Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 3

“Could it be…you’re thinking [she might not be able to fend them off and get scouted by another noble]?”
“Y-you get me so well. Since Sia seems so faltering and all… She’d definitely lose against them.”
“You truly haven’t been informed about anything. There is no firmer maid than her.”
“Sia is firm!? Like, she gets help from those around her?”
“Even that has a weak point, doesn’t it? Like being attacked when alone.”
“She herself is firm. Frankly, she’s a maid who needs no protecting. Sia-san is.”
“How so?”
“Around two weeks ago, when I went to your classroom to convey business—I witnessed her being hit on by a male.”
Luna accurately relayed the situation at that time.
“I couldn’t hear what sort of invitation he made, but he seemed to have his pride hurt since she didn’t nod once. When he tried to grab her arm, she shook him off and intimidated him, [Please do not touch me so freely].”
“I was watching from behind, worried something might happen to Sia-san, but even from the back I felt a sense of danger from her.”
“Wa, wait. You sure that was really Sia?”
“There’s no mistake. It’s true that angering a gentle person can be frightening.”
How I put it was clumsy, but because I tried to help her, I got a face full of that pressure.
“But I mean, of course Sia would get angry in that situation, right? He was trying to scout her as a personal maid. “
“You’re one to talk, after thinking she’d be pushed around. However, you’re right. She’s kind to anyone, but she bares her fangs at those who trample her dignity. There’s no way such a girl is weak.”
“Somehow hearing that, doesn’t Sia seem more frightening than me?”
“Those whose fangs she bared probably think so.”
“Ahaha, yeah.”
Despite his personal maid being feared, Byleth laughed as if enjoying a joke.
“You look very happy.”
“Well, knowing she can defend herself even alone…”
“She has to be able to defend herself. Having your personal maid looked down on is tantamount to smearing mud on your face.”
“Oh…so it’s to protect my reputation too, huh.”
“While I hate to dampen your admiration, you who [wants to protect her] are also quite admirable.”
“Ahaha…thanks, Luna.”
“It was nothing.”
(He truly has an eye for people… Like Elena-san.)
Following my reply, what came to mind was the daughter of the earl family.
“Oh, may I propose something? Why not buy Sia-san a present while you have the chance? I’m certain she would be delighted.”
“That’s a great idea!”
(An immediate reply. As expected of you.)
He couldn’t have answered so strongly if he didn’t feel deep gratitude and affection.
Feeling envious, I also felt it was adorable.
“Oh, but if I use time on this, I won’t be able to repay Luna for—”
“There is nothing like that. Simply being here like this is enjoyable. I’m having pleasant thoughts too.”
Yes, that was the truth.
As Luna pulled down the brim of her hat, she looked to the hand she held.







“Thanks to Luna, I was able to decide without hesitation. You really helped me out.”
“Please don’t thank me for that.”
Luna shook her head denying it, but her advice truly saved me.
[Girls like things they can use daily.]
[For Sia-san, wearable items may be good.]
After scrutinizing, I ended up buying a yellow hair tie and a necklace decorated with natural purple gems.
“There really wasn’t anything you wanted, Luna?”
“No. There were lovely products, but none I wanted.”
“I-I see…”
I had chosen this shopping area thinking I could gift her glasses-suited products and repay my debt if I found any, but it didn’t work as planned.
While I obtained goods, as soon as I picked them up, I promptly returned them to their original spot.
Luna simply did not, would not, feel any material desire.
“However, I greatly enjoyed the shopping district.”
“Ahaha, I’m glad to hear that.”
“I hope she is delighted to receive the presents you chose.”
“To be honest, I’m worried she won’t accept them. Since it’s Sia, she’ll wave her hands and refuse for sure.”
“That’s your chance to show your skill. It’s only natural for a maid to demur, so you should consider how to handle that.”
“You’re right. I can’t exactly have a present rejected.”
“Do your best.”
It likely depends on the maid’s personality, but in Sia’s case, simply saying [Here, a present] would probably not go over well.
I have to think of a way to give it to her that won’t make her demur too much.
“So where to next? You seem to have a destination in mind with how decisively you’re walking.”
“We’re almost there.”
Right now we were passing through Ron’s Street in the shopping district.
We continued winding our way to the next destination for tens of minutes.
Finally it came into view.
The three-story building standing grandly on its spacious grounds, designed based on a monastery.
The ever-busy Royal National Library.
Luna seemed to notice its presence too.
She looked at it intently, like a predator that spotted prey.
(…Would’ve been nice if she looked at products that way too…)
I couldn’t help smiling wryly.
“Um, is that the Royal National Library over there?”
“That’s right. Makes you curious, huh?”
Despite denying it twice, I felt fidgety reactions from her hand I held.
[I’ll leave it to you]—given what she said, she must be holding back because of manners, but there’s no way the Luna who’s always reading books in the school library isn’t interested in this huge library.
“You sure you’re not curious at all? This library’s part of today’s plan, you know?”
Hearing that, she gasped. Then she glanced sharply this way.
“Did you alter the plan after seeing my reaction?”
“No, the library was in the plan from the start, which is why we came here.”
“I-I can’t believe it. Today I’m out to play with you. Unlike the shopping district, a library is no place for playing. We have to restrain our voices too, and it will prevent focusing on each other. It makes no sense for it to be part of the plan.”
“Well, I see your point, but…”
“Let us go to the actual location then.”
Luna tried pulling on my hand she held, but I didn’t obey.
“This really is the actual location. Sorry I didn’t mention the destination until the end to surprise you.”
“Then answer me this. Why did you choose a library, unsuitable area for a date?”
She still thought I had altered the plan out of consideration for her.
However, I was truly carrying out the plan as intended. I had no trouble stating the reason.
“Because even a library can be a place for us to have fun together.”
“Ways of having fun vary by person, so we should have our own fun way. You’re right it’s not suited area for date, but we can have a fun way of passing time that suits us both, see?”
Only hiding the destination until the end to surprise her led to this misunderstanding.
As I volubly explained the reasons, she blinked once and her sharp gaze steadily softened.
“You truly didn’t alter it?”
“Yeah. It’ll be perfect as a rest spot too.”
Hearing the word [rest spot], her eyes wandered. Then looking up at me, she asked,
“How did you know…I was tired?”
“Anyone would know that much. You’re walking way more than normal, and you’re probably mentally exhausted in this unfamiliar environment too.”
“I see… You’re right. Sorry, it’s because I have no stamina.”
“No need to apologize. I love reading with Luna too.”
Unable to respond to that, or so it seemed, she deeply pulled her hat down again as if thinking that wasn’t enough. Then she nodded firmly.
“Let’s head inside then.”
“Um…before that, there’s something I’d like to promise.”
“A promise?”
“Once we finish reading…um, will you hold my hand again? My sister also told me incomplete leading is unacceptable.”
“Of course, gladly.”
“Thank you very much. I’m very happy to hear that…”
Right after that thanks, power was poured into the hand she would hold.
Honestly, her promise now surprised me, but…it worked out conveniently for me. We could move safely.
Yet the way she made that promise…felt cunning, making my chest throb intensely.
(Oh, I should’ve brought a hat too… My face is hot…)
Thinking such things, I entered the Royal National Library with Luna.




“Look, Byleth-St. Ford. This is an out-of-print philosophy book. Amazing.”
“Ooh, wow!”
Just a few minutes after entering, I heard her say this.
She trotted over quickly and showed me a thick, headache-inducing looking difficult book with a thud.
“Th-that’s amazing!”
Honestly, I didn’t understand anything about that book, but I reacted largely so as not to ruin her mood. But this was a mistake.
“Ah, I won’t give it to you. I found this one first.”
“I’m not trying to take it!”
She thought I was a rival after her book.
“I can’t believe it.”
“For now, just believe me.”
As if resisting silently, she hugged the book in both hands and took on a defensive stance.
This was my first time seeing her show such possessiveness… It was adorable.

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