Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 29

Mob №29: [This is troublesome! The success of our company’s new product launch is at stake! We can’t be late!]

On the day the request started.
Surprisingly, everyone managed not to be late and gathered at the guild’s docking area, which was the departure point.
“Nice to meet you. I’m the head, Regas-Bundleban. This new product presentation is crucial for our company. Please make it both swift and safe.”
With a naturally stern face, Regas-Bundleban, the head of the Neima Trading Company’s Sales Department, greeted us.
Behind him, employees were loading goods and supplies onto the medium-sized transport ship, the “Lanoytan.”
Apparently, this transport ship belongs to their company, and the crew operating it are also employees.
Our job is to safely deliver this medium-sized transport ship to the planet Galife.
The current time is 6:55 AM,
and the departure time is 7:00 AM.
We’ll spend 24 hours traveling to the gate leading to the planet Galife. (Expected arrival – 7:00 AM the next day).
During the night hours (from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM the next morning), we’ll switch to autopilot and have four hours of rotating rest in shifts of three people.
After passing through the gate, it’s a 14-hour journey to the planet Galife. (Expected arrival – 9:00 PM on the same day).
Assuming no issues, we should arrive and complete the job in 38 hours.
With the loading complete, we were ready to depart.

The departure was remarkably smooth.
No mechanical troubles.
A bit fed up with Bernard, the old man and former cop, and his nonsense stories.
Morize’s teasing making Seira blush a deep red.
No fools causing trouble.
It was a peaceful time.
However, around 8 hours into the journey, the radar picked up a signal.
After checking, I reported to Arthur.
“Hey, can I talk to you for a moment?”
[What’s up?]
“Between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock, approximately 1.6 billion kilometers away, I’ve detected an unidentified fleet. Probably pirates.”
[Confirmed here too. If we continue on this course, there’s a possibility of contact. Would you like to change the course or temporarily stop and pass by?]
Seira-san seemed to have spotted an unidentified fleet, and she reported it to Arthur-kun.
“I have no objections.”
“Less trouble is better.”
“I’ll leave the decision to you.”
The remaining three also agreed with Seira-san’s opinion.
It would be optimal to prioritize safety and swiftly change course to avoid potential contact.
“Understood. Let’s get permission from the client. Mr. Bundleban, is it okay for a moment?”
“What is it?”
“In fact, I’ve spotted a fleet that seems to be pirates. They haven’t noticed us yet, but if we continue like this, there’s a possibility of contact. So, I’m thinking of changing the course or slowing down to pass by. What do you think?”
“That’s a problem! The success of our company is at stake in this new product presentation! We can’t afford any delays!”
Arthur-kun proposed the discovery of pirates and suggested a way to avoid them, but the manager sternly rejected Arthur-kun’s proposal.
Perhaps his intimidating appearance added to the impact.
“However, if we make contact with pirates, it will lead to a battle, taking even more time, and depending on the situation, there might be danger for you and your employees.”
But Arthur-kun, undeterred by the intimidation, presented the drawbacks of not implementing his proposal.
Indeed, combat would take time and put the client’s safety at risk.
“Manager! For the sake of safety, let’s follow the instructions of the professional!”
Employees, including Mr. Nostu, tried to persuade the manager from behind,
but he insisted, “No! We must arrive at the venue as soon as possible!”
It was unclear why the manager was so desperate, but it was becoming quite troublesome.
“Well, there’s no helping it. Seira, continue monitoring the pirates. Uzoss, keep checking the surroundings.”
As Arthur-kun reluctantly prepared to follow that instruction, a beep sound came from the communication of the “Lanoytan.” The manager disappeared from the screen.
“I apologize. May I ask for the method to change the course?”
In his place, Nostu-san appeared and, with a beautiful smile, accepted Arthur-kun’s proposal.
Wait, did I just see an electromagnetic baton behind her back…?
Furthermore, we encountered a powerful military ship that I had previously seen on the Milk River online shopping site.
Well, I guess it’s understandable since our lives are at stake, but they didn’t hold back, did they?
Surprisingly intimidating, that Nostu…


And as we continued on the suggested course change, I received a communication from Miss Seira.
“Can we talk for a moment?”
“Sure, what’s up?”
Thinking something was found, I hurriedly checked the radar, but nothing seemed different.
Then, unexpectedly, Miss Seira said something surprising.
“First of all, I apologize for staring at you the other day. I didn’t think your ship could really explore scan 2 billion kilometers.”
She apologized sincerely.
“Oh, that time. I wasn’t really bothered by it.”
I hadn’t paid it much mind, but it seemed she was bothered by it.
“Previously, someone claimed they could explore scan 2 billion kilometers, but in reality, they could only manage 500 million kilometers. Because of that person, a lot of unfortunate things happened…”
Ah, so her stare that time was one of suspicion.
You know the type. They talk big without being able to deliver and end up causing trouble…
“You’ll need to learn to see through that kind of thing. Stop chasing after your boyfriend’s butt all the time.”
“W-what are you talking about?!”
When Morize chimed in like that, Seira turned bright red and reacted.
She’s totally being toyed with…
But I’m grateful for the change in atmosphere.

Then, three hours later…
Fortunately, a fleet of unidentified ships, likely pirates, changed course to the opposite direction of ours and disappeared.
If they are pirates, it means they found another target nearby, so we shouldn’t be too happy.

And then, four more hours passed, and it was time for the night shift’s nap.
The first nap was for Arthur, Seira, and old man Bernard.
Since Seira and I, both with powerful radars, couldn’t rest at the same time, and in order to grant Seira’s wish, it was inevitable that it would turn out this way.
It seemed like it was time for the shift workers on the Lanoytan to take their rest, as someone who seemed to be on duty casually greeted us.
Actually, the most grueling part of escort duty is the time when nothing happens.
It’s better if nothing does happen, but it gets boring and sleepy if there’s nothing to do.
And if you have powerful detection equipment like me and Seira, you can’t afford to sleep, as you can’t miss any radar changes.
In times like these, it’s nice to have someone who talks unnecessarily, but the most talkative person, Morize, was fast asleep.
I could hear her snoring loud and clear, so there was no mistake.
Just as I was about to connect her line and blast a loud warning sound, I heard a message.
“Hey, mind if I ask you something?”
Levin came over to talk to me.
It seemed like he had nothing to talk to me about, so I wondered what it could be.
“You and the informant, Paterson, have known each other for a long time?”
The topic he brought up was about our informant friend.
“Been a friend since high school.”
Hearing that, Levin seemed slightly surprised.
“In that case, do you know what she likes? Whether it’s food or accessories, anything’s fine!”
He asked with enthusiasm.
What’s this? Could it be?
Is Levin in love with Gonzalez!?
Come to think of it, there was… something like that?
Thinking about it, Gonzalez probably hasn’t revealed his true identity.
Well, he probably won’t answer unless asked. That’s just his personality.
In that case, should I tell him the truth sooner rather than later?
Or should I make him lose his love without him knowing the truth, and help him move on?
“Uh… back in high school, that person liked anime and light novels, and I think Paterson still does…”
But I didn’t have the courage to reveal either option, so I dodged the question.
By the way, Gonzalez is also one of my otaku friends, so it’s true that he likes anime and light novels.
“I-I see…”
Levin gave me a dubious look.
Well, it’s hard to imagine from Gonzalez’s current career woman-like appearance.
Then he probably searched for some, uh, definitely those kinds of sites until it was time for the shift change.

Oh, and I made sure to mention that Morize had been sleeping the whole time. I told Seira that Morize herself had said, “When waking me up, please use a loud warning sound. Otherwise, I won’t wake up. I’m counting on you.”
She needs to receive the punishment for slacking off.

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