Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 5

“You really have changed, haven’t you. I’ve never heard of a nobleman’s son taking an interest in cooking. As rude as it sounds, cooking was seen as the work of those lower class. The higher your status, the more it was something to avoid.”
“I’m not trying to praise myself, but that’s probably why Luna and I get along – I don’t avoid it.”
“Also, I’ve never thought of it as work for lower people. I think it’s a respectable job.”
(In a world without social classes above or below… )
Having grown up in such an environment, I wouldn’t feel looked down upon.
“Excuse me, I’m quite curious – what was your reason for starting to cook?”
“As for reasons…well…”
[I can’t say it’s because I was reincarnated and it came naturally.]
“Um, how should I put it…”
“Well, if one has cooking skills, they could support the servants if they fell ill, right? I thought it wouldn’t hurt to learn a useful skill just in case.”
“Under normal circumstances, it would be reasonable for a servant to be fired for such an incident.”
“No one is perfect, so it’s unavoidable they’ll cause inconvenience sometimes. It’s not on purpose, and even if they’re careful with their health, they might still fall ill.”
“As I’ve said before, you really do have an enlightened perspective. I like your thoughtfulness.”
“With that attitude, the bad rumors should disappear quickly.”
“I’d be happy if you think that’s likely. To be honest, it’s been stifling at the academy…”
“Sorry, but I cannot wish for the rumors to disappear.”
“You don’t think that’s harsh!?”
“I do think it’s harsh. That’s why I apologized.”
Her quick retort makes it clear she is not joking.
In other words, Luna’s opinion is this:
[It’s fine if the bad rumors don’t go away. I want them to continue.]
“Why did Luna come to think that way?”
“Because so many nobles come. You’re the son of a Marquis family. Your current situation is just an aberration. It’s because it’s aberrant that I’m able to associate with you.”
As someone of lower status, she understands the class system well.
“If the bad rumors disappeared and more nobles came, I’d lose any chance to speak with you. Given my status, there are only things I’d have to yield to others.”
“Right now I’m spending time with you in the library, but as the rumors fade more and more, that environment too may change. Thinking about it, it’s really a shame.”
Her voice and expression hadn’t changed at all, but I could sense she was truly feeling that way.
“Up until now, I was just happy to have time to read, I didn’t care about my status at all. But now it’s a little different. There’s a part of me that’s jealous of Miss Elena in your class. Unlike me, the changing environment won’t affect her at all.”
I’m at a loss for words at her argument. I don’t know what I could say to reassure her.
This is the [unavoidable] class divide.
The air grows heavy as I can’t respond.
“Let me rudely say one thing. Please don’t be deceived by those only interested in your status, for your own happiness too.”
“You think I’d be deceived?”
“Yes. Because you’re very kind.”
“Well, I can’t let you think that…”
“It’s subjective.”
I’m stumped by her calm rebuttal. I can’t refute being called subjective.
“I won’t give it to those who say such mean things, you know? The present.”
“A pr-present…what is that?”
“It means a gift.”
“That’s not what I meant. Please show me.”

“Of course.”
With a smile, I nod and let her carefully peel off the wrapping.
She then places each one onto her palm after opening the lid.
“It’s nothing special really…here you go.”
Luna shouldn’t be used to such things, but tried to push down her embarrassment as she placed it on the table. She looked closely at it with wide eyes, gently holding it to check the weight.
“I wonder what this could be…it does feel a bit heavy,” she said.
“Hmm, let’s see,”
“Would you like to open it?”
“Of course,” she responded with a smile and nod of acceptance.
I carefully unwrapped the packaging for her in a tidy manner. When the lid was opened, I placed what was inside individually into the palm of her hand.
The four-leaf clover and feather shaped glittering objects.
She observes them closely and murmurs.
“They’re very beautiful… Are these bookmarks?”
“Bingo. I thought these would be good for Luna. You said [girls like things they can use daily].”
“You’re clever…really, truly.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment.”
“I’ll treasure these for sure. Thank you very much.”
She clenches the bookmarks to her chest and thanks me in a slightly shaking voice.
“I’m glad you like them.”
“D-don’t look at me now…I’ll get mad.”
“Sorry, sorry.”
With her hat off after entering the restaurant, she hides her face with her sleeve and looks at me from the corner of her eye. It’s an accusing gaze.
“I’m…the one who should apologize.”
“Why? Luna didn’t do anything wrong, right?”
“That’s not true. I received such lovely presents, yet have nothing to give you in return.”
“That’s not true. I’ve already received a lot.”
“I don’t recall ever giving you anything.”
Certainly no physical items. But that’s not what I mean.
“It’s a bit embarrassing to say, but I received the gift of a fun time that flew by. From Luna.”
“Ah…please close your mouth now.”
The moment I relay my honest thoughts, she hides her face with both sleeves this time.
It’s somehow getting amusing.
“By the way, even if the rumors disappeared and all kinds of people started approaching, I’d call out to Luna as soon as I found her. I wouldn’t give the time of day to anyone else.”
“I-I said close your mouth… Don’t look at me now. I really will get mad.”
“S-sorry, sorry. But there’s one more thing I have to say.”
Despite all her warnings, it was a very enjoyable dinner.






About ten minutes after finishing dinner and getting in the carriage,
we arrived at the Luna’s estate.
It was already nighttime. The beautiful moon and countless stars shine brightly.
“We’ve…already arrived. Time really does fly when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?”
This may be the fastest time has ever flown by…
“I’m glad to hear you say that. Makes me feel like inviting you was worth it,”
“Strange to say, but going out and having fun isn’t so bad, is it? Seeing everyone today helped me understand why people play.”
“Haha, it’s late to just be realizing that!”
(There’s no need to laugh that much…)
I shouldn’t have said it if I was going to be made fun of. Now I’m embarrassed.
“So will you start going out to play more often now? And take people up on invites you used to decline?”
“I don’t intend to play with anyone but you.”
(There probably isn’t anyone besides you who would choose the library as a play spot anyway.)
And I can’t imagine having fun without choosing my partner.
“Huh? Didn’t you have fun playing?”
“Then shouldn’t you play with all kinds of people?”
“Just playing with you is fun. Please understand without me saying it.”
“Oh, right…sorry.”
(It’s strange he doesn’t get that when he’s so considerate…honestly.)
I’ll be angry if he’s intentionally making me say it.
“Sorry, but isn’t this Luna’s first time playing? Isn’t it too soon to decide so simply?”
“Is that bad?”
The hat is a necessity. I’ve lost count of how many times today. I take a step back hiding my flushed face.
“No, it’s not bad, but…I can’t take responsibility if weird rumors start because of me, you know?”
“Like we’re in romantic relationship?”
“Yeah, we playing together would reasonably be misunderstood like that, right?”
“It’s just a rumor. I don’t mind.”
“Aren’t you trying to act tough?”
(If that’s how you feel, don’t ask. Of course such rumors would be embarrassing…)
But it’s too late to say that now.
“I said I don’t mind. Is ita weird rumor all?”
“There’s more.”
“There’s more?”
“Like I threatened you to ‘only play with me’…making people feel sorry for you.”
“I don’t mind that either. I’m registered for library-only attendance, so when I’m reading, I don’t care what’s around me.”
“That’s so like you, Luna.”
“Not at all.”
(You complimented me. I’m happy but I have to give you some unfortunate news.)
It would be different if I had higher status.
“If a rumor spread that you threatened me, I wouldn’t acknowledge it but I might vaguely imply ‘being threatened’…”
“Because if you didn’t have a bad reputation, this situation wouldn’t happen in the first place.”
“I see, I see. You reap what you sow.”
“That’s exactly right.”
(I don’t actually want you to ‘reap it yourself.’ I just──)
(If your bad reputation disappears, it will trouble me. Unless something big happens…)
Wishing misfortune on others is awful, but please excuse me on this.
I want to spend more time with you.
I don’t want anyone else taking away our time in the library…

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