A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 6,5 

Interlude – Gathering of the Gods

1 Anonymous God
How’s Fei-kun doing recently?

2 Anonymous God
As crazy as ever.

3 Anonymous God

4 Anonymous God
So anyway, shall we look back on the insane reincarnator?

5 Anonymous God
Arthur-chan as the giant panda character makes me laugh .

6 Anonymous God
That girl is the protagonist!!

7 Anonymous God
It was my first time seeing Fei, but aren’t Arthur and True the protagonists?

8 Anonymous God
That’s right, the protagonists of [Knights of the Round Table] are True and Arthur.

9 Anonymous God
Fei-kun is originally just an annoying side character who interferes with True-kun and is disliked by Arthur.

10 Anonymous God
But now, a madman who mistakenly believes himself to be the protagonist is playing Fei-kun.

11 Anonymous God
How does he come up with stuff like the giant panda rival?

12 Anonymous God
Panda eyes are surprisingly scary you know?

13 Anonymous God
Did Fei-kun have some manga he read in his past life with a giant panda rival character archetype or something?

14 Anonymous God
I was thinking, isn’t his way of thinking way too skewed?

15 Anonymous God
Fei-kun’s idea of a protagonist is concerning.

16 Anonymous God
The manga he probably read in his past life is likely quite biased I’d think.

17 Anonymous God
You won’t find any giant panda rivals anywhere (lol)

18 Anonymous God
The panda rival laughs

19 Anonymous God
I almost busted my abs too

20 Anonymous God
I, having tea in the gods’ locker room, did a spit take

21 Anonymous God
Seeing Arthur-chan happy made me happy

22 Anonymous God
Saying he’ll take it all on, Arthur-chan has high expectations

23 Anonymous God
Soon, the fate of being dragged in by the panda’s claws could be seen

24 Anonymous God
More than Arthur, I’m on team Yururu-chan

25 Anonymous God
I get you

26 Anonymous God
She’s too cute

27 Anonymous God
Since Yururu-chan is a bubbly bunny-like heroine who excitedly hops around

28 Anonymous God
Fei-kun doesn’t realize she’s the heroine

29 Anonymous God
That’s funny

30 Anonymous God
Does it go pon pon painful?

31 Anonymous God

32 Anonymous God
How does he come up with that!?

33 Anonymous God
It’s impossible to understand Fei

34 Anonymous God
Don’t try to understand Fei, feel him (weekly)

35 Anonymous God
I really don’t get him, but what especially didn’t make sense was how he nullified the evil eye in Stats village?

36 Anonymous God
He nullified the evil eye before too right?

37 Anonymous God
During the entrance exam with Arthur-chan

38 Anonymous God
What was the logic there?

39 Anonymous God
Evil eyes can give suggestions to control the opponent. It has other abilities too, but basically suggestions. The higher the evil eye’s rank, the more powerful suggestions it can give. But in Fei’s case, by convincing himself that he is the protagonist, he gives an intense suggestion to himself that nullifies other suggestions.

40 Anonymous God
Thanks for the long explanation but…in other words, what does that mean?

41 Anonymous God
Convincing himself he is the protagonist, his own suggestion to himself is so intense it doesn’t allow other suggestions.

42 Anonymous God
I see, so that’s how it is…in other words, what does that mean?

43 Anonymous God
Infinite loop (lol)


44 Anonymous God
No, I don’t really get it, the logic makes some sense but I absolutely can’t understand how a normal human can do this.

45 Anonymous God
Fei-kun’s mind is incomprehensible even to gods

46 Anonymous God
Fei-kun is truly interesting

47 Anonymous God
The man in the black robe he fought in Stats village was originally strong right?

48 Anonymous God
On par with Arthur I heard

49 Anonymous God
To be blunt, Arthur is stronger. But True couldn’t win against him even doing a handstand.

50 Anonymous God
That’s why it would be instant BAD END if True went alone.

51 Anonymous God
I’m just glad the cute girl was saved

52 Anonymous God
The name of the guy in the black robe was Della right? He’s the one who embedded dark star magic in Teacher Yururu to go berserk, and made Teacher Yururu’s brothers go berserk too right? Scumbag.

53 Anonymous God
He’s a decently popular character in the game right?

54 Anonymous God
He doesn’t appear anymore in the main story

55 Anonymous God
Oh really?

56 Anonymous God
He’s set to appear in the Free City side story

57 Anonymous God
What’s the Free City?

58 Anonymous God
It’s a city for adventurers, with dungeons where they delve in and mine magic stones

59 Anonymous God
Oh I see. So since it’s a side story, True, Arthur and the others aren’t the protagonists?

60 Anonymous God
It’s a popular novel game, [Knights of the Round Table]. So there’s DLC side stories where different protagonists are active.

61 Anonymous God
Could you not spoil too much?

62 Anonymous God
That’s true

63 Anonymous God
I don’t wanna hear too much either

64 Anonymous God
Let’s get back on track

65 Anonymous God
He was said to be a strong character, but I don’t really get that feeling

66 Anonymous God
The more it goes on, the more Fei-kun’s craziness of nullifying evil eyes stands out

67 Anonymous God
Unreasonable lump of… for evil eye users

68 Anonymous God
A truly unreasonable boss appeared as a small fry in the early game

69 Anonymous God
The man in the black robe has appeared!

70 Anonymous God
The man in the black robe is muttering something!

71 Anonymous God
The man in the black robe takes the evil eye pose, his eyes glow eerily!

72 Anonymous God
But Fei has a cool expression

73 Anonymous God
The man in the black robe is watching the situation

74 Anonymous God
The man in the black robe has fled!

75 Anonymous God
Never seen such a small fry boss in an RPG

76 Anonymous God
I’m glad Heimi-chan was saved (lol)

77 Anonymous God
Commoner Heimi (lol)
(tl note: 平民 = Heimin = commoner | commoner heimi = heimi no heimin)

78 Anonymous God
Fei-kun “Huh? That rhymes?”

79 Anonymous God
What’s he seriously thinking about with that face?

80 Anonymous God
Looking at it metaview, it does seem intentional (lol)

81 Anonymous God
Arthur-chan “Fei is thinking about something deep”

82 Anonymous God
That girlfriend-like vibe is concerning (lol)

83 Anonymous God
Honestly, I don’t dislike how she acts like she totally gets it with that smug face

84 Anonymous God
When she doesn’t get it at all

85 Anonymous God
Sargento-san was keeping an eye on Fei too huh

86 Anonymous God
Oh right, Noir-chan gave the order to monitor them. She was a little girl. A First Class Holy Knight.

87 Anonymous God
How strong are First Class Holy Knights in the story?

88 Anonymous God
I know this. Bruno, aka Noir. One of the eleven First Class Holy Knights of the Knights of the Round Table. The eleven people who possess the strongest class of strength among the First Class Holy Knights are called the Knights of the Round Table.

89 Anonymous God
Oh I see. So that little girl is that strong huh

90 Anonymous God
She’s strong. Though in public she operates under the name Bruno, disguising herself as a 181 cm tall man. In secret she operates under the name Noir, and almost no one knows her true face.

91 Anonymous God
Why is she hiding her real face?

92 Anonymous God
The knight order seems kind of fishy. So she’s being cautious. She has various subordinates but is busy investigating other things now, so she had Sargento, who happened to be free, investigate the suspicious Arthur and co.

93 Anonymous God
Disguised as a big man in public and a little girl in secret…I don’t dislike it

94 Anonymous God
By the way she’s a 155cm girl in secret

95 Anonymous God
A girl acting tough. Rare attribute but super cute

96 Anonymous God
Fei-kun has finally caught the eye of top class knights too huh

97 Anonymous God
Honestly it’s better to monitor Fei than Arthur

98 Anonymous God
Compared to Arthur, Fei is on a whole other level of dangerous in various ways

99 Anonymous God

100 Anonymous God
Oh? Noir-chan has started monitoring Fei-kun?

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