Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 14

XIV A King’s Work

The plan to mass produce monsters began. But on second thought, what point was there to militarizing monsters as combat forces? Domestic monster damage had decreased, and no country would invade this remote little nation, so there was no use for them.
Maybe I should pit them against the Hundred instead?
Since the Colosseum opened, I had been fighting the Hundred almost daily.
That was because during my fight against the adventurers in the throne room where I removed my gravity bracelet and poison ring and got serious, it leaked to the Hundred bunch. Then absurd accusations of “You cheated, you weren’t serious!” and “Fighting outsiders seriously but not us is unfair!” flooded in against me.
Basically they demanded I fight them seriously, but since nearly all the Hundred were requesting this, it was a pain to deal with.
So I came up with having “Special matches after the ranking matches for any winners wanting to challenge me.” I could wipe them out in one go by fighting when tired from the ranking, swiftly resolving their discontent.
And this worked well. Since ranking matches were between evenly-matched fighters, doing another match afterwards left even the muscleheads in tatters. Even against 10, I could easily thrash them.
I calculated this special match system would let me work through challengers after 2-3 repetitions.
…Or so I thought, but those idiots somehow got the wrong idea that “winning the ranking matches means you can participate in the special matches any number of times” and kept demanding them each time they won.
If that happened, I’d have to fight exhibition matches at the Colosseum daily. Even ranking regulars took 5 days off to rest their bodies. Why did only I have to fight every day? Was I a gladiator slave? No, even they probably didn’t fight daily.
I tried refusing for such humane reasons but a request also came from Gamaras.
“The king doing special matches brings in different customers, so please do them as often as possible.”
When I fought, more spectators came. The citizens longed for and looked forward to my matches. So please fight daily, he said.
When told that, it was hard to refuse. The spectators did cheer me on loudly, and when I won, they sang “Long live King Zeros!” in chorus. Which didn’t feel bad. Though my proper name should be King Mars.
“Oh, if you’re saying that much…”
Getting cocky, I accepted doing daily special matches.
This was a terrible mistake. Thanks to the healing ability of the adventurer priestess Ruida I hired as healer rapidly improving, even those ending matches in draws began participating in the special matches. Please just be good and rest.
On top of that, while spouting nonsense like “It’s impolite to fight the king while injured,” those with barely any damage started getting healing from her before the matches.
Now I was forced to fight enthusiastic top rankers exceeding 10 every day at the Colosseum.
Not only were they getting stronger daily, they had become quite troublesome to deal with.
How did it come to this? Was a king’s existence even below gladiator slaves? I shouldn’t have hired that priestess.
And so, I wanted to complain to Gamaras, but since I had left all government affairs to him, he was working at a pace far exceeding the overwork death line. There was no way I could say anything more to the overburdened Chancellor.

As I spent my days questioning the purpose of a king’s existence, a trend of bracelets spread among the top echelon of the Hundred. Yes, the gravity bracelets that were standard for prisoners.
It seems they had specially procured them from foreign merchants.
“With these, we can be a little more like King Zeros…”
Chrom and the others were saying things like that with embarrassed faces, but why were you guys spending your hard-earned money to buy prisoner merchandise? Things you could get for free if you just committed crimes abroad? I don’t wear them because I like them either!
Thanks to them, all my country’s top officials except Gamaras walked around the royal castle wearing prisoner bracelets. Was this place a prison?
Incidentally, the bracelet I wore was different from before.
It was a present from my wife Frau for the first birthday I celebrated after becoming king.
When Frau said “I have a present for you” in the bedroom,
I thought “Oh, she has a cute side too,” but what she took out was a bracelet.
“I made it. The effect is 5 times stronger.”
“Wait, what? 5 times what? The gravity magic? I won’t be able to walk if I wear that!”
“Applying 5 times gravity is high difficulty. It was hard.”
Frau had her usual expressionless face, but magic to apply 5 times gravity itself was unheard of, and imbuing that in a bracelet must have been extremely difficult. How troublesome.
“It may have been hard, but won’t my daily life become hard if I wear that?”
After overcoming the poison, the 3 times gravity bracelet, and the threat of assassination, I had finally attained peace in my daily life. Why did she have to work so hard to make something so sad?


“You wear the bracelets from the other woman though?”
That shut me up. Frau alone knew of the existence of my master, Cassandra.
The ring and bracelet I currently wore were indeed gifts from my master. Wearing them in front of my wife Frau could be seen as unfaithful. Despite their terrible effects.
And I don’t think my master can be considered a woman. It’s questionable whether that thing can be considered human at all.
“Frau, that may be so, but there’s no need to make a 5 times gravity item, right? If it’s a present, I’d be happier with some magic item that gives beneficial enchantments.”
If I had to wear something, I wanted a wonderful magic item that protected me. Why did she have to go out of her way to strengthen the effects of a cursed item?
“It’s a wife’s duty to strengthen her husband.”
“Never heard of such a wife!”
“No good?”
Frau stared at me intently. I didn’t know what she was thinking, but I knew she was working for my benefit. When others had advised dissolving our engagement after I became king, she had stubbornly refused apparently.
I didn’t dislike Frau either. She lacked some humanity, but was a beloved wife. After all, until our marriage, there was no one by my side.
“Fine… I’ll wear it. Thanks for the present, Frau.”
Frau looked satisfied.
The next day, the throne collapsed under my weight. I urgently had a new sturdier one made, but with durability emphasized, it looked conspicuously massive and sturdy, giving off an oppressive aura.
my wife’s love is very heavy, physically…

Oddo a diplomat of Cadonia walked the halls of Faloon Castle with heavy steps.
His purpose in coming this time was to make demands of Faloon.
Cadonia was Faloon’s neighboring country, with both sharing borders with the Forest of Monsters to the south. In other words, both Cadonia and Faloon served as buffer zones to the Forest of Monsters for the central countries.
The countries were similar in scale, but with a longer history, Cadonia was seen as slightly higher ranked than Faloon.
Currently, Cadonia had a problem. Monster damage was surging.
Being adjacent to the Forest of Monsters, monster damage was naturally high, but in recent years it had become tremendous.
The cause was clear. Faloon had started aggressively hunting monsters and pioneering the Forest of Monsters, resulting in masses of monsters fleeing into Cadonia’s side of the forest.
This angered the Cadonia King. Due to the inferior country, his country was being harmed. His anger was understandable.
However, both Cadonia and Faloon’s national foundations involved monster subjugation, a mission of sorts, with pioneering the Forest of Monsters as national policy. What Faloon was doing was only natural and not deserving of condemnation.
Cadonia’s demands of Faloon this time were monster subjugation on their side and 3000 gold coins as compensation for damages so far.
Diplomatically, it was an unreasonable demand. Though called inferior, the countries were similar in scale. Not an opponent whose unreasonable demands could be accepted.
Moreover, the other party was the infamous Mad King of Faloon.
The current Faloon King, Mars, had originally been the First Prince but was nearly disowned for his bad behavior. However, upon seeing he would be removed from the throne, he called himself Zeros, led a rebellion with ruffians, then after taking control of the knights through force and terror, carried out a bloody purge, eliminating opposing nobles.
It is said that Mars has his followers eat the potent poison, monster meat, as proof of loyalty. Though there were rumors eating monster meat made you stronger, anyone knew that stuff was poison not meant to be eaten, even infants. There was no way that could be true.
But since he had them swear loyalty by eating poison, their bonds must be strong. His personal army was called the Hundred, and it was said anyone with ability could join regardless of background. According to rumors, it contained many dangerous criminals who had committed murder and other serious crimes. Mars seemed to enjoy subjugating such villains.
After becoming king, he built a Colosseum. He had the Hundred warriors fight each other daily, reveling in it while profiting by making it gambling fodder. Furthermore, it was said he trounced the victors himself afterwards to demonstrate his power to the spectators.
Truly a mad king. Wherever he went, it was said bloody rivers and mountains of corpses were left in his wake.
There was no way such a mad king would accept these demands. He probably wouldn’t make it home alive.
Knowing that, Oddo had left a will to his family before departing and came here prepared for the worst.

Surprisingly, Faloon seemed more vibrant than before the previous king. With the enormous Colosseum at the center, numerous new buildings had been constructed. The commoners also looked cheerful.
But upon entering the royal castle, Oddo saw no sign of nobles at all. The rumors of a noble purge seemed to be true.
And when he entered the throne room, Oddo was shocked. Other than Chancellor Gamaras, all the top officials were warriors, and every one of them wore gravity bracelets that should only be worn by criminals!
Were the rumors about him using dangerous criminals as subordinates true!?
A chill ran down Oddo’s spine. Having criminals as retainers, there was no doubt King Mars was insane.
Looking closely, the throne was also different from the previous king’s. It had become massive and stout, oppressively intimidating compared to before.
A throne symbolizing the current king.
And then King Mars entered. Contrary to expectations, he resembled an ordinary young noble. But of course, Oddo couldn’t let his guard down. It wasn’t rare for someone with such an innocent face to be plotting behind the scenes, especially among nobles.

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