I, the “false hero” expelled the “true hero” Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 6

I couldn’t see, but apparently, we were near the elven village. Perhaps it was an illusion or another power. I could only see the same forest, but Iris-chan seemed to understand.
“Well then, it’s time to say goodbye here. It’s not good for you to come out of the village alone like this.”
“Yes, um, I’m sorry for causing trouble.”
“Don’t worry about it. It was a short time, but I enjoyed talking to you.”
She smiled and, with a slightly pouty face, started looking around as if searching for something. Then she touched her hair.
“Ah, this! This is for you!”
In Iris-chan’s hand was a single flower.
“It was in my hair. Um, I thought about it, and I haven’t given you anything in return for your help. But, um, I haven’t been outside the village, so I don’t have money or anything…”
“Thank you, it’s enough. I’ll cherish it as if it were you.”
I lightly stroked the part of her hair where the flower accessory was. It felt pleasantly silky. Iris-chan leaned into the touch, seeming to enjoy it.
“Well then, take care.”
Reluctantly letting go of her hair, I turned away without looking at her face and just waved my hand.
I couldn’t stay longer; otherwise, emotions would well up.
I began to leave.
“Ah, um!”
But contrary to my feelings, I was called back again.
“I want to see you again! So I’ll definitely come to meet you!”
She shouted loudly that she wanted to see me again. But, I’m sorry. I won’t visit here anymore, and by then, I’ll probably…
So without turning back to avoid seeing her face, I just waved my hand and left.

Iris continued to gaze at Foil’s back.

A month had passed since Yuu and Mei-chan left the hero party. Our journey continued during that time.
However, with Yuu and Mei-chan gone, there was no longer a restraint on the actions of Gladius and Mary.

In a certain town, the town was under attack by the Demon Lord’s army.
“It’s the Demon Lord’s army! To come to a place like this!”
The Demon Lord’s army, composed of appearing monsters, emerged from the slums of the town. Immediately, we rushed to the scene, cutting down the monsters attacking people.
I flashed my holy sword, striking down the attacking monsters.
Although weak enough for me to handle now, their numbers were overwhelming. We couldn’t defend against them like this. I raised my voice.
“Head to the church! There, the defense is stronger, and there are no monsters!”
“Yes, sir!”
“Gladius! Mary! Quickly defeat the monsters attacking people!”
“Hmph, well, this shouldn’t be a problem.”
“Sigh, I suppose I’ll elegantly burn everything with my lovely and magnificent magic.”
“Let’s go, fulfill our duty as heroes!!”
Despite their contrasting personalities, Gladius and Mary’s abilities are overwhelming.
I have faith in those two when it comes to power alone. So I prioritize helping the citizens who got left behind escape first.

With a spurt of blood, the demon collapses to the ground, dead.
The demons that were assaulting this area have all been defeated. After confirming no more demons are around, I catch my breath.
“Have most of the citizens been evacuated by now…?”
“Sir Foil.”
“Oh, Mary. How did it go over there?”
“Well, these small fries are no match for me. Gladius is rampaging about somewhere else. He really is a barbarian.”
“I see. Then–“
“Waaahhh!! Mama, help meeee!!”
A scream rings out.
I see a child by the demon’s side. Looks like he was hiding but got discovered by another demon.
I dash over to try and save the child–
“[Burn, reduce these filthy mongrels to ashes with your fierce, blazing flames, Dragon Fangs of Fire]”
Suddenly, flames burst out and engulf the demon next to me, burning it to a crisp.
Along with the child hostage.
“Wha-, Mary why did you attack!? Didn’t you see the child there!?”
“? But weren’t they filthy? The lives of slum rats are no better than trash. What’s the problem with burning them away?”
“Guuh! Do you even understand!? You took the life of someone you just saved!?”
“What’s wrong with that? It was just some kid probably destined for a useless profession anyway.”
Not far from our argument,
a woman came rushing past.
No, a mother who embraced the now charred corpse of her child heedless of burns. Confirming he had perished, she completely broke down weeping.
“Oh my, seems she got caught up in it. But they’re just commoners, so no real issue right?”
“Mary, you…!”
Enraged by those words, the grieving mother grabs a nearby knife and stands back up.
“I’ll avenge my daughter…!!”
The mother charges straight at Mary.
Seeing that, Mary readies her staff. Is she about to burn her too!?
I rush forward and restrain the woman, forcing her to drop the weapon.
“Oh Sir Hero. So you protected me? As expected of the brave hero! How wonderful!”
Mary delightedly cheers. Meanwhile, the mother gazes up at me, eyes filled with hatred.
“Why…Aren’t you the hero…!? If you’re the hero then bring back my daughter…bring back Milla…”


No, that’s wrong. I’m not the hero. I’m…a fraud. The disturbance attracts nearby knights who come to investigate.
“Sir Hero, what’s the matter here?”
“Oh you all came at the right time. This insolent mongrel dared to defy and attempt to harm me! Punish her at once!”
“Sir Hero. We will take it from here.”
“Wait, she’s delirious from the loss of her daughter. So let her recover somewhere peacefu–“
What I saw was the knights decapitating the woman.
“Wha…Why did you kill her!?”
“? What do you mean, Sir Foil? It’s fine isn’t it? In this world, commoners rebelling against nobility is unforgivable.”
“That’s right, Sir Hero. The life of a mere commoner, compared to disrespect towards you and the Lady, is less than nothing. After all, we are [Knights]. Our status is as far removed from these mongrels and their pathetic professions as heaven and earth.”
“Even so…!”
Killing her was going too far.
But in the eyes of the knights and Mary, there isn’t a shred of guilt. If anything, they look puzzled as they gaze at me.
What is this?
What is going on!?
The hero and knights exist to protect the people right? Yet they are like this?
They didn’t even question killing the mother and child.
I look around.
The citizens watch us not with fear of the demons, but with terror and anger.

Another country.
In the streets transformed into a battlefield. I’m fighting against different invading demons.
“Gaaahhh! Curse….you….hero…!”
I slice apart the wolf-like demon with the holy sword. Cursing me with his dying breath.
“That takes care of all the demons on this side…Next is over there huh.”
There were still many demons and monsters in front of my eyes.
My body has gradually become harder to freely move. Dealing with that large group looks difficult in my current state.
“Hm? Is that…Gladius? And with him is…!!”
That’s when I spot a familiar face in my vision. The group Gladius was leading turned out to be peasants wielding spears.
Foolish, they were supposed to have evacuated from here already. Why are they still around!?
“P-Please wait! The townspeople are completely exhausted. They cannot possibly fight the demons like this!”
“If you’re weak then shut up and follow me! The frail exist to be exploited by the mighty! Keep going! Become the bait to lure the demons! If you won’t move, I’ll kill you myself!”
“No, noooo….uwaaaahhhh!!”
Many peasants charge towards the demons.
Unable to win of course, and many lives were lost.
But in exchange, a gap opened in the enemy’s encirclement.
“Hahahaha! See, I told you it could be done! Let’s go, I’ll take the glory of slaying their strongest!”
Leaving the peasants alone, Gladius and his knights launch an assault. Not sparing the townspeople another glance.
I cut down the demons drawn to feast on the corpses. Most had already perished. But one person clinging to life remained.
“Are you okay!? I’ll call for help immedi–“
“Ahh…Sir Hero….please tell me….did our deaths….have any meaning…?”
“We were….for what purpose….Emi….Ares….”
“Wait! Don’t die! Hey!!”
Muttering someone’s name, the man before me goes limp, his strength fading. No matter how much I call out, his eyes will never open again.
“What is….a hero….when I couldn’t save….a single life…!”
They became sacrifices because of me. Since my body won’t move like I want anymore.
We repelled the invading demon army. But once again, I stand alone atop a mountain of rubble that was once a city.

I have seen.
The brilliance and kindness that lies within people.
I have seen.
The foolishness and depth of people’s darkness.
I have seen.
I have seen too much.
The Demon Lord’s army remains undoubtedly mankind’s mortal enemy.
Yet people hurt other people too.
I am [The False Hero]. Unable to battle the Demon Lord. Unable to save anyone. A complete fraud.

What am I fighting for?
Who am I fighting for?

I don’t know. I don’t know.
I hear screams. I hear hatred. I hear sorrow. I hear resentment.

My heart creaks as if about to shatter. I scream. If I lost my sanity, wouldn’t that be so much easier?
The entire landscape looks grey now.
If deceiving meant hurting like this….
I should just….
As those bleak thoughts run through me. The flower I got from that elf girl….Iris…falls out from my chest pocket onto the holy sword.
“The holy sword….that’s right.”
Yuu and Mei,
My most precious childhood friends. Even without any news, the holy sword growing darker proves they are surely continuing properly on the path of [The True Hero].
You guys will definitely come for me. If it’s you two that find me….
Then it’ll be okay.
I can keep pretending a little longer.
I pick up the flower. Although I wandered many battlefields, the flower remains beautifully bloomed without a single bloodstain. Recalling the smile of Iris when I saved her cheers me up a little, lightening my heart.

The demon army that invaded the city was annihilated.
I gaze at the city demolished by the demon army.
The citizens are filled with sorrow. Natural since they have no hope left to cling to. They have no prospect surviving tomorrow.
What they need is hope.
A driving force to keep living.
I cannot provide that hope for them.
Despair came from the demon army.
Then instead, I will plant anger and hatred within them. I will give them the will to live through that.
“Listen here! People dwelling in this city!”
The townspeople look up at me.
“We managed to fend off this invasion by the demon army. But many citizens died, their sacrifice unavoidable! Because in this world your profession determines everything! Those of higher standing have the right to exploit lower ones as mere stepping stones to advance themselves!”
They lost family, friends, lovers.
To dismiss that with it couldn’t be helped is absolutely unforgivable. The demon army isn’t here anymore. So I will become the target of their hatred instead.
Flames ignite within their vacant eyes.
The flames called anger and hatred.
Yes, that’s it.
Remember my name!
Don’t forget me!
Hate me!
Only then will hope shine brighter!
“Because I am the hero, Foil Austin! I will be the one to destroy the Demon Lord. So don’t worry and offer your lives for the sake of the world!”
Gladius nods approvingly.
Mary smiles.
I also kept up the cheerful act.

As the false hero destined to fall by [The True Hero’s] hands, I will perform the role of villain until the very end.

So Yuu, when the time comes properly—kill me.

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