Reborn as The Underdog First Prince Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 5

Well of course they would react like that.

If their boss was suddenly killed right in front of them, there’s no way they could keep fighting spirit.

For people seeing the powered armor for the first time, dealing with this ambush would be difficult.

At least until their information spreads, we can likely decide the first strike with high probability.

But to Landon, Renge seemed to be panicking slightly.

He could understand for Todd making a solo dash.

Despite being only twelve years old, the performance of that strengthened heavy armor called Shiranui that he could match blades with the royal guard captain Raienbach overwhelmed others.

Neither arrows nor blades would get through.

But what Renge and the rest of them were using was just enhanced equipment.

Certainly, these were also amazing.

Giving the wearer jumping power to leap to a second story building and strength to throw people, after all.

But compared to the strengthened heavy armor and magic armor Raienbach uses, they were inferior in durability and defense.

While arrowheads probably wouldn’t get through, a slash from a mountain blade swung with all one’s strength could probably rip through the equipment itself.

And even if the equipment itself was fine, the impact would transfer inside.

Even with the superhuman physical abilities, if one took a cavalry charge head-on, their body would likely be smashed to pieces.

She really should have waited until they properly flanked her left and right before jumping out.

But for some reason, she was trying to settle things with her power alone.

That charge was reckless, surpassing courage.

But he didn’t want to incur her displeasure by voicing it aloud, so Landon simply stopped Renge, who wanted to continue forced marching, along with his colleagues Mikito and Soot.

No matter how strong the weapons, the rhythms of human life could not change drastically.

No matter how much superhuman physical ability one displays, if they don’t properly eat meals and get sleep, their strength will fail them when it counts.

Landon and the others decided to go to another village tomorrow, and deepen their interactions with the former Ga tribe today.

The situation was the same as when they absorbed Gil’s tribe, so there would be no issues like before.

Don’t overthink it, just take out meat and alcohol and talk nonsense while making merry.

That is the way of the mountain people, so even if it seems a bit barbaric, they should match their customs.

It was one of the rules they had secretly decided before parting from Todd and the others.

“Man, Lady Renge was really strong, wasn’t she. I wonder if the tribe leader is even stronger than her?”

“Stronger. Among us, Renge is third strongest.”

“As Sir Landon says, Lord Todd’s strength is already beyond the realm of men. Even ogres would cede the path. I wanted to show you guys how he split the previous tribe leader Gil’s head in two.”

“My, I would certainly love to witness that someday!”

Landon was being feted by them as he lounged on something that appeared to be a tiger pelt, happily stuffing his cheeks with meat and drinking.

As a warrior serving directly under the tribe leader, his treatment was considerably favored.

By the way, for the alcohol, beautiful women would pour him more when his cup got low as a bonus.

Yesterday he had been tense so his body was stiff, but entering the second day he was already used to it and could behave naturally even with a beauty right nearby.

Though he won’t say what happened, it seems the influences of adulthood have started to appear.

(Not good. If I get dyed by the customs here, I might not be able to return to normal.)

The culture of the mountain people can be described as simple, or even barbaric.

It is battle-supremacist – lose and you lose everything, but win and you gain everything.

You gain all a man could want women, alcohol, and money.

Landon had gotten permission in advance from Raienbach, so despite some hesitation, he did end up laying his hands on the woman who had come to him at night.

He hadn’t asked Mikito and the others, but they were probably the same.

While they hadn’t directly discussed having sex, you could roughly guess that sort of thing.

(Maybe I was born in the wrong place…)

Landon was recalling the partner he had become intimate with yesterday.

To him, a high-ranking noble sought after for arranged marriages and courtship, she – Eila – was an unbelievably pure woman.

No scheming when it came to love, just extremely straightforward affection.

Having only known love tied closely to family status as was natural for a noble, the shock Landon received was immeasurable.

He was so drawn in by her purity that it came as a huge shock.

When they were told to stay behind as a separate unit and expected to take action, his first thought as a royal guard was inappropriate, but it was that this way he could still be with her. That’s how much it preoccupied him.

And it was probably the same for the other two as well.

Landon was a man too – if he had a woman he was intimate with, his motivation would rise and he’d want to show his good side.

(Maybe His Highness left us behind for that sort of reason too. No, but for a twelve year old to understand the subtleties between men and women that much is…)

While being feted, Landon was pondering various things.

There were many matters he had to consider.


─Yesterday he was tired and since they were focused on interacting with the tribal people, the three of them hadn’t been able to talk at leisure.

He was keeping alert in case anything happened, but had the mountain people serving under them take watch.

(I should talk with those guys at some point)

Feeling the fearful sensation that he might stop being himself if things continued this way, Landon left the banquet with apologies.

Then he went to call Mikito and Soot, who like him had women attending them.

Taking them away as well, the three of them came to an empty tent that no one was using now.

Seeing Landon’s indecent appearance, the other two also looked somewhat ashamed.

“Mm… You’re right, I was also thinking we should talk leisurely for a bit. With people under us now, it’s hard to talk freely without the boss watching.”

Mikito makes a loud guttural noise, perhaps to dispel the embarrassment.

The three selected for this mission were the same grade as royal guards.

Therefore, with no superiors present, their way of talking was quite frank.

The three of them had been tightly controlled by Squadron Captain Raienbach, in the name of training with the powered armor on the way here… No, more like battered.

Because of overcoming the same training together, they had gained a much stronger unity than before.

“That’s true. And we finally don’t have to worry about incurring the captain’s wrath.”

The three of us gathered in the tent that Todd had been using until this morning.

Since no one was around, Soot sprawled lazily on the ground.

The other two nodded in agreement.

For them, Raienbach was a demon captain who they must not anger, and just the thought that he was watching made it so they couldn’t do careless things.

They were on edge the whole trip.

You never knew when the captain might scold you for doing something.

If you damaged his mood even once, what awaited was a hellish thrashing where he would beat you back to consciousness even if you fainted, seemingly without end.

Therefore, the relief of finally being released showed on the three’s faces now.

“Anyway, I’ve talked with the main guys from the former Ga tribe. Since there were a lot of women and children in Gil’s village that I took charge of, I’ll focus on the warriors this time.”

“Yeah, nice. You’re the best at divvying people up, Landon. I’ll follow your lead.”

“Same for me. But thinking about the future, rather than evenly splitting between us, it might be better to divide by tribe.”

“You’re right about that. Okay, once we can conquer one more tribe tomorrow, let’s split into three groups by tribe then. That will make coordinated action easier.”

They were the same grade as royal guards, but in terms of years living as knights, Landon had the most experience.

In the Rynsgaya Kingdom, nobles have the obligation to ride the battlefield.

Therefore, upon reaching adulthood they are enrolled in the First Knight Order, and made to receive an education to become a knight starting as an attendant knight for three years.

Mikito and Soot were originally commoners, and while they held the minimum qualification of knighthood for royal guards, both were non-hereditary knighthoods.

So there were various differences in aptitude and skill between Landon and the other two, and Landon often took care of them.

For now, Landon briskly decided on the allocation and sat on the ground like Soot.

By the way, no troops were allocated to Renge.

She had only been brought along this time as a researcher.

“Come to think of it, why was Lady Renge in such a rush today?”

“Huh, are you seriously asking that, Landon? It’s obvious if you look.”

The two of them seemed to understand.

The way they looked at Landon was as if to say what a simpleton.

But Landon was a thoroughbred noble, while Mikito and Soot were originally commoners.

Considering Renge’s background as well, their thought processes were easier for those two to comprehend.

“It’s love, love. She’s trying desperately now that she’s gotten permission to go over once we settle down here.”

“At first glance it looks like Sir Haruto is the one henpecked, but actually it’s probably Renge who relies on him.”

“I see, so that’s what it is…”

If that was the case, then there was no particular ulterior motive, she had simply been impatient and acted rashly.

But with such a forceful approach, she would likely suffer painful retaliation sooner or later.

And probably at the cost of her life.

I should remonstrate with her first thing tomorrow morning.

Putting a researcher in charge of the military itself was wrong in the first place.

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