Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen: Invaders Get Angry – The Knight

The mysterious enemies who appeared immediately transformed, and the ones who reacted were Akane and the others.
The aliens who achieved transformations into azure, purple, and green respectively.
As they turn the weapons in their hands towards the citizens trying to flee, the girls unhesitatingly transform in public.


“Everyone, let’s go!”
Seeing the transformed Akane and the others, the aliens show hostile reactions.
“We’re not just gonna let that go!”
“Interrupting our fun time is unforgivable.”
[Oh, so that’s it!]
“We’ll take care of them!”
The battle begins.
But I understand I don’t have the Proto Morpher now, so I dash out of the cafe pulling my hood down deeply and shout at the panicked people.
“Everyone, that way! Flee that way!! Hurry!!”
Fleeing recklessly is too dangerous.
I guide the civilians to evacuate using buildings as cover.
“Damn, just what are those guys!?”
Those are aliens!?
After the monsters it’s invaders from space!?
I continue guiding the escaping people to safety, and find a boy trip and fall before me.
“Can you stand!? Are you injured!?”
“I-I’m okay, but mom…”
As I help the boy up, a woman who seems to be his mother immediately runs over.
“Please hurry and escape! This place may become a battlefield!!”
“A-Thank you so much! You escape quickly too!!”
“I’ll escape when I see a chance too!!”
The sounds of the Justice Crusaders battling the aliens continues from behind.
There’s no way they’d lose so easily.
I believe that, but a tinge of unease remains.
“Their transformation resembled ours…”
Their transformation used Morphers similar to ours.
Could those have perhaps been made with the same technology as us…?
If so, then our power is…!
“The battle sounds stopped…?”
Did the battle end?
I unconsciously try to head to the scene but I don’t have the Proto Morpher now.
Going there I’d just get in the way rather than help.
“…I’ll go.”
After hesitating for a few seconds, I decide to at least go see what’s happening.
Even if I can’t transform, I can at least worry about their safety… Huh!?
“Proto Morpher!? Why’s it on my arm!?”
I-I was told taking this out without permission would get me scolded! And it definitely wasn’t on my arm earlier!
When did it get attached to my wrist!?
I’m shocked to find the [Proto Morpher] equipped without me noticing.
“…No time to worry about it!!'”
I don’t really understand what’s happening but with this I can transform.
Still wearing the hood, I transform by pressing the side button three times.


I complete the transformation in an instant and the civilians trying to flee around me stop moving, noticing me.
“Huh, the Black Knight!?”
“The Black Knight is here!?”
“No way!?”
“Everyone, please escape quickly! This will become a battlefield!!”
I shout at the surroundings and head to where Akane and the others are.
Running through the town at full speed using signs and walls as footholds, I arrive at the scene where the girls are fighting and an unbelievable sight comes into view.
“You bastards!!”
The collapsed forms of Akane, Kirara, and Aoi on the ground.
They’ve all had their transformations undone and are being kicked by guys in similar suits.
“They were pretty tough huh.”
“But as expected, they’re still barbarians.”
“We would have been in danger without that.”
The azure, green, and purple Pac-Man-like warriors.
The only difference from the Justice Crusaders’ suits is the equipped armor worn and equipment attached.
But their behavior is far from heroic, clearly nothing but invaders from space.
“Get your feet away, now.”
“…Oh, interesting. Looks like an antique relic showed up.”
The tall man, with the appearance of a human but annoyingly long blond hair, notices me arrive.
“Axe, what’s that?”
“Woah, it’s core number 0001. One of the stolen ones huh. Why are you using that so casually? There’s no record of successful experiments.”
The pale light-emitting haired woman looks at me through some kind of scanner.
“It’s no big deal. With just the three of them, that thing can be easily dealt with~”
“Hmm. Volg, Spi, Marka. You guys blundered earlier.”
Ignoring me, the blond bastard speaks to the three Pac-Man warriors.
Seeing Red and the others, they seem to be injured but not seriously enough to threaten their lives.
But why don’t they transform when they have Morphers…?
“…So, how about it? I’ll give a bonus to the one who defeats that relic. First come, first served.”
“Huh, you mean we just have to defeat that guy?”
“This is too easy, isn’t it!”
“Then I’ll be the first.”
A sense of playfulness…?
As the space aliens reveled in the midst of battle, a certain eeriness gripped them, followed by an intense surge of anger.
I was curious about what they were saying, but it seemed that time was wasted.
These guys were arrogant invaders who came with a game-like attitude. Well then, let’s show them reality.
“Katsumi-kun! These guys are using transformations…”
“Shut up, you inferior beings.”
The purple knock-off warrior kicked Red.
Seeing the anguish on her face, my anger surged to its peak.
“Now, who’s the next opponent?”
I shattered the chest of the purple warrior who had kicked Red, piercing through her torso.
It was the opponent who had cornered the Justice Crusaders to this extent.
In an instant, I pulled out her heart, encased in machinery, to stop her breath and crushed it.
“Huh? Volc?”
I grabbed the collar of the woman who froze upon seeing her fallen comrade next to her, and I pounded her head repeatedly, destroying it.
“Volc!? Spi!? Why are you guys dead!?”
“You guys. You’re weaker than I thought…!”
What? Were Red and the others defeated by these guys?
Unbelievable!! To be honest, the monsters should have posed more of a challenge!
“Ah, those junky suits have that kind of performance!”
The azure female warrior aimed her mechanical gun at me, and blue beams were fired, but all of them were slow and sloppily aimed.
“He deflected it with my bare hands!? Even though it’s an attack that can dissolve living beings!”
While deflecting the beams with a hand chop, I closed the distance and struck her with a punch.
She managed to defend herself with the gun just before impact, but she probably wouldn’t be getting up for a while.


“Blue was sneakier and tougher.”
“That’s an insult…”
“You seem fine.”
For now, I prioritized helping those who could still move to ensure they wouldn’t be taken hostage…?
If you can still move, I want you to get away from here…!?
An impact ran through the arm I had raised in a defensive stance.
Taking a few steps back, the blond bastard lands his unnecessarily long legs on the ground.
…Did he just punch me? Doesn’t seem like he used any other abilities.
“I am Vega.”
“Don’t care.”
Ignoring his introduction, I immediately move to crush him.
“Unfortunately, the battlefield itself is different between you and me.”
The moment I try to attack Vega, I’m tormented by the sensation of something wedging between my body and the suit.
Along with a moment of discomfort, I can no longer feel energy from the suit and am forcefully untransformed.
The Proto Morpher released from my bare wrist falls down.
“The transformation…”
My transformation was undone by force!?
Realizing that, my head is grabbed and I take a knee strike from the man.
Beaten while defenseless, I collapse to the ground and the man’s foot is placed on my back.
“Oh, you seem troublesome. If we fight I won’t get away unharmed either. But sorry. It’s wrong for you to use our technology.”
“You guys, don’t tell me you interfered with the transformation…”
“I don’t know where you got it from, but the suits and energy we handle seem to be the same. It’s like it’s asking us to interfere right? On top of that, the identification output is the same…the creator is an idiot no?”
So that’s why the Justice Crusaders lost…!!
If the transformation is forcefully undone, we’re just regular humans.
Even if we could beat these guys with the suits, without them…!!
“But it’s amazing. It neutralized the three in an instant!! Can I take this kid!? I want to use him as a test subject if possible, or personally as a pet!!”
“No, no,”
“Oh, my God!
The woman with unpleasant light in her eyes observes me and points.
I have nothing but bad feelings about this.
If I can at least buy time for Akane and the others to escape…!!
“Let’s make this human our comrade.”
“Oh, that’s good! He’ll surely become a strong player!!”
Who’d become comrades with you guys!! As I try to yell that, my neck is grabbed and lifted faster.
Vega lifts my body one-handed.
My neck is squeezed, I can’t breathe properly, but even so he speaks to me.
“This guy is an Omega.”
“Now, are you the one to end the beginning, or the one to keep secrets? Which is it?”
What’s he saying…
Who’s an Omega…!?
Saying incomprehensible things…!!
“Where is Alpha?”
“I killed her.”
“Haah, that’s not what I want to hear. Earthling, I don’t like unnecessary things. So don’t make me take unnecessary steps!”
A kick lands in my stomach.
I endure the impact with a grimace, but he keeps kicking me.
What I’m saying is still the truth.
So no matter how much torture I receive, the answer won’t change.
Alpha is dead.


“Oh look, she came out.”
Suddenly Vega stretches something like a rope into empty space.
Just as I wonder what he’s doing, the next moment a girl is captured by the stretched shining rope I see.
“You revealed your tail in agitation huh? So she was important after all. To have a power that keeps even us from noticing…magnificent.”
“An individual capable of advanced cognitive modification huh~- To be able to deceive us…this is a jackpot.”
“…Kh, ugh…”
“Not only the cognitive modification, but this degree of affection is also unprecedented.”
The black-haired girl dragged out by the shining rope. Her appearance resurrects my sealed memories.
Memories of spending time with her.
Of the night I decided to erase memories of her and protect her safety.
The overflowing memories confuse me.
“Alpha, why didn’t you escape…!”
“Because if you died…there would be no meaning if you died…”
“Then it doesn’t matter if something happens and you get hurt!!”
I erased memories of her to protect Alpha.
If something happened and I died when cornered like this, they would lose the means to find Alpha.
That’s how it should have been, yet…!
“Quite the cute face she has. Looks like there’s value beyond as a trophy.”
Grabbing Alpha’s chin as she lies bound on the ground, Vega inspects her face and shows a triumphant grin.
“Alpha secured. With this we have no use for the humans.”
“So what should we do after this? Head back to the ship and destroy the town and stuff?”
That transforming robot…!
“No, that would be boring. In any case, the science of this planet can’t penetrate our strategic spacecraft’s shields. That’s why I thought of an interesting diversion.”
“An interesting diversion, you say?”
“Transfer core number 0002 here.”
Looking surprised at Vega’s words, the one called Axe makes an absentminded, as if delighted by what’s about to happen, smiling expression and starts operating something attached to her arm.
“Alpha, let’s show your Omega the moment they become one of us. Well, they might die in the process.”
“K-Katsumi won’t become your ally… and he won’t die…!”
“Because he’s human, he will die. Well, even if he dies, we’ll make good use of the corpse, so it doesn’t matter.”
Vega babbled while holding me down.
What on earth was he planning…!!
“Ax, did you bring it?”
“Yes. As you wished, the special biotool.”
With a flash of light, Ax produced a white square box. Some of its sides were meshed, revealing something inside that was not of this world, composed of machinery.
[Gaaa, Gigaa!!]
“Oh my, how frightening. Even we get our fangs bared at us.”
“Open it.”
What leapt out when the box opened was something wolf-like the size of a palm. A mechanical wolf with yellow eyes as its trait, growing horns from its back, molded entirely from white machinery, the wolf jumps out of the case and immediately attacks Vega.
He forcibly grabs the wolf in his hand, transforms it, and changes its shape into a rectangular belt buckle-like form.
“If it’s compatible with the energy core of 0001, we should impose a fitting trial. After all, the story is they were originally sisters.”
“You bas…!”
This time, he grabbed my collar and lifted me.
“This thing is a biobelt that drains the host’s life force to empower itself. If I were to give it a name… how about ‘Dust Driver’? If it fits well, you’ll become our puppet, and we’ll have some fun games ahead. Isn’t that an honor?”
I glared at Vega, who showed me the trembling buckle in his hand, but he continued to speak confidently.
“To start with, shall we have you hunt humans? Learning to hunt from your own kind is a path we all went through.”
“Well, before that… it’s a question of whether you can survive.”
Vega forcefully pressed the buckle-like object against my abdomen.
In an instant, a band of light wraps around my waist becoming a belt, the buckle’s lever moves on its own, and something activates.

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