Reborn as The Underdog First Prince Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 4

Picking up on Todd’s intent to be wary of betrayal and ambush, Landon nods vigorously.

If they sharpen their vigilance, they will probably be able to unify the tribes in this kingdom’s vicinity.

“Also, don’t overdo the fun times. If something happens because of that, I really will get angry and have Rai half-kill you, so take that to heart.”

“Y-Yes sir! We’ll be careful!”

“We intend to look after them properly even after taking them as our wife.”

“Yeah, I got it. But you guys are all at least knights, right? So if you do anything inappropriate…” they should know what would happen, I leave unsaid.

“””On my honor!”””

Landon and the others place their fists over their hearts and adopt the posture of utmost reverence.

This is a gesture unique to the kingdom’s knights, stabbing their own hearts if they go against their loyalty.

The devotion of these royal guards to the royal family is deep.

There is no need to be wary of betrayal.

“I’m not actually that close with the royal guards….”

We’ve sparred a few times and I’ve given them advice during training, but it’s questionable whether we’ve built a trusting relationship.

So I threatened them a bit strongly to make sure they don’t let their guard down too much, but…maybe the scolding was too effective.

Considering what will happen when we return home, they wouldn’t do anything too outrageous…probably.

As long as they don’t go overboard, I didn’t intend to get that angry either.

“And make sure to properly eat your meals. Also, you’ll smell if you don’t wipe yourself down every day. And…”

“Come on, do you think I’m a child or something?”

“Sir Haruto is a child, only big in size!”

As Squadron Captain Raienbach starts lecturing Landon and the others, I avert my gaze sideways.

There, a pink space is being spun by Haruto and Renge…or so I thought, but the scene there was more like a child from the city being seen off by their mother.

Even though they’ve only been together around a year, it seems Renge has already started dominating Haruto like a wife.

Before long, Haruto will probably become worn out and settled into married life.

Perhaps that’s just how life goes.

Recalling the saying that marriage is the grave of life, I remember something I need to do.

The bow that Haruto used yesterday as the signal to attack, where did it go? As I wonder, it’s on Haruto’s back.

I deftly grab the bow on his back and hand it to Garul.

“This is…?”

“A toy Haruto and I made. It’s called the prototype magic bow [Sagittarius].”


“It’s a weapon that fires arrows made from the user’s mana, for ranged attacks. We wanted a means of long distance attack so we made this. But this needs not just a large amount of mana, but proficiency with the bow itself, so the number of people who can use it is quite limited.”

I thought about giving the enhanced soldiers some kind of ranged weaponry they could attack with, and made this Sagittarius. In the game, due to design constraints, characters wearing powered armor or enhanced equipment generally could not make ranged attacks, with some exceptions.

But there are no such restrictions in this real world, so I’m looking for long range attack options that can be used with the powered armor.

I did try making some other things besides this, including magic wands that unavoidably took a gun-like shape in the conceptual stage.

But I still don’t know if gunpowder exists in this world, so I haven’t publicly disclosed any information.

I dread what kind of impact guns and cannons would have on this world.

I fear terribly that I might carelessly turn this world into a battlefield.

“You probably can’t handle it yet, but once you can use this, it’ll increase your fighting strength. I’m counting on you, Garul.”

“Y-Yes sir!” ──With this, I could…


It might be going a bit overboard, but when I asked her, Garul seems to be eleven years old.

I’m used to precocious younger siblings so my senses have become numb, but at around this age, this level of behavior is probably normal.

Giving weapons to such a young boy isn’t ideal, but…you have to use what you can use. I wonder if it will be in time as I gaze at the mountain range stretching before me, and find the preparations to depart are already complete.

From here on, everyone will be fighting against time while increasing their numbers.

They have the advantage in troop numbers, but the quality overwhelmingly favors our side.

Our chances of winning are high.

So all that remains is seizing it.

Clenching my fist tightly, I look up at the sky.

Thinking that Edward and the others might be seeing this same blue sky, I feel connected to them.

“Oh, that reminds me Your Highness, I have a question.”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“You said you split us into teams to move faster. But I’m using powered armor, and Garul is still just a boy who rides horses.”

“Oh right, I didn’t explain that.”

Haruto cheerfully raises his hand to ask a question, and Silence starts packing his luggage into the large backpack she’s carrying.

We prepared about thirty sets of enhanced equipment.

For this time, we distributed twenty to Landon’s team and ten to ours.

Too much baggage would be inconvenient, so we’re keeping the water and food to a minimum.

And Todd approaches the puzzled looking Haruto and casually picks him up in one motion, princess style.

With Shiranui’s assistance, he’s as light as a feather despite the posture.

Matching Todd’s movement, Raienbach grabs Garul who’s holding Sagittarius and lifts him up similarly.

Somehow sensing what’s coming, Haruto stiffens his expression, and Todd smiles brightly at him and says,

“It’s decided, we’ll give you a tour on our express service.”

“Though unworthy, I shall attend you, Your Highness.”

“Huh?… Eh?”

Ignoring Garul who doesn’t understand what’s happening and is curled up clutching Sagittarius like a baby, I face the stiffened Landon and Renge and channel mana into Shiranui.

“We’re off!”

“Oh boy, lately it’s all been like this for me… uwahh.”

“If anything happens, I will cut off all your heads. Do not forget.”

And so Todd and the others departed like a storm.

Todd and the others sprint at full speed with calm expressions.

Held and feeling the wind over his entire body, Haruto has already started showing signs of motion sickness, while Garul has curled up like an infant and is clutching Sagittarius.

And so their strategy entered its second phase.

On the same day Todd and the others left the tribal village and set off for the mountain range, Landon and the others decided to engage the Ga tribe in combat.

They roughly knew the opponent’s numbers, and with Renge and the others wielding the enhanced equipment, subduing them would be sufficient.

Including Todd’s tribe, they have excessive fighting strength.

However, before they could depart, a certain problem occurred at the stage where they were about to discuss their plans.

When the tribe leader Todd suddenly disappeared, the mountain people including Hammerm started panicking that they had been abandoned.

The mountain people will only move under the orders of the tribe leader.

As hunter gatherers who require swift judgment, the idea of coordinating their will under their leader’s direction has permeated down to the lowest parts of their organization.

Therefore, without a tribe leader, their decision making will not happen.

The one who prevented the situation from devolving into chaos was, surprisingly, Renge.

She grabbed control of Hammerm and the others as if venting frustration, roaring all the while.

With the conditional that it was until Todd returned, she would reign as Todd’s acting tribal chief.

To be honest, the three of them had their reservations about her when she was neither a knight nor nobility.

However, the royal guards understood that she could use the enhanced equipment better than them, and had more magical power.

And she currently had a sharpness about her, as if she would not let you off uninjured if you touched her.

Not a single great fool tried to complain.

And so Todd’s tribes set out under Renge’s command to attack the Ga tribe’s village.

Renge made use of the same tactics Todd had when fighting Gil, utilizing the enhanced equipment.

She initially advanced at the speed of a normal infantryman, getting close enough that the enemy could not flee before quickly deciding the battle.

Renge greatly leaped and cut down Ga who was atop his horse, then toppled several horses around her before calling for the dumbfounded enemies to surrender.

“I’ll say it again! If you resist I’ll kill you without mercy, but if you show your obedience I guarantee your lives! If you want to die then come get me, Acting Chief Renge Kujou will face you!”

To avoid openings, Landon watched closely around Renge with the others.

What he saw was the mountain people dropping their swords and bows to surrender.

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