Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth Volume 1 Chapter 10

Episode 10 – Sasami Misami

I walk down the hall leading to the courtyard, looking at my face in a compact mirror. Pretty as always today. I’m definitely making up with Senpai today.
I went to the second year classrooms but Senpai wasn’t there. When I asked a female student nearby, she spat “Hah!? I don’t know that guy!” ….She looked really mean. What’s with her? Super annoying.
When I asked other students, I got the info that Senpai was eating lunch in the courtyard. Times like this I think it’s nice being cute. The male student I talked to looked happy.

My feet quickened on their own as I headed to the courtyard. Experience tells me it’s best to apologize quickly after a falling out. It’ll definitely be okay….
But I can’t get that earlier side of Senpai out of my head.
Shimizu-senpai is the ace of the track team and the captain. Senpai isn’t on the team. Which one to prioritize is obvious….
But still, the speed of senpai’s running on the field was insane. The morning runs were held back for my sake.
Senpai’s feet moved so fast that he looks like blur. It was a little cool.
At that time, I know my way of speaking was bad.
But I can’t control my greed. This personality will never change.
….To put it mildly, my family is very poor. I got into this academy on a track scholarship. My mom works hard for me. After track I work part-time at a family restaurant. We couldn’t get by otherwise.
So I can’t make the wrong choices. Classmates, upperclassmen, teammates, it doesn’t matter.
I have to leave good results at this academy’s track team.

Whenever I won competitions, senpai gave me various gifts. It made me happy but….I envied senpai’s wealthy household. Honestly, I felt jealousy….
Senpai isn’t on the track team. If the team captain Shimizu-senpai dislikes someone outside the team, they won’t survive at the track team. Oh well, it can’t be helped.
……Since Senpai is kind and sweet, I thought it would be okay if I apologized later. Shimizu Senpai is stubborn, and I believe I need to say something like that to make him believe me.
Senpai’s cold expression comes to mind. My steps in the hallway come to a halt. I’m scared of meeting Senpai. Surely, if I explain the reasons, it’ll be okay… I think.
I check my face once again in the handheld mirror. After calming my heart, I walk back to the courtyard.

For Senpai, Mimi is a cute junior, so it should be fine. Senpai has said I’m cute too! He’ll definitely forgive me!

Lately, I haven’t been able to meet Senpai, and it’s making me anxious.
I can’t see him during the morning run, and I can’t find him at school. Going to the upperclassmen’s classroom is scary.
If I cry and apologize, everything will surely be fine.
Since Senpai taught me how to run, my body has felt much lighter. I achieved results beyond my abilities at the junior high competition. Even in high school, I believe I won’t lose to the same year if it’s about running.
When Senpai massages Mimi’s body like a chiropractor, it feels so comfortable, and I can run endlessly.
Senpai always watches over Mimi’s training kindly and attentively. He always cares about my body. Yet, I called Senpai a stalker, and if I don’t apologize soon, I won’t be able to run with Senpai.
…Senpai, you should polish yourself more; you’re surprisingly cool. If you do that, Mimi might—

When I reach the courtyard, I see Senpai with someone. I see Senpai, who I haven’t seen in a while, looking somewhat more refined.
And it’s the first time I’ve seen him with a friend, despite him saying he has no friends.
Those are the track and field team’s dropouts, Igarashi Senpai and Sasaki Senpai. And there’s a super beautiful girl gazing at Senpai… It’s irritating, but she’s way cuter than Mimi… It’s annoying.

Mimi takes a deep breath and smiles at her reflection in the hallway’s glass. It’s okay; I’m cute too.
Yeah, Senpai will forgive me for being a cute junior who takes a lot of effort. That’s me.
I start running quietly towards Senpai. Senpai hasn’t noticed Mimi yet. He’s talking to Igarashi Senpai.
A natural smile spreads across my face. Yeah, running with Senpai was probably the most fun.
I realized it when we were apart.
I feel happy at the thought of being able to run together again. Senpai is cute even though he seems like an old man.
Mimi tries to hug Senpai’s back.
“Senpaai! Long time no see!”
Mimi tried to hug senpai, but his body was nowhere to be found.
I lose balance with too much momentum—oh, am I going to fall!?
“Mugu!? Goho, goho.”
“Sasami, is that you?”
I thought I was going to hit the ground, but I feel my collar being grabbed. It was a bit suffocating due to the impact, but at least I didn’t fall.
When I raise my head, Senpai is standing there. Senpai indeed saved me.
“S-Senpai, th-thank you! As expected, there’s no one else for Mimi but Senpai!! Senpai—?”
Senpai wasn’t looking at my face. He was facing Igarashi Senpai.



“Igarashi-kun, are you okay?”
“I’m fine. By the way, Toudou knows Sasami?”
“Hey, Igarashi Senpai, be quiet! I’m talking to Senpai!”
“You’re still a troublesome girl. Do as you like.”
Ah, the spectators are noisy. I’m about to ask Senpai for forgiveness.
“Senpai!! …I’m sorry for what happened the other day because of Senpai Shimizu. It couldn’t be helped. If I got on the wrong side of Senpai Shimizu, I couldn’t survive in the track and field club.”
I appealed to Senpai with intense acting. But I feel discomfort.
Senpai’s atmosphere is different. Senpai’s expression hasn’t changed at all. I can’t see a trace of kindness. It’s as if he’s a different person.

A chill runs down my spine.
“Eh, a, Se, Senpai…?”
I could only produce a sputtering voice.
I couldn’t feel any emotions. This is what it feels like to see things like a spectator…?
It’s not that he’s angry about what happened the other day or that he’s fed up. At that time, Senpai ran to the field, so I didn’t understand—
Senpai’s eyes are looking at me, but they’re not seeing me… He doesn’t recognize my existence. Suddenly, my heart tightens with regret.
W-Was it possible that I did something irreversible… that I hurt Senpai’s heart…
Panic generates meaningless words.

“S-Senpai, is, is it really Senpai?”

Fear creeps up from the depths of my heart. My legs are about to tremble… even so…
“–What do you mean?”
“Eh, no, the atmosphere is completely different.”
“It has nothing to do with you.”
“W-What are you saying? Uhm, aren’t Senpai and I close? I sincerely apologize for what happened the other day.”
“I’m sorry; I don’t understand. What kind of relationship did you and I have?”
I can sense it. He’s not lying. Senpai isn’t seeing me at all. He’s not angry. He’s indifferent…
It was a light feeling. To get along well with Senpai Shimizu, I cut ties with Senpai.
Because of that, did the kind Senpai’s heart become strange?
As I think about it, my heart throbs painfully. What is this? W-What have I…?
“I’m, uh, Sasami Mimi. We used to do morning practice together, I-I’m your junior…”
“Oh, I understand that. It’s in my memories. But for me, Sasami is no longer someone relevant.”
Senpai’s words stab into my heart like a knife. The words are flat, too flat, but their sharpness cuts deep.
“I-I wanted to apologize…”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ve finally come to understand. The connections with important people. So, please leave me alone.”
Senpai looks at Igarashi and the others. His face shines with a radiance that, frustratingly, surpasses the mornings he spent with me.
When he turns to face me, his expression returns to an emotionless state.
–It’s scary. Only now do I realize the weight of what I’ve done.

“Yo! Toudou! Oh, by the way, you’re Hanazono-san, right? Finally, we meet! I’ve heard a lot about you from Toudou!”
A female student comes running while calling Senpai’s name. Wait, isn’t that Tanaka Senpai from the special class!? She’s the super-beautiful gal rumored to have a famous celebrity brother, and she never tried to make friends.
When Senpai sees Tanaka Senpai, his aura becomes gently warm, more than when he accompanied me during morning practice. His kind eyes are very charming, filled with emotions.

That’s what I’ve wanted–

But it’s all because of Senpai Shimizu’s fault. I didn’t do anything wrong…
“Tanaka, let me introduce you to Hanazono. Oh, and these are Igarashi-kun and Sasaki-san.”
“Huh? Who’s that girl? She looks like she’s about to cry. Are you okay?”
“Mm, Sasami, why are you crying? Do you want to go to the nurse’s office?”
At that moment, I understood.
I wanted to punch my past self, who was selfish and self-centered.

–I can’t run with Senpai anymore…

I step back from Senpai, turning my heels.
The fake crying I intended turns into real tears. The miserable feeling that I thought I was accustomed to becomes unbearably painful.
Sobs are about to overwhelm me. I didn’t want Senpai to see me. A feeling of regret wells up from the bottom of my heart.
I start running towards the hallway–
Pain shoots through my knees from the ground. The reckless running puts a strain on my body.
A familiar voice reaches me from behind–

“–Sasami. Your injury is already healed. The leg you’re protecting is more dangerous. Go to the hospital quickly.”

That emotionless loud voice resonates in my heart.
Even without emotions, Senpai’s kindness reaches me.
Those words trigger an explosion of emotions–
I want to escape from Senpai’s sight quickly. I don’t want to be in this place anymore.
Even though Senpai can’t see Mimi anymore, I can’t stop my feet.

–Why… Why is Senpai being kind to someone like me!? Ugh… ugh… Uwaaaaahhhh!!

Waves of emotion hit me. A pain in my heart like I’ve never experienced before. It hurts so much, and there’s nothing I can do… If I run, it’ll get better. I always overcame things by running. So, if I run, the pain will go away.
The rubber of my sneakers breaks, and they fall to the floor like they’re rolling.

My legs hurt. My knees hurt. My arms hurt. But more than anything–

The sneakers Mom bought for me. In our poor family, we can’t afford to buy spares.
“Sneakers… are broken, ugh. Ah, haha… what should I do… Mom, what should I do… I… Mom, Mom…”
If I get injured, it’ll make Mom sad. I don’t want to be a burden to Mom. I don’t want her to know that I’m crying. If I get injured, I can’t stay at the academy. Mom always rejoiced when I won in competitions. I want Mom to smile–

Suddenly, Senpai’s smiling face comes to my mind.

Ah–, Senpai, too, was smiling for me…
I pick up the fallen sneakers and walk down the hallway, crying unabashedly…

scene transition


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