Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 17

With new pirates, this is a pinch huh~

“Maria, what happened?”
“Ah, Captain, glad you’re safe.”
“Thanks. More importantly, what’s the big deal?”
“Oh right. Look at this. It’s the infrared sensor telescope footage monitoring outside this ship, but a frigate-class ship is headed this way. Flashes of light flicker around its bridge periodically, but it’s slowly approaching while continuing to be cautious of us.”
“An enemy?”
“Yes, Sis Meyrica . It’s coming from the direction the ship that fled before we boarded here escaped, so it must be the enemy.”
“Uh-huh, I’ve got it.”
“Huh? Captain, did you figure something out?”
“Yeah, their plan.”
“Captain, don’t leave us hanging, tell us!”
Maria asks me.
“When we boarded this ship, they abandoned it and left on another ship right? I think we talked about it, but it was to ambush us on this ship.”
“Oh, maybe we did hear that.”
“So think about why they only left this ship when we got here, and the other one fled.”
“How do you know?”
“This is just my speculation, but seeing the Coast Guard fleet, the pirates probably deemed the situation unfavorable. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have fled.”
“That makes sense.”
“At that moment, they probably wanted to do something to escape more safely.”
“What do you mean by something?”
“They likely concluded that they couldn’t escape with this slow ship. If that’s the case, they could leave this ship behind and escape, but then, they would be giving it to us for free. There might be information left on terminals, and if safety is considered, blowing it up is an option, but that’s a bit wasteful. If I were to detonate something, I’d do it within the enemy fleet. If possible, involving the enemy flagship would be even better.”
“I see. Even I wouldn’t have come up with something like that, but if I were told to choose among several options, I’d choose the same.”
“Ah, that’s where the problem arose.”
“Problem? What’s that?”
“The Coast Guard fleet also fled.”
“You get it now right?”
“I get that they intended to ram this ship into our fleet. I get it, but we also retreated. So, the pirates should’ve just retreated too.”
“Yeah, I think so too. But we were probably ordered by the captain to board this. ‘Get on this,’ they would’ve commanded. Once our internal shuttle became visible, they might have stopped running. It might be worth asking the pirates we catch later, but they on that ship probably ambush us, thinking they could easily deal with us.”
“Captain, Captain. More importantly, what about the approaching ship? I still don’t get why it’s coming here.”
“Huh? Maria, were you listening to my explanation? That’s why the pirates left some here to ambush us when we boarded. Otherwise the lack of noncombatants on this ship can’t be explained.”
“So the approaching ship now is likely to retrieve their companions after dealing with us.”
“Eh, then does that mean we have to fight pirates again? Could be a pinch.”
“Yeah. Maria, I want to ask, that sunflower thingy you used, still usable?”
“It’s not called sunflower thingy. It’s [Sunflower Mk. 3]!”
“I get it, so can that sunflower thing still be used?”
“I told you it’s [Sunflower Mk. 3]! Get it, Captain?”
“I get it, so can it be used or not?”
“It can be used but there’s not much ammo left.”
“About how much do you think we can still use?”
“Hmm. Obviously no chance against a hundred. At best, maybe twenty people? Even conserving ammo well, I don’t think it changes much. Probably impossible past thirty.”
“That ship won’t only have thirty right?”
While remote operation is possible to just move a ship, at least ten-odd people are needed to somehow manage it, but if combat maneuvers become necessary, there is absolutely a minimum crew requirement.
No matter how you look at it, a frigate needs at least fifty people.


This is the bare minimum to survey the vicinity and sail while maintaining watch, not including combat crew. With battle, at least a hundred, or more like a hundred and fifty are needed.
That must be why Maria was shouting.
“Absolutely impossible. Just moving the ship needs fifty people, probably. Ah, then what’ll happen to us?”
“We’re at a total disadvantage huh.”
“Maybe it’s hopeless.”
Everyone looks at me worriedly.
“Should we imitate the pirates’ plan too?”
“What do you mean?”
“Oh forget it. Anyway Maria, can you move this ship?”
“Yes, no problem!”
“Then let’s start the operation immediately. Ram this ship into that ship. If we can stop that ship from moving, we can escape on our landing craft. We’ll probably be fine. If we can ram it, we can return alive.”
“Got it Captain. Maria, you heard that right?”
“Yes, Sis Meyrica !”
“Set course on target, speed at max sustainable.”
“I don’t really get what you’re saying but…
this ship can barely hit the first cosmic velocity at best. It’ll probably break down midway at this rate. Looks like there’s been almost no maintenance.”
“Then, advance at minimum speed.”
While Maria and Meyrica watch from the bridge, I decide to ram the pirate ship with this ship.
I immediately order Maria to point us at the pirate ship and accelerate.
The two military ships steadily close the distance.
“Maria, think the shields on this ship are usable?”
“They can probably be used I think, but no meaning in a place like this. Neither side can use laser weapons or anything.”
“Oh, I know. What I’m asking about is a physical impact shield. A ship this old should have something like that right? To defend against photonic missiles and such.”
“Oh right, the [Akkeshi] had one huh.”
“There should be an electromagnetic shield. I heard that can handle physical attacks.”
“But Master said not to expect much from it. He also said to think of it as better than nothing when I asked.”
“I see. That’s fine. Can you use it?”
“Hang on, this is it. Doesn’t seem very effective but it can be used.”
“Then stretch it as strongly as you can on just the prow. Even that should affect the impact when we hit.”
Maria operates the control device.
As the pirate ship draws nearer, the flickering lights around its bridge as discovered earlier grow more intense.
The size is clearly in favor of the other party.
Naturally, if we collide head-on, the damage would be greater on our side.
So, before the collision, we need to evacuate them on the internal shuttle.
“It’s about time we prepare to escape. Since I’m the only one needed on the bridge, everyone else, get on the internal shuttle and move away from this ship. I’ll escape at the moment of impact, so just pick me up later.”
“I can’t allow that. Your power suit of the first squad leader is probably damaged. They won’t be able to go into space. Maria and I will stay.”
“I can’t let my subordinates face danger while I escape. I can’t approve of that.”
Maria and I began arguing.
Ignoring that, Maria shouts,
“Captain, I think that’s it.”
Looking in the direction Maria is pointing, I see a monitor for surveillance that had already spotted the pirate ship.
On the monitor, there’s a blinking light near the bridge of the pirate ship.
“Oh, that’s probably a signal. They’re sending a pre-determined code.”
“What should we do? They’ll realize we’re the enemy.”
“Yeah, they probably already figured it out. Oh, it seems like they’ve understood our intentions as well.”

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