The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Turning Five

[Eurushia’s Fifth Birthday Celebration to be held at the Royal Castle and Palace!]

What the hell are you saying out of nowhere, Grandfather!?
Can you understand how it feels to be informed of such an announcement without the person’s consent?
A month before I turned five, during a visit to the royal castle for work, my father was told the same thing by Grandfather without my approval.
Of course, he did! I may be the granddaughter of His Majesty the King, but I am also the daughter of a duke with a legitimate estate! It’s my debut as the daughter of a duke, and invitations have already been sent to the surrounding noble families for the birthday party at the Tull Castle. The guest list is already finalized!
And did you even bother inviting Grandfather and Grandmother? I’m sure you sent them invitations and got their RSVPs!
“Sorry, couldn’t stop him…”
“No, it’s not Father’s fault!”
I comfort my drooping father by hugging him. Damn you, Grandfather.
Apparently, my father tried to admonish Grandfather, but he stubbornly insisted, saying it’s impossible to gather all the nobles from the entire country unless it’s in the central capital of the Holy Kingdom.
Seriously, Grandfather…
What the hell are you planning to gather thousands of people for!?
“No, actually, some nobles from the east and north expressed interest in attending, but the distance is a bit challenging.”
What a mess…
As someone with a commoner’s sensibility, even a party at the Tull Castle makes me hesitate. Even before sending invitations, there were already hundreds of inquiries from noble houses and wealthy merchants who heard about my “rumors.”
And by rumors, I mean that embarrassing thing. That [Holy Kingdom’s Princess] or [Holy Kingdom’s Saint] rumor.
It seems that the children kidnapped during the demon summoning incident, with their sparkling eyes filled with excitement, shouted, “Holy Saintttttttttt!” or something, and now it’s being whispered in secret by the Costor Church and other sects.
A title like that… isn’t that something recognized and bestowed by major religions?
I don’t want it. I really don’t. Being called a heretic and targeted by assassins… I can’t deal with that.
Well, I’m not just a heretic; I’m a “demon.”
So, I’ll mentally prepare for the party at the Tull Castle, but please, spare me from a party at the royal castle. Most likely, representatives from various sects will attend!
“…Let me try persuading Father once more.”
Father… I sincerely pray that you won’t succumb to the power.

Well, it didn’t work!
I won’t say it didn’t work, Father. With Grandmother and Lady Elea turned against us, and invitations already sent out all over, it’s impossible to change now.
“But, is it really okay?”
“What’s the matter, Miss Eur?”
Sensitive to the murmurs I let out, the capable maid Vio responded and listened to my concerns.
Several weeks have passed since then, and there are only four days left until the birthday party. Since arriving at the castle ahead of time is essential, we will stay overnight at the palace until the celebration.
The royal palace isn’t just one building; each member of the royal family has their own palace on the backside of the royal castle. I wonder why I have one too…
“Well, I’ve never been to the mansion in the capital.”
“That place isn’t very suitable, so you, Miss Eur, don’t need to worry about it.”
Vio interrupts my words with a slightly condescending tone. …Uh?
I have been to my father’s mansion in the capital. However, I’ve never visited the main mansion in the capital, which is considered the royal residence.
Maybe there are my sisters there, I guess. I was looking forward to finally meeting them this time… But, is it not appropriate or something? Is it bad for the reputation?
Could it be they’re intentionally keeping us apart?
“Even though we’re from a ducal family, having a debut at the royal palace… Well, I’ve resigned myself to various things…”
“I’m glad you understand.”
It’s not okay.
“But, am I the only one getting special treatment? There are others from ducal families who have royal blood, right?”
Like, for example, the older sisters.
In the Holy Kingdom, there are five ducal families with royal blood, arranged in the shape of a pentagram. One recently decreased, and the number of ducal families increased, but I think there are still girls there.
“In the current situation, the blood connection between the four ducal families and the royal family has weakened. The once-thought-to-be the most intense bloodline, the Coel family, is practically dismantled now. The closest bloodline now is the Capel family, where the third princess married in, and the lady from the ducal family who became the queen in the past. She has already passed away.”
…… Hmmm?
“So, in the end, it’s because I’m the king’s granddaughter?”
“That’s correct. Moreover, your father, even though his position in the line of succession has dropped, if the Crown Prince ascends to the throne, he will become the ‘King’s Brother’ and can take command in the absence of the king. And you, Miss Eur, as the first daughter of the ducal family, holds the sixth position in the line of succession, so your position is different from that of the ducal family’s daughters.”
Right, the line of succession…
While I’m pondering that, Vio continues with words that I can’t simply ignore.
“Miss Eur is recognized as the ‘Princess of the Holy Kingdom,’ and for our country’s diplomacy, having a ‘Princess’ is necessary.”
“Huh? …Oh, um, what’s that supposed to mean?”
I unintentionally let my guard down, and Vio explains it to me with a warm smile.
I’ve been working on improving my speech and manners as the daughter of the ducal family, so you know?
I am becoming a perfect lady who is not embarrassed to be my father’s daughter. Fufu.
So, to summarize Vio’s explanation, it goes something like this:
In diplomatic situations, when neighboring countries’ royals marry or when sending an envoy to a celebration, for small countries with a population of a few thousand, it’s enough to send a noble from the embassy. But for countries like the Sigres Kingdom, where Aunt married, someone with a royal connection needs to go.
However, with equal-ranking partners, there might be territorial disputes or other issues, and it’s not always possible to build a good relationship. Sending the king himself or a high-ranking male in the line of succession is not ideal, so they prefer sending someone like me, with a high position in the line of succession, for such occasions.
In the Holy Kingdom, it’s customary for a young princess to lead diplomatic missions instead of young princes. Hmm…
So they prefer a young girl over a burly old man… got it.
“So, does that mean I’ll be attending events in other countries?”
What an old fool, Grandfather!
Does that mean there might be some danger to me? Vio shakes her head gently, her kind face showing no signs of worry.
“No, Lady Eur. It’s just a formality. Until now, your father has been attending events as a royal. Besides, there’s no way we would put you in a dangerous position.”
I see.
Oh, Father was a diplomat. That suits his image!
“But what do you mean by ‘formality’?”
“When His Majesty calls Lady Eur to the capital, it’s just a convenient way to put excessive security on the beloved granddaughter.”
“…So, in other words?”
“Just favoritism.”
What an old fool, Grandfather!
Did no one object to openly pampering me like this?
Oh, but…
“If that’s the case, what about my ‘elder sisters’?”
I decide to ask, as they always skillfully avoid such questions.
They are also Grandfather’s granddaughters, right? I tilt my head, looking at Vio with a hint of curiosity. Her cheek twitches slightly, and she lets out a faint sigh.
“Those ladies… Lady Ataline and Lady Aureline have their… um, issues…”
Come on, Vio. Don’t look away.
Oh well, what have those yet unseen elder sisters done now?
The reason behind of your reaction…
With that said, I’m now interested in those elder sisters… in a devilish way.

Grandfather and Erea had their own motives.
I can understand to some extent why there’s such a difference between us, but the meaning behind being the ‘only princess’ mentioned by the female knight is unclear.
And so, let’s get an impromptu interview with that knight!
“Um… Miss Knight?”
Approaching a female knight who seemed to be doing some training in the palace garden, she discards her wooden sword, stands at attention.
…Meanwhile, the black-haired female knight who took a thrown wooden sword to the face is squatting, bleeding from her nose.
“Princess, please call me Sarah!”
“Sure, Sarah.”
Well, calling her anything else would be too troublesome, so I’ll stick with that from the start.
“Fel, put me down.”
After asking Fel, who carried me this far, she expresses clear dissatisfaction on her face.
“I don’t want to.”
Is that so? Well, Fel is the maid who likes to carry me the most among my maids. Anyway, she’s going to put me down from those sturdy arms she’s developed recently.
As I touch the ground for the first time in a while, Fel, Sarah, and the other maids, as well as the surrounding female knights, all kneel at once.
Ugh… what’s with this? It’s so uncomfortable.
Fel… Why didn’t you guys do such things in the castle? Why is everyone showing off now? When did you all practice this? Did you practice with the maids and knights?
“Um… Sarah?”
“Yes, Princess!”
Her eyes are sparkling so much! She really feels younger than Fel and Min. Sarah has brown hair, brown eyes, and cute freckles.
“Why did Sarah become my guard knight?”
Let’s start with casual conversation.
“Yes, Your Highness. It was about two years ago when all female students graduating from the knight academy that year received a notice asking, ‘Is there a princess who will dedicate your sword to ? Is there a master to whom you will offer your love? Seeking beautiful female knights!’ And I applied!”
They were recruiting, huh… Well, it’s quite something to apply for such a suspicious recruitment. The knight next to me is still squatting, nosebleeding, and nodding, so it seems to be true.
They’ve been plotting this since I knew nothing…
“So, why does Sarah call me ‘Princess’?”
“Well… because, Princess, you are a princess, right?”
“Earlier, you said ‘[only one princess],’ what does that mean?”
Why did she say that about me?
In response to my question, Sarah, for some reason, places her right hand on her chest, raises her left hand towards the sky, and starts talking like a stage actress.
“Oh, Princess! The beautiful flower of the Holy Kingdom! Your hair is threads of golden silk, your skin is the finest silk, your golden eyes pierce my heart, and the moment I saw your lovely figure, I couldn’t help but leak a little, ashamedly. I wanted to convey the happiness of being able to become the guard knight of the Princess to my poor brothers who became guards for a rural lord, bragging from morning to night for about a week, and finally, we had a brawl…”
Tapping Sarah’s forehead with my finger, she seemed to find it more painful than expected, holding her forehead and squatting.
“Sarah, calm down.”
But for some reason, even after being scolded and tapped by me, Sarah, who was blushing and holding her cheek, had tears welling up in her eyes, looking embarrassed.
Huh… Seriously? Is that your hobby? And leaking… Wasn’t that because your soul was scared of “me” and leaked out?
The suspension bridge effect is different from love at first sight! Moreover, falling in love with the “suspension bridge”… What’s the point!
“It’s not like that. When I say ‘[only one],’ I mean I have two older sisters, you know?”
You didn’t know!?
“N-no! Of course, I’ve heard the rumors, but… um… those rumors…”
Come on, Sarah, try your best and look me in the eyes! When I look around, Fel and the maids are subtly avoiding eye contact too.
“Bu, but! [Princess of the Holy Kingdom] is the ‘face’ of this Holy Kingdom! Princess Eurushia can be boasted to knights from other countries with pride!”
She’s trying to change the subject!
And do I really make for good boasting material? …Maybe they’ll be scared, but still.
“So, what does it mean to be the ‘face’ of the country?”
“Yes! With your angelic and adorable appearance, being the princess of the Holy Kingdom, and moreover, a saint! There’s no [Princess] in this world greater than Princess Eurushia!”
“A saint, huh…”
Here it comes… [Saint].
Despite the rumors spreading even among the knights, there seem to be ripples in various circles. It’s really troublesome.
In the end, they view me as an impressive princess just because I’m a saint. I don’t know anything about being a princess.
Well, I have to see for myself…
In a state of semi-resignation, I healed the nosebleed knight who was still squatting with sacred magic. Sarah and I, together, once again received swords from them.
…But I’m a demon, you know? Is it really okay?


In the royal capital Versenia of the Holy Kingdom Talteld, using both the royal castle and palace, a celebration was held for Her Excellency Eurushia Von Versenia, the granddaughter deeply loved by His Majesty the King
Commonly referred to as the [Debut], this ceremony had an official attendance of 3,250.
Even though it was unusual for the birthday celebration of someone not directly related to the royal family to take place in the royal castle, the abnormal number of attendees, with most voluntarily participating, was also unusual. All of them were eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the rumored [Princess].
In this situation, where most only knew the absurd “rumors,” there might have been few who genuinely wished to celebrate Eurushia from the bottom of their hearts. Those who attended today were mostly there to confirm the truth of the ridiculous [rumors] about the five-year-old girl.
Rumored to be…
Loved by the heavens, the child of sacred magic.
A beautiful golden princess who captivates anyone at first sight.
A pure saint who healed wounded and fallen children…
To assess Eurushia, not only did the Pontiff of the Costor Church, the official state religion of the Holy Kingdom, send a representative, but almost all sects with temples in Talteld also sent their representatives.
One of the rumors was the title [Saint].
If, by some chance, Eurushia had the strength worthy of the title of a saint, they would undoubtedly have to incorporate her into their respective sects.
The favorite of the king. The princess of a powerful and wealthy ducal family… Just having her as the [Princess of the Holy Kingdom] was already the highest praise and recognition. Being [Saint of the Holy Kingdom] was an extraordinary existence, shining so brightly that even the most top-notch evaluations appeared dim.
The Holy Kingdom’s saint, known as the Saint of Talteld, was only one person…
No matter how various sects gathered priestesses and tried to certify saints and bestow titles, there was a world of difference in value between a roadside flower and a large rose.
Even kings of various countries must show respect, and they are treated as state guests in other countries.
Does a five-year-old child really have such power? If, by any chance, the king is colluding with the Costor Church to award the title of [Saint of the Holy Kingdom] that hasn’t been certified in over a hundred years due to the cuteness of his granddaughter, other sects must unite to denounce it.
It’s impossible for a child to become a saint. If the child’s appearance is merely good-looking and the truth is confirmed, instead of publicly condemning it before the king, let’s use it as an advertisement.
But the expectations of such people completely miss the mark.


The music flowing from the orchestra changes, and as the large doors on the top of the grand staircase open, the sight of the [Princess] escorted by the two princes shocks the people as if their hearts were pierced by a spear, freezing their expressions in awe.

scene transition

It might have been the instinctive fear that humans possess, said to be given by the gods.
A cold beauty, as if the goddess of beauty were a doll of her own form.
Golden hair spun from heavenly gold, more radiant than the sunlight.
Smooth as the finest silk, and a glossy white skin like porcelain…
If she is the [human] created by the gods, then are they truly [humans]?
Such fundamental fear that curses their own existence.
Oh, gods…
We were failures as humans…
That endless despair, on the verge of choosing self-destruction, dissipates with the girl’s gentle “smile.”
Her smiling figure, bashfully acknowledging the gazes of the people, makes everyone feel grateful to the gods for being [humans], and some even shed tears of relief.
People understand.
She is Eurushia von Velsenia, the [sole princess] of Talteld and the only [saint] of the Holy Kingdom, created by the gods.

…except for some individuals who harbor rebellious thoughts against her.




Oops! I did it! I unleashed the devil’s “intimidation” from the opening entrance!
Oops… I wonder if anyone had a heart attack or something!? Probably not, because the cause of death would be heart failure, so can’t prove any connection to me. But if there’s anyone who died, please step forward, and I’ll do my best to revive you!
Oh, are you okay? I hurriedly stopped the intimidation, so you seem fine, right? I probably can’t be held responsible for heart failures or anything, but if there’s any connection, I would like to say that I’m not responsible. Since it was quite embarrassing, I forced a strained smile to cover it up, and somehow managed to deceive them.
But, well, it can’t be helped.
From before entering, the malicious intent and the stench of scumbags were wafting in the air, so my demonic instincts were stimulated, and it was all I could do to suppress them!
But I did my best! I, did my best! (For the first time) I resisted the temptation!
When someone calls my name from an odd angle, I look up with my natural expression. Rick is peering closely from above, and our eyes meet. He recoils with a face as if his breath got caught.
…What’s that? Such a sudden face.
“No, sorry. Don’t make that face…,” he says, looking like he’s about to suffocate.
What face?
“Were you scared? Your hands were trembling, you know?”
Oh, I see… I guess I was anxious about the crowd.
Even though I’m a demon, the inside is still “me”… And it seems I’ve been holding Rick’s hand tightly all this time.
“If there are many people, it’s nerve-wracking, right? Eurushia, you looked a bit scared.”
Rick and Timothée, who were holding hands on the other side, both gave me a gentle pat on the head with sweet smiles. “Sorry, both of you,” I said. Rick, at least, hasn’t changed at all, always looking sullen, but Timothée is like a real big brother, making me feel safe.
“Thank you both…”
“You’re welcome.”
As I let out a deflated sigh, Timothée chuckled, and Rick turned away with a pout.
Come on, Rick, what’s with that? Worried about me or not, have you grown up a bit since last year? Well, not really.
Focusing on Timothée, he wore a ‘big brother’s face’ and smiled at me.
“Well then…”
“Eurushia! Since you’re the guest of honor, you can’t stay on the stage all the time!”
“Huh? Wait—”
Just as I thought of having Timothée escort me again, Rick suddenly pulled my hand, leading me down the stairs.
Hey, wait a minute!? He’s walking so fast!
Stop, at least slow down! I’m not that strong on my feet! I’m weak! I’m going to fall at this rate! I’ll slip!
Ahhh, no!
“Rick, big brother!”
Calling out in a panic, Rick, who was referred to as ‘big brother,’ turned around with a startled look. He seemed overwhelmed by some indescribable emotions.
“Rick, I’m about to fall… Slow down.”
My desperate plea… with a face that almost shed tears because I really thought I’d fall, Rick finally seemed to notice my ‘helplessness.’ He took my hand again, and on the other side, Timothée escorted me. Together, we descended to the venue.
But Rick is unexpectedly calm.
Maybe calling him ‘big brother’ feels awkward after all?
While pondering that, it seems Rick was thinking the same thing. Without looking at me, he mumbled.
“…Guess calling me casually is better…”

Through the participants and even between the security knights, a small figure broke through and tackled my side.
“Yes! It’s been a while, Eur-sama! Sherry is here for you!”
“Yeah, um, two days ago?”
We met the day before yesterday, right? In fact, we’ve met every day since I arrived in the capital.
We didn’t meet yesterday because it was the day before, but every time I come to the capital, Sherry always comes to see me.
Could it be that amnesia…? Sherry, you’re still young…
Well, fortunately or unfortunately, the strange atmosphere that developed when I appeared has somehow dissipated. But what should I do about this clingy bug? And then…
Another tiny figure jumped in from the side and headbutted Sherry.
“Sherry! What are you doing? Let go of Eur, you!”
“…Betty-san, a headbutt is cruel.”
Sherry, holding her head, looked up at Betty, who scolded her.
Betty is a friend of mine and Sherry’s, a slightly older sister figure to me. It seems like she came over to intervene, but I know…
I know that she tried to stop Sherry in a normal way but ended up slipping and headbutting her.
Though not as often as with Sherry, I also play with Betty when I come to the capital. The frequency is low because, for better or worse, she’s more sensible than Sherry… she’s a disappointing girl.
Into our midst…
“Are you okay? Your forehead is turning red!”
As Timothée, who had been left alone, peeks into Betty’s face, Betty lets out a strange sound, and her face, redder than the forehead she hit with a headbutt, turns even redder.
Oh my, what’s this? Is that how it is, Betty-chan? Timothée really gives off a prince vibe.
Betty stares at Timothée with her mouth slightly agape, seemingly unaware of Rick’s presence beside him.
It would have been nice to end the party in this pleasant atmosphere, but… the fates had other plans.

“Father… how much longer?”
I have my duties as the guest of honor at this party.
Now, how many couples have we greeted among the guests who have finished their greetings… fifty? A hundred? I haven’t been counting since (it became troublesome).
Among the thousands of participants, the people in this venue seem to be relatively important, but even with the narrowed focus on Father and Grandfather’s friends, there is no sign of it ending.
It’s been two hours already. The time per couple is way too long. Is it really necessary to freeze every time they see me up close?
Father, help me.
“Well, I guess… it’s time for a break. Let’s see… After Father and I… His Majesty and I receive greetings, Eurushia, take a break. Leahsteere, can you handle it?”
“Yes, Lord Fort.”
With an apologetic request from Father, Mother smiles gently… is her expression stiff from greeting too much? Holding hands with Mother, we head towards the [enclosure].
Is there an enclosure in the party venue? Of course not.
Throughout the venue, only luxurious sofas and tables are placed, surrounded by knights, creating a closed space where only people with strong determination can enter.
However, it’s entirely visible from the outside, so I call it the “zoo enclosure.”
Look there. Even in that “enclosure” over there, where you can see everything from the outside, Grandpa and Uncle are drinking and making noise with the tough guys… aren’t they supposed to be receiving greetings with Father?
“Eur… I will return to assist Lord Fort. Can you be a good girl?”
“Yes, Mother. Please.”
I surrender.

In the “enclosure” brought by Mother, Sherry and Betty are already there, making it a no-boys-allowed zone secured by my guard knights.
Ah, Mother is… dispensing her healing fluffiness. But, Father is having a hard time, so it can’t be helped. Let’s get some healing from Sherry and Betty.
Greeted by Sarah and the nosebleed knight… was it Bridget? I was guided inside the cage, and my two healing friends waved and welcomed me.
“Eur-sama, over here!”
“Ugh, took you long enough! …And Timothée is not here.”
Betty blushed bright red and couldn’t say anything…
As Sherry jumped on me as usual, replenishing the lacking fluffy elements from her, I was led by Betty, who tapped the sofa, to sit between them.
“The greeting line was quite something! Truly befitting the daughter of a ducal family, huh?”
Betty laughed in a villainous young lady tone, and her forehead was still red. Unaware of her friend’s one-liner, Sherry embraced my arm.
“It seems my father and brother also paid their respects.”
“Sorry, it was crowded…”
There might have been someone like that, but I don’t remember… Ordinary people just don’t leave an impression.
“Your father and brother don’t matter, but…”
Is that so?
“Eur-sama, what about attending the [First Tea Party]?”
“Come to think of it, we haven’t discussed it yet!”
Since I frequently come to the capital, it could have been a topic, but the adults were restraining each other on who would invite me, making it difficult to bring up.
Sherry and Betty exchanged a glance for a moment and both nodded silently. Well, I can guess what they are thinking.
“Your grandmother… the Queen, has invited you to her tea party.”
As I said that, the two of them sighed ever so slightly. If it weren’t for Grandmother or Lady Elea, I would have preferred a friend’s house.
Anyway, as we came here for a break, we had tea prepared to ease ourselves. Well, any high-quality tea is no different from hot water for me.
“Eur-sama, you’re invited to the Queen’s tea party. We wanted to invite you, but… calling you the [Golden Princess], it felt a bit daunting for us.”
What’s with that embarrassing nickname?
Apparently, it’s because I have golden hair and golden eyes, so I’m secretly called that.
“Oh, but [Silver Princess] was also invited, so that’s probably why we started calling you that.”
“That name is impressive too… Who is it?”
As I tilted my head, Betty made a face like, “Huh, really?” That reaction, combined with the surprised looks from Vio and Sarah, made me wonder if it’s common knowledge.
Huh? Is it common sense?
“Allow me to inform you!”
Good at spreading rumors, Betty proudly told me with a (thin) chest puffed out.
Apparently, there’s a very beautiful girl with silver hair and silver-purple eyes. She rarely attends evening gatherings, and the only time you can see her face is at her [Moonlit Tea Party].
“My sister’s acquaintance attended it, and it seems like handsome and beautiful servants take care of you. They serve exquisite tea and sweets you’ve never seen before; it’s like a dreamy and wonderful tea party!”
“I’m not interested; Eur-sama is more beautiful.”
Sherry is as usual. Betty, who had been enchanted by Sherry’s talk, dismisses her with a wry smile, grabbing Sherry’s shoulder and shaking her vigorously.
“Is the young lady over there present today?”
As I can’t hear the continuation, I turn to the servants. Vio, who silently approached, informs me softly.
“Count Auber is not in attendance today due to his age, and he and his wife have been staying close to their territory for the past few years. The sole heiress, Miss Mylène, is ten years old. She has been in society since the beginning of this year, gaining attention for her fairy-like beauty.”
So, she is the [Silver Princess]…
“Mylène has a delicate constitution and is known as a secluded young lady. She should have received an invitation to attend this time, but perhaps a proxy may be representing her. It’s because of the large number of people…”
“It’s fine, Vio. Thank you.”
With over a thousand people easily fitting into this venue, we’re using multiple halls and courtyards. Anyway, I have to make an appearance at all of them once, which feels quite daunting.
More than that, I’m amazed at Vio, who has memorized all the noble families attending this event.
Mylène, with her weak health, stays close to her territory like her parents. She sends invitations to the [Moonlit Tea Party] only when she’s feeling well.
Receiving the invitation is not related to social status, and it seems to be an honor for lower-ranking noble daughters to be invited.
The maids and escort knights seem to know more about this, and everyone is engrossed in gossip, neglecting their work.
Well, in a place where only beautiful girls like these gather, it seems difficult for an unknown man to approach. So, it’s okay to let them relax a bit. But, other noble girls never come close at all.
Although I feel a lot of eyes on me, maybe they’re hesitant due to being too focused on me? Or perhaps, I seem “scary”…
I won’t do any more foraging since I had a terrible experience last time. I won’t snack anymore.
I wanted some normal friends, but it can’t be helped. In exchange, finally, those people have come.
In a way, it’s the main event of the day.

“Oh my, excuse me.”
The girl who suddenly appeared poured bright red fruit liquor all over Eurushia, the guest of honor for tonight.

scene transition

Many wanted to approach Miss Eurushia, but even for the children of high-ranking nobles, getting close to that place, guarded by numerous escorts and maids, was difficult. Everyone hesitated before the radiance of the [Princess] and her “beauty” in that place. However, two girls stepped forward into that place.
Everyone was stunned and paralyzed by their audacious act. Eurushia’s pure white attire, along with her beautiful golden hair, was stained with sporadic red. The use of vivid red fruit liquor instead of pale fruit water clearly conveyed a malicious intent.
“Haha, look, big sister! This girl looks like she’s covered in blood!”
“Ugh, Aureline. You really shouldn’t say things like that. But damn, I didn’t expect the contents of that spilled glass to be so damn annoying,”
The girls sneered and loudly cursed, catching the attention of the bewildered maidens and escort knights.
“Hey, you lot! Do you dare disrespect me, Ataline, the legitimate heiress of House Coel?”
Addressed as “big sister,” Ataline’s stern proclamation froze even the knights in their tracks.
Her flowing luxurious crimson hair resembled a blooming rose, and her sharp, piercing gaze, coupled with her elevated posture, gave off the aura of a crimson lioness.
Proudly proclaiming the name of the once illustrious House Coel, her regal demeanor echoed that of her mother, once hailed as the grande dame of high society.
In her unchildlike authority and elegance, the elder sister exuded an air that momentarily halted the movements of the knights. Meanwhile, her younger sister, Aureline, mocked.
“Yeah, that’s right. You can’t defy our ‘big sister,’ can you? Ahahaha!”
Indeed, are the “sisters” of Eurushia, princess of a grand ducal family, although their surnames are different.
a ducal family with deep ties to the old Coel lineage.
The eldest, Ataline. The second, Aureline.
Their appearance and haughty demeanor, far beyond their ages of ten and nine, intimidated the friends and attendants who were angry about the attack on Eurushia.
Ataline, calmly surveying her surroundings with an imposing air, exhaled almost contemptuously.
“Hmph. It seems the Grand Duke’s family hasn’t bothered to discipline their maids. Is it because of that new head maid drenched in fruit wine over there?”
Facing her own soiled sister, the veteran attendants like Vio were incensed by Ataline’s harsh words.
Cunningly taking advantage of the absence of the royal and Grand Ducal figures, and the animosity toward those hired by the Coel family, referring to them as maids was a malicious choice.
However, even these girls were the beloved sisters of Eurushia and the daughters of the esteemed Grand Duke Fort.
Among the servants, there were still many who had suffered mistreatment at their hands and cowered with emotional scars.
Although Eurushia’s friends harbored anger, they lacked the social standing to confront these two, unless it was high-ranking nobles. Yet, it was calculated that such nobles would not visit a place like this.
Witnessing the scene, the surrounding nobles cringed, pretending not to see. The whispers about the Coel sisters’ exploits in the capital and at the magical academy were well-known among them.
Rumors spoke of crushed shops that failed to provide what the sisters desired.
Rumors spoke of a student bullied to the brink of suicide.
Rumors spoke of their extravagant spending and illicit dealings in the underworld.
There are a lot rumors like that
And thodse rumors, and many more, painted a vivid picture of the sisters as spoiled aristocratic children, exceeding the bounds of acceptable behavior for their age.
Perhaps due to this, their engagements with the royal family had been annulled before becoming official, adding credibility to the gossip.
The boundless “malice” directed at them even extended to the younger sister, connected by blood.
Like a small white lily wounded by the thorns of a rosy, blood-stained rose…
In the midst of the contrasting conflict between the two sisters, some individuals tried to inform the Grand Duke, but they were stopped by nobles opposing the Versenia Grand House.
Can this malice be stopped… Everyone pondered, and at the moment they lowered their faces in their powerlessness, they felt something like a fleeting cool breeze—a moment when their souls trembled.
Exposed to evil, drenched in fruit wine and defiled, the girl with golden eyes radiating a soft light narrowed her eyes and wore a captivating smile etched into the souls.

“Oh, well, can’t have that. It seems my presence leaked for a moment. Did the atmosphere shake a bit?”
“…… What, what? “
For some reason, my sister Aureline threw a glass of fruit wine at me, looking somewhat frightened… but this would mess up Sherry and Betty with fruit wine too.
I slowly caught the flying red droplets with my fingertips, gazing at the swaying scene, and spoke with powerful words.
“─ [Let there be light] ─”
A faint… gentle light spread, illuminating everything around.
When the light disappeared, the bright red fruit wine turned into ordinary transparent water, and the red stains on my white dress were completely gone.
A high-level holy magic—[Purification].
It not only eliminates poison and miasma but also dispels curses. If used lightly, it can even remove everyday dirt from clothes and bodies. …But if you’re not careful, it might cause the colors to fade on dyed clothes.
In the aftermath of the holy magic, the steam that evaporated gently in the distance, Betty and Sherry turned surprised faces toward me… I wiped my hands with a handkerchief, softly smiling with restrained joy.
“Nice to meet you, sisters. I’m delighted to meet you.”
Oh… I’m so happy that my face is twitching. I hope I’m not making a weird smile.
But, despite having such a gentle smile (or so I intend), why are the sisters trying to step back?
“Ugh… you!”
Still, only Sister Ataline stood still, gritting her teeth. Hmm… that’s odd. I haven’t exerted any pressure this time…
Well, my cute friends were frightened, and Vio and the others were made fun of, so it doesn’t hurt my heart that much… but I’m a bit disappointed in my lack of self-control.
It’s no good…
I have to behave [more human-like].
With such poignant thoughts, I gaze at the sisters, and for some reason, the nape of Ataline’s neck stands up like a cat’s fur.
“…You! I’ll never acknowledge you as Father’s daughter!!”
Leaving those words behind, Sister Ataline turns on her heel and hastily walks away, with Sister Aureline quickly following her.
Oh dear. She went home.
Too bad. I wanted a bit more “interaction” with the sisters and sisterly bonding.

“Miss Eur!”
As they disappear, my two friends cling to my arms from both sides, and Vio and the guard knights rush over, kneeling in front of me.
“We apologize!”
“We truly…”
Everyone wore a dark expression, and I silently shook my head.
“It’s fine, really. There’s no helping it. More importantly, I apologize if I’ve made everyone uncomfortable because of me.”
“No, I’m really sorry!”
As I gently stroked Sherry’s chick-like hair, Betty tried to nuzzle against my cheek. “No, Betty, not now! …While saying this, everyone looked flustered.
“That’s not true! We should have stood up and faced the consequences with determination!”
“That’s right! We should have stood up to them and prepared to be punished! “
“Yes! We knights should have been the shield…”
“I would be happy if you say so.”
As I smiled, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and Ferl and Min started to cheer.
“Lady Eur, that was so amazing!”
“Was that divine magic?”
“Wow, I need to brag to my brother again!”
Sarah, stop it. It’ll just lead to another fight.
In the midst of the lively atmosphere, a quiet and reserved-looking maid, whom I hadn’t spoken to much before, muttered softly.
“…Honestly, that felt refreshing.”
Maybe she had been bullied by the ladies since the time of the Duke’s house? It’s not something you should say as a servant of the Grand Duke’s family, but several maids who overheard her words nodded quietly.
“I’m sorry. Even though the princess is the victim…”
“It’s okay.”
I squinted at the maid, whose gaze gathered and shrank.
“To me, there’s hardly any harm, and besides…”
Ever since I heard the “rumors” about the older sisters, I’ve been dreaming.
The encounter with these two would surely be something wonderful.
As expected… no, even more than expected, the older sisters were lovely.
Especially Lady Ataline, she was truly enchanting. I couldn’t resist…
“Aren’t they cute…?”
As I tilted my head slightly, not only those around me but also those who had been watching us were surprised.

Because, truly, they were so lovely…
And delicious.

The debut of Princess Eurushia, the first princess of the Verzenia Grand Duchy, ended without a hitch, and the reactions of the many nobles present could be divided into three main categories.
Firstly, the elder sisters… those with loose tongues. There were rumors that she wasn’t the Duke’s real daughter, and upon hearing about the conflict with those sisters and witnessing her response…
In the presence of those infamous elder sisters, despite showing a sad and fleeting smile, Eurushia did not condemn their outrageous actions. Instead, she praised them as “charming individuals who can’t be straightforward,” revealing the true extent of Eurushia’s compassionate heart and the vastness of her generosity.
The majority’s response overwhelmingly acknowledged Princess Eurushia as the face of the Holy Kingdom, praising her as the true “Holy Maiden” of the Holy Kingdom. They shared their admiration for her with friends and family.
Some, however, were wary of the power Eurushia possessed – her fame, praise, and the strength as a Holy Maiden. They feared this allure and eyed the Vercenia Grand Ducal Family, which held the third significant influence.
Yet, the most frantic reactions came from the nobles who held the potential for the third big influence.
While the current king, still robust, was expected to abdicate within the next decade, passing the throne to the crown prince.
This succession had been smooth due to the early withdrawal of the second prince, Fort. Now, the issue arose with the succession of Timothée and Ludrick, the sons of the crown prince.
A faction supporting the eldest, Timothée, a paragon of excellence in everything as the next king.
A faction favoring Ludrick, with temperament similar to the king and crown prince, rather than the firstborn resembling the queen and crown princess.
Factions seeking the traditional Holy Kingdom and those desiring a new Holy Kingdom.
Both sides had their reasons, and the arguments seemed to be in a deadlock. However, a decisive factor had now emerged.
A golden princess endowed with royal elegance, captivating beauty, and overflowing compassion as the Holy Maiden.
Though still young, her future beauty promised to resound throughout the three realms, inevitably sparking conflicts over her. Preparation to draw her into their factions without alerting opposing ones had to begin now,
for whoever secured Princess Eurushia would be the next king.

As these machinations unfolded, a lone girl stood atop a spire, overlooking those departing from the castle.
Clad in a blue satin dress, her silver hair billowed in the wind. With closed eyes, she listened to the whispers of the people and slowly opened her purple-tinted silver eyes.
“The golden… princess?”
Her red lips, akin to the sound of bells, uttered a melodic voice. Suppressing a small smile, she gently extended her hand towards the moonlit night.

“Would the princess… consider gracing my ‘tea party’ with her presence?”

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