Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 35

Mob #35: “The receptionist’s job is to facilitate requests for mercenaries. Refusing to do that is not an option.”

☆ ☆ ☆

【Side: Yuri Prilliere】

Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating, frustrating, frustrating!
Not being able to retort against someone weaker than me!
Right now, my situation is the worst.
My sister caused a huge mess without me knowing.
To escape the Guild’s pursuit, she’s now a wanted criminal. Because of that,
I’m suspected of committing the same misconduct as my sister.
I’m still just a soldier rank!
So, I needed to achieve success without any wrongdoing.
However, since my sister’s incident, most receptionists have been dismissive and won’t let me take on requests.
Frustrated and anxious, and I started to pick fights with various people.
I ended up picking fights with various people, including that creepy otaku guy.
I knew it wouldn’t amount to anything
even if I won those fights.
Despite the annoyance from the otaku’s words, I head towards the lobby with a counter.
Of course, the receptionists blatantly avoid eye contact or stand up, making it clear they won’t let me take on any jobs.
At that moment,
“Please come this way.”
A receptionist called out to me.
She was petite with a slender figure, aqua-colored eyes, and smooth, long, blonde hair tied neatly in a single ponytail.
I’ve never seen her before, so I assume she’s a new receptionist, but she must have heard rumors about me.
There’s also the possibility that it’s some kind of trap.
Or it could be a punishment game between receptionists, forced into doing it.
But if there’s a chance to take on a job, I’ll grab it with anything, even straw!
“I want to take on a job…”
“Checking the rank.”
As instructed, I hold up my bracelet-type terminal to the inspection device.
“You’re a soldier. Here are the available orders.”
She showed me a list with various requests,
all for the soldier rank.
But with my strength, I can handle those requests easily, just like that creepy otaku guy, or even more!
“Show me the requests for the king rank.”
“Why do you want to see them?”
Surprised by my words, she gives me a puzzled look.
“I’ll take on the request. I’ll prove my strength!”
I declared with a strong tone.
And, of course, the expected response came.
“Unfortunately, it’s not possible.”
“Why not?”
“There are no requests. King-class requests are rare, and those of the king rank complete them quickly. They run out soon.”


As expected of the king class.
“Then how about a queen or bishop!”
Even when I aimed for lower ranks, it was rejected.
It must be harassment after all.
Creating an atmosphere as if they’ll let me take a job and rejecting it just before.
What a harassment!
I was about to shout in frustration, but I quickly stopped myself.
What a stupid thing to do.
There’s no way they would give jobs for queen or bishop to a soldier.
Realizing that again, I sighed deeply, and at that moment,
“I know what you’ve been through. And if that’s the case, you shouldn’t make unreasonable demands. You should stick to requests that are within your capabilities,”
she said to me with a serious expression.
“But… I don’t know if I’ll be able to get another job…”
I stammered, expressing my anxiety.
Then she said.
“Arranging contracts for mercenaries is part of the receptionist’s job. Refusing to do that is out of the question,”
she assured me.
In other words, she would properly arrange contracts for me.
Tears welled up in my eyes involuntarily.
Since my sister’s incident, most receptionists had started to treat me coldly, as if I were suddenly beneath them.
But she was the only one who reached out to me.
“Thank you! I’ll… I’ll do my best!”
I said, gripping her hand tightly as tears streamed down my face.

★ ★ ★

Returning to the lobby after finishing shooting training, I saw Hero-kun at Zeistole’s counter.
It looked like an interaction between a handsome young mercenary and a beautiful receptionist, but they were both [men].
Hero-kun had apparently been neglected by the receptionists who had previously been kind to him out of pragmatism due to his sister’s incident and the turmoil that followed.
Yeah. I understand that feeling of sadness all too well.
It’s been like this since I joined the guild, and it’s still the same now.
So for him, it must have been the first time in a while he’d received decent treatment from a receptionist… or receptionist assistant, rather.
He was holding [his] hand with tears of gratitude in his eyes.
Well, I guess Mr. Roans probably did the same thing.
And there were receptionists, some avoiding the scene and others glaring at it.
I wonder if the ones glaring were the ones who flipped their opinions so suddenly?
There are quite a lot… Maybe about sixty percent.
The ones avoiding the scene seemed somewhat embarrassed.
And of course, there was no mistaking the group of female staff and mercenaries, all eagerly staring at the spectacle between the men, their eyes shining as if they were about to bore holes through the air, and some even breathing heavily as if they were hyperventilating.
The Mercenary Guild is in deep trouble, isn’t it?
And as expected, there’s a group of men glaring at Hero-kun.
It seems like the protagonists are already gearing up for the event to climb out from rock bottom.

After finishing up at the guild and leaving the building, it was already past 1 p.m.
Since I hadn’t had lunch yet, I decided to buy something at the convenience store on my way back.
I don’t want to get tangled up in anything while wandering around.
That’s when a familiar face appeared on the street-side screen.
“Player Noswile! Congratulations on winning the Starkulstas Cup this time!”
“Thank you very much.”
It was Schoona Noswile, the ace pilot of the Planet Race team Crystalweed, who survived the same incident as me during our school days and has since become an ace pilot.
It seems she’s won another race.
“This race was quite challenging in the Flintlock Belt, how was it?”
“Well, Flintlock is indeed dangerous, but I didn’t come under fire.”
“I see! Indeed, those who have experienced real combat are different!”
It seems Noswile-san is also doing her best.
Relieved that it wasn’t actually her in person, I hurried home.
Anyway, tomorrow will be a day filled with anime!

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