Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 5

  1. A student named Raze Granoli

“Raze-chan, good morning!”
The morning after the birthday party had ended,
Folia, full of energy from the start of the day, peeked her face out from behind the partition curtain.
“Good morning. You’re here early again today.”
Raze replied to her, now accustomed to being together all the time.
After changing into workout clothes and getting ready, Raze put her hand on the door of the room.
Folia, who had been studying at her desk, looked up and called out her name.
Raze stopped and turned back to her.
“Take care!”
Upon hearing those words, memories of the days when she greeted an empty room flooded back to Raze. It was just a few months ago, but it felt like a lifetime ago.
It was a small room, but it was enough for her to live alone. Eating solitary meals there. Wearing the heavy military uniform badge every day. Dealing with troublesome subordinates. The smell of blood, sweat, and beasts—she never expected to be entrusted with such a mission back then.
Folia, smiling in the morning sun, was dazzling, and Raze squinted her eyes.
“See you later.”
Raze chuckled at her.

After finishing their morning run, Raze and Folia had breakfast together and headed to school.
“Oh, Granoli-san.”
As Raze was about to leave the dormitory while listening to Folia’s stories from yesterday, she was approached by Yuge in the lobby.
“Thank you for yesterday. Would you like to have this?”
“Oh, you didn’t have to. Thank you.”
He handed her a paper bag from the confectionery shop, and her heart leaped with joy.
“Thanks to you, I was able to talk to many people. I used to think I was just a commoner, but my perspective has widened. Thank you.”
“That’s good to hear.”
After saying goodbye to him, Folia peeked at Raze.
“Who was that just now?”
“A senior. I got some sweets. Let’s eat them later.”
Folia smiled at Raze’s thumbs-up.
“Good morning, Raze, Folia-san.”
“Good morning.”
“Good morning, kana-sama!”
Raze joined kana-sama, who successfully held the birthday party, and they went to school together.
kana, who happily talked about thanking Ruben yesterday, seemed happy.
“Oh? Folia-san, wearing earrings again today?”
Earrings peeked out from her milk tea-colored hair.
“Oh, um… because they were given to me by someone important, I’ll keep wearing them.”
Seeing Folia blush, Carne smiled complexly, then widened her eyes as she looked closely at the earrings.
“Wait. Folia-san, those earrings…”
“Are they related to the Moldil family?”
Since Carne didn’t know about Folia’s love interest, she showed her surprise.
“Oh, um… because Lord Zel has become my guardian, I can attend the academy.”
Surprised, Carne took Folia’s hand.
“Tell me more about it!”
That day, the three of them immediately decided to have a girls’ meeting in the garden after school.

“Oh. So, Folia-san receives support from Lord Moldil?”
Under the sunny sky, Raze drank tea at the table in the garden rented by kana. As she listened quietly, kana, upon hearing Folia’s story about entering the academy, expressed her surprise.
“I see… I see…”
Carne still had a complex expression, but she repeated Folia’s words in her head as if trying to digest them. It must have been a shocking fact for her since the game’s heroine wasn’t supposed to have any connection with the Cardinal.
Since it wasn’t written in the prophecy book, Raze also found it curious. She could have asked Carne about it, but out of respect for their friendship, she refrained from blabbering about Folia without permission.
“…I still have a lot to learn about you, Folia-san.”
“I also want to know more about Lady kana! Oh, of course, Razechan too!”
Raze nodded vigorously, a smirk forming on her lips.
“Yeah, I agree. I’d like to hear about Foliasan and Lord Moldil’s story first.”
Folia flustered at her question. With expectations from Carne as well, her cheeks flushed red.
“Um, well…”
Raze, excited at the chance to have “girl talk” with her friends, eagerly watched.
“…Well, he always helps me when I’m in trouble.”
Despite her shyness, Folia reluctantly began to speak.
“About two years ago. When there was an abnormality near the church and a large number of monsters appeared, he came to help me.”


Raze tilted her head, sensing familiarity in the story.
“When he hugged me tightly, I felt relieved and tears welled up. That’s when I realized, ‘Ah, I like this person.'”
As soon as Folia finished speaking, she covered her red face with her hands.
“Amazing!! Lord Moldil is a hero to Folia-san?!”
Excitedly, Carne watched Folia’s reaction.
Raze, who found a familiar aspect in Folia’s story, realized she was late to the flow of the conversation.
“Um, sorry to interrupt. By any chance, is the church Folia mentioned the Kardelsen Church in Solen?”
Raze asked Folia, intrigued.
“Huh?! You know about it, Raze-chan?”
Folia released her hidden hands and looked up.
Raze remembered well being called out for subjugation on her day off. Because of that, she missed out on eating limited edition cake, so she hadn’t forgotten.
“I remember the story about the abnormality…”
Finding an unexpected connection, Raze was surprised.
(But wait?)
In the setting of the otome game, Folia was supposed to have been commended for her healing magic during this abnormality and recommended for enrollment in Saint Riolle.
However, Raze had never heard about her being recommended.
(In other words…)
“Ah… I seem to have messed up the scenario…”
There should have been many casualties in that incident.
The heroine, who spent her time treating the injured at the scene, wished to learn magic and enrolled in the Royal Magic Academy Saint Riolle—a scenario that had already been altered.
(The scenario was changed even before enrollment.)
Breathing a sigh at the revealed fact,
Raze felt somewhat relieved as the two continued to converse non-stop.
A tea party between the heroine and the villainess, something that would never be seen in the otome game “Blue Orchid.”
Watching Carne and Folia, who were supposed to be adversaries, chat amicably and change expressions, her eyes softened.

Next, a few minutes later, Carne said she wanted to hear Raze’s story.
“…Yes. Raze made a great effort to enter this school…”
Carne finished listening to Raze’s story, covering her mouth with her hand.
Raze, who had lost her parents in an accident and had no relatives, worked while studying at the library, finally managing to enter Saint Riolle.
“I thought of it as lucky to pass. It wasn’t as much pressure as Lady Carne and the others.”
Although she felt a pang of guilt for lying, it couldn’t be helped for the mission.
“Still, it’s amazing that Raze-chan passed almost entirely self-taught!”
“Thank you.”
Blushing at the angel praising her, she smiled shyly.
Then, she felt someone’s gaze.
She glanced over and saw golden hair swaying.
It seems like Carne invited her fiancé, and he came over.
“So, that’s why Raze looks so happy eating dinner…”
Carne muttered complexly, poking a piece of cake with a fork and holding it out to Raze’s mouth.
“Here, aah~”
Feeling the pressure from kana-sama to eat, Raze couldn’t help but bite into the delicious-looking cake.
Immediately after the elegant sweetness spread in her mouth, Raze felt a sharp gaze piercing her.
Ruben, who had been watching Carne with a calm expression just moments ago, was now approaching with a terrifying look on his face.
And in the background, Adis was watching the situation with amusement.
“Is it delicious?”
“Y-yes. It’s delicious!”
“Then, here, aah~”
Unable to refuse, Raze let Carne feed her another bite of a different cake.
It was undoubtedly a happy moment, but Ruben’s approach was simply frightening.
“Oh! That’s not fair! Me too!”
This time, Folia scooped up some cake and aimed it at Raze as well.
There was no choice but to eat what was offered by an angel, so Raze gratefully ate it.
“Looks like you’re having fun?”
Then, kana’s fiancé, who had just appeared, had a smile on his face, but his eyes weren’t smiling at all.
As Raze chewed without swallowing,
“Oh, Raze-chan. You have cream on your face,”
Folia wiped Raze’s mouth with a handkerchief.
Then, feeling the gaze from Claude, who was next to Ruben this time, Raze felt like choking.
Managing to swallow the sweets and drink the cold tea Carne chilled with ice magic, the stares from Ruben and Claude were painful.
“Why does he have to be here,” he said, but Raze could only nod with a strained face.
However, what was more annoying than anything in this situation right now was…
(He seems to be having a lot of fun alone, huh!?)
With narrowed silver eyes, there’s someone laughing gleefully.
Despite being glared at by the prince of this country, Raze was angry at Adis, who was laughing carelessly.
Raze secretly shot him a sarcastic smile, but Adis seemed even more amused.
“Since it’s a girls’ gathering now, even Lord Ruben is forbidden to join,”
unaware of Raze’s feelings, Carne said to Ruben.
kana’s mischievous smile was rare, and Ruben was just captivated by her.
“I see. Then, would you like to have tea alone with me next time?”
“Ha, huh! Of course!”
Folia gazed at them enviously, while Claude, standing behind Ruben, didn’t change his expression at all. Only Adis, who was watching the scene, seemed to be suppressing laughter very happily.
And then, Ruben, without caring about anyone’s eyes, dropped a kiss on kana’s hair.
Raze took another sip from the teacup to refresh his mouth.

While being attacked by the overly sweet Carne and others, she continues to watch over the students at the Saint-Riolle Royal Magic Academy today—.

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