Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 13

XIII Ruida the Priest

Two men were fighting in front of a large audience.
One had short cropped blond hair and a chiseled face—Ogma, 1st rank of the Hundred. The other was his friend Bruno, ranked around 5th if I remember right. How to put it, Bruno was bigger and more muscular than Ogma, but with an innocent face more fitting for a farmer.
Since Bruno wavered between 5th and 8th rank, I didn’t recall exactly, while Ogma stayed firmly 1st. That made him easy to remember.
The two were locked in fierce combat. Watching them, the Colosseum spectators were going wild. Well, I understood how they felt. The top rankers’ skill exceeded S-Rank adventurers. They had surpassed what ordinary people could reach, providing spectacular entertainment.
Yet Ogma’s strength stood head and shoulders above the rest. Though Bruno was valiantly holding his own, he was gradually being pushed back. In simple power Bruno exceeded him, but Ogma had superior balance of strength, speed, and technique, with fewer openings.
After trading blows, Bruno failed to defend against Ogma’s strike, losing balance. Ogma cut off his right arm.
The crowd let out cries between anguish and anger, and Bruno conceded defeat. Confirming this, Ogma picked up the arm he had sliced off Bruno, then shook hands with his other hand.
Seeing them acknowledge each other’s valor after the battle, the audience applauded warmly.
No, no, that’s crazy. Trying to genuinely kill your friend, what’s wrong with them? I wish they’d use wooden swords for mock battles at least. And the swords they use are mythril, enchanted to cut through ordinary armor like paper.
Both had cheerful smiles, but picking up your friend’s severed arm like lost property and shaking hands is just wrong as a person, isn’t it?
…As I was thinking such, Ogma approached me carrying Bruno’s arm. I was in the medical station within the Colosseum in case of emergencies, positioned to clearly see the fighting.
“Sis, please take care of this.”
With a casualness like setting down a mug of ale, Bruno’s arm was placed on the table before me.
sigh Making a slightly awkward face, Bruno placed his severed stump against the arm Ogma set down. I offered a prayer to the gods.
After a while, a golden light enveloped the severed area and Bruno’s arm reattached.
“As expected of you sis, an A-rank priestess is no joke.”
Bruno said in a tone halfway between flattery and sincerity. Then he took out a small gold coin from his pocket and tossed it over to me.
I nimbly caught it out of the air and said, “Concede defeat faster next time. I can’t fix it if your head comes off. And Ogma, make them concede without severing arms. Go easy so I don’t have to heal as much!”
Both made regretful faces, but I knew they had no intention of reflecting.
The Hundred bunch were stubborn sore losers. Unless badly injured or knocked out, they absolutely refused to admit defeat. That’s why the Colosseum was so popular.
And there was one thing they misunderstood. While I was an A-rank adventurer, that didn’t mean I could easily reattach severed arms. What I excelled at was damage control, keeping party members operational by carefully healing wounds and preventing critical injuries.
My healing skill only rose this high after joining the Hundred.
I used to be in the Silver Wings party. It consisted of the swordsman Keith, warrior Heinz, thief Chad, mage Mika, and me, the priestess.
While we had no particular outstanding qualities, we were all decently skilled. With good party balance, we steadily completed quests and rose in rank.
One day, we received a request from Gamaras, this country’s Chancellor.
He wanted to hire the Silver Wings as backup in case of emergencies when eliminating the subversive Prince Mars of Faloon. In other words, we might not even be needed but the pay was good for the risk.
Of course, we knew it wasn’t such a sweet deal. When accepting the request, we went to Faloon Castle and met with Gamaras to finalize details.
What we realized upon going to the castle was that Faloon’s knights were weak. The elite White Knights had more noble pride than actual skill, probably around D-rank adventurer level at best.
No wonder Gamaras wanted to hire us considering his pawns were this weak.
Our discussions with Gamaras also raised two concerns.
First was that Prince Mars himself had survived many assassinations, seemingly possessing considerable martial skill. Second was that Faloon had a woman mage known as the Thunder Emperor, a trump card of sorts, but she was Prince Mars’ fiancée and refused to break off the engagement despite persuasion. We didn’t know whose side the Thunder Emperor would take, but she could become an enemy in the worst case.
After considering everything, we accepted Gamaras’ request for two reasons. First, Prince Mars had almost no allies, so Gamaras’ plan seemed likely to succeed. Second, no matter how renowned, one mage shouldn’t be too difficult an enemy for our entire A-rank party to handle.
But things exceeded Gamaras’ and our expectations. Having secretly organized the Hundred society, Prince Mars also controlled the Red and Black Knights. He used Gamaras’ scheme against him to launch a large-scale coup.
Prince Mars swept into the royal castle in no time then charged alone into the throne room where we waited in ambush. Gamaras said if we could capture the mastermind Prince Mars, everything would work out. And we fell for it.
This was a terrible mistake.
Prince Mars himself possessed strength exceeding S-rank, no, surpassing even that. He easily killed Heinz and Chad, then Keith, unfazed even by gravity magic and the deadly poison Chad used.
While Prince Mars looked unassuming with a plain young noble appearance, it highlighted his strength.
Mika and I could only collapse there, unable to flee.
And so the prince’s coup succeeded.
I was made the Hundred’s exclusive priestess for “needing a healer at that time”. And Mika was taken into the magician troops with Frau casually saying “I’ll take this one” as if picking up a cat.
Before I joined them, the Hundred had no dedicated healer, just relying on natural recovery, remaining constantly covered in wounds and bruises. But they still held back to avoid fatal blows. With my addition as a healer, the ranking matches intensified.
At first I healed simple cuts and bruises but it gradually escalated, soon taking no time for severed arms and legs.
I vehemently protested “I can’t heal that!” but got pressured into “Please use your healing magic” and reluctantly did it. And surprisingly, the arms smoothly reattached.
I was praised “As expected of an A-rank priestess!” but my ability shouldn’t have been that high.
This is my guess, but through constantly healing the awful injuries of the battlefield-like Hundred day after day, my skill as a priestess rose. And eating monster meat was another factor.
I was forced to eat it with “You have to eat the meat as a Hundred member!” It was revolting, no, straight up poison.
While ingesting that poison, I committed the blasphemy of healing myself.
Some praised “You can really eat it, sis!” but this was no joke. Humans shouldn’t eat this stuff. Even if starving to death, one should choose human dignity over eating this crap.
The Hundred’s daily consumption of monster meat was deranged.
…But I had to acknowledge the effects. For some reason, the Hundred members’ recovery ability was far beyond normal humans. They had survived until now through natural healing alone, so even wounds needing treatment for normal people quickly improved over time. This was common to all members, surely a result of eating monster meat.
My recovery ability increasing was likely also due to eating monster meat. No matter how much healing magic I used daily, there should have been a limit at my current age compared to when I was a novice.
Yet it gradually increased. And a decisive event occurred.

“Please, heal him! He’s my friend!”


What I was shown was a corpse with a sword stabbed through its chest.
The killer was Aaron, the victim Barry, both veteran Hundred members. Caught up in the heat of a ranking match, Aaron ended up stabbing him.
I’d expect a murderer to make a more acceptable excuse. And don’t stab your friend!
“Impossible, impossible, impossible! I can’t do that!” I refused. If I could heal this, Keith and the others wouldn’t have died.
But Aaron and even Ogma became bloodshot, demanding I try rather than killing me for refusing, so expecting failure, I desperately cast resurrection magic. Back when I first learned it, I couldn’t even revive a dead mouse. I didn’t have the skill to use it. I hadn’t cast the spell since.
I prayed with utmost focus. Surrounded by bloodthirsty men, my life was literally on the line. Then a miracle happened. Barry came back to life. His recent death must have been a factor, but my ability had certainly improved.
“Amazing! As expected of an A-rank priestess! Amazing!”
Aaron and the others celebrated, but I blew up at them.
“Don’t mess around! I won’t do this again! From now on, I’ll turn dead bodies into zombies! And whoever did the killing quietly turn yourself into prison!
I lectured in tears.
Since then I was called “Sis”, and the foolish men started avoiding lethal blows during matches.
And that brings us to now.
The ranking matches with Ogma and Bruno ended, and special matches were beginning.
The one newly appearing in the Colosseum was this country’s king, Zeros. Though his formal name was King Mars, he was continually called Zeros by the Hundred members, spreading until many in the country thought Zeros was his real name.
To show he was serious, Zeros removed his bracelets and rings.
The bracelet had gravity magic, the ring curse of poison.
Only someone like Zeros or a death row prisoner would wear such things.
As expected of the leader of the insane Hundred bunch, Zeros had the most messed up head.
His opponents were all the winners of today’s ranking matches. For them, a serious match against Zeros was the real reward.
And of course, it was guaranteed they’d end up on the verge of death.
Then it became my job to heal them.
But Zeros had unfathomable depth. There were two ulterior motives to this special match. One was through trouncing the elite Hundred members, carving fear and awe of his strength deeper into their bodies and strengthening their loyalty. The other was demonstrating his majesty as king to the citizens watching by defeating the Hundred, raising their sense of belonging to the country.
Normally kings were distant, lofty existences thought of only abstractly as “I guess he’s important”. But by clearly showcasing the source of his authority as king through strength, the Faloon citizens fervently supported Zeros.
With the elite Hundred troops, Frau’s powerful magician troops, and solid popular support, I also heard he planned to organize an army of monsters next. What exactly did Zeros intend to do?
Rumors said he aimed to unite the Ares continent. Impossible for a small frontier country like this, but with Zeros, it seemed plausible.
As for what I thought about Zeros, while I still resented him killing Keith and the others, I was satisfied with my current treatment. The work was backbreaking but with the Colosseum payments and tips from participants, my income was many times what it was as an adventurer. The monster meat was revolting but as a priestess, my ability had reached previously unimaginable levels. I had money and power so I couldn’t complain.
I still met with Mika, who joined the magician troops, at times. She also seemed to have increased her magical ability, though her occasional vacant look while praising Frau was concerning. I’m sure she’s fine, probably.
The Hundred bunch were good guys for the most part, and I was interested to see where Zeros’s ambitions led, so I decided to watch over this country’s future a while longer.

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