Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 31

Mob #31: [I’ll lure one ship away! During that time, disable the other ship’s navigation! No sinking! We need to capture them!]

“Both ships are undoubtedly from Sunshine-Tree-Electronics, but each one is clearly armed with numerous weapons.
They’ve even deployed drones.
There’s no way these are legitimate transport ships.
That company should be a decent one with no bad rumors… but who knows what they’re up to behind the scenes.
Well, if that’s the case, they wouldn’t boldly display the company logo or reveal the ship’s code!
Maybe it’s a plot by a rival company or something.
While pondering that, instructions came from Arthur.
[I’ll attract one ship’s attention! Disable the other ship during that time! No sinking! We need to capture them!]
Everyone understood his instructions, and Levin immediately said,
[Then I’ll back him up. I’ll make sure they shut up!]
Levin swiftly headed towards the ship Arthur was targeting.
[Now, us old folks need to put in some work too.]
[I’m still in my thirties!]
[Still older than those two.]
Morize retorted to Bernard’s words while baring her teeth, and she and I headed towards the other ship.
Naturally, the drones came to intercept.
[I’ll handle those. Leave the big ones to me!]
While deploying a barrier, Morize headed towards the swarm of drones.
[In that case, we’ll take care of the big ones. Counting on you, young one.]
[Understood. Entering to provide support.]
And so, with Bernard and me, we headed towards the other ship.

☆ ☆ ☆

【Side: Sunshine-Tree-Electronics?】

[Heavy damage to the left side’s fourth turret!]
[First and third thruster ports are compromised!]
[Damn it! The barrier generator has gone haywire!]
Sitting in the captain’s seat on the bridge, I, the mighty captain, kept receiving reports of this ship, capable of earning a fortune continuously, taking more and more damage.
“What the hell are the drones doing?! Weren’t they deployed?!”
“Already two-thirds of them have been shot down!”
“Someone must have a fucking plan! Spit it out!”
Shit! The plan to hijack and modify Sunshine-Tree-Electronics’ ship, making it look like a civilian vessel, attacking and seizing ships from companies other than Sunshine-Tree-Electronics, selling the goods to other nations, and selling the crew within the empire has been a huge fucking success.
Armed with that fact, I confront Sunshine-Tree-Electronics, demanding a contract that requires them to pay me 30% of their monthly sales, considering the success of my activities and the increase in sales due to the shortage of other companies’ products.
I make it clear that if they don’t agree to the contract, I’ll publicly announce that my actions were done under the employment of Sunshine-Tree-Electronics.
This is my fucking perfect plan to create a golden tree!
All because of the incompetence that decided to open fire without proper judgment!
How the fuck did it crumble so easily?!
“Cargo hold here! The hatch for unloading is damaged and won’t open!”
And my other subordinates,
“Just fucking use the beam to break the door!”
“Understood! Alright, everyone, move aside!”
Nothing but useless idiots who can’t come up with such simple solutions!
Who is it? Whose fucking conspiracy is this?
The biggest fucking Kaidus Pirate Crew was annihilated by the military!
The most vicious Grimleap Pirate Crew was crushed by the military, mercenaries, and racers!
So, the next pirate crew to rise to the top will be mine, the Bandeglo Pirate Crew, led by me, Stalva-Bandeglo!
Whose fucking conspiracy disrupted the perfect plan to gain that fucking wealth?!
At that moment, a slight vibration occurred,
“Door breached! Pilots can exit!”
And the report came,
“Alright! Drop the dragonflies!”
There are only five opponents.
We have nearly twenty. There’s no fucking way we can’t take them down!
“Alright! Take down those bastards stuck to us…”
Just as I was about to give the order, a tremendous roar and vibration hit my fucking ship.
“Cargo hold hit! Oxygen leak confirmed! Closing bulkheads!”
Why the fuck is this happening? Why is my fucking ship on the brink of being taken down by just two small ships! This is fucking bullshit!
“Hey! What about ship number 2? Why the fuck aren’t they providing support here?!”
I give instructions to ship number 2.
But what came back was,
[“Here, Number 2 ship! We’re stuck here too, can’t move a muscle!”]
It was a response that depicted incompetence perfectly.
Damn it! This is all because that guy shot without permission earlier! Everything’s gone to hell because that bastard took a shot on his own!
Shouldn’t have killed him so easily!
Should’ve tortured him more, found out who put him up to it!
And then, a report came in that further irritated me.
“New ships spotted! Military ships! 5…6…7…8…total of 12!”
Fuckin’ hell!
Why the hell is the military showing up?!
Sunshine-Tree-Electronics guys should just keep their mouths shut if they get caught, shouldn’t they?!
Why?! Why isn’t everything going as I thought it would!
[To all units currently in combat. Cease combat immediately. Repeat. Cease combat immediately.]
It was only with the irritating orders from the damn military that the attacks on my ship finally stopped.
“Now! Fly at full speed!”
No need to be stupidly honest and stop!
Using the Number 2 ship as bait, I’ll escape at least.
But my ship, it didn’t budge an inch from there.


★ ★ ★

Just as the military showed up when both Sunshine-Tree-Electronics ships were disabled, they began to surround those two.
“Arthur! Are you alright?”
Seira, who had brought the military with her, switched off work mode and called out to Arthur, almost as if she would shower him with kisses if she could.
With Arthur’s skills, he should be able to survive just fine, but since you never know what’ll happen on the battlefield, her worry is only natural.
It would be nice if she and the other four of us were worried too, but it’s only natural there’s a difference in treatment between lovers.
By the way, the transport ship Ranoytan seems to be waiting with the military ship a little further away.

The touching reunion? over, and just as we were about to resume our requests, a communication came in from the military ship.
“Well done indeed. Disabling two modified combat ships with just five ships.”
On the screen appeared a famous figure, Captain Priscilla Hylia with black hair, purple eyes, and fair skin.
Why is the propaganda princess of the royal guard here?
As all six of us looked bewildered,
“The one in command… is you, right? Um… Mr. Arthur Lingard?”
Captain Hylia casually addressed Arthur.
It’s impressive. She didn’t hesitate to address Arthur, even with Mr. Bernard or Knight-class Morize here.
Aiming for the next rising star, huh?
Well, maybe she heard from Miss Seira.
“Yes. Since everyone entrusted me with command, I took the liberty of assuming it,”
Arthur replied politely, though modestly.
“That’s reassuring. When talented individuals like you join the military, it’s quite comforting,”
Captain Hylia said, gazing at Arthur with a slightly expectant expression.
It’s a calculated move, but she’s likely executing the directive from the upper echelons to gather talented individuals in the military.
Many who were caught by that charm ended up joining the military.
And this time, is Arthur the target?
His presence here is probably just a coincidence, but it seems that they are trying to get him to join the army anyway.
let’s keep an eye on him just in case.

Of course, there’s someone who absolutely won’t allow it.
“Captain Hylia, shouldn’t you be directing the arrest of criminals?”
“Oh, yes. I’ve already given instructions, so there’s no issue.”
Yes, it’s Miss Seira.
Seira, clearly rude, cut off their conversation.
“I see. Well then, we still have work to do, so if you’ll excuse us. Arthur, let’s get back to our task. Everyone, let’s go.”
She issued instructions to bring Arthur closer to her.
Then, she immediately increased the speed and headed towards the rendezvous point of the Lanoytan.

By the way, rumor said Captain Hylia seemed a bit stunned by Seira’s forcefulness for a moment.
“I wonder if those two were lovers? But I want that Arthur… (in terms of talent),”
she murmured with a seductive smile.
Just a rumor, though.

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