A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 7 part 1

Chapter 7 – Gathering of the Annoying Ones

The day after Fei returned from his first mission, he and Yururu were once again doing their morning training. The other knights were resting, but Fei never rests, and Yururu also knew he would be training, so she was accompanying him.

Fei and Yururu finished their usual intense training and took a short break. There, Yururu tilted her head with a “Hmmm…”

“Fei-kun doesn’t seem very adept at manipulating star magic…”

“Yes…I’m aware.”

“I feel it’s quite a waste…”

” …… I see. “

“Usually, attributeless enhancement magic – it’s important to wrap the star magic around your body’s surface, but more than that, containing it inside is extremely important. In Fei-kun’s case, I believe that all the star magic that should be kept inside is leaking out externally…”

“I understand.”

“However, attributeless enhancement does have an intuitive element to it…so it may be difficult to say…”

“Of course, I don’t intend to become adept overnight.”

“Yes, of course… Um, so, with that said, I have a proposal…”

Yururu hesitated slightly. Trembling, she reached out her hand. Despite her hesitation, she turned bright red and with a shaking voice made her suggestion.

“I-I could directly flow my star magic from my hand into Fei-kun and have you try controlling it to some extent. Maybe that would help with the intuition…?”

“Let’s do it.”

A decisive man when it comes to growing stronger – that was Fei.

He immediately agreed and grasped Yururu’s hand. Yururu’s heart involuntarily skipped a beat at Fei’s quick action.



“Oh, sorry… I’ll flow it now…”

Transparent star magic flowed in from her delicate hand. She controlled it and wrapped Fei’s body with the star magic.

“How is it?”

“Somehow…my body feels lighter than usual.”

“If you don’t forget this sensation, I’m sure your enhancement magic will improve!

“I see…I’ll remember it.”

“Um, yes. And, to help remember the feeling, we could stay like this a little longer…”

Still grasping his hand and flowing in star magic, Yururu asked him something she was curious about.

“Um, so, are you seeing any girls right now…?”

“Not particularly interested in things like that.”

“I see!”

A faint smile.

“Why do you ask?”

“Well…um, because…in combat, knowing your opponent well is very important…or something like that…”

Yururu gave some random plausible sounding reason.

Fei looked puzzled for a moment, but with a nod seemed to accept it since his teacher said so. His expression returned to the usual stoicism.

“Um…do you have a type of girl you like…? For example, older…”

“Nothing in particular.”

“Oh, I see… What about favorite foods…?”


“Ah, cute.”

After that, Yururu’s questions were repeated several times.

It’s probably just coincidence that the sandwich she brought the next day happened to be a ham sandwich.


One day, Fei was assigned a mission. The town of Nimama. Recently, people had been attacked and gone missing outside of that town. Though the number of dead and injured was still low at three people, urgent action was demanded.

There was a holy knight stationed in Nimama town, but they hadn’t figured out the cause yet. They also had patrol work in the town, so if they expanded their range of activity outside the town, it would leave the town understaffed.

Therefore, the mission was assigned to Fei, two other holy knight members, and a veteran holy knight.

The novel game [Knights of the Round Table] had a similar event of those four heading to Nimama town.

It was an event where the character Fei instantly gets death flags with the other three and they all die except for Fei, who gets mocked online for being cowardly and running away. Since Fei’s character was originally meant to be an annoying side one, events like this were prepared for him.

And the two holy knights accompanying Fei were said to be fellow annoying classmates on par with him.

On top of that, the veteran holy knight tagging along was quite the scumbag as well.

Such a worst case event prepared for Fei’s character was about to unfold. Oblivious to any of that, Fei stoically ate breakfast at the orphanage.

At the seat in front of him were Lelle and Maria. Lelle called out to Fei in a loud voice.

“Feiyy, Mariatan’s birthday is coming up soon!”

“Is that so.”

“What’s Fei gonna give her?”

“….Still thinking about it.”

“Fei, don’t worry about it. I don’t need anything.”

“No! Fei has to give her something! I’ll draw my best!”

“If I’m going to do it, it’ll have to be the best gift…”

Saying that, Fei finished his breakfast and left the orphanage. True, who joined the special unit with him, was also at the orphanage, but he didn’t talk to him. Likewise, True had an aversion to Fei, so he never spoke to him either, and they stayed out of each other’s affairs.

That was how it always was. Moreover, since they had different missions today, they avoided each other even more. Without saying anything, the two left the orphanage separately.

Neither Fei nor True were aware of the trials that awaited them after this.

Fei went to the designated meeting spot, the gates of Britannia Kingdom, to wait for the other members. He hadn’t been given very detailed information about his companions, but he had been told their names at least, so as he waited, a pair approached.

“Huh? If I may ask, you’re Faye, right? I’m impressed that you’re waiting at the gate before me.

“I’m impressed you’re waiting at the gate before me.”

“Yo, yer Fei-han right? Mah name’s Ese.”

“I’m Kamase.”

Ese with blue hair and narrow eyes, speaking in a Kansai dialect. He wasn’t particularly handsome, but had a distinctive carefree grin. And the one who came with him and used the distinctive pronoun “boku-sama” was Kamase, a man with brown hair and black eyes.

“Oh, you’re already here huh.”

And the one who came after the two was…a knight who looked to be in his late twenties. Black eyes, clean shaven head. Clearly a male knight devoid of any domineering aura.

“Let’s see, Ese, Kamase, and Fei huh. I’m Heppiri, a veteran 11th rank holy knight.”

“Nice ta meetcha, ossan.”

“Don’t get in boku-sama’s way old man.”

“Hey, don’t get ahead of yourself, newbie.”

These were the holy knights mocked online in the depressing novel game [Knights of the Round Table] for instantly getting death flags along with Fei and all dying except for Fei.

Once gathered, the four immediately headed for town. Ese, Kamase, Heppiri walked importantly, while Fei followed a short distance behind without getting friendly.

The current Fei had spent time in the special unit with Arthur, Bowlan, True and Yururu.

But originally, Fei wasn’t in the special unit at all, and was supposed to be in a unit with Ese and Kamase. However, since Fei ended up joining the special unit, for this mission to Nimama town they were short on just two new knights and one teacher, so Fei was added last minute as well.

And so, in a game event, the three individuals, Kama-se, Ese, and Fei, who went from temporary recruits to official knights, embarked on their first external mission. They were tasked with investigating an anomaly in the town of Nimama. However, what awaited them there was the worst possible event, following the flow of the novel game “Round Table Hero Chronicles.”

However, Fei had been walking a fate quite different from the original plan. Ideally, there should have been no connection with Ese and Kama-se, with whom he spent the initial provisional enlistment. However, with only two newly recruited knights and one instructor, it was deemed insufficient for the mission. Consequently, Fei was hastily added to the assignment in the town of Nimama.

It might be some kind of force correcting the course of game destiny. Despite his divergent path from the original trajectory, Fei found herself being drawn into the scenario of the novel game.

The four who arrived in town promptly started investigating the recent abnormalities in the town – or rather, didn’t. They each freely started moving on their own.

“I’mma go try mah hand at slots fer a bit. Oh yeah, we’re s’posed ta investigate or whateva.”

“Boku-sama will go ask that beauty over there.”

“I’ll investigate at the bar.”

Ese went to what looked like a casino and headed over there at a trot. Kamase picked up a girl, and Heppiri went to drink alcohol. Everyone except Fei ditched the mission and fooling around as they pleased. Meanwhile, Fei inspected around outside the town, but didn’t see anything suspicious. Despite being bad at conversation, he did ask residents a little.

And before he realized it, the surroundings had…grown dark.

At dusk, the transitioning time when the orange sky shifted to pitch black, Fei and the others had gathered at the town’s entrance. Ese yawned drowsily as he spoke to Heppiri after playing around.

“Say, ossan, shouldn’ we head back soon? I’m pooped already.”

“Hmph, even boku-sama investigated but couldn’t grab the tail on this.”

“Yeah, let’s call it no progress today and head back.”

” …… “

In the end, they hadn’t done anything. Fei didn’t say anything more. Or rather, he hadn’t spoken a single word since coming on this mission.

“Yo Fei, ya really don’ talk at all huh.”

“Indeed. Even though boku-sama went through the trouble…”

Since he remained silent, the two called out to Fei.


He continued his silence. As if waiting for something… Seeing his attitude, they figured something was off as they started walking back towards the royal capital. Even on the road back, Ese and the others laughed boisterously, relaxed.

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