Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 19

Nonstop Alerts

Time passed tediously as I waited pointlessly on the space destroyer bridge.
Bored from monitoring the pirate ship, I started looking for a replacement for my broken powersuit.
Spaceships like these always have emergency spacesuits with life support in case of contingencies.
Not combat powersuits, but ones that can at least handle simple extravehicular activities.
Well, their purpose is to enable evacuation in emergencies, but spacefaring laws mandate they be equipped on bridges.
I doubted pirates followed laws properly, but there was a chance the original equipped ones could still be aboard. Hoping for that chance, I searched for where the emergency supplies were stored.
Under the captain’s seat at the center of the bridge were stored emergency provisions.
Likely intended to protect the captain.
But the seals were quite old.
I couldn’t read the seal dates, but they could have been stored when the ship was built.
That would make them close to half a century old.
Would they still work?
“Captain, Sis Meyrica will be okay right, oh, what are you doing?”
“While that woman could easily kill me, that person won’t die so easily. Though in reality it was Kate who actually tried to do it.”
“What are you saying, more importantly are you looking for something?”
“Oh, a spacesuit so I can do extravehicular activities.”
“An emergency evacuation suit? Would those be in a place like this?”
“Oh right, this is a military ship. They have lots of systems to protect the captain. These emergency provisions are for the captain too. Outfitted so he can continue commanding to the end, fully self-sufficient at his seat. See, there they are. But wow they’re old. Can they be used I wonder, is it safe to use them?”
I passed the time chatting idly about such things with Maria’s group.

Around then, Meyrica was boarding from the starboard side the pirates had docked with.
“Has everyone boarded?”
“””Yes ma’am!”””
“Lainey, sorry but take half and enter from the rear hangar. After entry, head for the bridge ASAP.”
“Yes ma’am!”
“We don’t know what could be inside. Stay vigilant of your surroundings.”
“Understood, ma’am.”
“Kate, take three and aim for the bridge from that hatch. Don’t let your guard down.”
“Yes, Sis Meyrica!”
“The rest come with me, we’ll go to the bridge externally. We’ll board through the bridge evacuation hatch. Everyone heads for the bridge. Seizing it takes top priority.”
“””Yes ma’am!”””
“All right, begin operation!”
At Meyrica’s command they dispersed in unison.
In agreement with Captain Nao, there should be no one aboard this ship.
If as expected, Meyrica would be the first to the bridge, but the others should arrive soon after without much time difference.
Once gathered, they could keep sufficient watch, and might understand what’s behind the mysterious phenomenon occurring.
Meyrica swiftly heads for the bridge using the zero gravity environment, doing things like extravehicular propulsion.


When Lainey reaches the designated rear hatch, it’s already wide open with the landing craft departed.
But inside is dimly lit.
After securing the vicinity, Lainey sends out a scout.
The scout promptly returns, safety basically confirmed, and they all board.
Securing safety comes first.
Only after checking everywhere a person could hide do they slowly look around.
“Lainey, what do you think?”
“Clearly abnormal.”
“Way more than just abnormal! Look at all these alerts. The warning lights are all on! I’ve never seen anything like this!”
“Yeah, at this point we need Maria’s group. I’ll just obediently follow orders.”
“You’re right about that. The bridge might tell us more.”
“Right, onwards! We head for the bridge!”
Lainey takes her group of seven deeper inside.
Alert sirens are flashing all through the ship.
Entering a pressurized area adds sound to the noise, quite obnoxious.
Not just Lainey’s group, Kate’s as well entered an air-filled area from their assigned hatch and were met with the same alert frenzy.
“Kate, aren’t you uneasy?”
“Extremely uneasy! But I can only do my best for the captain right?”
“Yes, you especially right? Since you nearly killed the captain. Twice even.”
“Please don’t remind me. Anyway, let’s hurry to the bridge. We might figure something out.”

Meyrica was the first to burst onto the bridge.
She reached the window with no obstructions,
peeking inside shows the bridge dimly lit, with no visibility on anyone potentially deeper inside.
What concerned Meyrica more was the wall of instruments simultaneously blaring abnormality alerts.
“This is weird. Well, there’s no progress just waiting here. I’ll burst in from there!”
Meyrica opens the hatch beside the bridge and enters.
Several others follow her in and shut the hatch.
Though air rushed out when opening and closing the hatch, once that settles and pressure returns to normal, the alert sirens start grating on Meyrica.
“This’ll be hard, can’t even talk like this!”
“Sis, did you say something?”
Bunny right beside her asks Meyrica.
Communication is clearly going to be a struggle.
While this is happening, Kate comes into the bridge.
It seems like she encountered no one on the way.
Since she arrived right on the anticipated timing, Meyrica goes right up to Kate and starts conversing in her ear.
“No sign of anyone right?”
“Yes ma’am. Just the alert noises everywhere despite searching, nobody there.”
“Looks like alerts everywhere inside the ship. We need to bring Maria’s group here quickly.”
“Should we send someone when Lainey gets here?”
Now everyone on the bridge cooperates to at least try muting the noise by messing with the consoles.
Right after, Lainey’s group joins up.
“Sis Meyrica, we’ve arrived.”
“Oh Lainey, how was it on the way?”
“Nobody anywhere right? Looks like general evacuation orders. Scrambled to flee in panic, just traces of that everywhere, otherwise the same alert storm as here.”
“Any idea on the cause?”
“None. We’re helpless without Maria’s group too.”
“Thought so. I feel the same. Sorry, but could you go fetch Maria’s group?”
“Gladly, shall I take one of our landing crafts?”
“No, let’s string a guideline over. Bring people on the line. That should let us travel easily.”
“Understood. We’ll exit and string a line between the airlocks here and there. I’ll prepare immediately.”
“Oh right, that ship should also have escape wire units. Must be here too. We can string it right away using those. The rest keep watch on the vicinity. Safety isn’t confirmed yet.”
Lainey takes the seven she brought and heads down to the airlock floor below the bridge.
“Looks usable here.”
Lainey operates the airlock controls and opens the door.
Right by the door is the wire unit for emergencies, also looking usable.
“I’ll jump across using this.”
Lainey outfits her powersuit with the wire hook using the unit, puts on the spacesuit stored as equipment, and jumps toward the destroyer.
Now the hard part.
Reaching the stage by the destroyer’s airlock, Lainey promptly hooks and strings a line in the designated spot.
Flashing a light signal with the line done, her comrades steadily transfer over using pulley-like devices on the wire.
Soon people were positioned with the wire between both ships.

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