Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 30 

Mob №30 “Is that our rival company? Speed up! We need to arrive at the planet Galife faster than them!”

After responding to Levin’s consultation, I took the chance to get a solid 4-hour nap, rotating with Arthur and the others.
When it hit 6 AM, Morize, who had slept soundly for the past 8 hours, was rudely awakened by Seira’s loud warning signal. She complained but became quiet when reminded that she had slept during her assigned time.

After that, at 6:50 AM, the effects of the stun from the stun gun finally wore off on the director, who had been knocked out. We arrived at the gate leading to the planet Galife.

By the way, this gate is located at a close distance of 150 million kilometers from the main sequence star, the sun. It had an atmosphere like a giant sunflower opening towards the sun.
The director was delighted to arrive earlier than planned and eagerly said,
“[Alright! Let’s pass through the gate right away!]”
with enthusiasm to move the ship.
the gate management side intervened with a, “[I apologize. We are currently conducting checks.
Please wait for about 10 minutes.]”
For the director, that was an unacceptable statement.
He erupted in a tantrum, shouting, “[Why bother with such checks! Let us through quickly! We’re in a hurry! Our company’s fate is on the line!]”
In that moment, just like yesterday, Nostru-san stood behind the director.
But before she could intervene, the female communication officer from the gate management colony said,
“[If an accident occurs, it will be entirely your responsibility, right? Since we’ve recorded the conversation and noted the ship’s name and the responsible person’s name, there’s no way to escape, okay?]”
At that, the director stammered, “[W-Well… that’s… a bit…]”
The communication officer continued,
“[Then please wait for about 10 minutes.♪]”
And just like that, she easily silenced the director.
That communication officer was truly impressive.
And since there was a break time, Arthur-kun, representing us, asked the female communicator about the current situation on the other side.
“Um, how is it on the other side of the gate? Traffic, accidents, celestial phenomena, anything like that?”
The female communicator momentarily had the expression of a hunter who spotted prey, but the next moment, she wore a troubled expression mixed with a smile.
“Well, it seems that pirate attacks have increased. Probably because of the home appliance manufacturer’s new product presentation, but still, it’s quite frequent. Despite the military and police being desperate to subdue them.”
“That’s… strange.”
Indeed, it’s a bizarre story.
The increase in pirate attacks is a result of the increase in cargo transport due to the military and police being eager to hunt pirates.
However, despite that, there should be some underlying cause for the rise in pirate attacks, especially with the new home appliance product presentation on Planet Garlife.
As I pondered over this, 10 minutes passed.
“All right! It’s been 10 minutes! Let us pass through the gate quickly!”
Once again, the manager started making a commotion.
Come on, there’s a proper order, you know?
Moreover, the gate is large enough to accommodate about 10 ships simultaneously, so there’s no need to rush.
It’s about time he learns.
Look, Nostu-san is smiling behind him…

Anyway, we safely passed through the gate and set off again towards Planet Garlife.


Given the smooth journey so far, an indescribable anxiety crept in.
Even so, five hours passed without any issues after passing through the gate.
Just as it was time for lunch, and I was about to finish my meal with portable cheese and Prabox beverage coffee, the radar detected something.
“Ship shadows spotted at 7 o’clock. There are two, maybe?”
“I’ve confirmed it too. Two at 7 o’clock. Ship codes are… from Sunshine-Tree-Electronics.”
It seemed Seira-san also noticed, and she quickly checked the ship codes.
It seems like they’re heading to the same place for the same reason.
[Isn’t that the rival company! Speed up! We need to get to the planet Galife faster than those guys!]
And right away, the manager reacted and started making demands.
And unlucky for us, it seems like Ms. Nostu isn’t on the bridge.
And then, to make matters worse, he pushed aside the helmsman, grabbed the wheel, and opened the throttle!
[Whoa?! What the hell!]
Because of that, Morise in the lead suddenly increased speed on the Ranoytan, startling us, and hurriedly turned the wheel to avoid a collision.
Of course, including me, the other five of us took similar evasive actions.
[What the hell is this shitty manager doing!]
On the Ranoytan, the helmsman’s employee knocked down the manager, immediately regained control of the wheel, and avoided the collision with us.
Fortunately, we had kept a safe distance for safety, so there was no collision with anyone.
Then, in the next moment, a beam pierced through the space between the Ranoytan and our ship.
If everyone hadn’t taken evasive action, it might have hit directly.
The direction the beam came from was behind.
In other words, the one who fired it must have been from the Sunshine-Tree-Electronics ship.
Even if it’s for the sake of winning at the new product presentation, to go this far……
What the hell are those big shots at the company thinking?
While pondering such things, as we were turning to face the Sunshine-Tree-Electronics ship, Arthur’s voice echoed.
[“Ranoytan” continue leaving this airspace as is! Seira, report to the military and police while following! The rest, turn around and counterattack!]
An excellent instant decision, with precise instructions for everyone.
I can’t imitate that.
[Understood! Good luck, Arthur!]
[“Ranoytan” Roger! Full speed ahead!]
Following those instructions, the Ranoytan and Miss Seira rapidly left the airspace.
Now, it’s time for another job.

But man, it’s complicated how we were saved thanks to that manager’s selfishness.

☆ ☆ ☆

[Side: Sunshine Tree Electronics?]

The bridge of the ship.
“You bastard!”
A handsome man, dressed sharply in a business suit, punched another man dressed in rugged attire, giving off a contrasting rough appearance.
“I told you not to shoot until I gave the signal, didn’t I?”
The handsome man grabbed the collar of the man he had punched and struck him again.
There were crew members on the bridge, but none of them attempted to intervene.
“Well, they suddenly accelerated, so I thought they were trying to escape… I just…”
The man who was punched weakly tried to retort, blood streaming from his nose, but the handsome man paid him no heed.
“Because of you, we had to abandon the plan!”
He punched the man again.
“I’m sorry! But I thought letting them escape would be bad, so I shot! I didn’t think they would dodge!”
Despite the man’s excuses, it seemed the handsome man had reached his limit.
“You didn’t think, huh? Oh, did you shoot on purpose? Did you intentionally shoot to ruin my brilliant and perfect plan?!
” That’s not true!”
“You’re some kind of spy, aren’t you? Otherwise, why would you interfere with my brilliant and perfect plan?!”
The handsome man, satisfied with his deduction, smiled as he took a heat ray gun from his pocket and pulled the trigger.
“Dispose of him.”
Without a second glance at the motionless man, the handsome man glared at the prey displayed on the front screen.
“Dammit! This is the last one because of that spy… Alright! You guys! It’s our final prey. Don’t let them escape!”
” ” ” “Ooooh!” ” ” ”

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