Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 45

Mob No.45: [Listen up, prey! We are the tearless and merciless – [Now! Fire all at once!]]

After the strategy meeting ended with some lingering suspicions, the pirates finally closed in.

The pirate flags with a mix of large and small marks glared at us as they approached.

[Alright! Everyone stay calm! Lure them in well, then fire on my signal!]

The Bishop class man encouraged the convoy people and issued instructions.

Then there was silence for a few minutes, and a communication came to us from the pirates on an open channel.

[Listen up, prey! We are the tearless and merciless – [Now! Fire all at once!]]

While the pirate boss was talking, on the Bishop class man’s signal, a barrage was unleashed.

Though they were beams to destroy rocks, nearly 150 ships firing at once was like a rain of light.

The guys in front, perhaps caught negligent, were hit magnificently – sinking one after another.

My partner Bat and I, taking advantage of the pirates’ shock at the situation, succeeded in getting behind them.

But we’d attack after they split into two or three groups.

Otherwise there’d be no meaning.

[Shit! The cheeky bastards! Circle around from the sides!]

As expected, the pirates split into two groups.

But is it really okay for that pirate boss to leak their strategy to us like this?

Anyway, since the pirates split into two, there was one thing to do.

[Ossh! Then I’ll go right where the flagship is! You go left!]


Then almost simultaneously, we launched proton torpedoes at the rearmost ships, blowing them up dramatically.

[Now! Go!]

At that signal, the 8 ships on the convoy side attacked all at once, and the convoy began barrage from their rock destroyer beams split into two groups.

I wondered if we could win pushing like this, but it wasn’t so easy.

The pirates split into two groups, and even with the rearmost ships heavily damaged, they regained formation, put up barriers on the large ships, and using them as shields, gradually closed in on the convoy.

Of course there was a counter to this too.

Simply falling back while continuing to fire the rock destroyer beams.

But that would only buy time.

The Bishop class man was somehow encouraging the convoy people and hurling harangues to hold out, but it was probably only a matter of time.

Plus, spies from the pirate gang mingled into the convoy may take some action.

Just as I was thinking things looked bad, heat sources closed in on the pirates from above.

So I hurriedly pulled away from the pirates.

With those heat sources, the pirate ships were all heavily damaged one after another.

Undoubtedly a barrage from the fleet.

Then without pause,

[We are the 2nd fleet of the Galactic Empire Military addressing the pirates!

Resist and we will strike again, reducing you to space dust!

Choose resistance or surrender as you prefer!]

A young man, probably the fleet commander, gave terms to the pirates.

Looks like they properly listened to our report and the convoy people’s notification.

But bombarding without notifying us was pretty bad.

We’d have been done for if our response was late.

I guess that’s the difference from the 7th fleet.

Right after that, the police also came, and the pirates were completely apprehended.

The 2nd fleet left everything to the police and immediately withdrew from the scene.

After that, the police split up – escorting the apprehended pirates away – processing the debris at the scene – escorting and guarding the convoy caravan.

The reason for the escort was the possibility some remnants may still be around to attack.

But I think that’s normally the military’s job.

After half a day’s travel, we arrived at planet Nachilema.

In the spaceport lobby, the convoy leader came to thank the 10 who fought.

“Well I’ll be! Thank you all so much! I never imagined we could go toe-to-toe with pirates like that!”

The leader seemed excited that they were somewhat able to intimidate the pirates themselves.

“As mercenaries hired to escort, we can only expect compensation.”

“Of course, expect it! Of course!”

The leader shook the Bishop class man’s hand with a grin.

And he approached me and the suspected pirate sisters too.

“And for you, please take this. I’m low on funds so it’s only a pittance, but please accept it.”

The envelope he handed over contained 200,000 credits in cash.

“Thank you very much.”

“Well, better than nothing I guess.”

“That’s rude, Miss Sheila.”


The suspected pirate sisters boldly accepted the envelope and checked the contents.

Now, as I was thinking about how to identify them as pirates.

“Well then, I’d like to dismiss you now but…”

The Bishop class man’s companions restrained the suspected pirate sisters.

“Hey, what are you doing!?”

“Kyaa! Let me go!”

“Silence! You pirates! I overlooked it earlier since it was an emergency, but we show no mercy once identified as pirates!”

“What proof do you have for that!?”

“It hurts! It hurts!”

The suspected pirate sisters glared at the Bishop class man, but he and his companions only glared severely back.

And the Bishop’s companions also confiscated the sisters’ envelopes.

How spiteful.

They probably let the sisters get the reward so they could take it into their own pockets.

They may have planned to hand them over to the police afterward, or sell them off somewhere.

It’s definitely a crime, and depending on the circumstances could be aiding and abetting fugitives by harboring them…

But they probably don’t understand.

Or rather, are they really Bishop class?

Even more doubtful if they’re really mercenaries.

Well, I won’t pursue it.

And without knowing such things,

“Just accept it Cloe. It’s far better to be caught by these guys than an otaku like him .”

“Yes… A bit of an ikemen is more preferable for Miss Sheila after all.”

“Cloe… What do you mean by that?”

“Eek! Sorry Miss Sheila!”

The beautiful pirate sisters were very glad to have not been caught by me.

“Well, I’ll be off now.”

Saying that, I left the scene.

I escaped while they couldn’t entangle me.

UNKNOWN Side: Bishop Rank Pretenders

Inside a large cargo ship, 7 men raised glasses of liquor in high spirits.

“It went well after all!”

“Those damn pirates were idiots!”

“If only that shitty otaku didn’t interfere, we could’ve had extras too…”

“But for that otaku to really be a mercenary…”

As they talked at their leisure, the image on the monitor in the room suddenly switched.

[Good work.]

The moment they saw that, they stood at attention and saluted.

[This time, luring the civilians in as bait, leaking information to the pirates, making the civilians fight and wear them down for us to mop up completely – your proposed plan went well. Return and await further instructions.]

The young man on the monitor conveyed only that and was about to cut the transmission.

“Give us a vacation at least. We lost out on the extras too…”

One of the men conveyed that demand, and in response,

[Don’t do unnecessary things. You need only follow orders from above obediently.]

The young man made a displeased expression and immediately cut the transmission.

At that, a glass was hurled at the monitor.

“Shit! Acting all high and mighty just because he’s commander thanks to his daddy!”

“Hey, let’s go kill that shitty otaku to blow off steam!”

“Calm down.”

They expressed anger and proposed stress relief, but the Bishop class man admonished them.

“Stop conspicuous behavior. Besides, just let him swagger for now. For now.”

At the Bishop class man’s words, they all calmed down and smiled wickedly.

UNKNOWN side: the end

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