Reborn as The Underdog First Prince Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 7

“Women and military power if we obey, that’s what it means. Even without voicing it, His Highness is saying follow me and I’ll let you suckle the sweet milk.”

“Scary…is this really something a twelve year old would do?”

“Ah, to think for a moment I…what have I done…”

Seeing Soot turn pale and start shaking, Landon decided to stop pressing him any further.

While he had made one blunder, that was in a place with no other eyes on them.

And Soot was one of the few comrades he had, and the bond forged by their mission was genuine.

Landon exchanged a glance with Mikito and nodded.

They had said what needed to be said, now they just had to fool around like idiots.

The mountain people had taught them how to let loose after all.

“Mikito, did you make a move?”

“Of course! A mother and daughter pair was too scandalous, it got me fired up!”

“What about you, Soot?”

“Uh…I’m weak against widows.”

“By the way, Eila was a truly wonderful woman. Once we get permission after the mission ends, I intend to bring her to the kingdom…”

They talked vulgarities while generously drinking alcohol, lightening the atmosphere.

Hearing Landon’s drunk remark, the other two let out shrill whistles.

Their drinking party continued until they ran out of alcohol and the three lost consciousness.

The next day, the level-headed Renge formally handed over military authority, and Landon resumed command as the acting chieftain.

Under his steady orders, they steadily absorbed the surrounding tribes.

His battles, while lacking flair but never losing, advanced without issue by properly handling the mountain people who now served under him.

There were casualties of course, but he kept it within acceptable limits.

With Mikito and Soot also commanding mountain people under Landon’s orders, they learned how to utilize troops.

And so Todd’s tribe steadily increased its numbers and strengthened its influence over the surroundings.

Around half a day after parting from Landon’s group, when the sun was starting to sink, Todd’s group finally reached their destination.

Mount Ning on the western end of the Elnesia mountain range.

The incline itself was gentle, not precipitous like the third mountain, Mount South.

It had enough flat land for mounted combat, and grass for horses to graze on.

“That’s Ho’s tribe over there…”

Not realizing how oddly Landon thought of him, Todd turned his eyes to the tribal village visible atop the ridge.

Like Gil’s former tribesmen, most of their dwellings seemed to be tents made of cloth.

The living conditions didn’t look to differ that greatly.

Their numbers exceeded a hundred.

For scale, a decent size probably.

“They seem rather relaxed. We can scatter them with a poke.”

“Since a frontal attack is hard, we’ll have to apologize later.”

Todd and Raienbach were hiding in the shade of rocks, observing the village.

Only the two of them were here, Haruto and the others were waiting a short distance away.

By now, Garul was probably donning the powered armor under Haruto’s protection.

Unlike the first time they encountered Gil, there was an overwhelming difference in numbers this time.

If they fought fairly, there was no guarantee of safety even for Todd’s group.

So even though it was a little unfair, they intended to settle things with a surprise attack.

He felt a little bad about it, but according to Garul, Tottila readily carried out night raids and dawn assaults, so they had no choice but to choose their methods as well.

“They’ve set up camp higher up as expected.”

“Battles basically favor the side that takes the high ground.”

For the mountain people whose main combat was mounted combat between cavalry, mobility was most important.

It made sense for them to build their settlements on inclined terrain in order to reduce the enemy’s speed and increase their own.

The ease of shooting arrows was also greatly affected by the height of the location.

They could also check when other tribes came, so normally the side on higher ground would have the advantage.

Unless the opponent was a fool like Todd’s group, directly riding into enemy territory.



“Then let’s go.”


As if going on a picnic, Todd and Raienbach jumped out from the shade of rocks.

Bending their legs to store power, they leapt greatly.

Landing at the village entrance with a heavy thud, they succeeded in reaching their target.

“E-Enemy attack! Enemy raid─!”

Todd drew his greatsword and bisected the warrior who, though surprised, had grabbed his mountain blade.

The body was forcibly split in two, distorting into upper and lower halves as it fell to the ground.

Seeing this, the mountain people were shocked and panicking.

“As expected, it’s excessive against people…maybe this is better.”

Channeling mana into the greatsword he held in both hands, Todd’s greatsword, as tall as he was, split into two down the middle.

Its official name was the variable separating greatsword, Kusanagi.

The principle was simple – Kusanagi was originally made of two swords.

He had handled it as one greatsword by reinforcing the two together with magic, and now he just reverted it to its original state by separating them.

There was a central cylinder passing through Kusanagi, engraved with the mana circuits Haruto fabricated.

The blades were constructed to fit together into one sword, using that part as the axis.

Kusanagi had originally been crafted as one of the armaments made in anticipation of combat against powered armor.

As a weapon, it was far too big and excessive against human opponents, making control difficult.

Even the blow just now was only meant to be non-lethal, but it resulted in the torso and legs woefully separating.

Kusanagi split into two swords – Murakumo and Oniwaka – grasped in Shiranui’s hands.

An arrow flying in from a short distance away was batted down with a swing of Murakumo.

He could now react even after seeing the attack.

His body was starting to get used to Shiranui’s excessive specs.

“He blocked…the arrow after it was fired.”

“Fear not! They’re just armor in the end, aim for the joints and it’s not a…”

“It can still deflect them though!”

Being careful not to kill them, he closed in attacking their arms and legs, focusing on wounds instead of vitals.

The man who seemed to be their commander boldly attacked, stabbing his mountain blade into Shiranui’s unreinforced areas, but what was there was a red ogre’s muscle.

Obviously, the attack didn’t connect, and in return Todd lightly tapped the man’s head with his fist.

The head lightly caved in, making a dull sound.

Seeing him roll his eyes back and collapse, the warriors’ fighting spirit was clearly dissipating.

“Where’s your chieftain? Tell me and I’ll spare your lives.”

“Over there, that biggest thatched roof house!”

Thanking him for honestly telling him, and saying he wouldn’t kill anyone if they didn’t follow, Todd hurried on ahead.

If he went straight, mountain people popped out here and there to block his path.

Some hid in corners, others stood right in his way grasping weapons.

Dealing with all of them might allow the chieftain to escape.

“I’ll go from above, so go easy on them.”

“Unlike Your Highness, I will handle it properly.”

“I’ll trust you then.”

Grinning at their relationship becoming one where they could joke, Todd jumped greatly.

He leapt forward as if dashing through the sky, advancing at a shocking speed that astonished everyone.

“Shoot, shoot him!”

The fired arrows passed widely behind the leaping Shiranui, not one finding its mark.

Like a fired bullet, his body crashed atop one of the tents.

He had aimed for the one that looked sturdiest, with a firm framework, but it sagged greatly under Shiranui’s weight, the pillars inside creaking.

Stepping off the roof with his right leg, he jumped again.

With just the strength of one leg he couldn’t manage a jump like earlier, but still closed the distance to the hut in one breath.

“In close combat…”

“That would be reckless.”

Three men approached.

They all wore hats with red bird feathers attached.

They seemed to be famous warriors among the tribe – seeing them, the mountain people who had been left behind perked up.

“I am Balu! Name yourself, demon!”

“…Todd. Starting today, I’ll be taking the chieftain’s seat.”

“Nonsense! Let’s all go at once!!

Balu charged from the front, while the other two split left and right.

They moved to surround him.

There wasn’t time to recombine the two swords back into Kusanagi to mow them down.

First he received Balu’s sword closing in fastest with Murakumo…and instead of blocking, drew it aside.

“Wha…what the!”

Shiranui’s ridiculous strength deflected Balu’s sword that should have pushed through, inflicting a wound on his body.

The impact of the swords colliding sent his body flying greatly backwards.

That left two more.

The two attacked in perfect sync, releasing their swords simultaneously.

It was a coordinated attack with matched timing and height, impossible for a human.

With abrupt, forceful braking, he pulled his body back.

And received both attacks with the swords in his left and right hands.

While both were good strikes with their weights behind them, they were no match for Shiranui’s power.

The two were knocked back from having their attacks bounced back, creating an opening.

In an instant, the man on the right suffered a belly wound, while the left man’s shin was injured.

Leaving the two groaning, he proceeded further ahead.

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