I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Epilogue 1 part 2

The next day, a delicious smell wafted into my nostrils as I awoke with a slight pang of hunger. Still groggy, I thought Charl had cooked me breakfast, but when I got up…there was Eve in a cute apron, with a freshly made, healthy breakfast.

I was confused. With a straight face she said, “Good morning. Ray, your hair is a mess,” and then smiled softly at me. I didn’t understand at all. So confused, I just asked:

[Are you trying to make me fall in love with you?]

And her answer made me even more confused and I froze. For at least five minutes.

When I finally calmed down and asked again…it seems that she had cooked me breakfast and more to try to get close to me and make me like her, since I didn’t have anyone I liked. What’s that all about?

And that was the beginning of the raging “I love you”.

I couldn’t take it, so I quickly changed inns and hid so she couldn’t find me.

I briefly considered returning to Charl’s mansion, but word would obviously get out through the Academy students, so I decided against it. Instead, I holed up in a stupidly expensive, high-security inn. If I hid, she’d surely give up. I prayed that she would give up.

“Then… we don’t have to be like this. I just want you to let me stay by your side.”

But I’d wanted to see this exhibition of ancient artifacts, and when I arrived, she was here – clearly not the least bit ready to give up.

And like with Rafi, I was just doing what I wanted. I didn’t intend to save anyone. When people say I saved them, I’m completely confused.

So these feelings are just confusion. I’m not kind at all, I’m selfish, and I don’t think about others. Being with me would be a waste of their lives.

Maybe I should reject her more firmly so that she understands. I should be very clear about this.

“Let me be clear. I–“

I start to say, “Don’t bother me because I want to relax,” but–

“And if you let me stay with you, you will benefit as well. I won’t let you regret it.”


This word from Eve makes me reflexively ask.

What benefit could there be for me? I feel like it would only be detrimental, but…

“I have a lot of mystical artifacts…of course, ancient artifacts as well.”

“….So what?”

She mentioned before that she had the ancient artifact [Demon Wings], and that her family kept it in storage. But what about this?

“Here, look.”

Eve points to an ancient artifact on display nearby, then points to various others, murmuring, “That one, too” “And that one” … What’s she trying to do?

As I frown at her sudden eccentric behavior–

“They’re all mine… If you stay with me, I’ll give them to you.”

She says that and– huh, w-wait, seriously?

“There’s no way I’m falling for sweet words like that! Stop it already!”

“But your body is honest.”

Eve points to me clinging to the display case of an ancient artifact. It looks like my body is moving unconsciously.

“And… I like mystical artifacts too. I can talk about them as well as you. Our hobbies match, so every day would be fun.”


Eve whispers in my ear. Hey…that’s cheating…way underhanded…!

“I know being with me is a hassle, so you don’t have to be together all the time. Just take some time to be together one day a week, listen to my ‘little’ requests… No good?”

As I desperately try to hold back my desires by holding my head, the final blow comes. No good, no good, this is the devil’s whisper – don’t listen to me! Ancient artifacts like this are… are… Wait, come to think of it, it’s not like we’re lovers or anything. No problem…? More like a job, a contract… That’s okay, isn’t it…?

“…………It would really only be one day?”

Before I knew it, I had asked that. Seeing Eve’s face light up as she nodded, “Mm! One day,” I felt a bad premonition.

No, it’s not that I had given in to desire or anything like that. I only agreed because I decided that our interests aligned for mutual benefit… It was a rational decision. So I’m right. Right.

“Then…sign here, please.”


Without a thought, I quickly fill in the necessary information on the paper Eva held out.

Name, blood stamp… There, perfect!

“……Huh? This looks like some kind of mystical contract. And if I think about it, why do I have to write…?”

I tried to check the paper I had filled out, feeling that something was wrong. But Eve quickly snatched it away and put it in her purse. Seemed suspicious.

“Hey, let me see that paper again. I didn’t look too closely…”

“It’s fine, nothing important was written on it.”

Holding the bag with the paper behind her back, Eve takes an attitude as if she’s distancing it from me. Somehow I feel bad.


“Ah…no good…”

Silently, using an application of [Spatial Transfer], I transfer the paper from Eve’s bag to my hand, ignoring her pleas to stop, and check the contents. And…

[Wish List (Beginner)]

  • Eat breakfast together
  • Hold hands when going out
  • Eat lunch together
  • Talk about mystical artifacts
  • Eat dinner together
  • Sleeping together


“Wha… what is this…?”

I unintentionally let out a surprised voice.

Well, at this point, it doesn’t matter if this paper was a mystical contract I was almost tricked into signing. More importantly–

“Um… what are all these items listed in a row…?”

The items packed tightly in tiny print in the contract contents section are the problem. It’s weird – shouldn’t what’s written here be things I absolutely have to do? Why is my schedule so packed for one day? And what about (beginner)? There’s also (Intermediate) and (Advanced) down there, but I’m afraid to look. Hey!

“….It’s normal.”

“It’s not normal!”

There is no way I could do all this. How tightly did you schedule my whole day? I’d be dead from exhaustion by the end.

“And that thing at the bottom that’s blacked out, what did it say? I really want to know.”

I ask about the blacked out text at the bottom. Only that was blacked out, so it bothered me.

Then Eve’s face turned bright red.

“….Can’t say. It’s embarrassing.”

She hid her face in her hands and bowed her head shyly. Huh, what kind of reaction is that?

“But… if Ray marries me – it’s my first time, but I’ll try my best.”


With a bright red face, Eve explains. I don’t really understand it, but I’m determined to tear up this mystical contract later.

“Yeah, this is a bit… physically and mentally impossible. I mean, why is it so crowded? Obviously unrealistic.”

Hearing this–

“Because I wanted to be with Ray so much.”

Pouting her lips childishly, Eve sulked and mumbled. Was she regressing more and more into a child?

“Let’s pretend this never happened…”

I try to say, but–


Eve shakes her head vigorously and clamps her hand tighter on my clothes.

“I don’t want-“
“If Ray doesn’t have anyone he likes… this is my chance. I’ll definitely make you love me. I won’t give up.”
Staring up at me with eyes full of determination, Eve declared. Please, seriously, stop. Just give up already. I’m begging you.

After that, no matter how many times I told her to forget it, Eve refused and threw a fit. I handed her a mystical contract duplicate that I’d magically duplicated to appease her, somehow got the clingy Eve off me, and finished what should have been an enjoyable exhibition of ancient artifacts in utter exhaustion.

Then I immediately returned to the inn, tore up the real Mystic Contract, collapsed into bed, and buried my face in the pillow.

Enjoying the pleasant sensation of the comforting blanket caressing my face… I thought:

–Seriously, what am I going to do about this?

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