SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 4

“W-Wait everyone! I’m not that amazing a guy! I do truly want to help Awayuki, but Houjou’s conjecture is an over-interpretation. I’m really just ordinary and norm─” 
【Choose 】 
1 Upper body clothes normally rip off 
2 Lower body clothes normally rip off 
That’s not how you use “normally”! Are you some messed up gyaru!? 
【Choose 】 
1 Like It’s pretty normal for my upper body to Like naked but Like it’s funny LOL 
2 Like It’s pretty normal for my lower body to Like naked but it’s gross eww 
Don’t just rephrase it in gyaru-speak! And in 2, using “gross” is weird!  
Don’t make the messed up language even more messy! 
Oh, damn it… Why is my fate in the hands of this jesting dude(?)… 
While gritting my teeth, I begrudgingly selected 1─ 
With a somewhat ominous sound, my upper body clothing ripped off.  
“Wh-Why so suddenly…”
“I-Is it magic…? Amazing mobility…”
“No, before how it was done, why’s that guy suddenly stripping!?”
“Ma-Maybe he really is a freak…” 
Well, good the excessive hype died down, but standing out for no reason is meaningless… 
There were various misunderstandings, but in the end he was just a normal guy, and he quietly fades off the stage─that would’ve been ideal─ 
When suddenly, an angry voice reverberated.  
It belonged to─ 
“Ya done it, boy…our CEO is damn pissed.” 
Brain Seeker Lead Researcher, Dr. Nono Shiwaoi. 
The cheerful, gentle expression from earlier was nowhere to be found. Dr. Shiwaoi glared at me with an extremely stern face. 
Th-That’s right… I ended up drinking the medicine they developed for Awayuki… No idea why he got angry now of all times, but in any case, I gotta apologize! 
“I-I’m so sorryyyy! I can’t undo what happened, but I absolutely didn’t drink it intentionally─” 
“Seems ya misunderstood somethin’, boy. The CEO’s a very tolerant man. He won’t get upset over unintentional accidents. In the first place, that medicine─we didn’t bring any expensive spares today, but can replicate it easily. If Teio academy buys more from us, it’s even better for my company.”  
It’s not about the medicine? …Then why in the world is he so─ 
“It’s yer nipples! Back when the CEO tried nipple laundry peg sumo wrestlin’ himself on YouTube, he got banned and now can’t even look at men’s nipples without puking!” 
What the hell is your boss doing!? And that’s clearly just picking a fight! Far from tolerant, he’s way too narrow-minded!  
“The CEO is showin’ strong disdain for you─and by extension, Teio academy Academy for allowing your enrollment. He’ll continue the personal contract with Tera, but cut all other ties with this school from now on─namely, pullin’ sponsorships!” 
“Wha…Th-That’s ridiculous! The head of a huge corporation shouldn’t sabotage business over personal feelings─” 
“No. The CEO built his fortune by following his instincts, a super-sensory genius. No matter who says what, he won’t deal at all with someone his gut rejects.” 
No way… Because of me, Teio academy Academy will… Th-There’s no way I can take responsibility for this. 
“Th-This is awful…truly awful… To be frank, this is beyond us students’ capabilities… H-head teacher, what should we…” 
Senior Kurosu turned an imploring gaze toward the stage below, but─  
” ” ” ” ” …………………… ” ” ” ” ”  
The head teacher was still in peaceful slumber. 
“Tch… Ch-Principal Ougami!? Is Principal Ougami here!?” 
But no voice responded to Senior Kurosu’s call.  
That person could probably resolve this, but why aren’t they here at such an important time!? 
“If deterioration of relations with us spreads, this academy’s worldwide credibility will hit rock bottom. Same goes for Ougami Ai’s centripetal force. Plans she firmly refused like having Tera skip grades and transfer to our partner university could also now be executed.” 
Cr-Crap crap crap! Wh-What do we do─!? 
A bird turd suddenly fell from the sky. 
Its landing spot─naturally, was my body. 
At a time like this… Just how out of it am I!? 
A-Another one!? …There are limits to even the wo─  
When suddenly, an angry voice reverberated. 
“You did it, boy. …… Our CEO is very angry. 
Dr. Shiwaoi’s rage flaring again… Oh, it’s over… The possibility of turning this around now is─zero.  
To the god who didn’t gift me this miracle.” 
“Whatcha dumbfounded for, boy! Both yer chests now clearly bear the scars of the birds’ rudeness right!?” 
Certainly they landed precisely on my chest, but what’s that have to do with anything!? 
“Meanin’ both yer nipples are completely hidden! No way YouTube ops bans for that! The CEO’s givin’ ya a standin’ ovation on the other side of the screen for erasin’ his disgrace like this!”  
“And the CEO’s a decisive man. He’ll now provide the Tera medicine you drank and the spares to be made completely free─and said to drastically increase sponsor fees to Teio academy Academy!” 
” ” ” ” ” Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa that’s craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy! ” ” ” ” ” 
No way, it’s crazy! I’m just super unlucky!  
Clothes ripping off x2 + bird poop = CEO super angry, but then again… 

** “Ootomo!” “Ootomo!” “Ootomo!” “Ootomo!” “Ootomo!” ** 

So stop the callllll! 
Even looking at it normally as a plus, for me who wants no attention it can only be a negative. 
“Op-Open your eyes, everyone!” 
But now that it’s come to this, denying it will likely be counterproductive… Here, I have to ask someone unaffected by the mood with persuasive power to speak.  
“Ah, Awayuki… Please, explain properly to everyone.” 
With things this disrupted, there’s no way even Awayuki can cry. 
“Yeah, I got it. Hey everyone, listen up for a sec. What Mr. Hōjō was saying earlier was just a crazy coincidence combined with exaggeration. I really just want to cry, that’s all.” 
“Huh? Wasn’t it that you actually wanted to laugh instead?”  


“Alright! The atmosphere in the room has even pushed back the skepticism. Go for it, Awayuki!” 
“To all the participants, thank you so much for your hard work. Everything was wonderful, but Shima-kun’s reading and the Drama Club’s play were particularly outstanding. Many people in the audience were crying. But I couldn’t follow that up. Even with all that effort put into it, I couldn’t move my emotions… But watching everyone’s tears from the stage, it was really beautiful. I want to experience that kind of emotion and cry with you all… That’s all.” 
“…Hey, you’ve said all this, so don’t you want to cry after all?” 
“Yeah… I think I do.” 
“That Drama Club performance was really something.” 
“Yes, it was incredibly moving!” 
“Yeah… I thought it might be a comedy because of the name, but I never expected to be moved by a play titled ‘Impatience of Paint and Toilets.'” 
“Indeed, they’re a Drama Club that regularly participates in national competitions!” 
“But it’s true, not being able to cry at all after that is kind of sad…” 
“Yeah, in a way, I can understand why someone might want to rely on Brain Seeker’s unconventional medicine.” 
Yes! Using the drama club’s play as a jumping off point, the tides are turning! 
It really was amazing huh, that play.  
It was about the conflict between a painter who wants to paint everything green and a toilet artisan pursuing the ultimate clean toilet. From their heated argument to the reconciliation. Working together, they completed a green and clean toilet seat in a tear-jerking finale – I bet they could charge admission and no one would complain, that’s how fantastic the production quality was.  
Glancing offstage, I notice the props from that play still sitting there.  
The can of paint, and the vivid green toilet it had been used to color. Who would’ve thought these two items could create such a moving world –  

[Choose ] 
1 The paint can falls over and the contents spill out in a gag manga style slip.  
2 Get in the toilet and be transported to another world. Become the demon lord and conquer the world. 
What do you mean go to a completely different world!?  
And getting sent to another world after getting flushed down a toilet!? That’s not normal, it should be getting hit by a truck or something! 
No, no way…I know we’ve had some absurd choices so far but there’s no way something like getting transported to another world could really…could really happen, probably.  
The moment I reluctantly pick 1 using pure process of elimination –  
I hear a paint can fall over backstage.  
And as if aimed right at me, the green paint comes oozing towards me. 
No no no. There’s no way it would just conveniently come sliding at me like some manga… 
Before I knew it, I was sliding just like in a manga.  
“Hey, what’s with that guy…he slipped just like in a manga!”
“He fell perfectly on the back of his head like a manga!”
“It looked like his eyes popped out all manga-style for a second…but that can’t be real right, just my imagination?”
“I saw it too…but there’s no way something so manga-like could happen, it was just in my head right?” 
This is bad. The mood is shifting in a comedic direction again. 
I’m all sticky and gross covered in green paint but that’s the least of my worries…I have to do something! 
“Everyone, listen. My slipping just now was on pur-Slip!” 
Before I knew it, I was sliding just like in a manga again. 
“Hey, he’s joking around right?”
“Yeah, he’s joking.”
“He’s obviously joking.”
“Looks 100% like a joke no matter how you look at it.”
“Which means-“
“So Awayuki, you really do want to laugh after all?” 
Awayuki is giving me a piercing, accusatory stare. S-Sorry… 
But no amount of excuses from me will get me out of this hole now. I hate to do this but…I’ll have to leave it to her to salvage this herself! 
“W-Wait Awayuki, that’s not right is it? Tell everyone your true feelings again!” 
“Yes, everyone, like I said before, let me reaffirm – my true wish is–” 
Slip! Snip! 
I suddenly slip on something and fall over. 
The b-banana peel from the choices earlier huh…after slipping there, now more bad luck makes me slip again…wait, slip I understand but snip? What’s that snipping sound? 
M-My hair…the side of my head is shaved! Why is this happening!? 
The culprit was the trimmer used in the sumo club captain’s hair cutting ceremony.  
Hold on…I slipped on a banana peel, coincidentally landed on an electric trimmer left on the ground which somehow got turned on when my body hit it, and as I moved the side of my head got snip snipped…that’s astronomically bad luck at this point! 

The razor-sharp cut gave me an absurd spiky upright hairstyle…But wait, who cares about my hair right now!  
I had interrupted Awayuki just as she was about to reveal her true wish. I need to let her finish speaking quickly! 
I made eye contact with Awayuki and she gave a small nod.  
Alright! Please tell everyone how you really feel after saying “My true wish is–“! 
However, Awayuki turned her gaze to my freshly green-tinted spiky hair and uttered a single phrase. 
“It looks like grass is growing.”
T\N : 草 = grass = wwwww = wara wara =japanese laugh 
“She said grass grew thereeeeee!” 

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