Romelia Senki Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 6

I dismounted and handed the reins to Ray. From the bag tied at my waist, I took out a spherical object wrapped in cloth. Carefully removing the cloth revealed an unglazed ceramic ball sealed with talisman tags. Strange patterns were drawn on the tags. This was an explosive magic stone obtained from the Governor .
The explosive magic stones were a kind of magical tool that would explode when thrown. Packed inside the ceramic sphere was a magic catalyst that would explode with just a slight impact. The affixed talisman tags were a safety device – as long as they were attached, it would not explode even if impacted, but once torn off care had to be taken. If the ceramic sphere cracked open and the contents inside were exposed, it would explode.
I carefully tore off the tag, taking care not to drop it and transferred it to my right hand, while also gripping the explosive magic stone in my left hand in reserve. Preparations were complete. I was ready for it no matter when it came. I looked toward the forest.
Just as I was prepared, the tranquil forest roared open.
I curled up as the explosive sound blew past, looking as the forest was blown away. Inside the forest, branches, soil, and rocks were scattered in the air. As the dust cleared away, a giant black figure was revealed.

It was a boar possessing a massive body rivaling a horse carriage. Its whole body covered in bristling fur like steel wire, with ivory tusks pointing straight to the heavens. On its jet black face, its red eyes brimming with bloodlust shone bright.
Those red eyes looked upon the boar corpses fallen at our feet. The enormous boar shook its body, letting out a roar like dozens of horn players blowing together at once.
The giant boar was the parent of the magical beasts that had been killed. With its children murdered, the boar mother had become the embodiment of killing intent and rage.
“It’s out, Three Legs!”
Al shouted. Just as the name implied, the giant boar was missing its front right leg. It supported its massive frame on just three legs.
It was said that around two years ago, a boar had apparently fallen into a trap set by hunters.
I say apparently because even when they went to check the trap, there was no boar to be found. The boar that fell into the trap tore off its own leg and escaped. Leaving just one leg behind.
Generally, losing a leg in the wilderness meant certain death. But Three Legs survived with astounding vitality, transformed into a magical beast, then destroyed the homes of the hunters who set the trap, killing and devouring the hunters and their whole families.
Three Legs, who had lost its children, charged forward with speed belying its giant body, now beyond the realm of a mere beast, like a boulder set rolling. No number of spears could stop its momentum.
But I did not flee, and the soldiers, though initially startled by Three Leg’s massive size, did not run either.
I timed my breathing, and threw the explosive magic stone in my right hand at the approaching Three Legs.
The explosive magic stone hit Three Leg’s charging head, and the ceramic sphere shattered. In that instant, a dazzling light flashed as the magic stone exploded on the giant boar’s head.
Thrown off by the explosion on its head, Three Leg’s charge went askew. But its momentum could not be stopped, and it crashed heavily into the ground as if slamming down.
The impact was enough to make you float off the ground. The soldiers’ cheers rose one after another, but it was still too early to celebrate.
“It’s not over yet, finish it quickly!”
I ordered the soldiers to promptly dispose of it. The explosive magic stone had burst on the left side of Three Leg’s head, blowing off the fur on its skull and exposing the bone beneath. But the sturdy cranium only had some cracks, and the brain was not destroyed. It was just concussed from the blast and impact. Just as the soldiers moved in to deliver the final blow, a horse broke from my side and charged out. It was Ray.
“Ray, stop!”
Ignoring my warning, Ray raised his spear and charged at Three Legs. But perhaps the sound of hooves returned it to consciousness, as Three Legs suddenly opened its eyes and stood up, shaking its head and swatting aside Ray’s outstretched spear.
The horse neighed in fright, rearing up on its front legs. Ray was thrown off balance and tumbled from his horse.
I immediately retrieved the spare explosive magic stone in my left hand, but that spot would catch Ray in the blast.
Three Legs looked down upon Ray who had fallen from his horse and sat fallen on the ground.
“Ray! Get back!”


Seeing his companion in mortal peril, Al spurred his horse forward, thrusting out his spear at Three Legs. Three Legs noticed Al and caught the spear in its tusks.
Al exerted all his strength, but Three Legs shook its head and sent the spear flying.
But Al’s actions were not in vain. Taking advantage of the opportunity, three people swiftly charged out from the ranks of soldiers.
The two taking the lead were soldiers. Moving as if mirrored, they circled around to Three Leg’s left side and stabbed their spears into the base of its front left leg. While the spearmanship was certainly excellent, what was most important was that this blow was highly tactical.
Even if penetrating the vitals and weak points, with Three Leg’s vitality it was unknown how berserk it would be until death. But Three Legs was missing its front right leg, only supporting itself with the front left leg. Stabbing the base of that left leg destroyed its stance.
Then the latecomer arrived, a short stout soldier. Though small of stature, his body was brawny. Using the full strength of that body, he thrust into Three Legs’ body.
With its body pierced, Three Legs let out an agonized roar. Then the other soldiers descended, driving numerous spears into its belly.
Releasing a scream that could be heard all the way to the other side of the mountain, Three Legs met its end.
After confirming the giant boar’s death, I secretly heaved a sigh of relief without letting the soldiers notice.
Though I had expected it, Three Legs was certainly a formidable opponent. But through these battles, the soldiers’ training had increased. There really was nothing better than real combat experience. And from going through battle, I also came to understand many things.
“You all did very well, especially Gran and Ragan, who were exceptionally outstanding.”
I praised the two soldiers who had aimed for Three Leg’s front left leg. They were twins who always acted together, moving in perfect mirrored coordination. Their simultaneous attacks were very beautiful, and they repeatedly killed the enemy. And they were crafty, able to provide cover like today. They were an existence that could be entrusted as the core of the troops.
“Otto also did very well.”
I made sure to praise the soldier who had charged after the two of them to pierce Three Leg’s heart with his spear.
Though small in stature, his physique was robust. And his hands were nimble like a carpenter’s son. I’d also seen him whittling wood shavings into decorations and such. He seemed to have high aptitude as an engineer, surely he could be utilized well someday.
“And it’s thanks to Cale finding the nest. Without you, this operation plan would have been impossible.”
Among the soldiers, I looked to a particularly noticeable youth.
Despite his emaciated cat-like appearance, he was able to nimbly climb up trees.
While his pure combat ability was slightly below average, he was quick and dexterous, possessing strong scouting ability. Thanks to him locating Three Leg’s nest, we were able to lure it out of the forest. Proper preparations were more important than anything. He was indispensable to the success of this operation.
“Missy, what about me?”
Al joked.
“Yes, yes, I know, you did great too Al.”
It wouldn’t cost anything to praise him a little. Just moving my mouth a bit could make someone happy, so why not praise them more. Besides, Al had also performed excellently. Although still arrogant now, he was the one who had grown the most in combat. Heedless of his own life and fearless. This time as well he took on the very dangerous role of bait, luring Three Legs and its children out of the forest.
Even if not, I had high hopes for Al. The other day, I had him take a talent check using Magical Paints, and when Al tightly gripped the Magical Paints and spilled them onto a fire, it shone a strong red light, illuminating the surroundings. Al seemed to have an aptitude for fire magic. He would become even stronger if he could use magic.
“Now, please dig a hole to dispose of the magical beast’s corpse, sever Three Leg’s head and take it to the nearby village.”
By bringing Three Leg’s head as proof of subjugation, the villagers could also be at ease.
The soldiers acted as I instructed. But one person remained unmoving. It was Ray.
Frustrated at being unable to play a decisive role in the battle, he bit his lip.
I had planned to say something to him, but considering that talking to him after a failure would just worsen his mood, I decided against it.
Lately Ray had just been spinning his wheels.
Although I had assigned him the duty of being my escort, he didn’t seem able to accept it and wanted to run up to the front lines. But perhaps because combat just didn’t suit his personality, he kept getting injured as a result.
Compared to fighting on the front lines, support from the rear was more suitable, but he seemed to want military exploits. I didn’t know how to deal with him either. This was the difficulty of personnel management.
If he didn’t have talent for combat, I could have him take on administrative work managing provisions and equipment without worrying, but I knew Ray had magical talent just like Al. Because the flame was green, he appeared to have an aptitude for wind magic. To think there would be two people with the aptitude to become magic users among such a small number, it was a delightfully unexpected miscalculation, but It’s a delightful misstep to have two people with the qualifications of a magic envoy, but I don’t know how to train them.

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