My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Physical Fitness Test

The sky was clear,
with not a single cloud in sight—an ideal day for outdoor activities,
neither too cold nor too hot. On this fortunate day, Saito and his classmates were undergoing physical measurements on the school grounds.
“Ah, whoa!”
“Oh no, it went flying!”
“Sixty meters?! You’re outdoing the baseball club, Saito. That’s insane!”
“Hahaha! Well, it’s a piece of cake for me.”
Physical education was Saito’s strong suit. Leveraging his innate physical abilities, he excelled in the physical fitness test.
The current activity was handball throwing
—tossing a ball that barely fit in the palm to measure the distance.
Surpassing the impressive sixty meters, a mark untouched even by the baseball club, Saito garnered astonished exclamations from those around him.
Basking in the cheers, Saito grinned proudly.
“Alright, I’ll show you something amazing. Here we go… ah!”
“Oh, it slipped!”
“Fifty meters. Haha, that sucks.”
“I messed up!”
“Oh, no.
“Well, Saito, that’s so you.”
However, perhaps getting too carried away was a mistake.
The second throw cleanly slipped from his hand, landing a bit in front of him. It set a new record for the lowest distance within the class.
A perfect two-panel comic of a flawless immediate failure.
Seeing Saito sit on the ground, holding his head in despair, laughter erupted from the boys.
“That’s the worst.”
“Good effort.”
“Good job, Saito. It was entertaining.”
With his face hidden in his hands, Saito walked back with Haruki and Kai welcoming him warmly.
Yet, their kindness seemed to backfire this time.
Saito sat heavily on the ground, writhing for a while.
“Lily, you’re amazing! So fast!”
From the girls on the other side of the fence, cheers rose,
catching Saito’s attention. It seemed Lily was making an impact.
(That girl is a cheat; she’s good not only at studying but also at sports.)
When they first met, she was so bad at sports that she couldn’t even do a backflip.
However, things changed dramatically after they took judo lessons together for two years in elementary school.
Awakening to some hidden talent, she quickly absorbed the teachings of the instructor, becoming unbeatable among girls of the same age in the dojo.
With that awakening, she seemed to understand the efficient movements of her body, excelling in other sports as well.
The saying goes, “God doesn’t give with both hands,” but in the case of his childhood friend, it seemed to be an exception.
Saito occasionally envied her, thinking, “If only I were that smart.”
“Wow, they’re bouncing a lot.”
“What cup size is that?”
“Seriously, I’m so glad we’re in the same class.”
As Lily passed by, the boys cheered with joy.
The fact that a popular beauty in the class passed by at close range might be one reason, but about ninety percent of the attention was drawn to the large fruits that didn’t match her age.
Even with a bra on, the sizable chest still swayed, captivating the gaze of the boys.
They were genuinely impressed.
True to form, Saito’s gaze was also drawn to his childhood friend’s chest.
(Aren’t they getting bigger again?)
But the reason why he was looking at them was a little different from the others.
Saito is focusing on Lily’s astonishing speed of growth.
Her chest was significantly larger than during the summer vacation last year when they played at the beach.
While she started developing around the same time as other girls her age, she has now grown significantly bigger than those around her.
What could she have eaten to grow so much?
Saito genuinely wondered about the reason for her growth.
If he could figure that out, maybe there could be an even greater height difference.
Lost in these thoughts, Saito’s childhood friend caught his eye.
(Oh no)
He shouldn’t be thinking anything suspicious.
However, feeling an indescribable awkwardness from staring at her chest, Saito instinctively shifted his gaze downward.
Her legs were moving with a steady rhythm, efficient and without wasted motion. It hinted at her habitual running routine.
However, Saito felt an odd discomfort.
Attempting to understand the cause, as he focused and observed, an unexpected incident occurred.
“Mizuki-chan! Are you okay!?”
“Oh no, what a thing. Our angel has fallen.”
“Even her voice when she falls is cute. …But, bring a stretcher! Quickly, carry our angel to the infirmary.”
Haruki’s childhood friend, the petite girl Mizuki Aizono, had taken a grand tumble.
All eyes in the class turned simultaneously to her.
With considerable force, she collided with the ground, and a fair amount of blood was flowing from her knee. The depth of the wound was easy to imagine, and it seemed quite painful.
As Mizuki cradled her knee, Haruki, with a pale face, rushed over first.
Mizuki, with her petite and highly protective appearance, characterized by adding “desu” to the end of her sentences, was, if not as popular as Lily, still well-liked by the boys.
As a result, a few boys followed Haruki, attempting to make an appeal.
“There’s no way we need so many people for that.”
“We could probably lift and carry her.”
“It seems to be getting worse.”
Saito and Kai watched in disbelief as six boys, including Haruki, rushed towards Mizuki.
Naturally, except for Haruki, the other boys were promptly rejected, and Haruki ended up accompanying Mizuki to the infirmary.
“I’ll disinfect it for you, so don’t go!”
“We’ll disinfect it with our tongues.”
“Kishe desu.”
“Ugh! Thank you very much.”
“Haruki…help me, desu.”
“Haha, let’s go.”
Nevertheless, some potential criminals, claiming to be helpful but expressing creepy desires, persisted in their pursuit.
Mizuki gave them a cold look of disdain, but they still seemed pleased.
It seemed like a lost cause. No doctor could handle it. The only option to stop them would probably involve getting the police involved.
Smiling wryly at Mizuki’s genuine fear, Haruki headed towards the infirmary.
Saito turning his gaze back to Lily.
While there was a minor disturbance, the girls’ long-distance run continued without interruption.
Lily, having completed a lap, passed by again.
“Huff, huff, haa, haa.”
Checking her time, it seemed like this lap was the last one.
Saito expected her to increase her pace for the final sprint, but Lily ran with the same struggling expression as before.
(Oh, right. She was doing something too.)
Witnessing the current scene, Saito finally cleared the fog that had been lingering in his mind.
She is definitely injured.
Unlike Mizuki, who fell conspicuously, Lily likely twisted something while running.
Honestly, she hid it so well that he didn’t notice until now.
“…Well, can’t be helped. I need to use the bathroom a bit.”


If you twisted your ankle early on, running might have worsened it in a weird way.
Taking care of this girl is such a hassle, Saito sighs.
“I’m going to the bathroom,” he lies and leaves the scene.
“Surely, the one I bought yesterday should be in here. Oh, there it is.”
Returning to the classroom, Saito rummages through his bag.
As he reaches the bottom of the bag, he finds what he’s looking for.
What Saito takes out is a pack of adhesive heat patches and taping tape.
If asked why he has these, it’s purely coincidental.
Yesterday, his father asked him to buy these because he had strained his back.
However, when Saito brought them home, his father said, “I’m fine now,” and he missed the timing to take them out of his bag.
A fruitless effort.
He thought there was no point in going to buy them, but little did he know they would come in handy for a situation like this.
You never know what life has in store.
He stuffs them into the pocket of his tracksuit and heads to the sports field.
“Hey. How was your visit to the toilet?”
“In perfect condition.”
“Splash Mountain rank?”
“It’s not that extreme. Kai, using that metaphor might get censored, so stop.”
“Got it.”
As he joins Kai, the chime signals the end of the class.
They line up, finish the bow, and “Kai. I have something to do, so go home ahead,” Saito rushes to Lily.
“Isn’t five minutes exactly dangerous? Lily, you’re too fast.”
“Haha. I’m good at running. Oh, what’s up, Saito?”
“I have something to take care of. Can I borrow Lily for a bit, Yakumo?”
“Sure thing. If that’s the case, I’ll go home with Minamina first.”
“Yeah, understood.”
“Thanks. Well then, let’s go that way.”
Announcing that he has something to discuss,
Saito thanks Shuri for being considerate and leads Lily to a more secluded area.
“So, where does it hurt?”
“Wha… how did you… know?”
Asking straightforwardly, Lily opens her eyes wide in surprise.
“How many years do you think we’ve known each other? I can tell if something’s off with my childhood friend. Well, others didn’t seem to notice, so you can be relieved about that.”
“…I see.”
When Saito explains the reason with a dumbfounded look on his face, she pats her chest in relief.
“At the base of the right foot. Twisted it while running. Initially, it wasn’t that bad, but it gradually started hurting.”
Probably because there’s no one around.
Lily confesses openly that her foot hurts.
“Don’t push yourself too much. Come on, take off your shoe. I brought adhesive heat patches and taping tape.”
“Why do you have them?”
“My dad asked me to buy them on my way home yesterday. But when I got home, he was completely fine. It was a wasted trip.”
“Hehe, that’s so like your dad.”
Explaining the circumstances, Saito smiles gently, and Lily removes her shoe and sock.
Her long, slender, pure-white foot is presented in front of him.
In most cases, this would be a situation that would make any guy drool.
However, Saito reaches out without thinking much.
“Oh, sorry. Did it hurt?”
When Saito touches her foot, Lily’s body twitches.
Releasing reflexively, Saito looked up at Lily, who, for some reason, had turned her gaze towards the day after tomorrow.
“I-It’s fine. Just let me handle it in one go without worrying about me. Come on.”
“…Are you the kind of character who hugs an enemy from behind, takes the protagonist’s finishing move, and dies along with the enemy? You?”
Baffled by Lily’s slightly odd behavior, Saito followed her wishes.
“That should do it. Try moving a bit.”
After finishing wrapping the tape, Saito offered her shoes to Lily.
She nodded and put on the shoes, then walked a few steps as instructed.
“Well, I thought I did it properly. Maybe I went too far. If it hurts, should I carry you? I can take you to the infirmary.”
Though he thought he treated her well, Lily winced in pain after stepping on the ground three times.
Maybe it’s better to take her to the infirmary and have her checked.
Thinking so, Saito offered to carry her.
“It’s not that bad to go to the infirmary… but, yeah, okay. I’ll accept your offer. Carry me to the school building. Just be mindful of people watching.”
“Got it. Leave it to me.”
Initially reluctant, Lily hesitated for a moment but ultimately accepted Saito’s offer.
At that moment, Lily had a surprisingly beautiful smile, but Saito didn’t notice as he squatted down.
Once his hands were around her shoulders, Saito lifted her up.
“Hey, Saito.”
Walking along an empty route, Lily suddenly whispered in Saito’s ear.
“Hmm? What’s up?”
“How did my chest look earlier?”
Asking what happened, Saito felt something soft pressing against him as Lily dropped a bomb.
“What!? Did you notice!? Uh, that was not what you think! I mean, it was about growth, not… I mean, it’s not what you’re thinking!”
In an instant, cold sweat gushed out from Saito’s back.
Saito tries to explain himself to clear up the misunderstanding,
but due to being flustered, he ended up saying things that could be misunderstood.
“Yeah, yeah. I get it. Saito is a boy too. It can’t be helped. I’ll forgive you this time since you helped me. Oh, and don’t try to back out. If you’re a man, take responsibility for your words.”
“Shut up! It’s because you say weird things!”
Thus, Lily’s misunderstanding remained unresolved.
Even though he couldn’t see her face due to carrying her on his back, Saito could sense her mischievous grin just from the tone of her voice.
Unable to endure it any longer, Saito tried to put Lily down, but she clung tightly and it was impossible.
“Up and down!”
“Down and out!”
Like children, the two engaged in a playful argument of putting her down or not, and this continued until they reached the school building.

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