Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 3

“Please excuse my amateur understanding, but in summary, you thoroughly broke down widely used template enhancement, then restructured it into a finer system better suited for delicate handling? And magical theory alterations happened in that process?”
“Y-yes! That’s right.”
“With such fine control and differing principles, the difficulty must be considerable.”
“Yes… So when enhancing others, I take great care to strengthen their senses. Um… Without matching sensation increases, discomfort from discrepancy arises in you all… it directly leads to instant bone fractures. Getting near pain tolerance is quite dangerous.”
I see.
So his meticulous personality also relates directly to his technique.
“Is it different when enhancing yourself?”
“Yes. When using it on myself, I turn off that sensation strengthening. Since it’s artificial to begin with, as long as I comprehend it’s in effect, there’s no issue… is how I handle it.”
“What does it feel like? While moving during combat, that is.”
“Hard to describe, but… I guess it becomes nonsensical and incomprehensible, so I ignore those incomprehensible parts. What matters is how my body moves, and enduring that.”
“What’s the risk if it fails while enhancing yourself?”
“The same. That part gets damaged.”
…There’s the issue.
No problem replicating his usage from the major expedition until now.
What we truly must ask comes from here on.
“Then how was it against the Floor Boss? The output clearly differed vastly.”
“There I enhance my brain. So far just slightly improving cerebrospinal fluid transmission… various baseline aspects get boosted.”
“Your brain? What happens if that enhancement fails?”
“The same. It gets damaged. Just losing consciousness at the minor end.”
“…Wait, is that okay?”
“It’s… dangerous. So me standing here is a miracle… Honestly, luck was a huge factor with the Boss too, so I think the evaluation I’m getting is quite overblown…”
“Would be problematic if you randomly defeated a Floor Boss…”
Integrating his account, his enhancement threatens significant personal risk, at least in individual combat.
Though… what is it?
I trust his intellect, it’s why I’m asking him, but involving self-assessment, Vim becomes an entirely unreliable narrator. If it’s truly so risky, fighting as he did against the Floor Boss should be impossible.
When an occurrence of one in billions, quintillions happens, the improbability should be doubted, not the event.
Since that’s a matter of personal perception, others can’t judge one way or the other.
But if Vim truly sees his own power as luck rather than ability.
Inconsistencies visible to others manifest.

–  Has he been throwing himself at such low odds all this time?
That’s nothing short of madness.
I thought he was highly safety-conscious, but what’s the rationale?
I don’t understand. His ability is undoubtedly formidable, and defeating the Floor Boss means he should reliably be able to instantly slaughter anything up to a certain level… but…

We slowly yet steadily advance through the 98th Stratum.
Despite the painful memories under the “sky,” the members’ steps overflow with confidence. It’s because they’re certain each movement won’t be wasted.
We’ll need to try various configurations to optimally leverage Vim’s abilities going forward, but our current lineup is quite good. We can settle on this for now.
The unbeatable highly mobile scouts.
A fantasized creation I’d want coming out my throat is actually moving as I command.
This lets me reposition the main force almost without detours and no danger.
[Vim here. Camilla, this is a dead end too.]
That was fast.
[Understood. Then double back aga–]
[Leader, emergency! This is Zimon! 4th Platoon!]
As I was about to instruct Vim, another transmission came in.
[What happened?]
[Two large types appeared ahead! And a third large behind us! Still possible to retreat, but we’ll be surrounded like this!]
[Got it. Retreat first and rejoin the main force.]
Three large types…
Troublesome even for the main force. Should we double back?
I stop and think.
No, that’s overly cautious for now.
[Vim, can you head in their direction? We’ll annihilate the other large types.]
If there ever was a time for our absolute power to shine, it would be now.

Inflating path ahead, with three large beings.
Two of them are Wyverns, and one is a composite beast with the face of a lion.
The troublesome ones are likely the two Wyverns.
One of them is flying high as if assessing us. The other is firmly grounded, collecting power in its legs to avoid any attacks, ready to strike us the moment we dodge and expose ourselves.
Since we positioned ourselves first, we managed to create a deadlock.
The shield team is standing firm, protecting us, and with this number, we can hold our ground for a while, even without Vim’s enhancement.
[This is Camilla. Heidemarie, can you do it?]
[This is Heidemarie. I can.]
[Alright, rear guard, fire!]
” ” ” ” ” [Silver Paper Blizzard] ” ” ” ” “
Spread ice dust rapidly forward.
The monsters assume a defensive posture.
Normally, the counterattack should follow in the next moment.
However, it doesn’t come.
The monsters are disoriented, having fallen for a feint. This isn’t an attack, but a dazzling distraction. We’re refracting light to disrupt the sensory organs of the Wyverns.
[Second shot, aim for the Wyvern in the sky!]
I prompt the rear guard to prepare. A huge arrow of ice manifests overhead, crackling with lightning.
” ” ” ” ” [Ice Thunder Spear] ” ” ” ” “
With a roar, the spear is launched.
The Wyvern can’t evade in time and takes the hit. It then descends rapidly.
[Vanguard team, charge straight ahead! Try to draw their attention as much as possible!]
Taking advantage of their confusion, we approach with the shield team at the center.
Now, everything’s ready.
[Vim, can you do it?]



I respond to Camilla’s transmission.
At her suggestion, I’m tasked with finishing this operation. Grave responsibility.
Right now, my small platoon is behind the three large monsters.
A luxury diversion with the main force as bait. We’ve got to succeed even if forcing things somewhat.
“Class change: [Puppeteer]”
My field of vision slowed.
Now’s good.
With my full vision, I simultaneously grasp the three’s movements.
The Wyvern that steeply descended is flapping strongly, trying to regain its posture.
The composite beast and other Wyvern on the ground are milling in confusion, struggling to position themselves against the Vanguard Platoon.
My hands are trembling. Feels doable.
“[Momentary Increase – Twentyfold]”
— Honestly, Camilla makes unreasonable demands.
I think I did incredibly well last time. But that was too much.
Even now I’m tightrope walking improbabilities. Could easily die in the next second.
I shouldn’t have obliged in the first place.
Then why did I agree?
Do I think I can do it?
No no, no room for doubt.
I have to fulfill my job no matter what, even if it’s by some miracle. That’s all there is to it.
No, I shouldn’t be thinking about this right now.
First, jump high. No, it feels more like flying.
Although I can’t actually accelerate in mid-air, I feel like I’m rapidly speeding up as I approach the wyvern in the sky.
I draw my sword in an iai slash and slice its neck wide open. Right at the spot that would be the carotid artery on a human.
Then with my remaining momentum, I kick its back to knock the other wyvern downwards.
The recoil sends me close to the neck of the chimera as well. Everyone else is grabbing its attention so it’s wide open.
Just like before, I slash at its neck from the side two or three times.
I look left.
The wyvern I knocked down earlier landed and blocked the view of the one on the ground. As planned, I’m in its blind spot now.
I kick powerfully sideways with my right leg to jump far left.
My next landing is with both feet, as I prepare to jump right.
To the wyvern, it probably looked like one of its comrades suddenly fell, then something circled around behind it.
Now I can do whatever I want.
I draw the other sword I prepared. Both hands are deadly weapons now. I can simply cut twice as much.
Cut with the right, spin and cut again with the left. Get knocked back from the left, use that force to slash back with the right.
Tracing the wyvern’s body with sword strikes, I cut my way up continuously from its legs to its neck.
In the end, intending only to slash its neck, I ended up slicing its head completely off.
I land and release my enhancement.
Fatigue washes over me as the scenery returns to normal speed with a thud.
That was the wyvern’s head falling off.
I look to the other two as well. The vanguard team finished them off just in case.
All the large monster’s movements stopped, and a moment of silence came.
Belatedly, a huge cheer spread out.
I got swept up and tossed around.
I didn’t feel bad about it at all.

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