Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 15

XV Cadonia’s Demands

I received word an envoy had come from Cadonia.
It was my first time meeting someone from another country since my enthronement. After all, I hadn’t conducted any diplomacy at all since becoming king. Or rather, all the nobles previously in charge had died, leaving me no way to handle it.
Gamaras was absorbed with domestic affairs, and giving him more work would probably make him die from overwork.
My only job after becoming king had been fighting the Hundred at the Colosseum…. Not really a king’s job, huh.
So I was looking forward to meeting the Cadonia envoy for my first proper kingly job.

The Cadonia envoy named Oddo looked miserably pale.
Those lined up with me in the throne room were almost all from the Hundred. Though officially military officers, between the daily ranking matches, they had endless bruises and open wounds, with thuggish appearances far from refined knights or warriors.
Being surrounded by them was probably nerve-wracking.
After exchanging greetings, Oddo passed a letter from the Cadonia King to Gamaras, who passed it to me. Felt satisfyingly kingly.
The letter contained complaints from the Cadonia King.
In short, “You guys overhunted monsters, disturbing the ecosystem, so monsters fled into our territory, causing damage. Take responsibility by subjugating the monsters in our land and pay compensation of 3000 gold coins for damages so far!”
…Yeah, that would happen huh. With dragons avoiding our land from the intensity of monster hunting, surrounding nations were bound to be affected. We really messed up.
After reading through it, I passed the letter back to Gamaras.
Looking over the letter, Gamaras flushed with anger.
“Cadonia is blaming their monster damage on our country and demanding we subjugate their monsters plus compensation money!? Unbelievable. Monster subjugation is each country’s responsibility. Pushing that onto us and even demanding past compensation…does Cadonia have no national dignity!?”
Gamaras interrogated Oddo.
“No, we had been handling things until now, but in recent years your overhunting of monsters and rapid pioneering of the Forest of Monsters resulted in monsters fleeing into our country. We are struggling to cope, lacking personnel and funds, so I hoped you could show consideration…”
Oddo answered apologetically.
I know right. Sorry for the trouble caused by our fools.
“Ridiculous. Our country is simply proceeding with national policy to promote monster subjugation and pioneering the Forest of Monsters. There is no reason for other countries to condemn that.”
Gamaras was harsh. His argument was reasonable but our country did hold some responsibility I felt.
“Right! If monsters increase, just exterminate them yourself! Don’t be so weak-willed!”
Red Knights Commander Warren also agreed with Gamaras. Taking that as a cue, the Hundred members began collectively denouncing Cadonia.
Saying things like “If you can’t beat monsters, your training is lacking” or “If monsters increased, you should just eat them” or “Our country has a monster shortage, how wasteful” they let loose as they pleased.
Not everyone is a musclehead like you guys.
Oddo shrank back apologetically.
Seeing this wouldn’t get anywhere, I stepped in to stop it.




As the king, everyone shut their mouths.
“I think accepting Cadonia’s demands is fine.”
Those words left everyone dumbfounded. Even Oddo looked like he couldn’t believe it.
We had guys who wanted to beat monsters so badly they were practically frothing at the mouth, and we were making money at the Colosseum, so there was no particular issue. Most of all, I was a pacifist, so I wanted to get along with neighboring countries.
“My king, please reconsider! Accepting such demands would disgrace our country!”
Black Knights Commander Chrom tried to dissuade me. I understood what he was saying. Excessive diplomatic concessions were bad. But we did inconvenience them, and this was a good opportunity, so I also wanted to visit other countries with Frau sometimes.
“I have my own thoughts on this. Diplomacy with our neighbor is also important. Regarding the compensation money, why don’t I take Frau along and deliver it myself as a greeting upon my enthronement… Let’s see, one month should be enough to prepare. No issues, right Gamaras?”
“Certainly one month is plenty but, you yourself, sire? And taking Lady Frau too?”
Gamaras looked puzzled.
“That’s right, one month later. Let’s handle Cadonia’s side to carry out monster subjugation in the meantime. Does that work for you, Sir Oddo?”
“Yes! I have no objections whatsoever! I thank King Mars for his magnanimous decision!”
Oddo bowed so low he practically groveled.
“I assume people from our country will be entering Cadonia for the subjugation, but there’s no issue with that, correct?”
“Of course not!”
“I see. You may leave then.”
Upon being dismissed, Oddo hurriedly left the throne room as if escaping.
Only our countrymen remained, but they all seemed somewhat dissatisfied.
“Your Majesty, may I ask what considerations led to this decision? If you could explain so we understand as well, we would be most grateful…”
Representing the others, Gamaras asked me. They must really question my judgment this time.
I couldn’t well say the real reason that “I just felt like visiting another country a bit.” I had to make up some excuse.
“….There’s a possibility of a stampede occurring.”
“A stampede, sire? You’re concerned about a stampede?”
Gamaras asked.
A stampede referred to a sudden mass of monsters flooding in. The cause was unknown but theorized to involve ecosystem change or monsters disputing territory. So it occurring due to monster overhunting wouldn’t be strange at all.
Moreover, if a stampede happened, neighboring nations would suffer catastrophic damage. If it happened in Cadonia, Faloon would not escape harm either.
…For those reasons, it was the optimal excuse.
“That’s right. Monster activity in Cadonia is currently heightened. If something further agitates the monsters, a stampede becomes highly likely. What would happen to Cadonia then?”
“They would suffer devastating damage… I see! That’s why you’ll have our people subjugate monsters in Cadonia first!”
Gamaras seemed to understand. His expression was shining. The others also said things like “To think there was such a plan!” “He foresaw that far ahead!” I was just glad everyone was convinced.
“Then, the king going to Cadonia in a month is for the timing of…”
Chrom asked a question.
“Yes. To finish it by then.”
It would make a good impression on Cadonia if the subjugation was completed by the time I went.
“I understand. Then, we will leave the monster subjugation in Cadonia to my Black Knights. We will surely accomplish this duty!”
Strangely eager, but I was thankful he volunteered.
“Alright. We’ll leave it to the Black Knights then. I’m looking forward to it in a month.”
“Yes, my lord!”
Chrom knelt and answered.

As expected, our king’s wisdom was unfathomable!
After the king left, we unanimously praised King Zeros. Though he didn’t state it outright to avoid leaks, this was clearly an opportunity to conquer Cadonia. And using a stampede of all things.
He must have anticipated Cadonia making an absurd demand. No, he must have maneuvered them into doing so in order to expand pioneering the Forest of Monsters.
When he initially agreed to all of Cadonia’s demands, I didn’t understand his intent, but I see. Under pretext of subjugating monsters, we would agitate the monsters within Cadonia then trigger a stampede when the king came to deliver compensation money.
I didn’t know if a real stampede would occur, but by driving the monsters out of the Forest of Monsters, we could create something close.
That would devastate Cadonia. And at that timing, our greatest forces, King Zeros and Lady Frau, would enter Cadonia.
Perfect. We had only acted as Cadonia demanded.
In the guise of saving monster-besieged towns and villages, we could place Cadonia under our influence.
Or knowing our king, he may have planned to outright conquer their royal capital Mos in one go.
Our duty as the Black Knights to make it seem we were subjugating monsters while agitating them into a stampede was critical.
Moreover, research into mass producing monsters was advancing in our country. Using those results, we should be able to skillfully stir up the monsters. Wonderful. Nothing our King Zeros did was wasted.
He probably had a vision of unifying the Ares continent in his mind. We commoners couldn’t hope to glimpse his thoughts, but had to strive to serve him however we could.
Cadonia was on par with our country, but the battles to follow would likely be against even greater nations. King Zeros intended to continue providing us battlefields. I looked forward to it.

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