Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 46

Mob No.46: “How unpleasant…”

It was really lucky that the request to capture the beautiful pirate sisters was nullified by a side stab, and I was able to quickly return to Itz before getting tangled up with the guys who did the side stabbing.

I thought those Bishop-rank guys would be mad at me for not letting them enjoy the beautiful pirate sisters and would ambush me, but that didn’t happen either.

Feeling relieved, I docked my ship at the parking lot and went to the reception.

Still, I was afraid those guys might be lurking around.


“Hey. Looks like the request was a bust, huh?”

When I called out, old man Uncle Roans turned to me with a grin.

“Not a failure, invalid. Someone who didn’t take the request just happened to catch it. I contacted them properly, right?”

“Just kidding. But why didn’t you say they were your prey?”

“It hadn’t been confirmed yet, and they were an annoying bunch.”

“Very you.”

Old Uncle Roans smiled to show his teeth.

By the way, I also contacted them to accept the reward money, so there’s no shame.

And just as I was about to choose some odd jobs, a silhouette suddenly appeared.

“Oh, Mr. Uzos! Perfect timing!”


It was the beauty receptionist, who is this picture of a supremely beautiful girly-man, Alphonse Zeistoll.

“Is there something on my face?

“Nothing at all.”

Please don’t talk to me.

It’s not like [he] did anything.

As I said before, just having work conversations with the beauty receptionist, who is this picture of a supremely beautiful girl-man, gets me stared at with jealousy and murderous intent from all around.

Realizing this, old man Uncle Roans called out to Zeistoll.

“What business do you have with him?”

“Yes. Not only with Mr. Uzos, but we’ve received such a request for everyone here now.”

Zeistoll showed me some visual documents.

“What is this… Reinforcement request for anti-terrorist forces in planetary combat on Count Ikorai’s planet Taura? Isn’t that a high priority case?”

“It’s a request for combat on a planetary surface. The current ruler, Count Ikorai, is pro-Emperor, and people’s lives have been peaceful.

However, a sudden appearance of an anti-Emperor resistance, calling themselves [The Righteous], who have occupied power plants and industrial zones.”

The content was very mercenary-like – participating in combat.

But I’m not simple enough to take that at face value.

“Isn’t this count doing something shady behind the scenes? Or his son or something?”

Nobles who only pretend to be good people on the surface are a dime a dozen.

“There are no bad rumors about them either. Just that they seem to have strong personalities.”

Am I imagining things, or does the mention of strong personalities most likely contain the real problem?

“And normally, such things are dealt with by the military, right? It’s a vital imperial energy supply point.”

“They did request the military, but since anti-Emperor elements may interfere, they want to deal with it swiftly.”

“How unpleasant…”


Why is this request considered so important?

As mentioned earlier, because planet Taura is a vital imperial energy supply point.

Before becoming imperial territory in the Nequilelma Kingdom era, planet Taura was judged to be a planet with nothing, and no development whatsoever was done.

Even when invaded by the Empire, the ruler of the time abandoned it, fine with the citizens being killed, without defending at all.

It was bestowed by the Emperor to Count Ikorai’s family, barons at the time, 100 years ago, 4 generations back, and they continually developed it, improving the lives of the citizens, until planetary investigation finally began 40 years ago.

After 5 years of investigation, the discovery of tridium energy ore veins was a famous story written in imperial history textbooks.

Tridium ore, after melting and refining to remove impurities, becomes beautiful orange crystals.

Melting this further creates the energy fuel necessary for urban function maintenance and transportation.

Investigation found enough tridium ore on planet Taura to supply the entire Great Galactic Empire’s energy for around 10,000 years.

With terrorists targeting that, it was a huge deal.

Once information sorting and examination was done, a bulletin would probably be released immediately.

“No providing forces to the terrorist side this time, obviously. So, wanna give it a try? Taking it?”

Old man Uncle Roans held out the visual documents to me.

I’m not inexperienced with combat in atmosphere, but don’t have much either, so not very confident.

Plus, I have an unpleasant feeling noble factional disputes are probably involved somehow.

But at least it’s mentally easy if it doesn’t become mercenary vs mercenary combat.

And most of all, since it relates to our future livelihood, I have to take it.

But that’s still my way, to investigate first before accepting.

“I’ll think on it a bit more first. There’s still time to accept, right?”

Saying that, I left reception.

Exiting the guild, I went to Pattson’s Pharmacy to gather intel.

The black market street had the usual atmosphere, and that butcher doesn’t seem to have any new works today.

Arriving at Pattson’s Pharmacy, there was a notice of [Temporary Closure] on the door.

No response even ringing the intercom at the private residence behind the store, so I called via my bracelet terminal, and

[Yo, rare for you to call.]

He answered the call sounding a bit tired.

“I’m right in front of your store now, but what’s with the temporary closure?”

Perhaps he had some physical failure?

[At a pharmacists union meeting~. It’s my turn to be emcee in rotation.

Wanna skip listening to old folks’ long talks, but heard refusing means possibly losing my license~]

But it was nothing like that, he vented complaints with an extremely reluctant face, silently seeking help.

Usually cool, but surprisingly weak against adversity – that guy.

Anyway, impossible to help.

I can do combat stuff, but impossible with professional duties out of obligation.

I’m a completely unrelated person.

“That’s rough…”

[And some gramps saying “Maybe I should exclusively rely on you from now on?” while touching my ass too~]

“Really rough…”

Not knowing the contents, Gonzales is quite the bespectacled beauty.

Gonzales got a pharmacist license after the accident at university.

Normally, the whole body is made to remain as the original person.

Even changing appearance, at least the sex stays the same, generally.

In other words, to those old guys, Gonzales was a born bespectacled beauty pharmacist.

Saying the contents is male might get exemption from the exclusive emcee job, but may cost the pharmacist license, this is bad.

[So like, get info from a fortune telling granny or something.]

“Got it. Well, hang in there.”

[Ahh, don’t wanna~…]

Grumbling reluctantly to the end, Gonzales cut the call.

I’ll treat him to some goods next time we meet…

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