SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 1

Chapter Five: Researcher Shiwaoi Overstates the Broken Speech a Bit  

“Alright everyone, welcome to the first school-wide event of the season! I’m Kurosu from the broadcasting club, your Emcee for today, pleased to meetcha!”  
The spirited Emcee was greeted with loud applause, and the event was underway. 
“As you all know, this isn’t just any event! It’s the [Make Teio Ten Sai Tera Awayuki Cry] meeting! With prodigious, once-in-a-century talent said to be the number one Teio Ten Sai in overall ability, let’s make the genius [Awayuki Tera] cry! And the challenger who successfully draws tears from Awayuki-san will gain the unbelievable right to instantly swap places and become the next [Teio Ten Sai]! This is…this is heating up!” 
Egged on by the Emcee, cheers and applause rose from the crowd. 
Just like Sakuraba’s class when they debated against Houjou, the pacing was incredibly smooth…like a pro’s.  
With such outstanding talent even outside the Teio Ten Sai, as expected of Teio academy. 
“Now let’s hear a word from today’s star, Awayuki Tera-san!” 
The Emcee walked over to the special VIP seating on stage─an excessively lavish set with vivid roses and chrysanthemums piled high behind and on the table─where Awayuki sat and asked her for a comment. 
“I’m #12, Tera Awayuki. A friend signed me up without my knowledge, so I have no idea why I’m here. I can only sing [Yo-saku]. Oh, and I stuffed balloons in my boobs to pad my bra size, so please excuse me from the swimsuit inspection.” 
“Ah, Awayuki-san, this isn’t an idol audition.” 
The crowd let out a doht of laughter.  
A clip-on mic near Awayuki’s collar allowed her soft voice to echo clearly through the venue. 
“Ha…as always, skilled at entertaining people. Buuut! Today we’ll be doing the opposite. The elite who passed the audition lie in wait, ready to draw out Awayuki-san’s tears!” 
“Tch, tch… Why aren’t I part of those elite!?”  
Next to me, Ohana gnashed her teeth in frustration. 
“There’s no way you’d pass with that [Little Match Girl] act…” 
“It was a completely redone revised version…uu…but being rejected means nothing… I wanted to help Tera-san somehow…” 
Apparently the audition had quite the number of applicants regardless of Ohana. 
According to Principal Ougami, many students here had their spirits broken by the sheer strength of the Teio Ten Sai and lost their will to try taking those seats. 
So to those discouraged students, [Making Awayuki Tera Cry] probably looked more achievable.  
But in truth, I don’t think it’ll be that easy. 
Like I felt last Sunday, while Awayuki’s emotions surely exist deep down, the door locking them away probably won’t open with half-baked efforts. 
As Ohana said, the mood of the venue is important. Depending on the flow and excitement, it could greatly help draw out Awayuki’s tears. 
But something still feels lacking. 
To force open that door, won’t we need an overwhelmingly decisive element? 
“Or rather, first of all─” 
…Hm? …… What? 
What the? I unconsciously muttered something weird just now. 
What is it anyway? …………………………………………………… No, I don’t know. 
But this unpleasant feeling is…the same discomfort I felt when we parted last Sunday. 
What is it…? Just what’s bugging me? 
“I want to help somehow, even indirectly… Do your best, Tera-san!” 
While I mulled it over, positive Ohana waved enthusiastically at Awayuki on stage.  
“Um… By the way, Awayuki-san… What exactly are you eating?” 
Nom nom “Dumplings. They prepared my favorite since you can’t cry on an empty stomach. And on this side, there’s also some black tea… Nom nom… The combination of dumplings and Earl Grey is just sublime.” 
“W-well… You’re certainly enjoying yourself.” 
“Oh, Ohana-chan is waving at us! Yay!” 
A bit too carefree… 
“Um, well… We have limited time, so I’d like to start! Now, entry number one: Shima kun from Class 3-6!” 
“Oh dear. It started before I could even take a sip of Earl Grey. It’s not polite to eat or drink during the performances, so I’ll have to wait until the break.” 
Don’t pick and choose when to have that odd sense of etiquette… No really, eat the dango beforehand… 
“As some of you may know already, Shima-kun has the school’s number one beautiful voice, and is also our broadcasting club’s esteemed recitation expert. Please look forward to the tale his mature, composed voice will weave today─[Little Red Riding Hood]!” 
C’mon, high schoolers crying over a picture book aside from Ohana─ 


“Ah, owing to his outstanding recitation skill, numerous sniffling voices can be heard from the crowd!” 
No way… 
“I-I too am on the verge of tearing up a little!”  
It really is amazing… The quality of his vocal tone, pacing, emotional expression, everything seems beyond high school level. 
“However! Despite that, Awayuki-san’s expression hasn’t so much as twitched behind her ironclad defense! Unfortunately, the time limit has been reached, so Shima-kun’s challenge ends in failure! Will a challenger who can break through this sturdy fortress appear!?” 
In conclusion, no such challenger appeared.  
Not with the Tear Research Club’s tearjerking show. 
Nor the science club’s gentle onion extract water pistol. 
Not even with the dead serious no-comedy [When You’re Feeling Down] relatable comedy. 
Nor the sumo club captain’s tearful hair cutting ceremony. 
“And so, even the theatrical club members thought to have the best shot are soundly defeated! Awayuki-san’s tear ducts are just too sturdy!” 
Even the elite of Teio academy Academy gathering talent from across Japan couldn’t shake Awayuki’s emotions. 
As expected, making Awayuki cry through normal means is─ 
“The students’ attempts have all ended in failure, but… Let’s change things up a little here. Look forward to this! A special challenge from Brain Seeker!” 
Brain Seeker… Isn’t that the Brain Seeker? 
A world leading mega-corporation at the forefront of brain science research, achieving groundbreaking results in education, medicine, sports science─and various other fields. 
“Some of you may know already, but since Awayuki Tera-san enrolled, our school has partnered with Brain Seeker. Her brain holds tremendous potential of interest to the world’s top class corporation─and for Awayuki-san today, Brain Seeker has brought an astonishing research result!” 
Following the Emcee’s declaration, a foreign man in a suit holding a tray in both hands appeared from the wing.  
On the white cloth covering the tray, something small seemed to be placed─ 
“It may be hard to see from the crowd, but inside this capsule is a special medicine Brain Seeker developed using cutting-edge technology, just to make Awayuki-san cry! A prodigiously talented girl having her innermost feelings drawn out by a world-leading corporation… As the director said, we may be witnessing a historic moment!” 
I wasn’t the only one who let out a surprised gasp. The entire venue was suddenly filled with murmurs. 
“I understand your concerns, everyone. It does seem a bit suspicious, doesn’t it? Honestly, I feel the same way! However, there’s no need to worry! The development is by Brain Seeker, of all people. We’re not trying entirely unknown technology here. We’ve actually adapted a treatment drug used for patients with certain brain dysfunctions due to accidents or congenital factors, customized for Awayuki-san. It stimulates and acts on the specific part of the brain responsible for emotions, safely and securely eliciting Awayuki-san’s tears! Of course, Brain Seeker has obtained approval for its use in Japan through the proper channels. And, to ensure everything goes smoothly, we have an observer from the headquarters, Chief Researcher Mr. Nono-Shiwaoi here with us!” 
“Hey, boys and girls, good day!” 
The introduced blond gentleman released his hand from the tray and waved cheerfully to the audience. 
“Today is a historic day when the future partner of our company, Tera, gets her wish granted. The timing of the approval coinciding with this event seems like destiny to me. Now, through the tablets, monitor along with the CEO, and become witnesses to this legendary moment!” 
“Whoa… Things just got serious all of a sudden.”
“Yeah… Brain Seeker getting involved like this, it’s way beyond a student’s level.”
“The CEO… That guy’s a regular on the Forbes billionaire list, right?… And he’s watching this?!”
“Awayuki-san is truly amazing…”
“If it’s Brain Seeker-made, then the safety shouldn’t be a problem.”
“That’s right. This could finally make Awayuki-san’s wish come true!” 

“No, it’s impossible…” 
Unconsciously, I muttered those words. 
Certainly, this wasn’t the usual way. 
This might actually be able to elicit Awayuki’s tears. 
But this… was different. 
It couldn’t be done with medicine. 
Awayuki’s first tears in her life should be something natural, brought about by the stirring of her emotions, not something artificial. 
Brain Seeker’s intervention was undoubtedly something Awayuki was aware of. If she agreed to it herself, there was no place for me to interfere as an outsider. 
It was pure arrogance. 
This way, Awayuki wouldn’t feel the true essence of living. 
My legs naturally headed toward the tent right beside the stage─the executive committee headquarters for this [Make Awayuki Tera Cry] event. 
“Um, sorry for the sudden request, but you’re the executive committee chairman, right?” 
Spotting the intended person was easy due to the armband imprinted with his title.  
“Yes, that’s me, but…” 
The somewhat nervous-looking boy pushed up his glasses with a kui
“Is there any way to stop Awayuki from taking that medicine?” 
“Ha? …Just what are you talking about?” 
“I just…have a bad feeling about it. Like it’ll have the opposite effect of awakening Awayuki’s emotions…” 
“A feeling? Seems like? And you want me to obstruct the great Brain Seeker’s activities based on such uncertain grounds?” 
“Then, please contact someone with the authority to─” 
“Did you call for me, Ootomo Youta?” 
A familiar gruff voice called out from behind.  
“Huh? …The head teacher?” 
With his usual oppressive aura bordering on a joke, head teacher Kongouji stood legs planted firmly apart. 
“W-Why are you here?” 
“Is it so odd for the person responsible for campus to inspect the executive committee during a school event? I should be asking you that very question, you rascal.” 
G-Good point… But there’s no need to be so intense about it… This guy really hates me after all, huh. 

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