Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

“Oooh, nice. If that’s your attitude, I’ll get serious too. The Duel Request conflict contents are simple and clear. We’ll ‘bet 600,000 yen on crushing each other.'”
600,000 yen. In other words, over 20,000 yen collected per person.
Right after enrolling, nearly all the students were fined 10,000 yen. That leaves 40,000 remaining. Even taking living expenses into account with 35,000 left, losing would reduce it to 15,000. The students’ lives would likely become quite difficult.
In this severe rule-abiding hell where breaking the rules just twice leads to expulsion, it’s tremendous pressure on the students.
“You are…”
“I said everyone gets expelled if you lose, but now that I think about it, that was too soft.”
Madness is distorting his eyes.
Asahina grits her teeth strongly but he seems to enjoy even that expression.
“I don’t just wanna crush you! Not knowing when you’ll be crushed, when you’ll be expelled. So anxious you can’t sleep at night, your mind wears down and you go crazy, getting completely crushed mentally and physically too! That’s what I wanna see!”
The A Class students tremble at those words.
What dwelled there was a terror greater than death aimed at a single student.
“But it won’t be by ‘using others.’ I’ll destroy them with my own hands. That’s what’s fun, interesting! Kicking others down, trampling and crushing them, standing above them is how you ‘live!’ That’s why life can’t be stopped!”
“You… scum.”
Asahina’s eyes fill with hostility.
This man is of the same kind as Kirido… No, he’s an even greater evil.
I have to defeat him, to protect someone. …To not let any more victims appear.
“Yeah… Let’s do a six person elimination tournament. Winner takes 600,000 yen! It’s unbearably fun! A game betting people’s lives!”
“That’s out of the question. Even if you lose, the compensation would be the ‘money extorted from classmates’… We don’t need such things.”
At Asahina’s words, Sakuma nods and Karasuma smiles wryly.
600,000 yen is certainly a large sum. It could work to our advantage later on.
But the premise is that Asahina Kasumi is a hero of justice.
She who allows no injustice would never agree to those rules.
“What we request from you is a ‘permanent prohibition on violence toward others, directly or indirectly. As well as a prohibition on inflicting harm on others.’ And ‘return of the money taken from classmates.'”
“Hey now…the only condition we’d offer other than 600,000 is nothing, got it?”
“Then let’s do this. If you win, 600,000 yen. If I win, your injustice will be corrected.”
Hearing those words, Netsuhara laughed.
As if things had gone exactly according to plan.
Seeing his expression, Kurashiki reflexively raises her voice to stop her. But–
“K-Kasumi-chan! That’s–“
“I’m sorry, Hotaru-san. But please don’t worry. I will definitely win.”
That was her confidence, resolve, and determination as the embodiment of justice.
However, Kurashiki felt great unease.
In this world, there exist opponents that cannot be defeated with determination alone.
Evil that cannot be defeated by justice.
For instance… Yes, irregulars like Amamori Yuuto.
She doesn’t think Netsuhara is the same kind as him. But Kurashiki’s intuition told her.
That this man is surely also a monster.
“Oho, then it’s decided! Let’s do it, a life betting crushing match!”
And so the worst Duel Request conflict is set.
Swirling inside is enmity so dense it makes you spit blood.
Will a demon or snake come out?
At the very least, there was certainly ‘something’ that wouldn’t go smoothly.
Kurashiki Hotaru realized that much in the current situation.



The next day, information was brought by Asahina.
The time was 15 minutes before homeroom.
It’s also rare for Sakaki-sensei who is always punctual to be in the classroom during this pre-homeroom time, showing how seriously she is taking this incident too.
The issue was discussed amidst that.
Regarding the Duel Request conflict, the rules are simple.
An anything-goes 6-on-6 crushing match.
The match is decided only when the opponent loses consciousness or surrenders.
The match format is a tournament-style elimination. In other words, just one person could theoretically defeat all six opponents if they wanted. Whether that’s realistically possible or not is another issue.
And regarding that ‘victory reward’…
The moment Asahina-san spoke, silence descended on the class.
Looking at Kurashiki, she seemed vexed as she bit her lip.
Personally, it wasn’t the worst case in my expectations, so isn’t it fine? That was my honest feeling. Though of course it’s still bad despite not being the worst.
No matter how competent Kurashiki is… Even if I had been there.
I’m certain Asahina-san would not have bent. She would not have changed her decision. I’m convinced of that.
In other words, the conclusion is, the moment you’re in the same class as Asahina, just give up.
“That’s a lie… 600,000 yen!?”
“Th-That much money…”
“Even if we could pay it, doing that would…”
No matter how much charisma Asahina-san has, she’s still someone else in the end.
Faced with the outrageously high amount, unease spills out from the classmates.
However, Asahina-san did not waver before those voices.
Gradually amidst the silence enveloping the class, Asahina-san spoke up.
“First of all… I’m very sorry. I selfishly put everyone in danger… This isn’t something that can be forgiven with an apology, but please allow me to apologize.”
Saying that, she deeply bows her head.
The chattering classmates also look dumbfounded at her attitude.
As she doesn’t raise her head at all, the classmates start responding to Asahina-san one by one. “It’s alright” “Don’t mind it” “We can leave it to Asahina-san” and such.
I can’t believe in leaving my fate to someone else, but she can get that kind of mood flowing easily. She really is a ‘natural monument.’ And that’s why I decided to make full use of her too.
“At the same time, I want everyone to feel at ease. You will not have to take on any danger whatsoever. This was proposed by me… I will take responsibility and defeat him myself.”
Asahina-san’s eyes show strong determination.
The powerful will is obvious to anyone at a glance.
Unable to refute that compelling power, the classmates swallow their breath.
Who was first to say it, the word “As expected.”
Starting with that, words of expectation for Asahina-san begin pouring out.
Certainly, Asahina Kasumi is strong.
Looking at the whole school, there are few ability users superior to her.
Strength of ‘special powers’ that can make you convinced of that.
If they fight, there’s no way Asahina Kasumi will lose to Netsuhara. We knew that from the start.
However, there’s no guarantee the opponent will face her head-on.
Netsuhara has a nasty personality. He’s cunning, underhanded, and greedy for victory.
“Given Netsuhara Eien’s personality, he will definitely come out first. To display an overwhelming difference in power. To defeat all of us alone. So I will fight as the vanguard and defeat him… The Class A students are just threatened by him. The match should be decided by that alone.”
No no, you’re wrong Asahina-san.
If I were Netsuhara, I would anticipate and utilize even that thinking.
What would displease a hero of justice like Asahina Kasumi?
I’d comprehend her thoughts, scheme, and surely…he would devise the worst strategy.
I look at the girl facing straight ahead and consider saying something.
If I search for advice to give her, the words to say come immediately.
‘You shouldn’t be the first one out from the start.’
Conveying just that much is enough. With that one line, Netsuhara’s plan would be destroyed.
Class C could surely achieve an easy victory without worries, Netsuhara wouldn’t be able to fight on his home turf at all, and would be defeated in a direct confrontation with Asahina-san. I can be certain of that much.
–But how does telling her that beforehand connect to what comes after?
Avoiding danger is important… But danger and opportunities for growth are two sides of the same coin.
If we evade everything, this class will never grow.
I briefly feel Sakaki-sensei’s gaze and lightly shrug it off.
…Yep, my opinion hasn’t changed.
No matter the danger, no matter if the class goes the wrong way.
I won’t make a move until just before course correction becomes impossible.
The words I heard before cross my mind: ‘If you don’t move, this class will be destroyed.’ But it passes through without affecting me.
The die has already been cast, Sakaki-sensei.
There’s no going back. What has begun cannot be reversed.
…This match will also be good learning for Asahina-san.
Because this ‘Duel Request Conflict’…
–is sure to begin with a crushing defeat she couldn’t foresee.
“I will never yield to evil.”

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