My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 1

Chapter 6: Club Experience

The night after Lily and Saito had a successful coin-earning spree.
Saito, in the midst of his pre-bath workout, heard his phone ping.
Wiping away the sweat on his cheek with a towel, he grabbed his phone to check.
“Can you go out with me tomorrow?”
The message was from a friend who supposedly died from drinking spoiled sweet bean soup (a lie).
Considering Lily got confessed to today, Saito briefly entertained the foolish idea that maybe he’s getting confessed to as well. But the sender was of the same gender, and the friend mentioned preferring girls smaller and prettier than him.
With Saito clearly outside that range with his appearance, there was no doubt he was way beyond their scope.
Shaking his head vigorously, he dismissed any unnecessary thoughts and replied to the message.
“What’s up out of the blue?”
“I’m thinking of joining a club for a trial.”
“Now? Isn’t it a bit late?”
As expected, the message about wanting to go out had nothing weird about it; he just wanted Saito to accompany him for a club trial.
However, it was puzzling that he waited a week into the trial period before inviting him. Saito sent his question, mirroring the doubt he had about his own message.
“Why the sudden interest?”
“Just stumbled upon it while wandering around school and felt like giving it a try.”
“Ah, I see. Kind of fits you, being all sea-like.”
After challenging them with questions, Saito received replies that matched his image of the friend he knew.
Given Saito’s own whimsical nature, he understood why such a message was sent out of the blue.
“Sure, why not.”
“Great (cat stamp).”
“How about inviting Haruki too?”
“Tried, but he turned me down, saying he’s joining the student council.”
“Damn, that’s low.”
“Betrayal deserves retaliation.”
“So, which club are you planning to join?”
“The Photography Club.”
Saito didn’t have any intention of joining a club when he entered high school since he planned to get a part-time job. However, he thought it wouldn’t hurt to try something like a club trial. W
hen he asked what club, the reply was the Photography Club.
“Oh, you kinda give off an artist vibe.”
“Now that you mention it, maybe I should join the Ikebana Archery Club.”
“Get a license and join the Moped Card Fight Club.”
Saito, having seen Kai taking pictures of cherry blossoms on the day they first met at the entrance ceremony, the choice seemed fitting to him.
He praised the decision, but it didn’t sit well with Kai, who started making twisted remarks, so Saito played along with the flow.
Exchanging jokes about joining absurd clubs, Saito and Kai continued until they both grew sleepy.
“Ohh… right. I should tell Lily that we won’t be going home together tomorrow.”
Putting down his phone and attempting to slip under the covers, Saito suddenly remembered this matter and sent a message.
While he was still awake, Kai, who had been looking at his phone, also sent a message. Almost instantly, a reply appeared with “Perfect timing.”
Even in his slightly drowsy state, Saito desperately tried to comprehend what was happening. Then another message from Lily continued the conversation.
“I was just invited by Shuri-chan to try out the Tennis Club, so…”
It seemed that Lily received a similar invitation from her friend Shuri around the same time.
The probability of both childhood friends receiving separate invitations at the same time was astonishing.
Realizing he had typed “Seriously” almost automatically, Saito was a bit surprised himself.
“For real. So, I was a bit surprised when I got a message from Saito.”
“It’s crazy how even friends we make resemble each other just because they’re childhood friends.”
“Yeah, it’s crazy. Well, because of that, let’s each go to our club activities tomorrow. No more walking home together.”
“Alright, have fun.”
“You too.”
“Well, I’m gonna sleep now. Goodnight, Riri.”
Despite the surprise dispelling some of his drowsiness, it was already the time he would usually be asleep.
While exchanging messages, the sleepiness returned to Saito.
For now, he had conveyed what he wanted to say, and everything seemed fine. It was safe to go to sleep.
With a sense of relief, Saito’s eyelids gradually closed. He sent a goodnight message and completely shut them.
As his consciousness sank into darkness, he faintly heard his phone ring again.
“Goodnight, Saito.”
Although it should have been a neutral robotic voice, to Saito, it sounded as if his childhood friend was gently weaving words. He slightly relaxed his expression, appearing happy, and peacefully fell into a deep sleep.


As the moon set and the sun rose, a considerable amount of time had passed.
Saito and Kai stepped into a school building they had never visited before.
“Is this the right school building?”
“Yeah, it should be. The club room should be at the end over there.”
Using their memories from the club introduction held a week ago as a guide, they walked, and Kai spotted the club room.
The location was at the far end of the building, where sunlight barely reached. As they approached the club room, a strong vinegar-like smell became more prominent.
“Is this really the photography club? It smells like vinegar.”
“Yep, you got it. Hey there!”
Saito felt unsure if he got it right.
However, Kai seemed familiar with the source of the smell and confidently opened the clubroom door.
Following Kai cautiously into the classroom, Saito discovered it was a typical photography club room, adorned with photos all around.
Awards and certificates from competitions were displayed, indicating a decent level of achievement.
As Saito scanned the room, there was no sign of other club members.
Probably, it had just turned into after-school, and no one had arrived yet.
Just as Saito noticed this, a door at the back of the clubroom opened, and a strong smell hit him.
Instinctively covering the lower half of his face, Saito looked towards the source. A casually dressed girl, seemingly unconcerned about her uniform, stood there.
“Oh, maybe new members? It’s rare at this time of the year. Are you here for a trial?”
“That’s right.”
“Really?! I had given up on anyone coming this year, so it’s lucky that two of you showed up. Oh, we have tea; do you want some?”
“Don’t mind if we do.”
“Really? You don’t have to be so polite.”
“No, it’s not about being polite. The smell of vinegar is so strong that I can’t imagine settling down to drink tea.”
“Haha, I see. Sorry about that. We’re used to the smell of developing solution, but it can be intense for someone not accustomed. I’ll close the door right away.”
Upon realizing that Saito and Kai were there for a trial, the girl with silver mesh in her hair welcomed them cheerfully.
Despite her attempt to host them, Saito was more concerned about the overwhelming smell.
Requesting her to close the door, the girl apologized and complied.
As a result, the smell subsided to some extent, and Saito breathed a sigh of relief.
“Now it should be okay. Welcome to the Photography Club. I’m the club president, Utsuno Sayano. Nice to meet you.”
“I’m Akashi Kai, a first-year.”
“I’m Minazuki Saito, also a first-year.”
After settling down, we introduce ourselves to each other.
Some names were visible on the certificates and shields earlier, indicating that Sayano is likely someone impressive.
Despite appearances, Sayano might be the type to hang out with friends in town or have a blast at karaoke. People can be surprising.
“Akashi and Minazuki, I’ve got your names down. Um, just wait a moment. I had things set up for the trial club members, but no one showed up yesterday, so I dismantled everything. I’ll get it ready again, so please don’t leave.”
“Sure thing. I’ll pass the time by looking at photos.”
“I’ll show you some.”
“Thanks. I’ll be here waiting.”
With a booming sound that seemed out of place for a cultural club, Sayano flew out of the clubroom.
“She seems like a nice person. The current club president.”
” …… “
Although she appeared somewhat intimidating, talking to her revealed that she was unexpectedly friendly.
Saito praised President Utsuno, expecting a response from Kai, but there was none.
When Saito directed his gaze towards Kai, he found him staring intently at several framed photos.
“…Well, well. Not as much as me, but you’re good.”
“You’re talking from a guy who’s only been doing it as a hobby, man. Are you that good? “
After a while, Kai’s comment on the photos sounded somewhat condescending.
Saito, who had never seen Kai’s photos, suspected it might be mere sour grapes.
“Of course. I’m a genius.”
“Then show me some proof of your genius.”
“Sure. Here, take a look.”
“Wow, these are really amazing!”
As Saito asked Kai to show his photos, he readily handed over his phone.
Despite Saito being somewhat ignorant about artistic matters, he could recognize that Kai’s photos were fantastic.
They were on par with the ones displayed in the clubroom.
Feeling astounded that Kai was just making excuses, Saito was left speechless. Kai, on the other hand, proudly puffed out his chest.
“Haa, haa, sorry to keep you waiting. Everything’s ready now.”
“Let’s take a break first, okay? No need to push yourself after such a full-on sprint.”
“Sure, let’s take a deep breath.”
“In, out, whoo…”
“That’s the Lamaze method. It’s not about relieving pain but getting your breathing in order.”
After Kai finishing the boast about his photos, the breathless Sayano returned to the clubroom.
About to smoothly transition into an explanation, she choked, prompting an abrupt interruption.
The two of them reassured the embarrassed Sayano, who was making odd movements due to embarrassment, and it took about five minutes for her to regain composure.
“Cough. Well then, let me explain the activities for today’s trial membership.”
To cover up her earlier blunder, Sayano cleared her throat and began the explanation of the activities.
“Alright, been waiting for this!”
“You guys are lively. Thanks. Well, sorry for not being as exciting, but the activity is straightforward. Use this digital camera to take photos. Snap away as much as you like.”
“How generous!”
“Three-layered belly. Ugh!”
“Saying such things to a woman is rude, Akashi-kun.”
“S-Sorry. I-I’m sorry!”
The content seems like a typical one for the Photography Club.
However, Kai, who was looking forward to taking pictures, got too excited just with that and blurted out strange words, earning him an Iron Claw from Sayano.
(Idiot, seriously. Saying that to a woman – really not cool.)
Saito, who had experienced similar situations with Lily multiple times, conveniently ignores that fact this time.
Without any delicacy, he coldly watches the whole scene unfold, offering no help.

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