Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 1

Chapter 3: As Sara Likes It

The next day, a dull gray covered the sky from the morning.
Haruya, who arrived at school as usual, pretended to be asleep at his desk, as if trying to block out the sound of the pouring rain.
He listened intently, sharpening his awareness to catch the conversations of the S-class beauties as they echoed through the rain.
He couldn’t help but be curious about Sara’s movements.
Yesterday, Sara had discovered his true identity. Haruya wondered what actions she would take today.
Despite trying not to think about it, he couldn’t help but be concerned about Sara.
Although Haruya had obtained assurances from Sara not to reveal his identity multiple times, he couldn’t fully trust her.
Therefore, with a sense of anxiety and impatience, Haruya kept an eye on the movements of the S-class beauties.
“─Sara-chan, what’s wrong? You seem down.”
“Indeed… your complexion doesn’t look good. Did something happen yesterday?”
“Rin-san, Yuna-san, please don’t worry. I’m okay.”
Seeing Sara, who seemed far from okay, Rin and Yuna exchanged puzzled glances.
They wanted to be supportive, but Sara’s aura clearly conveyed a rejection that they could sense.
However, this was an unconscious aura emitted by Sara, and only a few could perceive it.
─Everyone has things they don’t want others to touch.
Especially the S-class beauties, who often received special treatment because of their exceptional beauty, were adept at reading the atmosphere.
Therefore, they established a clear distance, a definite line not to be crossed, and maintained friendships without intruding into each other’s personal space.
Rin, who would usually engage in love talk without hesitation,
realized from Sara’s gloomy state that this topic had become taboo. Apologizing with a simple “I’m sorry,” Rin shifted the conversation to a neutral topic.
“Hey, hey! By the way, that new product from the store near the station we tried the other day was so delicious!”
“Oh, that shop… it’s really good.”
While discussing such topics, Rin and Yuna cautiously observed Sara’s reactions. When Sara finally noticed their gazes, she hastily put on a smile, as if trying to cover up her true feelings.
“…… We’re friends, you know. “
Rin muttered casually.
“If you’re in trouble, Sara-chan, just tell us. We’ll support you.”
“Yeah… we’ll support you.”
Yuna nodded subtly in agreement.
n response, Sara momentarily shook her eyes, tightly closed her lips, and then bowed her head.
“Thank you very much. But I’m sorry… this is my problem.”
With a polite yet resolute tone,
Sara conveyed her gratitude but made it clear that it was her issue.
Feeling helpless, Rin and Yuna tried their best to steer the conversation to other topics.
(Is Himekawa-san okay?)
(Her complexion is clearly not good…)
(She was smiling so much recently, but suddenly…)
Sara’s classmates expressed their concern,

Haruya, who had been eavesdropping on their conversation, couldn’t help but express his confusion.
(…Huh? What’s going on?)
he said in a bewildered voice.
Sara’s lack of energy is one thing, but more than anything, Haruya is at a loss as Sara has completely lost interest in talking about love.
Until yesterday, she seemed so happy talking about herself, almost like a toy, making Haruya concerned about her.
(Is it possible that she found out my true identity, that I’m this uncool guy with long, messy bangs?)
Haruya is tempted to interpret it in a positive way.
However, it would still make him sad.
(One thing is for sure, her mental state is definitely unstable.)
Yesterday, Sara had such a charming smile,
but today, it’s clear that something is off.
Seeing Sara’s unstable mental state, Haruya feels a sense of urgency.
(There might be a time when my true identity is revealed… really.)
Haruya is a worrier. It’s such a delicate issue that he has to handle it with extreme caution. It’s a matter of life and death for him.
Even though there’s a promise not to reveal his true identity, it was said by Sara when she was in a stable mental state.
Still, Haruya can’t feel at ease.
Considering Sara’s emotional state and her mental instability, it wasn’t something he could take lightly.
(I’m getting more and more anxious, but maybe I should talk to her about this.)
Haruya decides to seek advice from a certain person.



In the early evening of that day, around 6:00 PM.
The sky was tinted with a faint indigo, and if one were to go outside, the lights of houses and street lamps would stand out prominently.
Dressed in a stylish outfit, Haruya visits his favorite cafe.
Kohinata, working as a helper, gets permission from the manager to talk with Haruya during her break, still wearing a maid-like costume.
“─Big brother, what’s wrong? It seems like you have something to discuss with me.”
“Yeah, that’s right. I have something to ask you, Kohinata.”
“Something you want to ask me…? What is it? Love talk?”
In response to Kohinata’s slightly teasing question, Haruya shakes his head in denial.
Then, he looks at her with a serious gaze.
“Kohinata, you value trust in relationships a lot, don’t you?”
“Well, yes…”
She, who loves herself more than anyone else, is not very trusting of others.
She is reluctant to make friends, but she has a few friends whom she genuinely trusts, as Haruya had heard before.
Knowing that Kohinata, who usually doesn’t trust others easily, has built unwavering trust with her friends,
Haruya seeks advice from her. He wants assurance that Sara will never reveal his true identity.
After briefly discussing the details, he asks about how to build such a solid trust. Kohinata coolly suggests,
“It’s easy. Just give the other person an absolute favor.”
Haruya shivers at her colder tone than he expected.
“An absolute favor?”
“Yes. Judging from our conversation, is that person someone with a conscientious personality?”
“Yeah, I think so. She has a conscientious personality.”
“If that’s the case, giving her a favor when she’s in trouble is the key to building trust.”
“Give her a favor… I see.”
“Yes, the quickest way is to help her when she’s in trouble. Well, it would be easier if her struggles were visible.”
Kohinata smiles wryly as she says this, but Haruya opens his eyes wide.
Seeing his reaction, Kohinata asks in surprise,
“Wait, is that person in trouble right now?”
“Yeah, surprisingly…”
Locking eyes and nodding at each other, Kohinata pointed her index finger straight towards Haruya, saying, “If that’s the case,” with a determined look.
“I think the key is to help solve that person’s problem.”
Haruya nodded as he listened to Kohinata’s words.
“But you, with such an honest personality, are facing a problem now, huh?”
Kohinata responded as if she had some idea about Haruya’s situation.
“Do you have any idea about it?”
Haruya asked, and she nodded right there on the spot.
“Yes, actually, I have a few friends who are going through similar things…”
Kohinata turned to Haruya with a sense of self-reflection.
“I thought maybe I could help in some way, but it seems like it’s not working.”
“Is that so?”
Feeling a mix of resignation and self-deprecation in her expression, Haruya didn’t know how to respond, so he just nodded. But maybe she sensed his hesitation because she shook her head and said, “But…”
“My friend’s problem is probably something I can’t really do anything about… but as for that person, I think he could be like a white knight for her.”
She wore a gentle smile, and Haruya couldn’t help but tilt his head in confusion.
“That person? I’m not sure, but Kohinata-san… you seem to have hopeful eyes.”
Though he didn’t really understand, Haruya nodded for now and tried to go along with the conversation.
“I hope that person does well,”
“Yes, I hope that person will do their best.”

scene transition

(Regardless of what I don’t understand, do your best, that person…!)
Internally cheering as if it’s none of his business, Haruya didn’t realize at that moment.
That person Kohinata is referring to is none other than Haruya himself.

Outside, the night has already fallen.
Staring through the window at the deepening darkness of the night sky, Sara continues to blame herself.
(…What am I doing?)
Today at school, both Rin and Yuna could see through that she’s not normal.
Despite their concern, Sara pushed them away with harsh words, and even now, she feels disgusted with herself.
(And, if it had been a clear day today, I couldn’t go to the rooftop, but if we had met today…)
She wonders if she has caused trouble for him again.
With such thoughts, Sara’s chest tightens.
(I am Himekawa’s daughter… It can’t be helped.)
With a resigned expression, she sighs lightly.
(It’s not like I lacked confidence…)
Indeed, Haruya praised her homemade lunch, and during their date, he seemed to enjoy himself.
However, Sara wore an expression of resignation and said to herself, “It’s too late now…”
(I can’t allow myself a fateful romance… That’s why, on that day, I had that destined encounter with Akasaki-san, and it triggered some sort of filter in me.)
Unable to have a free-spirited romance, Sara found herself desiring it even more.
Such feelings surfaced after her fateful encounter with Haruya.
(I must have admired it… A fateful… No, to be honest, just a normal sweet romance.)
With this self-analysis, Sara realized that her feelings seemed to lighten.
(So, if I can enjoy a normal romance before the arranged marriage, these feelings will surely subside…)

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