About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 2

Zeke borrowed special pieces for Reversi from one of his friends.
” ………… “
Zeke stared intently at the contents of the deck, thinking, and then asked,
“Are there any other special pieces I can use?”
The people around blinked in surprise.
“Oh, um, yeah. You can rearrange the deck using pieces from around here.”
“Oh, thanks.”
Zeke borrowed spare pieces from his friend and began to tinker with the deck. In this board game, you could create your own deck by combining special pieces and devise your own strategy.
However, the fact that a beginner at Hyper Reversi suddenly started rearranging the deck puzzled those around him. While it was not impossible to grasp the effects of each special piece carefully, Zeke’s deck rearrangement process went smoothly.
“Hey Zeke, do you have any experience with Hyper Reversi?”
“Well, a little.”
With a casual reply, Zeke’s deck was complete.
“Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Lorenzo.”
“Hah, seems like you’ve dabbled in this a bit, but strategy, countermeasures, and experience are what count. You can’t beat me.”
With slightly heightened tension, Mr. Lorenzo said so, and Zeke and the teacher faced each other across the board.
“Well then, let’s start!”
With a shout from his friends, Zeke made his first move.

The hour hand of the clock moved significantly, and the game was repeated many times.
“This can’t be… my trap deck is being broken!”
“F-f-f-forgive me, my speed power deck is completely countered…!”
“Even me, the top of the school tournament…!”
Tension ran through the venue. Everyone trembled in surprise as they looked at the Reversi board. It was the result of being defeated by someone they didn’t expect to lose to.
“S-so, you weren’t a beginner, Zeke!?”
Among those who fought in this place, Zeke achieved the best results. He scratched his cheek in embarrassment. The people around him widened their eyes in surprise. Zeke seemed to know nothing about the current popularity of Hyper Reversi until just now, and he was thought to be a complete beginner.
“So, when I opened the lid, turns out he was the one winning the most. His strategies were on point, countering the opponent’s moves flawlessly, locking down their decks one after another, and claiming victories. It seemed like he had a deep understanding of the board game.
“Zeke, what the hell are you…?!”
“I never anticipated my true identity getting suspicious in a place like this…”
Zeke’s strength in this game was due to his reincarnation.
Hyper Reversi is an adaptation of the classic game Reversi. It takes the playful concept of Reversi, adds special effects, turning it into a magical game called Super Reversi. Over time, Super Reversi evolved into what is now known as Hyper Reversi, gaining popularity. Zeke, in his past life, lived during the era when Super Reversi was trending, and he was involved in its production. That was the secret to his strength.
Zeke’s job was in the production of magical tools, and he had even worked on manufacturing toys for children. While his factory primarily focused on subcontracting parts production, Zeke would assemble pieces multiple times to verify their functionality, often testing them in gameplay.
Although Hyper Reversi and Super Reversi had slight specification differences, his past experiences played a significant role. While not achieving a perfect win record, Zeke emerged as the top performer in this group.
“Maybe… a genius?”
“A genius at Hyper Reversi!”
The people around him started to gaze at Zeke with admiration and envy.
“This might be… if we train and enter tournaments, we could achieve great results…”
“Maybe even compete at the national level…”
“Prize money and all!”
“Zeke! What if we aim for the world in Hyper Reversi!?”
“Stop it. I don’t need that! Don’t get too close!”
Zeke had no intention of succeeding in this field. While those around him were excited about the unexpected emergence of a genius, Zeke pushed them away with his hands. The idea of aiming for the world was just someone else’s fantasy.
“A match!? Are you guys having a match? Zeke, include me too!”
“Ugh, seriously, why does this troublemaker have to show up…”
Anya, the aqua-haired childhood friend, approached proudly, shouting loudly. The intrusion of this clueless girl caused chaos in the room. Zeke decisively defeated the beginner Anya, sparking a new conflict in the classroom.
This was a scene in a high school classroom, after school.


“…And that’s what happened.”
“Ah, I see. I can relate to feeling the generation gap. I had moments like that too.”
“Oh, haha…”
In the cool early autumn weather, reincarnated friends Zeke, Touri, and Rain chatted away. This conversation took place in Zeke’s living room.
Zeke was 38, while Touri and Rain were first-year middle school students. These three shared the common point of being reincarnated and occasionally gathered to discuss topics they couldn’t share with anyone else.
“So, did Teacher Zeke participate in any Hyper Reversi tournaments?”
“No way. I didn’t like it that much, even though my past life was involved in that job.”
The discussion in Zeke’s living room was about Hyper Reversi during high school. It was a memory talk that could only happen in this setting due to Zeke’s past life job involvement.
Touri nodded nostalgically and spoke up.
“But it’s nostalgic, isn’t it? Super Reversi. It was trending in my past life around that time.”
“Oh, Touri, were you from that generation?”
“Yes, I was a teenager during that time in my past life. It was quite popular around me.”
“I see, I see. How about you, Rain? Was it trending during your time?”
“Oh, no… My past life was born the year after the past Zeke-san passed away, so the trends might be a bit different.”
“Ah, right, I forgot about that.”
In their past lives, Zeke was the oldest, followed by Touri and then Rain.
“We’re talking about old stuff. Hyper Reversi is one thing, but the talk about Super Reversi wouldn’t resonate with anyone other than grandmas and grandpas.”
“Ah, Anya!”
“Anya-san, thank you.”
Anya had brewed four cups of coffee and brought them over. While not a reincarnated individual, Anya was aware of the situation and occasionally joined in the conversations.
“By the way, Zeke, it seems pretty unfair that you were competing with me using your past life job. Sneaky, isn’t it?”
“I had no idea.”
“You devious cheater.”
Anya snorted and playfully pulled her husband’s cheek. Zeke just let it happen. During their high school years, Anya challenged Zeke to multiple games of Hyper Reversi. Naturally, Anya suffered defeat every time but continued challenging him relentlessly.
Zeke found himself easily swayed by Anya even in those moments.
“However, this time shift or whatever you call it… I understand it too,” Touri said.
Touri continued,
“We were discussing the songs we have on our phones at piano class. You know, asking each other what kind of music everyone listens to. And then…”
“And then?”
“Everyone said my song choices were old! Unknown, unheard of! Tiffy and Yuki kept saying, ‘I don’t know, it’s old!’ It’s such a wasted era…”
” ………… “
Touri shudders. Zeke said.
“Well, it’s probably… old, right?”
When it comes to Touri’s past life as a high school student, it was more than 60 years ago.
“Yeah, I get it. I know it’s old. But no one knows those classic songs! I can’t share them with anyone! Everyone just says ‘old’ and that’s it! Even though these songs are so good!”
Saying this, Touri plays their favorite song from their smartphone. The classic tune from over 60 years ago resonates, but the sound quality is extremely poor due to the recording technology of the past, making the music sound rough and unrefined. While some may argue that this sound quality adds to the vintage charm, the prevailing image is still that it’s simply old.
“The current young generation doesn’t even know about legendary songstress Christina Davis or the melody angel Aina Garcia! Tiffy and Yuki were like, ‘Who are they?’ What a shame, living in such an oblivious era!”
“Well, isn’t that just normal?”
Touri tightened her grip on her fists. Music was her passion, and realizing that her favorite songs were almost unknown to those around her saddened her. As the songs played from her phone, Rain and Zeke felt a sense of nostalgia while also chuckling at the poor sound quality and old-fashioned melodies.
“And hey, even you, Anya-san, don’t know those songs, right?”
“Ugh… Anya-san is also from that era…”
” ………… “
“…… I said, that’s why the younger generation nowadays…”
“Hey, brat. I heard that.”

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