Reborn as The Underdog First Prince Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 6

…No, but she is the strongest one by the mountain people’s standards, so maybe there’s no issue.

Then I could take command of tactics myself, and have her come out for the crucial moments.

Thinking about the future, we need to get used to fighting using not just the four of us with powered armor, but also the mountain people.

“Let’s drink, alcohol.”

“Are you already drunk? Annoying.”

“Don’t say stuff people can overhear, I properly got permission.”

By the time Landon noticed, the two had already taken out alcohol from somewhere and started drinking it.

Seeing their unconcerned attitude toward noble dignity and rumors, Landon was a little exasperated at how dyed by this place they had already become.

He rebuked the two trying to serve him drinks and distributed the three wooden cups he had, making them pour in alcohol.

“Gulp… Man, this stuff is good. Really damn good. Honestly, when I heard about this mission outside the kingdom, I thought it would be something like terrorism or kidnapping in Riinfelte… but this was a pleasant surprise.”

“We get stuffed with food, have subordinates, and can pick any woman we want. Don’t even need money. This place might actually be heaven or something.”

“Don’t say stupid things. We’re only able to have it this good because of His Highness. If you let that go to your head, you’ll have the rug pulled out from under you.”

The three’s feelings when they were told they would undertake a special mission outside the kingdom were complicated.

The mission details were classified, and everything they saw there was under a gag order.

With intimidation that if they let slip even the smallest thing, their whole families would be made to pay, there was no way a mission with those outrageous conditions could be decent.

If not for the guarantee of promotion upon success, which Squadron Captain Raienbach told them meant this mission held great significance for the future – they would have refused for sure.

And as expected, the contents of that box of secrets were not decent at all.

Field testing the research of Crown Prince Todd Al Rynsgaya , mocked as the Alchemist Prince or some such, then on top of that, subjugating the mountain people.

Which one of these three could have imagined being made to do such a thing?

And furthermore, which one of them had thought they would gain satisfaction this great?

“You’re right, it’s all thanks to His Highness. I’m just a regular grunt after all.”

“I can’t even use magic, so I’m worse than you. I was only chosen because His Highness’s research happened to spread to non-magic users too. We really can’t look down on His Highness.”

It seems the two are grateful to be treated beyond their actual station thanks to His Highness, and feel nothing but gratitude to Todd.

As Landon, there were many things he thought about and…felt he had to think about.

The mission they were involved in now would likely greatly influence the kingdom’s future.

The two still didn’t comprehend that in the true sense.

“What did you two think when you put on this powered armor?”

“Well, first I was…surprised that even I could move like this. I can use fire magic at about a beginner level, but even mages at the second level would probably have trouble moving this much.”

“Since I can’t use magic, I was happy because I felt like I had become a mage. If I can move like this, I think I could even beat Second Company Captain Al and the like, if not the knight commander.”

Soot was formerly an adventurer, and his upbringing wasn’t very good.

Perhaps because of that, his thinking was a little too simple.

Not even trying to hide his exasperation, Landon said,

“Soot…think a little more carefully. Where are the idiots who don’t get on the winning horse? If this powered armor is distributed to the whole kingdom army, your standing in the royal guard won’t change even if everyone is evenly enhanced.”

“…Oh, you’re right about that.”

“Hold on Landon, isn’t it impossible to equip the whole army with this? I heard from Lady Renge when I asked her, but one set of this costs a ridiculous amount. More than we’d make in years.”

“You can’t buy classified military weapons meant to be kept secret, obviously! ─I don’t know the exact price, but there must be ways to cut costs. Otherwise they could just have the inner circle around His Highness and the captain use them.”

Royal guards have two abilities required of them, besides direct combat capability.

What is most needed is the judgement to maneuver politically.

The inner palace is a battlefield without crossed blades.

At the very least, allowing commoners into the royal guard may have been too early.

Seeing the two’s attitude, Landon couldn’t help but think so.

Come to think of it, hadn’t the captain been the one to relax the recruitment criteria for royal guards?

─In other words, could that also have been part of His Highness’s plan?

He couldn’t figure out the answer, but there was no need to.

There is one more thing an SS man needs.


The other thing required of a royal guard was modesty not to overreach one’s station.

But while Landon himself understood this, he honestly wondered whether Mikito and the others grasped it.

He had to impress it on them, chewing his words.

“You two should understand that these are incredible artifacts. That there’s a reason to hide them.”

“Of course. His Highness has that Shiranui thing and the captain has that magic armor, and those definitely can’t be leaked.”

“But you know, if you think about it, it’s weird. That these are amazing is obvious just from trying them a little. So why didn’t His Highness argue more strongly for them with His Majesty the King?”

“You’re right. He’s only twelve, still at an age where he wants approval from his parents. And His Highness has had a bad reputation for years already. We know he’s called the Profligate Prince and Alchemist Prince and stuff.”

Todd’s disrepute was a famous story even within the royal guard.

The former genius first prince who became obsessed with alchemy, dissecting monsters, buying up medicinal ingredients, and even inviting people from other countries, to the detriment of his own succession.

Until meeting him in person and seeing the fruits of his labor, Landon himself did not have a very high assessment.

But upon seeing what Todd created and trying it himself, his evaluation did a complete turnaround, and he thought this.

Todd is a very terrifying

According to Todd and Raienbach’s words, he had been pouring himself into weapon development for nearly four years already.

With enough zeal to jeopardize his own succession, without showing any sign of caring about reactions from those around him.

─That was no ordinary thing.

It was unthinkable by normal logic for a boy not even an adult yet to continue such unrewarded efforts for such a long time.

Todd brought in technicians like Haruto and Renge from other countries.

The story was they pioneered the enhanced equipment.

(In that case, on that one goodwill visit to Akitsu Island, His Highness managed to poach their most important technician)

What in the world does Todd see?

How far does he look into the future?

Those questions grew stronger and stronger as he interacted with Todd more, touching his precociousness and practical thinking.

Could there be some reason he was so impatient, in such a hurry.?

“I am sure that …… His Highness must have some ideas. Something that we lowly people can’t understand.”

“Yeah, yeah, we just need to become the swords of important people. Our superiors will think about the complicated stuff.”

“But you see, with such an incredible specimen in our possession, if we were to sell this guy to Rienfeldt or somewhere, it would be…”

“Stop right there.”

Soot, who had grown stronger thanks to the enhanced armor, was silenced as he was about to blurt out something outrageous.

Did he realize that he had said something bad? His face turned pale immediately.

Certainly, his recent remark, even in a drunken conversation, was not something that could be forgiven.

But if they punished Soot now, it would affect their future operations.

With that in mind, Landon spoke up.

“Think about it calmly. Where can you find a fool who won’t ride the winning horse? Let’s say we sell the enhanced armor to Rienfeldt now and get a huge sum of money that won’t be used up until our grandchildren’s generation. Do you really think that country will still exist until the generation of our grandchildren?”

“That’s… you’re right. His Highness’s inventions are not just limited to enhanced armor.”

“Yes, and I know it’s easy to forget this because he’s riding Shiranui, but His Highness is still only 12 years old.”


“Talking to him, it’s easy to get the illusion he’s an adult, but His Highness hasn’t even hit puberty yet…”

Todd was still only twelve. Even as royalty, his actions were greatly restricted and he had little freedom to go out.

Yet even in that situation, he had created this much.

What would he produce in the future as he aged?

Landon couldn’t imagine at all.

That’s why more than anything, he thought they should avoid becoming His Highness’s enemy.

Certainly, if he brought the powered armor to another country, he could become filthy rich.

But if he took such a thoughtless action, he would surely be made to pay the price.

And that price would almost certainly come in the form of his life.

“The more we obey, the more sweetness we can gain. The captain’s told us too, right? We’ve been promised promotions once this mission ends.”

“It’s not just that. This is speculation, but I think His Highness leaving the mountain people to us also has some aim. I heard this from Hammerm, but it seems His Highness ordered the women be sent to us.”

Todd was not simply a royalty who ruled harshly.

He rewarded results.

The three had already been given the fruits of promotion and women.

Despite being only twelve years old, he understood people.

He had prepared both the whip and carrot, and they had already taken the bait.

They had already stepped into a place they could not turn back from.

It was frightening, but also somehow reassuring to have such a person over them.

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