My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Confession

It was a day like any other, two weeks after the start of the school year.
Lily opened her shoe locker, only to find a white envelope inside.
(Finally, it happened.)
Her upbeat mood took a nosedive instantly.
The moment she saw it, she suddenly felt gloomy.
However, there was a chance that what Lily was thinking could be different.
Hoping for a glimmer of possibility, she took out the envelope and checked its contents.
“There’s something important I want to talk to you about. Please come to the rooftop after school. From Kento Makabe.”
At first glance, one could interpret it as an outdated challenge letter.
But if you thought about it normally, it had to be a confession.
(Oh, I don’t want this.)
Events that would undoubtedly unfold in the near future flashed in her mind, and Lily couldn’t help but exhale.
“Lily, aren’t you changing your shoes yet? If you’re slow, you’ll be late—What the hell are you holding!?”
About to head to class, Saito noticed Lily not moving from her shoe locker and called out to her. However, his attention was locked onto what Lily was holding.
On his way to the classroom, his eyes lock on something Lily is holding.
With excitement in his eyes, he approached,
“Hey, hey, what’s written there?”
“It says there’s something important, and I should come to the rooftop after school.”
“Oh, doing something so old-fashioned in the era when social media is widespread. It’s rare because people usually handle that kind of thing through email nowadays. I’ve never seen it before.”
“Well, probably because there’s no way to get in touch with each other. I mean, I only give my email contact to the bare minimum, and I’m not in any groups.”
Saito, intrigued, peered into the letter. When Lily speculated that she received a love letter, he nodded in understanding, “I see, that makes sense.”
“So, what are you going to do in response?”
Since he saw it, he would be curious.
Saito asked Lily what she was going to do.
“I’ll reject it. I don’t even have memories of talking to this person.”
Lily’s answer was a firm no.
It’s too scary to date someone without knowing anything about them,
no matter how handsome they might be.
“What’s that about? I thought there might be some connection since he’s confessing.”
“There isn’t. I don’t know anything about Makabe.”
“Why would he even think about confessing? Oh, maybe it’s one of those ‘from a friend’ situations?”
“I don’t want advances from friends with ulterior motives.”
Saito, seemingly sharing Lily’s sensibilities, was also puzzled by this unusual event.
While he tried to read the other person’s intentions, what came out was something Lily would rather avoid.
During casual conversations or even when having fun, constantly being on guard and feeling targeted is unpleasant. At least, she wanted to enjoy a carefree time when she was with her friends.
“Well, given that, let’s go home separately today.”
“Got it. I’ll just grab someone randomly to go home with. Kai seems free, so it should work. Good luck.”
Despite the occurrence of a special event quite different from their usual routine, the atmosphere between the two remained calm.
For Lily, this was genuinely appreciated.
Feeling her troubled heart calming down,
Lily smiled, and Saito smiled in response.

Time passed swiftly, and before they knew it, it was time for the end of the school day.
“Well then, see you later, Lily.”
“See you, Saito.”
“…Hey! Kai. As we talked during lunch, let’s go play at the arcade.”
Having finished his preparations to go home before Lily, Saito quickly greeted his friends and rushed over to where his friend was with his bag.
His demeanor seemed more cheerful than usual, and it was evident that he was looking forward to hanging out with his male friends after school.
Feeling a bit left out, Lily, who had just thought about joining Saito in some activity, packed her textbooks into her bag.
“Huh? It’s unusual for Riricchi and Saitochi not to go home together.”
It was the first time since entering school that Saito and Lily were going home separately.
Intrigued by this rare sight, Shuri asked about the reason.
“I have something to do after this, so we decided to go home separately.”
“Oh, really? Well, if you’re free after your thing, let’s go home together, Riricchi.”
“Well, I might take a while with my business, so I might end up keeping you waiting. Sorry for today. Instead, let’s go home together tomorrow since I don’t have anything then.”
The proposal from her friend was tempting, and Lily wanted to agree, but she resisted the urge.
There was a reason for that. The letter she received this morning only mentioned “after school” without specifying the exact time.
Bringing her friend into this situation where she might either arrive immediately or an hour later was unfair.
Lily clapped her hands together and bowed her head lightly, hoping that nothing would happen tomorrow so she could be excused for today.
“Seriously! Alright, alright. If that’s the case, I’ll graciously back off for today. But be prepared for tomorrow, okay? I’ve got something I want to do with Riricchi a bit.”
“Something you want to do? Well, I don’t understand, but I have to go now. Goodbye, Shuri-chan.”
What could be happening tomorrow after school? With a hint of unease, Lily bid farewell to Shuri and left the classroom.
Against the tide of students returning home, she climbed the stairs and reached the rooftop.
Glancing around, there was not a single person, possibly because classes had just ended.
She placed her bag down and decided to pass the time by looking at the flowers blooming in the rooftop garden until the sender arrived.
(Nostalgic… this feeling.)
As she gazed at the colorful flowers swaying in the wind, memories of her first life resurfaced, spending time like this waiting on the rooftop.
Most of the time, the other person would be nervous, causing them to arrive late, and Lily would be there first.
Initially, she remembered feeling irritated, being called out only to be kept waiting.
However, as time passed and she learned about love, she started to understand the other person’s feelings a bit. Eventually, she stopped feeling annoyed about waiting.
Therefore, Lily had no complaints about waiting.
Closing her eyes, she surrendered to the soft spring breeze, just like the flowers in the rooftop garden, for a few minutes.
The sound of a doorknob turning reached her ears.
Opening her eyes and turning toward the source of the sound, she saw a male student glancing around nervously.
Most likely, he was the student named Makabe who called her out.
Lily approached him with her bag.


“Are you Makabe-kun, the one who called me out?”
“Y-Yes! I apologize for keeping you waiting, Lily-san.”
Having confirmed he was the sender, Makabe quickly apologized for making her wait.
Being able to apologize sincerely is a plus point. Some of the people she confessed by in the past didn’t even apologize, so he’s relatively better in that regard.
However, he stepped on a big landmine.
“Could you stop calling me by my first name? I don’t like being called by my first name by people I just met.”
“Oh, s-sorry. I’ll be more careful from now on.”
The mistake was calling Lily by her first name.
For Lily, being called by her first name is something special, and allowing it is a sign of trust in the other person.
When it happens with someone she’s not close to, it gives her an uncomfortable feeling.
The slight positive impression gained earlier quickly disappears, and the evaluation drops below zero into the negative.
The mood turns sour, and Lily, with narrowed eyes and a cold tone, warns him not to call her by her first name. True to his mistake, Makabe, with a blue face, bows repeatedly.
“If you fix it, it’s fine. So, what’s the reason you called me out?”
“Oh, um, that…”
Well, that doesn’t mean the negative points will disappear.
Lily, still with an indifferent look, encourages him to get to the point.
Makabe stammers, completely far from the situation he had envisioned.
In this atmosphere, confessing seems impossible. If he does, failure is inevitable.
However, from Lily’s perspective, it’s his own fault. He walked into the minefield without hesitation, and it’s his fault for stepping on it.
Without trying to ease the tense atmosphere, they wait for Makabe to speak.
And then, how much time has passed?
In Lily’s perception, about two minutes have passed when Makabe opens his mouth, seeming to have gathered his resolve.
“Uh, um! Since the first time I saw you, I liked Machigane-san! Please go out with me!”
“I’m sorry. I can’t date you.”
Lily swiftly rejects Makabe’s desperate confession.
Shortly after being rejected, Makabe’s face contorts, and tears well up in his eyes.
“Why not?”
But he had already made up his mind. He won’t back down so easily.
Makabe asks for the reason he was rejected.
“Because I don’t know anything about you. I don’t like you. So, we can’t date.”
Lily succinctly and clearly explains her feelings.
“Then, get to know me. If you become friends with me…”
“I’ll decline that too. I’m not good with guys.”
“Even if you say that, you seem to get along well with Minatsuki-kun!”
“He’s a childhood friend I’ve known for a long time, like family. It’s different with you.”
“Even so!?”
It’s probably because Saito and Lily seem friendly.
Thinking that he could become friends if he pleaded, Makabe is stunned after hearing Lily’s explanation.
If he observed a bit, he would have noticed that Lily avoids guys.
It seems that, for some reason, he only saw Lily in the light that suited his convenience.
“Darn it!”
With a curse directed at no one in particular, Makabe hastily flees from the rooftop
as the door closes. Alone again, Lily lets out a deep sigh.
(Call me out without permission and confess like that, but don’t make that face…)
What comes to her mind is Makabe’s hurt expression when he was rejected earlier.
Without truly knowing the other person, he selfishly confessed and made a victim-like face.
Victim or not, I don’t want him making such a face. It’s me who should be feeling that way.
If she continues making that expression, it feels like I’m the bad guy, creating a false illusion.
(Falling for someone based on looks alone. Not even bothering to understand me properly…)
I know the other person is at fault.
But hurting him by rejecting him is a fact.
Kind-hearted Lily can’t just ignore it.
She can tell that the guy is genuinely expressing himself.
Even though she knows she’s not in the wrong, somewhere in her heart, she wonders if she also had some fault.
If only she hadn’t bumped into him back then.
If only she had been a bit more cold to boys to make things clearer.
Maybe today’s incident wouldn’t have happened.
Even though it’s meaningless, she can’t help but think about it.
“…Sigh, let’s go home.”
Thinking that staying in this place any longer might lead to a loop of self-loathing, Lily exits the rooftop from the door opposite to where Makabe left.
Avoiding the noisy hustle and bustle, she continues walking for a while. Finally, they reach the station.
Fortunately, maybe because the train left a while ago, there are hardly any people on the platform.
For now, Lily sits on a bench at the edge.
Trying to pass the time, she opens the partially read novel. However, the incident from earlier keeps flashing in her mind, making it impossible to progress even a single page.
(Reading is not working.)
Realizing that being alone in a quiet space is not good, Lily closes the book abruptly, lifts her head, and finds a boy standing in front of her, who shouldn’t be here.
“Hey, gloomy-faced pretty lady. Wanna play with me? I won’t let you get bored.”
Lily opens her eyes wide in shock.
Ignoring Lily’s astonishment, Saito, in a playful tone like a pickup artist, invites her to play.
“Why is Saito here? Weren’t you supposed to go to the game center?”
“That was the plan~. I was having a nice time with Kai bought juice from the vending machine by the sea, chatted away, and he accidentally drank the zenzai that had been left unattended for a long time, thinking it was his. Then Kai collapsed. Today’s game center plan went out the window. I’ve been busy taking care of Kai who passed out after drinking the zenzai, you see.”
Asking about the reason, Saito gleefully explains why he ended up here.
A friend collapsed, and with the cancellation of their plans to play, Saito had a tough time as well.
“That’s unfortunate.”
“Well, if you’re alive, you’ll have days like this. Don’t worry about it. Besides, I found a new playmate by chance. You’re probably free, right, Lily? Let’s go to the game center for some fun. It’ll help you forget the unpleasant things.”
During lunch break, aware of Saito getting excited about what to do at the game center, Lily jeaolus of him.
However, Saito, seemingly oblivious to any concerns, approached her with a cheerful smile, inviting her to play.
It might have included an intention to cheer up the downhearted Lily, but after years of knowing each other,
she understood that he was inviting her simply because he wanted to have fun.
While being used in a somewhat convenient way irked her, in reality, it was quite appreciated by the current Lily.
“Well, if you really want to, I’ll go with you.”
“I really do, so come with me.”
“Fine, fine. I get it.”
However, it was difficult for her to express that straightforwardly, so she ended up responding with a somewhat sarcastic remark.
Perhaps driven by the desire to play, Saito didn’t seem bothered by the teasing. He insisted on playing, and Lily just shrugged and went along with it.
Later on, the two enjoy various games at the game center, such as coin games, rhythm games, and purikura, until the sun sets. By the time they head home, the unpleasant memory has completely slipped from Lily’s mind.

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