Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 12

XII Arena

Gamaras had been rapidly reforming the Faloon Kingdom, but he had some concerns.
Although the national treasury was currently flush with assets seized from nobles, Faloon was originally a poor country. It was like a breakwater against the Forest of Monsters, with little industry of its own.
No matter how much Gamaras reformed politics or improved economic efficiency, the economy would not thrive if there was little circulation of goods. At this rate, the country would reach an impasse.
But while Gamaras was an excellent politician, he was no brilliant merchant. He hadn’t come up with any industries that would increase traffic and circulation of money from other countries.
While feeling progress with the reforms, Gamaras was troubled by their limitations.
Then one day, while giving a policy report to King Mars, the king who usually just listened silently spoke up.
“Build me a Colosseum.”
“A Colosseum…you say?”
Surprised by the sudden request, Gamaras was taken aback. King Mars had left domestic affairs entirely to Gamaras, and had never made a proposal before now.
What’s more, a Colosseum was quite unusual. Some countries had arenas where gladiator slaves fought, but they were extremely few, and it would definitely be the first in Faloon.
“Hold the Hundred Ranking Matches there.”
“…I see. The Hundred Ranking Matches are said to be quite a spectacle. Holding them at an Colosseum to turn them into a show—that’s your aim, I take it?”
Gamaras felt he understood the king’s intent.
He aimed to turn the Hundred Ranking Matches into a spectacle and make them a trademark of this country. Currently within the country, the ferocity of the Hundred Ranking Matches had become famous. However, only members of the Hundred could watch them.
Joining the Hundred required eating monster meat, mastering the sword, and other high barriers normal people couldn’t cross. While many wanted to watch the ranking matches, they currently couldn’t.
Considering that, commercializing the ranking matches seemed a good idea.
“Thank you very much. Then, I assume you intend for spectators to pay admission as a national project?”
If they gathered spectators, that admission fee would provide good revenue. It might attract people from other countries.
“No, that’s not it.”
“Not it? Then how will you monetize…”
With his suggestion to charge admission denied, Gamaras pondered. Surely the wise king wouldn’t build an Colosseum just to let people watch for free.
A way to profit without admission fees…after a moment, Gamaras reached an idea.
“Don’t tell me! You plan to make them the subject of gambling!?”
The ranking matches were not mere mock battles. He had heard they were serious contests staking the members’ skill and honor. If people gambled on the outcome, the spectators would surely be ecstatic.
While gambling was generally illegal, state-sanctioned gambling was a legitimate industry. He had heard some countries earned substantial revenue from it.
“Yes, we’ll make the Hundred Ranking Matches the subject of gambling and operate the Colosseum as a state business.”
It was a brilliant idea. It was as if the king had seen through his troubles. Or rather, he surely HAD seen through them. The king had unfathomable wisdom. He must have realized the lack of a core industry was the country’s weakness long ago.
Perhaps he had even envisioned this outcome when first organizing the Hundred.
“Magnificent! The Colosseum will surely become a pillar of our nation’s industry! I will begin preparations at once!”
Impressed by the king’s foresight, Gamaras hurried from the throne room to drive this project forward with all haste.

The Colosseum was completed in less than half a year. It was far bigger and more magnificent than I imagined…
The seating capacity is said to be in the thousands. No doubt the most impressive building in Faloon.
I had worried building something like this might bankrupt our country, but once the Hundred Ranking Matches began, the stands were packed.
The spectators were wild with excitement at the thrilling battles between the Hundred’s top rankers, and bet even more than that. Attracted by rumors, sightseers also poured in from nearby countries, generating significant economic benefits.
According to Gamaras, the Colosseum had doubled the country’s revenue.
Well, more money is good.



The Colosseum was popular with Ogma and the other Hundred members as well. They enjoyed fighting with the cheers of the large audience. Since prize money was also awarded to participants, it was good for their income too. Many in the Hundred were of common birth and had other jobs to earn a living, but the Colosseum income enabled them to focus on the Hundred.
Now, being a ranked member of the Hundred meant possessing wealth, fame, and status like a star. Applications were pouring in from within the country and abroad, and membership was expanding.
Some had the strength but low status, so weren’t recognized. Some confident adventurers wanted to test their skill.
They hunted monster meat in the Forest of Monsters as a rite of passage, so pioneering of the forest also advanced. As Faloon controlled the barrier to the Forest of Monsters, pioneering its fertile land meant expanding the country.
The Colosseum increased revenue, while pioneering the forest expanded territory. Everything was going smoothly.
But one problem came up. Gamaras reported it to me one day.
“Killer Rabbits are nearing extinction?”
“Yes. They’re hardly seen in our territory anymore. It seems to be the effect of increasing new Hundred members overhunting Killer Rabbits, the easiest monster meat to eat.”
While weak, Killer Rabbits were a nuisance to livestock and crops. So fledgling adventurers often hunted them. But I had never heard of them going extinct.
“Monsters can go extinct? I thought they endlessly respawned?”
“This is my first time hearing of it too. Rather than extinct, they may have just been driven out of our territory. Sightings of other monsters in our territory have also steeply declined. I’ve even heard dragons now avoid flying over.”
“Dragons avoid it?”
Dragons were the strongest monsters. Sightings were exceptionally rare, with only the weakest wyverns occasionally crossing the sky.
“Yes. Since dragon meat is valuable, if they fly over our territory, arrows, spears and magic fly wildly and any downed dragons are relentlessly hunted. So the intelligent dragon species now avoid our country, and sightings have plummeted.”
“Wait, what? Magic is being flung at them?”
“It seems Lady Frau’s magician troops have also started eating monster meat, using hunts as combat practice while aggressively collecting higher monster meat.
Come to think of it, Frau also said she ate monster meat. To raise magic power or something. So her troops did too?
Certainly dragon meat was precious. You wouldn’t see them without going deep into the Forest of Monsters. But as the strongest species, a dragon sighting over territory was an emergency. Nearby residents would be evacuated and a hunting party organized.
There had been no sighting reports since I became king, but turns out they were freely hunting them for meat. And it had become a scramble between the Hundred and magician troops.
…But with dragons fleeing, what kind of demonic realm was this country becoming?
“Well, monsters disappearing isn’t bad, right? It reduces harm to crops and residents.”
“Yes. Monsters previously hunted by hired adventurers have been wiped out, so crop yields are the highest since our founding. Farmers voice nothing but gratitude to the king. As expected of you, to so thoroughly calculate popularizing monster meat…”
Gamaras looked at me with sparkling eyes. Creepy.
It’s not like I calculated anything. I just ate monster meat because there was nothing else, and I taught the others it would make them stronger, resulting in this.
“Then it should be fine. The extinction of Killer Rabbits might be a good thing.”
“That’s not the case. According to Lord Ogma’s report, the meat of monsters stronger than Killer Rabbits becomes highly toxic to those not accustomed to it. It seems we won’t be able to acclimate new Hundred members to monster meat.”
Well, maybe stop eating that stuff. It’s poisonous and tastes awful.
By the way, I still eat monster meat. After all, my master, Cassandra, could show up at any time. If I slack off in my training or stop eating monster meat, she’d likely kill me without hesitation, whether I’m a king or a prince.
Also, whether it’s because people think I enjoy eating monster meat or not, members of the Hundred regularly offer it, and it ends up on the dinner table.
Why do I have to eat meals like this even after becoming a king? I want to eat something tastier.
“Hmm, if they want Killer Rabbit meat that badly, they should just raise them themselves.”
Disgusted by those happily eating monster meat, I sarcastically suggested.
“Raise them…? Monsters? It never occurred to me. As expected of you, sire! That idea unbound by common sense, you have impressed Gamaras!”
Oh no, this guy is taking it seriously. What country raises monsters, especially for meat? We’ll be considered a weird country by others.
“No, wait, Gamaras. We can’t raise them for eating.”
“Not for eating? …So, does that mean you’re planning to use them as attractions?”
Attractions? This guy’s thoughts are taking a weird turn.
“It’s not for attractions either…”
“Not for attractions? Could it be! As expected of our king. In the northern countries, there are dragon knights who raise and ride dragons as part of their military force. Are you planning to follow suit and turn monsters into our military force by starting with Killer Rabbit breeding?”
What is this guy talking about? Turning monsters into military force? Am I a Demon King?
“No, it’s not like that…”
As the conversation was heading in a dangerous direction, when I tried to stop the runaway Gamaras, my voice wouldn’t come out.
“Meat, entertainment, military forces…now that you mention it, the merits of raising monsters are limitless. It would be difficult, but worth attempting!
I wanted to yell “That’s not what I said!” but no voice came out.
I had a bad feeling and glanced around the room to find Frau had entered the office corner without me noticing. As usual, she had probably used the covenant to eavesdrop and teleported over.
She was casting some spell too. That must be why I couldn’t speak!
“Then I will hurry preparations, so I’ll take my leave for now.”
Oblivious to Frau’s presence, Gamaras left the room. Frau disappeared too. I don’t know why, but Frau seemed intent on raising monsters.
“No point stopping her now, huh…”
Confirming I could speak again, I felt gloomy about the kingdom’s future.
Now that Frau was interested, trying to stop her would be pointless. As queen, she showed no interest in money or power, but once interested in something, she tended to obsess over it.
I could probably restrain Frau if I tried my hardest, but the collateral damage would likely be immense. Might as well let it go. Monsters becoming an army or something would be nonsense, but still better than the castle crumbling.

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