I am no hero of the shadows! Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 3

Seeing Phil feign recognition, Kahlua beside him provides backup.

“(I heard it’s the crown prince’s upcoming birthday party.)”

“(So basically I’m to attend right? How tiresome…if that were all, I’d get contacted about it from Father instead of getting an official invite from the royal family.) Could it be…were you planning to tell me about it later but forgot, so I didn’t get the message somehow? C’mon Pops, get it together!)”

“(If you were lumped together with Phil, I can’t imagine you’d be very happy about it though.)”

“(Who out there wouldn’t be delighted getting the same treatment as their son despite being called good-for-nothing!? Apparently it’s common sense for couples worldwide that kids are the greatest treasure over anything else!)”

Phil is from a noble family after all.

For a crown prince’s birthday celebration, getting invited directly from the royal house instead of his father informing him feels somehow off.

Therefore, something about that story didn’t sit right with him.

“Of course, it would be my honor to attend. As a nobleman, I could never miss celebrating the birth of the crown prince who I’ll later serve under.”

“Oh my, to think I’d have the famed [Hero of Shadows] celebrate with us, how wonderful. I’m a little jealous of brother now.”

“Hahaha, surely you jest! As a nobleman, it’s only natural.”

By emphasizing the word [nobleman], Phil made it clear.

From the flow of the conversation, he sensed Princess Nicola was broaching the subject based on the premise Phil = [Hero of Shadows].

If they continued the talk like this, he’d end up returning straight home still labeled as Phil Salebaat = [Hero of Shadows] without being able to smooth things over.

(Then when I show up at that party, no telling what she’d do to me. If her understanding of me reached the ears of His Majesty, I may as well have tickets given to me making me a carriage horse.)

To prevent that, he needed to get her to reconsider her perception during this visit.

For that—

(It’s key I get Lady Milis to help smooth things over at the crucial moment…! Saying it then would maximize the impact of my right straight! Maybe I can witness knocking out Princess Nicola!)

He sent a burning gaze toward Milis beside him.

The look’s message was “I’m earling on you!”

Though Milis seemed bewildered for a moment, understanding the meaning riding on Phil’s gaze, she subtly gave a thumbs up.

“Princess Nicola!”

“Yes, Saint?”

“Please listen to me! Listen to me!”

and then…

“Sir Phil absolutely…definitely isn’t the [Hero of Shadows]! I was mistaken! He’s definitely not him!”

Without any lead-in, she just blurted that out.

“(Unbelievable!) “

“(That was totally unnatural!!! Surely Princess Nicola thinks so too with how round her eyes just got?!)”

Being able to communicate with just a glance is indeed a trick unique to Phil and Kahlua.

Milis, with a smile that exudes a sense of accomplishment, cutely puffs up her chest.


Scene transition


People belonging to the church are not all necessarily good.

The recent attackers are proof of that. There are those who carry some darkness in their hearts and commit such evil deeds.

But that’s inevitable.

If every member were truly good, it would be more of a cult than a religious group.

As long as people are people, the flavor of being human emerges, with the ups and downs, hidden desires, and the inclination towards a human way of life.

They are happy or sad, they have greed that they try to hide from others, and their character is affected by the human way of life.

Telling lies, thinking about bad things, ending life with a consistently pure and virtuous self— that’s not how humans operate.

That’s because humans are humans.

However, it’s true that many genuinely good-hearted individuals are part of the church.

For example, the Holy Maiden standing next to Phil.


Although she is human, she has received the grace of the goddess, healing people with the bestowed power of recovery. Her healing is so potent that even specialized healing mages can’t compete.

The girl, who has received such power, always thinks like this:

“I received the power to save someone from the goddess. So, I should save someone. Let’s help those in need. Since I have the power to save someone in trouble, I shouldn’t cause trouble.”

This mindset constitutes her purity, innocence, and virtue.

Yet, has she never lied before? If asked, she would likely answer no.

Going back to the initial story, the Holy Maiden is still a human being. Even she tells lies.

However, throughout her life, she hasn’t lied much.

In other words… she is not accustomed to lying!!!

“(Ah… it’s over. When you think about it, expecting a Holy Maiden to be cunning and scheming is a mistake. It’s like taking someone who knows nothing about gambling to a casino. It’s like suddenly losing all your money.)”

“(Sorry, I forgot about that too.)”

Phil looked up at the ceiling again.

She was trying to help out in her own way—he couldn’t fault her for it.

The one to blame was himself—clearly a personnel mistake.

Sending a complete civilian to the intense front lines of battle. A devastatingly poor judgment, as if to invite absolute destruction.

” I see, is that so?”

Nicola, who had been staring with a blank expression, immediately breaks into a smile.

To Phil, that smile looks like a beast that has found its prey.


“Y-Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!”

Oh no, this isn’t good.

Phil finally covers his face with both hands.

“P-Sir Phil is not the [Hero of Shadows]! He didn’t help me, he doesn’t have black clothes or a mask, and he didn’t show me the magic the [Hero of Shadows] used right in front of my eyes!”

“I see, so Sir Phil helped the Holy Maiden, has black clothes and a mask, and showed you the magic the [Hero of Shadows] used… is that right?”

“N-No! It’s not like that! There are other───”

“Stop! I don’t want you digging any more graves!”

Phil hurriedly covers Milis’s mouth.

Despite their efforts to deceive, the current situation makes it seem like they’re standing in a place where deception is impossible, and tears threaten to overflow.

“Hehe, I was thinking of somehow checking whether Sir Phil is the rumored [Hero of Shadows]… but I’m relieved.”

“Uh… by the way, what exactly are you relieved about?”

” I can give a good report to my father.”

“Kahlua! I’m preparing to run away now! I’ll abandon the name Salemabart!”

“Calm down, you might still end up as some amusing carriage workhorse.”

Kahlua grabs Phil by the back of his neck as he tries to dash out of the room.

Her expression lacks the despair of a master, and it’s more of a mixture of exasperation.

“Right, Nicola-sama?”

“Yes, the royal family currently has no plans to take any action. It’s just a simple greeting♪”

“There, see? Everything is fine.”

“Didn’t she say, ‘currently’! It sounded like there was no reassurance at all. Maybe my ears are messed up!?”

“Sir Phil, if it’s okay with you, shall I provide some healing? Despite appearances, I’m quite skilled at healing!”

“If that’s the case, Milis-sama, please heal Phil’s head instead of his ears. It might purify some of his impurities.”

Certainly, as a member of the church, Milis might be able to heal Phil’s head, which is likely soaked in impurities.

If that happens, surely I’ll become a proper person and focus on myself. Kahlua casually expresses her desires amidst the chaotic situation.

“Well, let’s stop the jokes here. I don’t want to do anything that might upset the [Hero of Shadows] or the Holy Maiden.”

Even as a single noble serving the country, Phil’s influence has become tremendous.

That’s because he saved anyone without discrimination.

If you make him your enemies, he’d become a danger factor that can go right to your throat.

Understanding this, Nicola decided to end the conversation with a playful tone.

(The opening moves are done. Now, I just need to carefully handle the situation… hehe)

Without even using his proud intellect, Nicola, thinking it’s the best judgment, stands up.

“Well, now that the business is done, I’ll take my leave. Holy Maiden… if you’re okay with it, please join the birthday party. Your father will surely be delighted.”

“Y-Yes! I’ll go!”

“Oh, so it was really just that…”

“Hehe, if Sir Phil had replied to my letter, I wouldn’t have had to come here. After all, I asked Count Salemabart to send the invitation through you.”

“No, I think it could have been done normally through my father…”

“Well, there are times when it’s like that, Sir Phil. Besides─”

Nicola directs a beaming smile at Phil.

“I, actually, have been saved by you before.”

I see.

Phil understands why Nicola came to meet him directly.

Even so, receiving such a charming smile doesn’t make his heart race, and he ends up giving a wry smile.

“I, I don’t remember that…”

“Hehe, let’s just leave it at that.”

With that, Nicola bows slightly to Milis and walks towards the door.

At that moment─

“(Regarding this year’s birthday party, it seems that there will be more church-related people attending than usual. Among them are some higher-ups who usually don’t participate… please be cautious.)”


As Nicola passes by, she casually whispers those words to Phil.

“Kahlua, let’s have tea again sometime. I’m looking forward to it as a friend.”

“Yes, I’d be happy to go if you invite me as a friend.”

Hearing those words, Nicola finally opens the door to the guest room and exits.

(Well, she’ll probably use me as a means to get closer to Phil.)

Thinking that, Kahlua shifts her gaze away from the departing Nicola and turns to her master.

It’s been a short time, a little earlier than initially expected, but Nicola’s visit has already come to an end.


“A-Ah, I’m sorry, Sir Phil!”

“Have you given up already?”

In the end, it ended in a complete failure.

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