Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 6

“Um, conveniently for me, will you please help?”
“Help how?”
“If I get invites like ‘if you’ll play with Byleth, play with me too.’ Until now I could brush them off saying ‘I don’t play with anyone.'”
“Of course I’ll help with that much, but you can easily refuse on your own, right Luna?”
“I can’t say for certain. To confess after the fact, that would be your responsibility for inviting me to play.”
“Got it.”
“Thank you very much.”
You really have no obligation to take responsibility. I don’t think that at all.
Because I was allowed to have fun already.
But I can’t say my true feelings. It would eliminate chances to [be protected] and decrease contact.
(The class divide really is inconvenient. Truly…)
And it’s about time.
“Um…thank you for today. It will be a fond memory.”
“Same to you.”
(Parting is…sad, isn’t it? Does everyone feel this way after playing?)
Thinking that, I feel a little melancholy about playing again next time.
“Let me just say, please give the presents to maid Sia. Surprise her as much as me.”
“Of course.”
“Then…may we shake hands to part? Sorry to keep your aide waiting.”
“Oh, shake hands?”
“Yes. Parting from you like this makes me sad.”
“I-isn’t saying that…embarrassing?”
“It’s a joke.”
“O-okay. Then…let’s shake.”
(That was close. If I hadn’t said it was joke, it would have been awful.)
Relieved, I shook his big hand.
(The last time to feel this warmth…what a shame.)
I release his hand after gripping it several seconds.
“Thank you for indulging that last selfishness. Well then, Byleth St. Ford. Be well.”
“Yeah. See you at the academy, Luna.”
I see him off as he boards the carriage.
He departs.
He leaves.
If you still [want to be together], I guess everyone must endure…
Thinking that, the people who sneak out of night banquets are amazing.
Just holding hands and being alone together satisfies them.
I must be greedy for not being satisfied.
Despite it being about me, this is my first realization…







After seeing Luna home safely and returning myself:
“You’re late, Master Byleth! I was so worried!”
“S-sorry, sorry!”
I apologize to the sulking maid, (unafraid) Sia.
She had waited by the front entrance all this time for me to come home.
Because I ended up returning later than the time I had reported in advance…
“Next time I’ll be sure to come back by the reported time.”
“Please promise me that.”
Although we can converse like this, something still feels off like this morning…
I’ve pondered countless times what really happened… Then Luna’s words crossed my mind.
[That means she was envious or jealous.]
[Just when she thought she was getting along well with the young master, you suddenly made a one-on-one play date.]
Those words.
(…But there’s no way to confirm it, right? I can’t just directly ask [Were you envious? Jealous?]…)
As I was about to give up, thinking I had no options, I saw definitive proof.
“Master Byleth…did you have fun on your date with Lady Luna?”
“Yeah, it was fun.”
“I see. I’m glad.”
(Just now…her cheeks puffed up, didn’t they?)
The moment she finished speaking. Sia puffed her cheeks out like rice cakes.
She had been positioning herself so I wouldn’t see as she moved around, but I clearly saw her from the side. Seeing her from the side made their size even more apparent.
This change happened after bringing up Luna.
(Ahaha…I see. So she was right, huh?)
I’m certain of it.
Just as Luna said, she was feeling envious. Come to think of it, I’ve never played with Sia before.
If I understand those feelings, it makes sense her attitude changed… Honestly, it’s adorable.
I can now speak to her comfortably. I can give her the present without hesitation.
“Sia. Sorry for the sudden request, but can you sit in that chair?”
“W-why, Master?”
“Just do it, okay?”
“Um, I still have work left…”
“Then I order you.”
“Y-yes, understood.”
Orders are powerful.
She obediently nods and lightly sits in the indicated chair, setting down her cleaning tools against the wall.
“Um, Master Byleth…what exactly do you plan to do to me?”
She looks up at me worriedly.
She probably thinks I’m going to admonish her attitude. Or that’s what she’s worried about. But that assumption is wrong.
“Actually, I have a present I want to give someone I’m grateful to. I thought I’d have Sia try it on first.”
“No way! It’s inappropriate to give someone a gift after having someone else try it first! You have to buy a new one if…”
“Just do it, ‘kay?”
Not even considering for a moment it could be a present for her, she desperately resists. But I can overpower her.
Once her resistance weakens, I take out a yellow hair accessory and a necklace with a purple natural gemstone from my bag.
At this point, Sia stares blankly at the two items I’ve taken out.
“Okay, I’ll put them on you.”
“Um, I-I can at least…do it myself! No need to trouble you…”
“I order you.”
With just that, she becomes obedient and resigns herself to my will.
Preparations are finally ready.
First, the hair accessory.
“I’m going to touch your hair a little, okay?”
She nods.
Seeing that, I move my hands.
I slip the accessory into her neatly aligned yellow-white bangs without a single hair out of place.
“There we go.”
(…Her forehead is more visible now, so she looks even younger…but it suits her so it’s fine, right?)
It looks good on her, so no issues with the hair accessory. Next, I get ready to put on the necklace.
“Sia, can you hold up your hair in the back? Your neck is a little hidden.”
“Um, Master Byleth. This is a much bigger issue than you realize… Giving someone a gift after I’ve worn it is…”
“Hold up your hair, please.”
She makes a worried sound but follows my instructions, holding up her hair in the back.
“Oh, s-sorry!”
(I should make this the last time I give this order…)
Seeing it for the first time, her white nape usually hidden by hair.
Since it was the first time seeing it, it strangely looked sensual. If it looks sensual, I’ll feel guilty.
“Let’s see, I’ll put it on now.”
I switch gears before impure thoughts arise and thread the thin neck through the necklace, fastening the clasp.
With this, it’s complete.
“There, take a look in that mirror. What do you think?”
“It’s…truly lovely in my opinion. I’m envious.”
“That’s good to hear.”
“It looks like it would suit Lady Luna too, but since I tried it on you’ll have to buy a new one…”
Despite me being the one who ordered her, she looks apologetic.
Time to move into the finish.
“Oh right, I heard some things about Sia from Luna.”
“Like how Sia had the top grades.”
“And properly dealt with men who approached her.”
“Something about baring fangs that frighten them? You can scare them pretty intensely.”
Her eyes grow big like a three-step verb conjugation.
Her reaction confirms it’s not a lie.
“I was surprised since it was different from my image of Sia, but I was happy to hear the report.”
“If the exclusive maid is looked down on, it damages my dignity too, right? I’m really thankful you’ll fight for me even though it’s scary.”
In the next moment, without realizing it my hand had reached up to my head.
“I apologize for the clichéd words, but you truly are maid I’m really proud of. Sia is…”
“Lord Byleth…”
“But you know, I’m not proud of Sia because you can resolve things alone, right? If anything troubles you, tell me without worrying about status. I’ll be happy too if we can resolve it quickly by relying on someone.”
“Y-yes. Ehehe…”
As soon as I finish speaking, Sia timidly leans her head forward.
As if begging [please stroke more].
And the more I stroke, the more clearly reflected in the mirror is…
Sia with cheeks so slack they seem ready to drip drool.
Testing her, I stop my hand. Her expression changes to desiring more. When I move my hand again, she melts with satisfaction.
The mirror reflects all her expressions.
After amusing myself with Sia for a few minutes, I say [Now then] when my hand grows tired.
“I’m going to take a bath. Sia, please take care of the rest of your work.”
Instead of answering, she first lets out an unsatisfied sound. Even I can tell it’s the reaction.
“If you properly finish your work, I’ll do it again?”
“Ehh…Y-yes please!!”
Sia nods eagerly.
“Then I’ll leave the rest to you.”
With that, I parted naturally from Sia still wearing the presents.
Better to slip away before she’s hesitant. Slip away without her noticing. That was my plan this time.



“I-I’m terribly sorry, Master Byleth! I left these on! What should I do with the hair accessory and necklace!?”
After my bath, Sia frantically returns the hair accessory and necklace to me. In response, I say:
“Huh? You don’t want to accept them, Sia…? I said I wanted to give a present to someone I’m grateful to, didn’t I?”
“Those are presents for you, Sia. I picked them out thinking of you. They suited you, right?”
After waiting a bit, I was able to say the embarrassing words.
In the end, I properly conveyed it to her.

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