Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 47

Mob No.47: “Do your best to not get completely wiped out.”

Leaving Pattson’s Pharmacy, I headed straight to the [Fortune Telling Building] located in a corner of the downtown area.

As always, I advanced through the maze-like interior of the building and entered a shop labeled simply [Crystal Ball Fortune Telling].

There, in a space with a deep green long-haired carpet to muffle footsteps, was a table draped with dark purple cloth.

And beyond it an old hag with a somewhat hooked nose, looking just like a witch, wearing a gray hooded robe, grinned at me.

“Oh my, welcome. It’s been awhile.”

It’s a business smile to the hag I’m sure, but to me it’s nothing but terrifying.

Suppressing that, I greeted her for now.

“Lively as ever I see.”

“I’m still careful about beauty even at this age. Though with these years, flaws start popping up here and there. I intend to get a full cybernetic body soon and rejuvenate, you see.”

“They won’t do full cybernetics unless there’s mortal danger from an accident or serious illness in the body, right?”

“There are loopholes there. I have various connections, you see.”

She grinned as I tried to stop her wild ambition like old lady Rozweisse’s, but I just learned it was hopeless.

“Anyway, gimme some info…”

So to get to business, I placed an envelope on the table.

“About the terror stuff on Count Ikorai’s Taura planet, right. Just a moment…”

She knows it well without me even saying what information.

Well, maybe it’s just obvious to me.

The hag tucked the envelope into her clothes, held her hand over the crystal ball, mumbled some incantations, then stared into the crystal ball for a while.

“Hmm… There aren’t many bad rumors about Count Ikorai or his son. Well, just that the son has a somewhat arrogant attitude, and the count himself has an ill-omened face.”

“I heard they have eccentric personalities?”

What Zeistoll said bothered me so I asked, but

“Despite proper noble bloodline, they don’t look the part.”

“So what’s their vibe?”

“If you want to know, take the job.”

Nicely evaded.

“Fine. So, what about the terrorists?”

“Their main claim seems to be [the Emperor monopolizing and profiting from important energy resources is wrong].”

“The current and previous Emperors haven’t done anything like that though…”

Furthermore, the tridium ore discovery on planet Taura was during the previous Emperor’s reign, no monopolizing or profiting happened.

Unless you look on the flip side.

“They’re probably the Nequilelma Kingdom people.”

The Nequilelma Kingdom is the Empire’s neighboring country. 100 years ago they started a war, then with the Empire about to defeat them, gave up part of their territory and had colonization overlooked to get by.

“Planet Taura wasn’t developed at all and received no financial aid under Nequilelma Kingdom rule.

The people of other planets looked down on them as country bumpkins and primitives too.

Moreover, when invaded by the Empire, they abandoned defense entirely and readily handed Taura over as a gift for the ceasefire treaty with the Empire.

Like dumping an unwanted thing on them.

Yet the moment they know it’s developed and they can get huge money from it, it becomes [that planet was originally the Nequilelma Kingdom’s so we’re taking it back].”

The hag dispassionately told me the history of planet Taura.

I felt anger in her expression but pretended not to notice.

“So the people of planet Taura cooperating with the terrorists is…”

“No way.


The Nequilelma Kingdom who didn’t develop them, discriminated against them, and treated them like sacrifices,

and Count Ikorai of the Empire who put effort into development, improved their lives, and gave them prosperous lives – which they’ll clearly choose is obvious.

Plus, unlike the current Empire where the efforts of the previous and current Emperors have gradually improved the nobles’ and ethnic imperials’ mentality, the Nequilelma Kingdom’s nobles are still as stupid as the old Empire. The Taura people would have all assets stripped and be treated like slaves. Well, thanks to that, the current Empire looks better in comparison, you could say.”

Quite the severe circumstances, but the locals don’t seem likely to turn against them.

“Well, it’s bad if energy supply decreases though…”

Even a fool like me understands it’s bad if planet Taura gets taken by the Nequilelma Kingdom like this.

“Do your best to not get completely wiped out.”

The hag grinned at me.

Please stop anyway, it’s scary.

Anyway, I returned home that day and rested well.

The evening news quickly reported on the terrorism in Count Ikorai’s territory.

Considering it’s being sensationalized like this, I’d think the anti-Emperor side couldn’t interfere openly, but I don’t really know.

The TV had intellectuals enthusiastically conjecturing about topics like the impact of this terrorism on energy supply and the true identity of the terrorists.

The next day.

After accepting the request, I immediately headed to planet Taura, Count Ikorai’s territory.

Quite a lot of ships had gathered at the spaceport and were waiting for permission to land.

I got a queuing slip by data, but looked to be in for quite a wait, so I decided to read the light novel I brought to pass time.

It’s the new release that came out, [I Reincarnated As a Camping Car, But Do You Have A Problem With That?].

I also prepared Pravox coffee, and just when I thought it was time to start, I got an incoming call.

From someone I’d prefer didn’t call if possible.


[It’s been awhile, Captain Uzos♪]

“Did you need something, Ms. Rozweisse?”

[Since we’re going to the same battlefield, I thought I should greet you.]

I could tell from her expression on screen and tone that she seemed oddly happy for some reason.

The reason distastefully comes to mind.

Well, with Ms. Rozweisse there, victory is pretty much decided, but carelessness is forbidden.

“You seem oddly cheerful, did something good happen?”

[Yes! My android clone is finally complete!]

I expected as much, but that’s clearly the worst news.

[It’s an android mixing machine and biology, a hybrid indistinguishable from a real human in looks! It can eat and do “that” too, an ultra high-spec able to avoid boredom even while docked! I haven’t received it yet though.]

She happily explained the specs of her clone,


[Thank you♪ I’ll finally receive it after this job ends!]

She lined up remarks surely fatal if said by a human.

And to begin with, I wonder why eat and “that” are necessities for a ship her.

The AI of the ancient civilization must be that excellent I guess.

By the way, with Ms. Rozweisse getting a clone, what will become of Ikari, aka Lambert Riagras?

“Speaking of which, what will you do with Lambert Riagras after receiving it?”

She’s wanted excellent humans aboard for a while, but he’ll be made redundant.

When I asked concerned, she suddenly glanced away,

[F-For now I’ll keep him aboard. He’s gotten famous and can be considerate so…]

And shyly told me her response to him.

Yes. The emergence of a tsundere ancient weapon.

As I thought, can’t escape worst meeting after all.

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