Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 32

“Mob No. 32. Oh? Could it be Sir Uzoss?”

After receiving the reward on the distant planet, Galife.
We disbanded and each went our separate ways.
Why not take round-trip jobs?
The reason is simple. The client only requested a one-way trip.
There are round-trip requests, but waiting fees accrue until the return journey begins.
If the waiting period is long, it can lead to significant expenses, so usually, it’s just a one-way trip.

After disbanding:
Levin took on pirate extermination.
Old man Bernard took a vacation.
Morize took on another escort request.
Arthur and Miss Seira were invited to the military reception as the key contributors to resolving this incident.
As for me, luckily, there was a gate to the planet Yttz nearby, so I decided to return immediately.
By the way, invitations to the reception seemed to have been sent to everyone except me and Old Man Bernard.
Well, even if I had received one, I would have declined, so it’s not a problem.
By the way, it seems that the head of the department was demoted to a regular employee due to unauthorized manipulation of the ship’s helm and repeated judgments that put the lives of employees at risk.
In any other situation, steering the ship without a license is undoubtedly an arrestable offense. However, due to the fortunate circumstance of a life being saved, they managed to avoid arrest by claiming it was an emergency situation.
Despite being a bit temperamental, the person wasn’t someone who would steal the achievements of subordinates or blame them for their own mistakes. Furthermore, it seems that admitting one’s own fault played a role in the consideration of the circumstances.

Unlike the journey here, where there was need for an escort and the distance between gates usable due to directional issues, I leisurely returned to the home planet Yttz at a detour-like pace. Instead of the usual counter at the mercenary guild, I encountered Old man Roans in the lobby of the foreign reception right near the entrance.
Although he was in a suit rather than the usual uniform, he seemed somehow cheerful.
“Rare to see you in a place like this. Going somewhere?”
“Taking a break. Going to meet my wife and daughter after a long time.”
Old man Roans adjusted his tie happily.
“Well, I might take a break for a while too.”
“I’ve asked for you to handle the handover.”
“It’s tough for a girl; she’s likely to go through a lot.”
“It’s a guy, so it’s fine.”
Previously, when Old man Roans took a break, I had dealt with a female staff member with blue eyes and green hair in a side ponytail.
Of course, I treated her with respect, being mindful of my manners and attire.
It was the kind of demeanor and attitude one would use when interacting with female store clerks in the city.
By the way, the first female staff member I spoke to when I became a mercenary,
“Ugh… Excuse me. I’m overwhelmed with tasks, please go to another window.”
I was treated with a grumpy attitude once.
Fortunately, the woman at that time was not like that. She introduced the job without any issues and helped with the procedures.
However, one of the mercenaries who witnessed this said,
“Hey, asshole! Can’t you see she’s uncomfortable? Get lost!”
He pointed his laser gun at me,
and the receptionist protested against him, but he didn’t listen.
“It’s okay! Let’s quickly get rid of this ugly guy!”
He said, appealing to the receptionist while being drunk on his own words.
It pissed me off, and although I could have fought back, getting shot with a laser gun would be seriously dangerous and troublesome. So, I quickly escaped.
From behind, his companions laughed foolishly at me.
Later, I found out that he was a stupid noble, now part of the queen’s class, flaunting his influence in the capital.
There might be successors like him now, and there’s even that hero kun.
Anyway, I don’t want anything to do with that kind of person again, and I don’t want to cause trouble for the decent receptionists.
By the way, I received the reward on Planet Galife from a male staff member.
“Well, I’ll take a break.”
I originally planned to take a vacation, so I decide to extend it until the old man comes back.
At that moment, Old man Roans brings up some gossip.
“I heard you refused the reception.”
“Well, yeah. It’s a hassle.”
Actually, it’s different, but denying it is too much of a bother.
From the military’s perspective, saying that I was invited but refused is better for appearances than not inviting me in the first place.
As time passes, Old man Roans leaves the guild to meet his family, boarding an aircraft within the planet’s atmosphere.
I decide to go home and get some sleep.

It’s a sure thing to go home and sleep, but my stomach is growling.
Usually, I buy ingredients at a nearby supermarket, but today, my feet unconsciously led me to the downtown area.
This place is lined with restaurants, and the buildings, floating signs, and advertising droids are adorned with neon signs.
Various scenes of kitchens and people eating are projected in 3D. Some display the origin of the restaurant, show the cooking process, and invite with phrases like “How about this?”
Even in shops on huge floating boards, they use tractor beams to attract customers.
Because of this setup, there are, of course, many places that serve alcohol. However, as long as I don’t enter those places, or even if I do, as long as I don’t drink alcohol, it’s fine.
So, I looked for a place that seemed to have something delicious, and I found a restaurant with appetizing pasta. I decided to have my meal there.
And as I headed towards the station, seemingly on my way home, I was suddenly approached.
“Oh? Isn’t it Sir Uzoss?”
Clearly, they called out my name, so I turned my face towards the voice, and there stood Fialka Tirusadd, also known as the female panther, and her android maid, Sherry.
Sherry wore a maid outfit, but Fialka was not in her usual pilot suit; instead, she wore a blouse, flared skirt, and pumps, a coordination befitting a young lady on holiday.
Perhaps they were on their way back from shopping, as both of them carried bags with logos from some clothing store.
Strictly speaking, they were probably both Fialka’s, though.
“Hello. Um… is there something you need?”
I didn’t understand why they were talking to me, but they must have something.
“No, we just happened to see you and wanted to say hello. Look, you should say hello too, my lady.”
“Ugh… coincidence, huh. Are you on your way back from work?”
Prompted by Sherry, Fialka also spoke up.
“Yes. Just returned from an escort mission. And you, shopping?”
“Yes. My lady received an invitation to a new collection launch and sale from a famous brand, and she found something she liked, so she bought it.”
Sherry raised the bag she was holding.
I didn’t know what brand it was, but it would surely look great on Fialka.
Well, now that we’ve exchanged pleasantries, I was thinking of leaving soon when,
“Right. I can’t accompany you, but would you like to have a meal together?”
Sherry made an outrageous proposal.
“Hey, Sherry! What are you saying!”
Fialka also panicked and questioned Sherry.
Even just talking to Fialka was dangerous for me, let alone having a meal together. If the troublesome guys found out we were having a meal together, who knows what kind of harassment I’d face.
“I’m sorry. I’ve already had a meal just now.”
So, I reflexively confessed to having eaten already.
“I see. You mentioned you were returning from work, so I shouldn’t impose.”
And while Sherry looked a bit disappointed,
“Then, I’ll take my leave.”
I politely bowed and left the place.
It was really a relief that I had already eaten….


☆ ☆ ☆


scene transition

【Side: Fialka Tirusadd】

As I watched him leave in a hurry, I heaved a sigh of relief and glared at Sherry.
“What do you think you’re doing, Sherry!”
“You said you would apologize when you met next, didn’t you?”
“You can’t do that without being mentally prepared!”
Sherry has always been the type to butt in at times like these.
Sure, she means well, but that’s just her flaw.
Thankfully, he was clueless about brands, which worked in my favor.
You see, the store that gave us the invitation to the new product launch and sale was a specialty shop for women’s underwear.
As our limousine arrived and the staff loaded the trunk with the merchandise,
“Hopefully, someday you can show that to someone. The sky blue set, the white thong, the black lace set with garter belt and stockings…”
Sherry whispered, catching me off guard.
Chuckling to herself, Sherry got into the limo, but I’ll have to punish her when we get back!
Even though Sherry is an android of the exoskeleton type, she always refuses to take off her maid outfit for some reason. This might be the perfect opportunity to teach her a lesson.

★ ★ ★

The next day, after finishing cleaning my room, I decided to head over to [Anime Member].
The anime shop, a place I hadn’t been to in a while, always feels like home.
This building houses everything from anime to manga, games, doujinshi, trading cards, and hobbies.
Most otakus living on the planet Yttz usually end up here.
The staff sometimes dress up in cosplay of anime characters or even modify their appearance to look like anime characters.
And unlike some of the receptionists at the mercenary guild, they don’t change their attitude based on the customer.
Well, there are female staff and customers who get excited when they see male customers come in pairs.
Oh, the new volume of my favorite manga is out.
It’s the comic adaptation of that light novel. I should buy it.
As I’m enjoying myself at Anime Member, I’m suddenly approached.
“Long time no see, Mr. Uzoss!”
It’s my friend from high school, Cruz-Arnoid.
“Oh, Mr. Arnoid! Same as ever?”
“Whether it’s two-dimensional or three-dimensional, beautiful girls are precious. I’m just pursuing that preciousness!”
Cruz-Arnoid, my friend with reinforced exoskeletons covering his face and arms up to the elbows, is friends with me and Gonzalez.
By the way, we went to different schools.
We met at a doujinshi convention on Planet Yttz.
He suffered severe burns on his face and arms in a fire accident just before entering junior high school, and although he underwent clone regeneration therapy, his cells inexplicably did not regenerate. At one point, he even considered becoming a full-body cyborg like Gonzalez, but he decided to cooperate in research on treatment for those suffering from similar cases.
Now, thanks to significant advances in research, his arms have mostly returned to normal, and his face is about 60% restored.
By the way, he has a pretty cool voice, so his hobby of doing game commentary seems to be quite popular.
When he found out that I was a mercenary, his first words were, “Have you met any cute girl mercenaries? I prefer lolis if possible!”.
Even though he works for the government.
By the way, it seems that many people with similar hobbies work for the government.
Because they have scheduled holidays and no overtime, it’s easy for them to attend events.
It had been a while, so we went to a fast-food joint and enjoyed catching up on otaku talk.
We both wished we could stay up all night, but we both had plans in the afternoon, so we called it quits around midday.

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