Two Childhood Friends Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – What’s with This Fellow…

Ahhh, I’m so bored…

I was lying in the classroom before homeroom, staring up at the ceiling.

Of course, the other classmates were also killing time in their own ways.

I don’t want to interact with others pointlessly, so if I pretend to be lost in thought, they surprisingly won’t try to talk to me.

Come to think of it, isn’t it weird that we’re forced to work 9am to evening 5 days a week?

[Well you’re doing schoolwork.]

Schoolwork is still labor too..

I’m talking about the actual time spent at school – obviously you have to wake up even earlier.

Considering those restricted hours, it definitely doesn’t seem worth it.

Furthermore, the idiots are involved in club activities, which further restricts their time.

“No, it’s fine if they do what they like… What are you trying to say, in the end?”

I casually nodded in response to the parasite’s words.

There’s only one thing I want to say.

Why not make school one day a week?

[That’s impossible!]

Well, if it’s compulsory education, I can endure it to some extent.

Even after graduating from junior high school, there are plenty of idiots around, so it’s essential to prevent the birth of even more.

For an excellent student like me, 2 days a week should be enough.

[As if you’re not an idiot?]

Of course I’m not.

No one can act as rationally as me.

But high school isn’t compulsory.

So there’s no need to go to school every day.

[You chose to go to high school, so you should attend properly.]

Who the hell chose to come here!?

Who begged to enroll in this academy!?

I was clearly dragged here against my will!

They even attacked me enough to inflict fatal wounds!

[Stop saying nonsense. Hakuhou is here.]

As the parasite said, Hakuhou was slowly approaching.

“Oh, are you here for revenge already?”


This time, Kirako was the one confronting him.

“(What, you backing down?)”


A quick glance revealed a chilling gaze.

This guy is trying to communicate through eye contact…!

And why is he reading my thoughts?

This is scary…

“Hey, Kuchinasi-kun,”

Hakuhou spoke up.

After that intense battle, all our classmates were watching us.

Don’t look over here.

“What do you want, Hakuhou-kun?”

“Well… I want to apologize. I was jealous of you and acted forcefully like that. It was entirely my fault. So, I’m sorry.”

Hakuhou bowed his head.

…What are you saying that’s so obvious?

Everyone knows you were in the wrong.

What matters now is what you’re going to do for me.

Compensation or something.


Kirako now directed an envious look at me.

Why the heck!

I haven’t done anything!

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve done some things too.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that.”

With the reconciliation, the classroom air softens.

Well, deep down I’m not forgiving you at all, stranger.

“Kirako also said she wants to be friends if you weren’t so forceful. I’d be happy if you could get along well with her.”


“R-really. Then I’ll work hard to properly become her friend, and take it further!”

Kirako looks at me in shock.

I ignore her and beam at Hakuhou.


Keep paying attention to Kirako.

“Thank you! You’re my best friend!”


Who the hell is your best friend!?

Don’t say something like that in front of everyone…!

What if he seriously thinks that, this idiot!?

“Pfftt! Teeheeheehee!”

Kirako, who was glaring at me irritably before, now bursts into delighted laughter.

Damn…! This wasn’t supposed to happen…!

[You’re the one who declared him your best friend. Congrats on your mutual love.]

I don’t want thaaaaaat!

That was just a joke, damn it!

In the end, using Hakuhou against Kirako just split the pain between us.

[You’re being too rude to Hakuhou…]

“Ah, sit down. It’s time for a bothersome homeroom again.”

The one entering the classroom was the unqualified teacher, Urashima.

This gal needs to stop messing around.

You’re involved in pretty much everything bad happening to me.

I’ll blast you away.

“Now, I’d normally just do roll call and end homeroom quickly since I have nothing else to discuss, but… today’s a bit different.”

“What’s different?”

“A transfer student.”



The nonchalant thing Urashima said threw the classroom into chaos.

That’s understandable.

It’s hard to imagine a transfer this early, barely a month into the term.

[Considering the nature of this academy too. It’s not a normal school transfer. Doesn’t seem like it’d be a student whose power manifested late. Must be a special circumstance.]

I see. Then I’ll be sure not to get involved at all.

“Ugh, annoying. You be the transfer student. Come in.”


As Urashima lazily glanced their way with his baggy eyes, a lovely, clear voice answered.

This guy threw away the important job of introducing the transfer student…

And the answering voice didn’t falter at his flippancy at all.

The class was appalled at Urashima’s attitude, but quieted down seeing the student who entered.

“Wow, she’s so pretty…”

It was because the transfer student had a shockingly attractive appearance.

Her shining silver hair was cut in a bob.

Her pure white skin looked almost sickly.

Most notable were her strikingly red eyes.

It was like blood.

She also had a nice figure, and walked in with composure.

You’d expect her to seem nervous with so many eyes on her, but she showed no sign of that.

She seemed used to drawing attention.

I whispered to Kirako next to me.

“(Don’t let it get you down, Kirako.)”

“It can’t be helped. I’m clearly the beauty.”

If I tease her, Kirako doesn’t waver at all, proudly puffing out her flat chest.

Tch. She has quite the confidence in her looks, this one.

How boring.

“My name is Jane Gray. I’m from Europe.”

Once at the podium, the transfer student, Gray, looked steadily around the classroom as she introduced herself.

While many classmates were captivated by her looks and lovely voice, her place of origin caused more of a stir in the room.


“(The place that was annihilated by the monster outbreak, right?)”

Kirako whispers an explanation to me.

Ah right, they failed to contain it like Japan and America did.

So it wasn’t completely wiped out after all.

“(Then why’d she come here…? A refugee?)”

I whisper back to Kirako.

Well, seeking refuge is the only reason that makes sense.

It’s hard to believe everyone in Europe was massacred, so there are probably refugees scattered around the world.

She likely came to Japan the same way.

Noticing that, people like Hakuhou look eager to talk to her.

Go on, clown.

“I have no intention of getting along with any of you here.”


I hear cold words from Gray.


“Please don’t try to become too familiar with me.”

What’s with this girl…

End of volume 1

volume 2 starts next time.

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