Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 4

As expected of Sakuma, his mouth is foul. One wrong step could earn him boos, but he avoids mistakes and that’s why he stands at the top of the class hierarchy.
He glares at Netsuhara and lifts the corner of his mouth.
“…Well, it’s good in a way. Guys like him piss me off the most. Asahina, you could’ve killed him alone but… He’s the one guy I really wanted to finish off myself.”
Sakuma, your phrasing is awful. Kind of brutal.
But you said something good. Asahina-san’s favorability went up a little! Keep drawing all of Asahina-san’s attention, I’ll be very grateful. I’m sincerely cheering you on!
“Oi judge! Asahina withdraws, we’re switching out!”
“…Is that alright, Asahina Kasumi-san?”
At the judge student’s words, Asahina-san bites her lip.
Her gaze turns this way.
The students around are all looking at Asahina-san.
What’s reflected in their eyes isn’t contempt…not at all.
“Well, no choice but to leave it to Sakuma now!”
“That’s right! You can do your best next, Asahina-san!”
“Yeah! Don’t worry about it too much!”
“We discussed the plan with Asahina-san too, so it’s our responsibility as well!”
Encouragement rings out from around her.
With tears in her eyes from that, Asahina-san answers the judge.
“………Y-Yes. I surrender.”
Laughter echoes from Netsuhara in the distance upon those words.
The judge nods, and the hero of justice is defeated without even fighting.
Returning to our encampment, she looks so small compared to her usual self that it’s hard to believe she’s the same person. Like the flickering flame of a candle that seems it could vanish with a light puff… Seeing our classmates get so worried makes me grow uneasy too for some reason.
…Well, if Sakuma loses, I’m next right? Considering and still choosing to ‘say nothing,’ I hold some responsibility too.
Asahina-san passes by me.
At that time, I tell her just one thing.
“Leave the rest to Sakuma.”


“Yeeeaahh, Class A’s surrendering too! Since Tachibana lost, next up is the one you guys hate, Netsuhara Eien!”


scene transition



…Sakuma isn’t a bad guy but he’s not a hero of justice.
He probably could have defeated Tachibana if he tried. It would pain him but he could have knocked her out.
That’s why Netsuhara withdrew Tachibana so readily.
He hops out to the center, and violently pushes aside Tachibana who was walking with dragging feet.
“Oi, you…!”
Seeing that, Sakuma flies into a rage but Netsuhara doesn’t give a damn.
He whistles leisurely, acting nonchalant, and his eyes don’t even reflect Sakuma’s figure.
Seeing him blatantly looking down on them, Sakuma’s temple throbs with blue veins.
“I wanted to settle things with you with this fist…”
“Huh! I’m not thinking anything really. After all, you’re gonna lose right? I’ll probably forget a loser dog’s face completely by tomorrow.”
The usual taunting, condescending attitude.
Faced with that, Sakuma takes a deep breath.
–And burns his body with flames… No, he’s wrapped in flames?
I can feel scorching heat even from a dozen meters away.
Unconsciously, we retreat and Netsuhara whistles “Hyuu.”
“Oh, so that’s your ‘special power’ huh.”
“Yeah, remember this, shithead. [Lava King], the power that will defeat you.”
It’s the authority of a king who governs all manner of heat.
If it were me, I’d probably be burnt to death just from trying to touch it.
While thinking that…I glanced at Kurotsuki.
He’s…looking the day after tomorrow’s direction disinterestedly.
As if he has no interest whatsoever in this fight or its outcome.
Seeing his attitude, I scratch my head.
My classmates’ attention has already shifted to Sakuma.
Not exaggerating, among the clearly stated abilities after Asahina-san and Kurotsuki’s, it’s cheat-level power.
It would be stranger to not expect anything.
But I’ll move assuming defeat.
If Sakuma loses–…I’m next to be crushed.
If I’m crushed, I won’t be able to accomplish or leave behind anything.
So while Sakuma is fighting, I’ll try to finish setting everything up.
Asahina Kasumi’s defeat, Class C’s disadvantageous position, Netsuhara’s unknown special power.
Taking all that into account, I conclude again.
This is the only time to bring in Kurotsuki kanade.
I briefly glance at Kurashiki and see she’s also looking at me.
There’s not a shred of ‘impatience’ in her expression.
Because she knows I’m participating?
If so, don’t get your hopes up too much. If that Sakuma can’t win then I probably can’t beat Netsuhara either. Most likely, almost certainly.
So if you’re going to expect anything, expect it from Kurotsuki rather than me.
I head toward Kurotsuki standing alone in the distance and stop in front of him.
He looks at me surprised and I address him expressionlessly.
“Kurotsuki kanade, let’s talk.”
“…Talk, you say?”
At my proposal, Kurotsuki openly shows vigilance.
Of course, he knows about my irregularity, if only a little.
I intentionally avoided, received, and endured his attack. With my bare flesh.
So he’s surely ‘wary’ of me now.
For better or worse.
“…Sorry but I have nothing in particular to talk about–“
I don’t let him finish.
“I have something, even if you don’t.”
He looks at me dumbfounded…and then opens his eyes wide.
I don’t know what he saw in my eyes.
A genius like him might have found something even in my ordinary eyes.
But I’m not interested. I don’t care about stuff like that.
There’s only one thing I’m interested in.
While staring straight at him, I ask him a single question.
“What are you living for?”
It was likely more philosophical than I expected.


Kurotsuki kanade was a genius from birth.
He could do most things as long as he saw them once.
Even as a beginner, he could do the same as veterans.
In sports too, after watching just once he could join the team.
He was able to be active as the team’s ace.
It was the same with studying. Just properly listening in class let him get full marks.
He could achieve the highest scores without any particular hardship.
How can you do it so well?
What’s the trick to getting good at something?
How can you study so much?
To his classmates’ childish questions.
Without being modest, boastful, or bragging.
“Because I’m a genius,” was his reply.
So rely on me more, is what he meant.
I want to use this talent for everyone’s sake.
Because it’s power to make everyone smile.
…That’s why he couldn’t understand.
–Why was he…crying?


Two years ago. Kurotsuki had a boy who could be called his best friend.
“Yo kanade! Let’s stop by the game center on the way home!”
“…Itsuki, there’s no game center around here.”
Kurotsuki gently smiles as he responds to the boy called Itsuki. Itsuki as usual shows a friendly smile and says “Oh right.”
In a small town in Hokkaido. A town so small the students are separated into just two classes per grade.
That’s where Kurotsuki kanade lived.
His talent was widely recognized among his friends and teachers.
Yet he himself just remained a ‘local celebrity,’ staying modest.
He didn’t even consider going out into the world and being active.
If he could live helping those close by, Kurotsuki was satisfied with that.
“Morning you two! No dozing off today huh!”
The one who called out to the two was a female classmate.
“Hehe! I had time to spare since there was no morning practice today!”
“Well I never doze off during class, kanae.”
The girl called kanae happily smiles at the two’s replies.
kanae was Itsuki’s childhood friend.
Kurotsuki who transferred in during elementary school had known her for nearly five years now.
You could call it fate. From when he transferred in elementary school until now, the three had always ended up in the same class without ever being separated.
“Geez Itsuki! We have tests coming up soon so you have to study properly! Oh right, kanade can you tutor us?”
“H-Hey! You just casually asked kanade instead of me! I was gonna ask first–“
“Yes yes, you two calm down. Or rather, shouldn’t you study on your own?”
He had no intention of refusing from the start of course.
Kurotsuki said that jokingly.
“”We’ll get failing marks (if we do that)!?””
Their voices overlap. It’s the well-timed comedic duo act of childhood friends, like a married couple.
Kurotsuki watches the two with a seemingly wry smile as he shrugs.
“Well, I don’t have much confidence in teaching you well. Since you two don’t study, even the basics are lacking.”
It was terrible acting.
He’s certainly confident.
But as their important friend, he’s telling them indirectly ‘You should study more daily.’
…Well, it seems they didn’t get that vague message though.
“Huh? I’m more confident I can study than this guy though.”
“The hell you sayin’!? The guy who got 5 points on the last Japanese test–Guh!”
kanae’s elbow stabs into Itsuki’s gut.
Japanese, 5 points. …The disastrous result makes the class fall silent.
Kurotsuki looks at her as if to say ‘Are you sane?’ while Itsuki crouches down holding his stomach. A seemingly embarrassed kanae’s cheeks flush.
“Th-This is our…secret, okay?”
“No, everyone already kno–“
“I’m begging you kanade! If my scores drop any lower, my allowance will be cut!”
How could it drop any lower than this?
Kurotsuki swallows those words and answers with a sigh.
“…Got it. I’ll teach you within my ability.”
“Yes, thank yoou kanade!”
With tears in her eyes, kanae suddenly embraces Kurotsuki. Kurotsuki looks surprised and embarrassed while the seemingly impatient Itsuki raises his voice.
“Oi! Wh-What’re you doing! Hey, get off!”
“Ehh, what, don’t tell me you’re jealous? As if!”
“Hah!? Why would I be jealous of you!”
Once again, kanae’s elbow stabs into Itsuki’s gut.
Itsuki plays the fool and kanae goes along with it.
I’m always watching them and laughing.
It was a truly happy time.
It made my heart feel warm. An orange-colored world, warm and comfortable.

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