull territory this time, I scared off a misunderstood aristocrat who proposed engagement with his 30-year-old son, by having murderous intentions.
I had a blast playing with Betty until we were both out of breath.
When I arrived in a carriage with an overwhelming bouquet of white roses, I couldn’t carry them all, and poor Rick got squished at the entrance.
I watched him with lukewarm eyes. I was comforted by Timothée
This time, the beloved older sisters who didn’t come, I wanted to convey these overflowing feelings to them. So, I asked the wind spirit, crying and imitating, to rattle their windows from midnight to morning.
It was truly a peaceful birthday party with no problems!
…I’m sorry.
I’ve been avoiding reality.
Next January, I’ll be entering the elementary section of the magical academy, it’s totally not an elementary school. Three months have passed since the territory inspection, and I, born in the [Middle of Autumn], have three more months to go.
What about those four candidates for my attendants… I wonder?
I feel like there’s something I should do, but surprisingly, I’m busy… with various things.

One day, after practice, when I returned to my room, a letter had slipped under the door, replacing the lock with a [Fortress].
…Hmm, a rose scent? Based on my biased experience, these kinds of letters never contain anything good.
Moreover, sneaking a letter into this room, which even humans find hard to infiltrate, is quite suspicious. By the way, the reason for magically locking the door was to prevent those four from entering without permission.
But, well, the sender is intriguing… The contents are… an invitation? The sender is…
“Ah, I see.”
It’s troublesome. By the way, I’m currently alone. Those four are taking care of me, so there’s no one else to handle these situations.
Is there anyone nearby? They’ll come if I call, but it’s a hassle to interrupt their work. Someone… Ah, there she is.
“Wait a moment.”
I walked down the corridor and handed the [Invitation] to the girl coming from the opposite direction.
“Christina. Could you please return this to the Countess Auber with a polite refusal?”
It’s been a few days since I spoke to her, but it feels familiar. She seems to have some free time, so it’s just right.
Does she also know about the “rumors” of the invitation? Upon hearing the name of Count Auber’s daughter, Christina froze as if she had seen something unbelievable.
Oh, so even you can make that expression.
“Well then, please make sure to send it back.”
Saying that, I leave, and until Christina enters her room, she remains motionless, staring intently at the invitation for the [Moonlit Tea Party].

I haven’t had any proper conversations with Christina and the others, or the other four.
While nominally their caretaker, I don’t interact with them, and they don’t do anything unless instructed.
When I go somewhere, I don’t take them with me. With Bridget and Sara around, there’s no issue.
I’ve also asked the steward to stop purchasing them expensive items using my name. I’ve changed the locks for the dressing room and Father’s study, and keys are now managed by Grandpa and Grandma.
If I, as an individual, can do various things just with my name, then there’s much more I can do if I act on my own.
Not to brag, but I’ve never been selfish even once. I’m a very good girl, and with just a small request, I usually get what I want.
…It’s easy to find evidence and dismiss someone from their job, you know.
But well… Father has been through a lot, protecting troublesome children like Noel in that incident and giving them jobs. I think he’d be sad if they were to quit.
In the dream, I have the “record” of a girl who lived in the “world of light.” So, I’ll take my job seriously, but dealing with children under ten, like Noel, might be rare.
Perhaps, like the older sisters, that’s the standard for nobles… Nobles are fearsome.
But well, since I can act alone, let’s finish up some tasks.
“I need someone,
Can someone call Bridget or Sara?”

For me, there’s a “secret” job as a “Holy Maiden” in the shadows.
Well, it’s a job that I can openly perform, but starting from that acting lord’s son and everyone who participated in it, without even telling their families, a [society] has spread across the shadows of the Holy Kingdom.
This [society], formed mainly by noble men, continues to expand, and as a testament to their solidarity, offerings and substantial “donations” are delivered to me.
The name of that society is—
[Holy Maiden’s Society Bringing Darkness to Radiance].
What on earth?
“Your Grace Eurushia, good day. Thank you for the other day. This time, let me introduce my friend, Lord Zesh-Kapell.”
“Lady Princess, it is my first time meeting you. It is presumptuous for someone like me to be in your presence, but… however.”
Yeah, that’s how it goes. Even though he left home and became a commercial baron, now a viscount, he is the younger brother of the current Duke Kapell, our family’s political rival. I’ve heard that the Duke complained until the end when Father became the Grand Duke.
Zesh is younger than his brother, the Duke, perhaps why he’s still in his thirties. Nevertheless… no, precisely because of that, he seems to have cried openly while embracing Viscount Lupin, who introduced him. …Old men are annoying.
“…So, is Zesh acceptable?”
“Yes. Certainly, I have ties to the Kapell Duke’s house… but, my loyalty lies with the royal family, not my brother. If my brother were to become a threat to the Lady Princess, I would not hesitate—”
“Understood, understood!”
He started saying something dangerous. Let’s just get this done.
“Then, Zesh… I will bring ‘darkness’ to your ‘light.'”
“Ohhh, thank you!!”
I’m also getting carried away.
“─ [Let there be light] ─”

scene transition

What divine magic requires is a clear image and pure magical power to make it a reality.
I, a demon possessing knowledge of the “world of light,” was able to reproduce it in a higher dimension.
Perhaps, besides me, even a high-ranking priest would find it nearly impossible to achieve.
Restore the body with [Regeneration].
Give vitality to the body with [Activation].
To cleanse the affected area, use [Purification].
To reconstruct the body, apply them carefully and alternately. It shouldn’t be too strong, nor too weak. Delicate imagery and knowledge of the “otherworld” are crucial.
“……Oh. Ooooooh!”
“We did it… we did it, Zesh!”
Zesh’s scalp was covered with a thin seaweed-like substance, and the “radiance” of his scalp was lost.
In the aftermath, Zesh and Viscount Lupin embraced each other, shedding tears of joy.
“From now on, refrain from oily meals, focus on a diet centered around fish, beans, and vegetables, and lightly brush the scalp with a soft brush…”
“Got it… understood, Your Highness!”
Not a divine revelation.
“Thank you, Princess! Saint Lady! From now on, in the Tull Territory as well, we will do our best to provide our Carpe Company’s products as much as possible!”
“…Is that so. Looking forward to it.”
Getting tired of it all, I respond in princess mode.
“Ah, it feels like I’ve been reborn! With this, I won’t have to endure strange looks from my wife or daughter, and I won’t be called ‘grandpa’ by the children of our clients anymore!”
“Ah, yes.”
Zesh left a generous amount of “hush money” as alms and left, arm in arm with his friend Viscount Lupin.
And so, another “light” was lost from the Holy Kingdom.
And thus, the faction that worships only me, a group of men, slowly spreads from the shadows to erode the Holy Kingdom…
What the hell is this?

So, I lived freely like that… Well? I don’t feel inconvenienced much.
Perhaps the adults are watching me until I complain.
I haven’t asked for anything from those four, and as a result, I find myself not being taken care of by anyone.
I’m not woken up in the morning, but I wake up on my own, wash my face on my own.
There are no clothes prepared for me, but since the demon body doesn’t get dirty, I can easily mix and match my own clothes.
I don’t get hungry, so without my parents or grandparents around, I skip meals.
I don’t get dirty, but dust sticks, so I occasionally pour the leftover bathwater over my head.
I don’t need tea or snacks, so I stop asking for them.
I spent my days indulging in the ultimate shut-in life, reading my favorite books in the library until midnight…
But one night, I woke up in the library after dozing off, only to be discovered by a frantic old lady. I was promptly captured and, upon waking up, found myself being taken care of by Vio and the others again.
Apparently, they noticed there were no signs of me having meals or any laundry being done, and since I wasn’t in my room, the maids launched a full-scale search.
Even my mother and the old lady were in tears.
Looking at it from a third-person perspective, it’s quite a situation, isn’t it?

Today, Christina received a scolding from the head maid for her job incompetence.
Even so, given that she’s still new to this job and a child, the elderly lady, seemingly kind, easily forgave her after a humble apology.
The idiotic twins who are my colleagues and the somewhat strange child might manage to get through with their good looks alone.
“I’ve been slacking off too much.”
I had intended to give them a hard time, but I never thought that the other three were also doing absolutely nothing.
Unlike the other three, Christina had received education from the beginning to become the lady-in-waiting for a certain young lady. Due to issues with her parents and changes in the young lady’s circumstances, she ended up becoming a lady-in-waiting for a different person.
Having had the opportunity to talk to the other three and learning that they all ended up working here for similar reasons, I realized that while we may not be friends yet, at least they weren’t enemies.
Christina doesn’t like the young lady she serves… Eurushia.
Blaming her own parents for her misfortune, the Grand Duke did provide her with protection after losing her family, but Christina couldn’t stand Eurushia’s carefree smile without any worries.
A princess born with everything. A child loved by everyone. Why was she so different from someone who had lost everything like herself?
How could that princess, who took everything from her truly admirable master, smile like that?
Clutching the invitation that the true master desired but would lose eligibility if others saw it, Christina muttered to herself in the dark room.
“I really hate Eurushia.”

I continue my pilgrimage to the royal capital as much as possible.
I won’t say it would make my work go smoother without this, but I look forward to meeting Grandmother and Elea. Today’s tea party is also with Shelly and Betty!
“Miss Bertille, Miss Sherlinde, a little more relaxed…”
“Yeah, it’s not that scary.”
“Yes, um…”
“Even if you say that…”
Bri and Sara, who have stiffened up, reach out to both sides to ease the tension.
Why are these two so normal when dealing with others…?
While the two female knights escort them, I am in the center, with my arms held by Betty and Shelly.
“It’s okay. Grandmother and Elea are not scary.”
I speak gently to the scared two. Mother is here too, but I’m not scared at all. Still, it’s understandable that seven- or eight-year-old children feel overwhelmed at a tea party with the queen, the crown princess, and the duchess all present. But can you let go of my arms soon?
” ………… Eh? “
By the way, the last one is me. But why? Why are you guys so surprised? Is there any other reason?
“Princess, if you could smile a little more…”
Ah, I see. I guess I was scary. Damn it.
“It’s okay, Eur! We’ll protect you!”
“Yes, Eur-sama! We won’t let those guys get close!”
Betty and Shelly hold my arms tightly, comforting me. While it’s true that I looked scary when I became expressionless, it seems like there’s a fundamental difference.
Since the grand festival at the age of five, more and more people greet me when I go to the royal castle.
Most people treat me with a smile and a princess-like attitude, but occasionally, they detain me for about an hour, praising Timothée and Rick, asking which one is better, and so on.
Why are you giving me that information? What do you want me to do? It was creepy, grinning without touching the core of the matter. It’s like having a meal where the main course is something you hate.
If they leave after a noble greeting, it’s not a problem, but…
Sara’s muttering made the faces of the three of us tense up.
Walking towards us is… oh right, that Minister’s… um, some nobleman. This guy, even during the five-year-old debut, spent a lot of time alone, got scolded by Grandfather, and has detained me several times since then. Even when I try to end the conversation, he clings stubbornly.
“Good day.”
Well, my expression disappears. When my expression is gone, my humanity disappears suddenly. So, I erase my emotions from my voice during the greeting. Then, I stand against the wall like G and dryly leave.
“It’s okay, Eur! Not scary!”
“Yes! We’re with you!”
“Oh, thank you.”
Betty and Shelly, though scared, tried to protect me like this.
What should I do? He won’t let go.
People I meet at the castle aren’t always friendly; some directly show hostility.
In the Holy Kingdom, it’s generally a one-man, one-wife system. It’s not a law, but more like the citizens voluntarily follow it as a religious state. However, nobles, especially those without heirs, might take on second or third wives.
In such cases, noble families might want to send concubines into the royal family. However, with me, a new member of the royal family and a [Princess], such nobles’ reasons to send concubines diminish.
Those people, thinking that I’m the reason for it, direct hostility towards the Duke’s family and me.
However, it’s okay.
I love such [humans].
But well, there’s no one as appetizing as that beautiful lady. The next in line would be my older sister, and that’s troublesome.
Still, I can’t just show hostility. For those people, I recommend summoning mice or insects to their mansion. It usually keeps them quiet for a while. I’m getting better at drawing summoning magic circles.
Strangely, marine products are summoned two out of three times. I wonder if they’re cursed, although they’re supposed to be entities cooperating voluntarily.
I won’t admit that they’re [things with high affinity] for me.


The royal tea party is held in the usual Kyle Palace garden.
If I wish, I can include Brichan and Sara-chan as attendants. However, lower-ranking nobles find it intimidating, so they’re out. Sherry and Betty brought maids, but they also had to go to the attendants’ waiting room for the same reason.
From here, the royal attendants escort each person into the event one by one. First, the Earl’s daughter Sherry enters, followed by the Viscount’s daughter Betty. Finally, as the daughter of a Duke, I try to enter—
“Rick… older brother?”
Oh? Is it [Lord Ludric] here? Well, never mind. It’s Rick.
He either spotted me or was waiting, but Rick approached quickly and grabbed my hand.
“Rick, why do you always grab my hand?”
“W-Well… Eurushia always disappears so quickly…”
What’s with that?
“It’s not like I’m avoiding you… Oh, Rick, you’re quite forceful.”
Unaware? I glanced at his hand holding mine. Rick winced and loosened his grip. Still, why doesn’t he let go?
“B-But, Eurushia, you’re not blameless!”
What is he talking about? Seriously. I don’t understand, and looking into his eyes, I tilted my head slowly. For some reason, he seemed to flinch and averted his gaze. Hey, look at me properly.
“Eurushia, you haven’t come to the castle as often as before…”
Huh… is that the reason? He wants me to come once every two months just to be a playmate?
“In each season, I think we goes on trips…”
“No, not that. Did you go on a regional inspection with to help Uncle? Wasn’t it dangerous?”
That’s the reason. There were no particular issues.
More than that, I was preoccupied with embezzlement issues.
“Lately, strange things have been happening in the Holy Kingdom…”
“Oh, really?”
“Suddenly, there’s been a massive infestation of rodents and insects in the mansion, and there have been cases where it’s filled with seaweed-like substances.”
“And, once again, there seems to be a case of a child going missing.”
Again? There were too many kidnapping incidents, especially during the demon summoning incident. Isn’t it happening too often?
“I’m troubled. Is Betty or Sherry okay?”
Whether he was bothered by my carefree attitude or not, Rick grabbed my hand and pressed me against the nearby wall.
“R-Rick, what’s going on?”
“Start worrying about yourself! If something happens to you, Uncle and Grandmother… your ‘family’ will worry, won’t they?”
Ah, I see… Rick accepted me even though I’m like this. When I looked at him with a somewhat gentle gaze, he suddenly turned away in a fluster.
“Eurushia is like… um, like my… sister…..”
Tsundere… maybe!

“Oh my, you were late, Eur. Is something the matter?”
“No, Grandmother. Just a bit of small talk…”
With a noble-like smile, I casually deceive Grandmother, who asks gently.
Rick and I could talk just fine, but if that happens, I feel like Elea-sama, who orchestrated this whole thing, might try to push her son and me together again.
Betty and Sherry, surrounded by the top three women in power in the country, looked pathetic. I smoothly slipped into the gap that was left open for one person, and just like before, I found myself tightly hugged from both sides.
“Eur, you’re like having both hands full of flowers.”
Seeing that, Mother chuckled. I couldn’t move at all.
Amused by my inability to drink tea, Grandmother and Elea-sama brought tea and sweets to my lips.
Well, I don’t need sweets or tea made by someone I don’t know, though?
With me as the subject of their jokes, and both sides of me now sufficiently relaxed, Elea-sama leisurely opened her mouth.
“Hey, have you three attended any tea parties before?”
This calm demeanor… probably, my lax way of speaking as a noble is influenced by these three adults.
“I attended my aunt’s tea party.”
Betty is still energetic.
“I also attended my aunt’s tea party, and… Eur-sama’s mother’s tea party as well.”
“Yes. I also attended with Mother at Sherry’s mother’s tea party.”
Saying that, I smile and exchange glances with Sherry.
“Eur-sama and I have also had a tea party together.”
“What!? That’s not fair! Why didn’t you invite me too!”
Thinking she was being left out, Betty raised her voice and stood up.
“Because Sherry came all the way to the Tull Region… to meet us.”
“Ugh~ If that’s the case, then I’ll invite you, so let me know when you come to the capital! Sherry too!”
As Sherry and I respond, Betty, satisfied, sits back down with a wide smile. …Despite being a beautiful girl, Betty is a bit unfortunate in various ways.
“Now then… do you know about the ‘Moonlit Tea Party’?”
While Elea-sama, who was watching us with a gentle smile, begins to speak again after a short pause.
“I think I’ve heard of the Moonlit Tea Party…”
“I know. My sister and her friends were talking about it. It’s a secret tea party, and participants are not allowed to talk about it until it ends!”
Betty, who seems to be good at such stories, looks at Sherry, and being a second-year student at the Magical Academy Elementary Division, she must be good at hearing rumors. She happily explained it to us.
“Well then, does anyone know someone close who has participated in it?”
“Yes! A friend of my sister’s cousin’s husband’s sister participated, and she said it was like a dream, a very wonderful tea party!”
Is that considered close? Anyway, Betty, who seems to have admired such a dream-like tea party, raised her hand and spoke excitedly. In contrast, Elea-sama furrows her brows and lets out a sigh.
“As for me, I would prefer if you three didn’t participate.”
“Why is that?”
I don’t particularly care, and Sherry seems uninterested as well, but perhaps Betty was really longing for it. She stood up in surprise.
“Why, why can’t we, Lady Eleanor!”
Elea-sama gently smiles at the bewildered Betty and gestures for her to sit.
“It’s not that you can’t. But, can you be sure that it’s a genuine invitation from the Auber Count’s daughter?”
” …… Oh. “
Betty seems to have understood and slowly lowers herself back into her seat.
Certainly, that’s right. Even if there’s the Ovel family crest, if you’re not supposed to show it to anyone, you can’t even verify if it’s genuine.
“The participants’ invitations are collected, so we can’t even confirm what they look like…”
Even if there are no issues with the [Moonlit Tea Party], there’s no guarantee it’s not a clever imitation. But that means…
“Does it have any connection with the recent missing persons cases?”
Recalling Rick’s story and asking about it, the adults seemed a bit surprised, and for a moment, Princess Elea, who usually had a royal expression, gently smiled and patted my head.
While it’s not a story involving me as a child, maybe it’s a passable performance as a princess?
Betty and Sherry seem unaware, but well, indeed, that Countess seemed suspicious.
Not just that, I had something suitable, so I searched my pocket.
“Well then, I’ll present something to Princess Elea.”
“Oh, what is it?”
As I took out the item, both Betty and Sherry peered in.
“It’s an invitation to the [Moonlit Tea Party] that arrived today.”
My words made everyone around me wide-eyed. …No, Sherry seemed uninterested and focused on the fourth piece of cake.
“…Is it real?”
“N-No, what are you doing, Eur!? You shouldn’t show it to others!”
I pressed down on Betty’s shoulder as she panicked, giving her a light pat.
“It’s alright. I don’t intend to participate, and this is the third one, so.”
“Third one!?”
I handed the first one to Christina to return.
I discarded the second one without reading it, directly into the trash.
The third one…was found in the room of the mansion in the capital. It’s a bit horror-like.
“…As expected of Eur. I’m glad you didn’t participate.”
I’m not sure what’s “as expected,” but it feels like that attitude is more exasperation than admiration. Am I just imagining things?
“I’m honored to be of service to Lady Elea. It was the right decision not to burn it.”
“Burn it!?”
Your reactions have been quite exaggerated since earlier, Betty. And I get that you’re not interested, so Sherry, please refrain from the fourth cake.
“Hehe, Eur is amusing. So, can I keep that invitation?”
“Yes, of course.”
Princess Elea and I smiled at each other. As I was about to stylishly slide the invitation on the table, but my clumsy skill activated, causing the invitation to fall off the table, and Betty jumped on it like a dog.

After finishing business in the capital and completing a few tasks related to that “meeting,” when I returned to Tull Territory with my mother, we were greeted by Vio with an unusually intimidating presence.

“It seems Vio has something to discuss with Eur, so I’ll return to my room.”
My mother, sensing something, said so without catching her breath, and elegantly walked with Fel and Min towards the castle.
Usually calm, why is she evacuating so quickly only at times like this, Mother!?
“Miss Eur. About those girls…”
“…Go on.”
Moving to my room first, I prompted Vio, who despite a calm tone and expression, was making the blood vessels on her temples twitch.
“As for those four I hired as Lady Eur’s close attendants, they haven’t done anything. Truly, nothing at all.”
I unintentionally felt my inner demon wanting to come out, but as a premise, it’s been about four months since I stopped having any decent conversations with them.
I don’t take them anywhere. I don’t ask for their help. I pay their wages, but since they have no connection with me, they can’t use my name for shopping, can’t enter important facilities in the castle, and effectively, they’re in a situation like “eating cold rice.”
“In such a situation, as servants, they should be anxious and either seek work regardless of their appearance or quit the service of the Grand Duke’s house and look for other employment… “
“…How are they doing?”
“Every day… every single day, they’ve been lazy, eating and sleeping without training or doing any work, and they haven’t done anything for weeks now. Moreover…”
“There’s more!?”
At my exclamation, Vio smirks with a sarcastic expression.
“In addition to the salary, I’ve been providing them with room and meals, but I can’t afford to give the ‘semi-equal’ meals to those who do nothing. With my authority, I’ve been serving them meals equivalent to the first-year servants’.”
Semi-equal, that’s a rank below the meals Mother and I eat, right? The same as the highest-ranked meals for servants?
“Even though it’s the same as the first-year servants’ meals, it’s still the Duke’s household fare, much better than common meals in the town. However, they didn’t appreciate it. They went to the head butler and head chef, demanding the same treatment. And if it wasn’t approved, they started going out for meals in the town.”
…Demanding? What kind of initiative is that?
In a way, they’re amazing. Well, I haven’t stopped their salary, so they’re free to go out for meals… But wait, what?
“Do you mean ‘every day’?”
“Yes, every day. And as you feared, they only go to high-end restaurants… Eur Lady, do you recognize any of these items?”
In the box Vio handed me were familiar branded items. A one-handed sword, watches made of gold and silver, a complete set of encyclopedias from Father’s study or the library, some accessories for my party…
“Why do you have these?”
“These items were contacted by the town’s pawnshop, and I unilaterally repurchased the items they came to sell.”
Vio, with a pained look, quickly makes tea for me. Oh… it tastes really good.
However… they finally did it, huh? Those twins.
Those twins are definitely ‘Black.’ Christina is leaning towards ‘Gray,’ and Fantine still lacks conclusive evidence… I notice Vio’s dark expression.
“Vio? What’s wrong?”
“Eur Lady… about Fantine, she was found in the back of a storage shed she used as a playground, and items like these were found.”
Peeking fearfully into the box she offered, I see familiar items…
A number of familiar objects …….
My shoes, battered and bruised. A dress worn out and covered in mud.
Picture books I’ve read countless times, torn and scribbled on with crayons, making the letters unreadable.
There’s no malice visible. In other words, all of this was done as ‘play.’
The silver comb I received from Mother on my third birthday, with several teeth missing and bent…
The stuffed rabbit I received from Father on the same day, which I cherished, slept with every night, and carefully stored in the closet after the fabric became fragile, torn apart, with limbs brutally torn off.
With trembling hands, I gently pick up the silver comb and the stuffed rabbit, hugging them tightly.
“…Why would you do something like this?”
Hot tears overflow from my eyes.
I don’t understand. I can’t comprehend it. Memories of time spent with everyone circulate in my mind, and before I realize it, the warm liquid that spilled from my eyes soaks into the broken stuffed rabbit.
Why…? Are they not human…?
Am I crying…?

scene transition

” ────!!! “
The moment I showed tears, Vio’s magic surged like a whirlpool, violently churning and swelling like flames.
“Milady… please wait a moment… I will dispose of the trash…”
Despite having the same expression as always, Vio, with eerie dark eyes, attempts to leave, but I hastily grab the maid uniform to stop him.
“N-No, you can’t…”
“Why not? They don’t deserve to live….?”
“Vio, you mustn’t do such a thing.”
“…Why, milady?”
Not thinking about those four, I called out for Vio, and she hugged me, gently stroking my head until the tears stopped.

“I am Lady Leah… I have been assisted by Lady Eur’s Mother all this time.”
While holding me, Vio shared stories from the past.
“As a commoner, I was taken care of and supported by Lady Leah’s family when my family’s business was on the verge of collapsing. When I gained the light attribute and drew attention from a suspicious sect, Lady Leah protected me with all her might.”
That’s why Vio is determined to risk everything for gracious mother.
“By the time I graduated from the academy, Lady Leah was expecting Lady Eur, and to repay my debt, I decided to become a maid.”
Vio looked into my eyes and spoke gently.
“Lady Leah is my treasure. And Lady Eur, the treasure of everyone who lived in that house… and now the treasure of everyone living in this castle. Both Lord and Lady Leah, we all love Lady Eur. Never forget that.”
She hugged me tightly one last time, and Vio reciprocated with the same strength.
Oh… it’s embarrassing. But I feel relieved.
Now, my heart is filled with [human emotions].
Is this what it means to “understand people”…?
I wonder, is that so? To the so-called “big brother” far away—
At that moment, knowledge from a [different world] unknown to me flowed in from a distant place.
…… I guess so.
I’m allowed to do as I please.
I deliberately switch to being overflowing with [human emotions].
From the human heart, I switch to the cruel demon.
As both a demon and a human, I’m a bit of both…
That’s why I, born as the “Demon Princess,” will become the true “me.”
I’m a demon free from any constraints,

When I stood up and called her name, for the first time, Vio knelt before “Eurushia.”
Vio had always addressed me as [Lady], as her loyalty was always directed towards my mother. Now, for the first time, she knelt before me as an individual.
“Is there anyone else who knows about what they did?”
“No. I investigated on my own and had assistance from Fel and Min, but only I know the whole story. I apologize for the time it took.”
“That’s fine. In that case, keep this matter confidential.”
“But …… “
Vio weighs her feelings against my words and calmly points out the problem.
“That is… difficult. Their reckless behavior has been observed by others as well. Moreover, the amount spent to repurchase the items exceeds the concealable amount.”
“If it’s about money, I have my personal assets deposited in the Carpe Trading Company in the capital. They have opened a branch in the Tull Region as well, so feel free to use it under my name.”
Seeing the substantial gifts from the Carpe Trading Company, courtesy of Zesh, Vio seemed to understand.
“Ensure that Father and Mother can spend their days peacefully. Keep it a secret”
“Understood, Eurushia-sama.”
Vio bows reverently.
Normally, if a six-year-old started talking about such things, it would be reasonable to doubt, but it seems that hse sensed the change in my demeanor and understood.
Now, about what to do with those pests… I was pondering, and conveniently, something arrived in the room.
A small jewelry box. Inside it, along with various gems, was the fourth invitation.
The vermin that disturbed my heart and ravaged the garden.
Well then, let the Devil’s banquet begin.


“Fu fu… ahaha, I finally did it!”
The girl couldn’t contain her joy as she took the “invitation” in front of her.
It was an invitation to the highly anticipated “Moonlit Tea Party,” coveted by the girls of the Holy Kingdom… However, it was not an invitation that reached her, but rather an invitation to confront the girls.
Silver hair that shone like moonlight.
Pale skin that seemed to shun the sunlight.
Eyes of silver with a hint of purple, reminiscent of the deep night sky.
Despite just crossing the age of ten, the girl, with an enchanting smile, possessed an otherworldly beauty.
Mylene La Auberle, the Countess’s daughter.
Those who knew of her existence referred to her as the [Silver Princess].
“It’s been a while…”
Mylene returned the invitation she held in her hand to the table, then turned her attention to the three vessels placed next to it. Inside were three invitations, all of which had turned into ashes.
Invitations sent to noble girls were [Light Purple Invitations]. These invitations had a counterpart, [Light Red Invitations]. If one of them was opened and touched by anyone other than the intended recipient, a hidden transparent magic circle would react, burning the other invitation.
All the invitations sent to her had turned to ashes on the same day they were sent. Witnessing this scene, Mylene felt anger at herself for being surprised.
Normally, an invitation should be sent only once. Inviting someone who couldn’t uphold the oath of the [Moonlit Tea Party] was dangerous.
Carefully, to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, it was necessary to do so.
However, that [girl] was an exception.
With noble blood related to the royal family of the Holy Kingdom, known for her virtues as the Holy Maiden, and referred to as the [Golden Princess], her angelic beauty seemed to be a special existence.
Despite inviting over a hundred noble daughters to the tea party and retaining over ten daughters with ancient blood in this mansion, it wasn’t enough to achieve Mylene’s goals. Perhaps the [status] inherent in the blood of nobility was lacking.
But that [Golden Princess] was different. At a glance, Mylene understood that the power of hundreds of noble daughters with ancient blood could be obtained through that girl alone.
In a sense, it was an obsession close to love at first sight.
However, Mylene, without realizing it, manipulated every means to obtain the [Golden Princess].
Even though nobility could not be acquired with a child, she sent numerous flawless jewels, considered if the girl might feel uneasy alone, and even allowed the participation of attendants as an exception.
Perhaps suspicions will begin to arise soon. However, there is no evidence to doubt the Obele family. Even if someone were to doubt and consider the possibility of a disguised kidnapping, it is more realistic than accusing the Obele Count of calling him to the capital. Unlike the optimistic Count and Lady, Mylene believes it’s time.
“I’ve won the bet.”
Finally, a direct response from Eurushia herself arrived, confirming her participation.
If she can secure Eurushia alone, she won’t need anyone else. With her alone, everything will be sufficient.
“Hehe… tomorrow will be exciting.”
Mylene and her companions had come from the neighboring armed nation of Terteld, a nation that flowed into Tarteldo. There, they clashed with the Terteld Knights in battle, losing one comrade.
Both Terteld and the demonic forces that manipulated them will face retaliation. They had become enemies with the demons who were once active behind the scenes in Terteld, and now, they face the consequences of betrayal.
If Mylene can monopolize Eurushia and increase her power, she can achieve it on her own.
Quietly and discreetly… the Holy Kingdom was approaching a day of calamity.

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