Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 5

The next morning.
Having welcomed the morning without getting any decent sleep, Haruya, burdened with more drowsiness than usual, headed to high school.
After returning from yesterday’s date,
Haruya repeatedly begged Sara not to reveal his true identity with messages like, “Even if you know who I am, please don’t tell anyone! I beg you!” Sara responded with, “I get it, lol,” but the issue wasn’t significant enough to alleviate Haruya’s anxiety.
Arriving at school, Haruya, seated at his desk, was more engrossed in the conversations of S-class beauties than usual. However, from what he could hear, there was no indication that Sara was discussing his true identity.
Still, it seemed they were discussing the ideal male figure, with S-class beauties exchanging opinions.
“—What kind of person is Sara’s ideal romantic partner?”
This question was posed by Yuna, who seemed somewhat bored.
“I think someone who doesn’t use helping others as an excuse for being late is cool…?”
“Hmm, Sara-chan. Can you give a specific scenario?”
Rin tilted her head cutely.
Sara, recalling the time spent with Haruya yesterday, began to speak.
“For example, let’s say there’s a lost girl, and you help her. As a result, you end up being late, but you don’t use that as an excuse and hide it.”
“…That’s oddly specific.”
“But, you know, doing things like that casually… it feels cool. Since you’re not flaunting it.”
In response to Yuna’s statement, Sara vigorously nodded, saying, “Exactly, exactly!”
“Doing kindness in secret… yeah, that does sound cool. Anything else?”
“Someone who puts their full effort into everything, maybe? I also find it cool if the person has a slightly childish side.”
This referred to the time Haruya challenged Sara to various competitions at the entertainment facility.
Haruya had challenged her wholeheartedly, trying to liven up the atmosphere.
Yes, that’s how Sara perceived Haruya’s actions.
In response to Sara’s words, Yuna put her hand to her chin in thought.
“Putting full effort into everything, huh. It does make you want to cheer for them. Like in studies or sports?”
“Of course, there’s studying, but I think sports or something where you can see the person’s effort by their sweat is even better…”
Recalling Haruya, Sara spoke, and Rin narrowed her eyes, smiling mischievously.
“Wow, Sara-chan. That’s quite specific. You seem really happy about it! Is it from personal experience? About that person.”
“…It’s a secret.”
“Aww, keeping it a secret?”
“…Sara, you look really happy.”
“Yes, I’m really happy right now.”
So, while S-class beauties were engaging in such discussions, Haruya was desperately trying not to blush with embarrassment.
Hearing his exaggerated actions being praised in his presence felt like a form of embarrassment play.
Haruya suddenly remembered Sara’s ideal male figure discussion.
[Someone who doesn’t use helping others as an excuse for being late is cool… Like, for example, if there’s a lost girl, and you help her. As a result, you end up being late, but you don’t use that as an excuse and hide it.]
(That’s me… and it’s not a fabrication; it’s a fact that can’t be denied.)

[Someone who puts their full effort into everything, maybe? I also find it cool if the person has a slightly childish side.]
(This might not be self-praise… I think she’s referring to the challenges I proposed. I did put my all into each of them, and I did sweat a bit…)

Realizing he was talking about himself,
Haruya acknowledged it and felt his face getting slightly warm.
At that moment, the door creaked open, and a loud voice reached their ears.
“Take your seats!”
It was the entrance of their homeroom teacher, Meika Tokoyami.
In her mid-twenties, Meika was the Japanese teacher, a woman with a height of 165 cm, unusually tall for a woman. She always wore a suit that complemented her appearance.
Although it was ten minutes before their usual homeroom time, Meika stood in front of the teacher’s desk, instructing the chatty classmates to take their seats.
“We have an exchange event with another class in the final class today, so I’ll explain that.”
Surely, the early homeroom time was influenced by the explanation of the exchange event with another class.
(Hey, hey… this is news to me…)
(An exchange event with another class… Sounds interesting.)
(There aren’t many chances to interact with students from other classes, so I’m looking forward to it…)
The students’ eyes were full of expectation as they looked at Meika.
Despite the students around showing interest, Haruya casually ignored the teacher’s explanation. However, he summarized the key points of the exchange event with other classes into three:
Gather in the gym within the specified time.
Interact with students from other classes in a rotation format four times (Note: It might also involve interacting with classmates).
Engage in a three-minute conversation.
These were the rough outlines.
While students continued to be excited about the exchange event with other classes, Haruya paid no attention.
He had already dismissed such events as irrelevant to him.
(But I can’t help but be curious about Himekawa-san’s movements more than these events…)
Haruya suddenly turned his gaze to Sara, who was sitting nearby. He sighed inwardly.

Lunchtime arrived after the morning classes.
After confirming that no one was around, Haruya put extra effort into making himself presentable in the restroom and headed to the rooftop.
Going to the rooftop during lunchtime had become a routine for him.
Upon opening the door, he could breathe in the fresh air and feel a sense of brightness. However, Haruya’s current state of mind was filled only with impatience and despair.
“Oh, Asai-san… I mean, Akasaki-san.”
Approaching the rooftop, he immediately spotted Sara.
She turned around, wearing a bright smile and waving happily.
Swallowing hard, Haruya cautiously approached Sara.
Although it wasn’t certain whether his true identity had been exposed, it was clear that it was only a matter of time now that his real name was known.
Until now, Haruya had intentionally avoided sitting next to Sara and even distanced himself from her. However, now he chose to sit next to her,
as decreasing Sara’s evaluation of him and eliminating her interest would not be a wise move.
The most practical thing Haruya could do now was to ask Sara to keep it a secret.
…In other words, he had to make her promise not to reveal his identity.
But why wasn’t she digging into the fake name, even though she knew? Haruya, holding back his thoughts, turned to Sara and–
“…Could you please not tell anyone about me? I’m begging you.”
He pleaded earnestly, and Sara, with a nonchalant expression, nodded.
“As I mentioned in yesterday’s message, I won’t do something like that.”
“…No, but…”
Internally, he thought, “Even though I’m hiding my name in class, you’re talking about me…” But Haruya held back and lowered his gaze.
Then, he asked Sara a simple question.
“But why don’t you inquire about it, even though you know it’s a fake name?”
“Because I don’t want to pry into Akasaki-san’s privacy.”
Sara explained with an added note.
“I thought, instead of actively researching and identifying Akasaki-san, maybe it’s better to know by chance, like we did yesterday…”
Sara was like a dreaming maiden.
In her heart, she longed for fateful encounters and romance.
While she didn’t deny taking action to seize something for herself, she believed that it was better to have opportunities to know things without actively seeking them.
So, Sara decided not to investigate Haruya’s true identity and believed that an opportunity to know would come to her naturally.
Although doubts about Sara lingered, for now, Haruya accepted what she said.
After all, Sara hadn’t mentioned his real name in class.
The fact that she had never done that gave Haruya some relief.
Haruya found solace in his lack of presence, his fading shadow. He was saved by his diminished existence.
“Well then, Akasaki-san. Let’s put that aside and have lunch.”
“Himekawa-san, you’ve really become brighter…”
Whether it was due to her excellent mood or something else, Sara’s impression now was vastly different from the first meeting.
Initially, she seemed like a girl lacking confidence, but now she exuded self-assurance. Perhaps it was because of her newfound cheerfulness.
So, Sara, with a smile full of confidence, said something unexpected.
“…I think it’s because I met Akasaki-san…”
Looking into Haruya’s eyes with full conviction, Sara unintentionally averted her gaze.
(No matter how you look at it, it’s too exaggerated…)
Haruya thought, but revealing this to Sara would likely result in denial. Therefore, with a wry smile, Haruya managed to divert the conversation.
While enjoying Sara’s lunch, the conversation naturally shifted to the topic of the exchange event with other classes.
“─Did you have the exchange event with other classes, Akasaki-san?”
If he were to answer with a simple “yes” or “no,” it would be “yes.”
(Well, technically, we are in the same class.)
It would be easier to say that, but Haruya chose to act like he didn’t know.
“Yes, we did, technically.”
“Is that so? It seems like the exchange event with other classes will be in rotation, but it’s refreshing, isn’t it?”
(That’s just like a complete blind date system… Well, I don’t really know what a blind date is like, though.)
With such thoughts in his mind, Haruya casually said something like “looking forward to it” to cover up his true feelings.
“In rotation, you might end up with someone from the same class, but that would be annoying, right?”
“Yeah, I totally get it.”
“Hehe, seems like you really empathize with that part.”
Sara laughed gently, covering her mouth with her hand while shaking her head vigorously.
(…No, mainly because I don’t want to end up with Himekawa-san.)
That’s what Haruya thought, but deep down, Sara, despite thinking, “It’s unlikely,” couldn’t help but have a slight expectation.
(…I hope I can end up with Akasaki-san during the exchange event with other classes.)
While suppressing a snicker, Sara behaved gracefully,
looking at Haruya with a somewhat disappointed expression.
(…Because I won’t go along with Himekawa-san’s plans, for sure.)
While silently wishing for it, Haruya continued to nibble on Sara’s bento.
—At that moment.
” …Ah!”
Haruya accidentally spilled the bento, creating a small stain on his school uniform.
“A-Are you okay? Please use this tissue.”
Sara quickly pulled out a tissue from her skirt pocket and offered it to Haruya.
Accepting it, Haruya sighed internally, feeling flustered about how he couldn’t hide his agitation.
(…I must be quite disheartened with my identity being revealed.)
With that thought in mind, Haruya chose not to dwell on the stain.

Now, nearing the end of the afternoon classes, the “exchange event with other classes” began in the gym.
Walking towards the lively gym, Windomi, who stood by Haruya’s side, whispered something to his ear.
“…Don’t mind it, right? Our class is filled with S-class beauties.”
“…I didn’t ask.”
“There might be cute girls in other classes, but not as much as S-class beauties, you know?”
“But, he said there might be cases where you end up with someone from the same class, right?”
When Haruya pointed that out, Windomi responded with a somewhat interesting expression, forming a half arc with his mouth.
“Akasaki is aiming for Himekawa-san, huh…”
“Hey, I told you it was a misunderstanding. Besides, we’re almost there, so it’s better to keep quiet.”
“Yeah, you’re right. If you bump into a cute girl, let me know later.”
Brushing off the unnecessary remark from Fuumiya, the group of classmates, including Haruya, arrived at the gymnasium, their destination.
Inside the gymnasium, excitement and apprehension filled the air, but naturally, Haruya’s feelings had settled.
the teacher in charge began explaining the details of the exchange event with other classes.
(…Well, I have no choice but to take it easy. As long as I don’t end up with anyone other than Himekawa-san.)



In conclusion, Haruya’s expectations were shattered.
The total number of students for the exchange was four.
Whether it was rotation in any direction, as long as he could overcome four rounds, it should be fine.
Due to the large number of students, the probability of encountering Sara was extremely low.
Therefore, Haruya, convinced that there was no way he would end up with Sara, felt relieved.
And so, the result unfolded. ─First person.
Haruya ended up with a male student from another class.
Seems like his hobby is FPS games. His name was Miyai… or something like that. Haruya only remembered being one-sidedly talked about games.
It might be frustrating for someone to witness his memory skills, but Haruya didn’t have the luxury for that right now.
─Second person.
This time, he was paired with a female student from another class. He only remembers that the conversation was hopelessly dull, and the atmosphere became dead.
(Sorry… for ending up with someone like me.)
While apologizing in his mind, Haruya breathed a sigh of relief, grateful that he didn’t end up with Sara.
And then, the third person.
Once again, he was paired with a female student from another class, and she pointed out the length of his hair.
He distinctly remembers her saying, “That’s hilarious, really funny.” Haruya thought, “She’s probably just saying that randomly.”
Finally, the fourth person.
When the last rotation arrived, tragedy struck for Haruya.
Yes, in the last rotation, the girl he faced was none other than Himekawa Sara.
“Nice to meet you…! I’m Sara Himekawa.”
“Nice to meet you… My name is Akazaki.”
While cursing the gods in his heart, Haruya tried to keep his voice low and behaved in a way that Sara couldn’t see his face too much.
He even used “Akazaki” instead of “Akasaki” to add camouflage.
However, it was a desperate strategy, to say the least…
“It was a bit hard to hear because the voice was low, but you’re Akazaki, right?”
It seems like I haven’t been noticed yet.
“Yes, that’s right.”
I really want to escape right now without asking, but it’s not that simple.
Despite sweating nervously, Haruya continues to interact with Sara.
“Your hair is really long, Akazaki-san… Do you like long hair?”
“W-Well, yeah…”
“Wow, but taking care of long hair must be quite challenging, right?”
“Yeah, it is.”
And just when they were trying to get through the situation with small talk…
“That stain…”
Sara opens her eyes wide, frozen.
“Oh, this… I spilled something on the rooftop earlier…”
Forgetting that he was speaking in a low voice, Haruya was caught off guard.
While disgusted with himself for casually answering, his face turns pale.
On the other hand, Sara, with wide eyes and trembling lips, is unable to say anything.
“Wait… are we in the same class?”
Then, a silent moment between the two.
Haruya is in a daze, feeling defeated. “It’s over…” he thinks, dejected.
Sara, on the other hand, is blushing and can only look down.
…But, despite Haruya being lost in his own thoughts, he manages to speak.
“No, it’s a different person… It’s definitely a different person.”
In response, Sara puffs up her cheeks and leans forward.
“Well, that’s impossible…”
It was impossible to deceive her this time.

That day, an awkward silence lingered between them until the end of the exchange event.

(Little did I expect we were classmates… It’s so embarrassing.)
After the event,
Sara, consumed by embarrassment, practically vanished as soon as the exchange program ended. Back home, she flushed red, throwing herself onto her bed.
(That boy, Akasaki-san, turned out to be a classmate I never knew…)
She widened her eyes in disbelief.
However, Sara’s embarrassment was not just about the revelation of Akasaki’s identity. It also stemmed from the fact that she had shared stories about Haruya in class. The concern of him finding out…
(That was almost like a confession… Ugh, it’s so embarrassing.)
With her face buried in her pillow and her legs kicking the bed, Sara’s inner embarrassment erupted silently.
An overwhelming sense of embarrassment attacked Sara one after another.
However, strangely, she didn’t feel too bad. There was a sense of happiness enveloping her, and Sara couldn’t deny that she was increasingly sensing “fate.”
When you think about the sequence of events so far
– being rescued by a handsome guy, coincidentally meeting him again,

discovering they attend the same high school, and even going on a date with a rising affection level

– it felt almost too perfect.
Therefore, Sara couldn’t help but believe in the concept of “fate” and found herself unconsciously drawn to Haruya.
Sara let out a warm breath, saying Haruya’s name.
“…Ah, Akasaki-san.”
Just calling his name made her face flush with embarrassment, but Sara was aware of the happiness enveloping her.
There was no doubt now.
After learning he was in the same class, Sara acknowledged her feelings for Haruya.
The thought of being romantically involved with Haruya made her heart thump loudly.
She is filled with an indescribable feeling of elation.
Imagining holding hands, being close, and even sharing a kiss…
She couldn’t help but indulge in these fantasies.
However, Sara’s blissful feelings were short-lived.
Soon after realizing her growing affection for Haruya, her phone vibrated with a low hum.
Checking the notification, Sara’s shy and joyful feelings instantly froze.
It was a message from her father.
Just a brief and matter-of-fact sentence.
“We’ve found a potential match for an arranged marriage. I’ll contact you when it’s time for the meeting.”
Sara had forgotten about it.
No, she had been avoiding thinking about it.
In the midst of these enjoyable moments, she had deliberately suppressed the knowledge of being just the “daughter of the Himekawa family.”
More than that…
(I am who I am… I’ve known it from the beginning.)
Sara felt nauseous at the realization of her own flaws.
She had hoped for a fateful encounter despite knowing about the arranged marriage. Even though a marriage arranged for the benefit of the Himekawa family should be good…
Sara chuckled with a self-deprecating smile, alone in her room on the bed.

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