Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 5

Unable to raise her eyes with His Lordship’s face nearby, it would be rude to the young master to show signs of displeasure.
Mobilizing her trained mental fortitude, she responds then hurriedly fixes her posture as Addis walks over here.
With Raze sitting cross-legged in a posture no lady would ever assume, he knits his brows.
“Can’t you do something about…this?”
He had never seen her wearing a skirt other than with the uniform or dresses.
She properly wore shirts without any wrinkles and her underwear was decent enough, but ordinarily the girls at this academy, regardless of status, took a little more care with their appearance.
Not immediately grasping what he was pointing out, Raze tilts her head then straightens up in panic.
“Terribly sorry for being an eyesore!”
Addis hadn’t meant it like that, but the words didn’t come out right seeing her give such an earnest response.
Since she would just rebut like this if he provoked her, it wasn’t interesting.
If it were another girl, she might have responded a bit more charmingly, yet as always she gave the proper, model student answer.
He didn’t know how to get this model student persona to crumble. What’s more, though reluctant to admit it, when it came to swords he had been beaten by her.
Constantly being on the receiving end wasn’t Addis’s cup of tea so unconsciously he had been competing with her.
“I’m intruding here right? I’ll take my leave now.”
Misinterpreting his silence, she starts clearing up.
“Wai– Enough already!”
Scratching his head in frustration, Addis heaves a big sigh.
“You can stay here. Didn’t say a word about leaving.”
It was rare for Addis who always treated girls gently to speak so bluntly that Raze looks surprised.
(This is bad! Did I already upset him?!)
If she drew the disfavor of her superior’s son she might get bullied at work.
Attempting to flee the situation had backfired.
“Understood. Sorry. Um, would you like some snacks then?”
Raze now changes course to try appeasing Addis.
Wanting to improve relations with snacks was thinking fit for a child or elderly person.
Addis looks at the offered bag of snacks and considers.
He had been offered snacks by girls countless times already.
Yet in her case, it felt strongly like she just happened to have them so was sharing.
After thinking for a bit Addis accepts it and sits beside Raze since he hadn’t eaten lunch either, having come here to escape the girls.
“Oh right, I have a drink too.”
Handing Addis the coffee she had planned to drink after her meal, Raze finishes the hospitality she should provide.
Addis drinks the coffee first.
(Long eyelashes jerk!)
Seeing him with downcast eyes, Raze inwardly voices her thoughts. No way am I jealous of your good looks! she screams while struggling to find somewhere else to look then tears into her sandwich.
Just like Carne and Folia had complimented, eating with great relish her cheeks bulge out happily.
“Mm…so good~”
Devouring it wholeheartedly when she finishes, Addis was watching her eyes wide.
It was his first time seeing Raze with such a delighted expression up close.
“By the way, why are you here Lord Addis?”
Having completely ignored his existence, Raze asks Addis.
“The girls wouldn’t stop pestering me to hang out.”
(Ugh, so annoying!)
Just yesterday the unofficial announcement was made that next month they would be having a party for Reuben’s birthday. The host for the student organized ballroom party borrowing the hall was, naturally, his fiancée kana.
Since it was her superior’s son’s birthday party, Raze did plan on making an appearance but wasn’t sure if she would attend or not as a commoner without the means to freely buy dresses like the nobles.
It seems Addis had been asked to be the escort for that party. She knew some of the female students twittered over the [Blue Noble].
“Is that so. As expected of the [Blue Noble], impressive.”
What an embarrassing nickname.
As if discerning Raze’s inner thoughts, Addis quickly responds.
“Haha, I got saddled with that name somehow before I realized it. Calling me a noble prince doesn’t suit me at all.”
Something passed between the two.
(Jerk who can’t read the mood)
(Guy who can’t read the mood)
Addis and Raze having the same thought were on the same wavelength.
((If we get paired in the battle festival, I’ll definitely beat you))
It turns out their breathing matched perfectly.

“Ah, it’s already pitch dark.”
After eating lunch and returning to the laboratory, Raze was forced to accompany Dieter’s experiment, making the time to return to the dorm much later than usual. Although the time spent together had been decreasing recently, they still had breakfast and dinner together with Folia. Raze hurriedly opened the door to her room.
“Ah! Raze-chan!”
Suddenly, Folia, her face turning blue, hugged her.
“W-What’s wrong?”
Surprised, Raze still managed to catch her with her small body.
“I was worried because you were late. Is something wrong?”
It was the first time Raze had been worried about the time she returned home. Stumbling over her words, she reassured her.
“Sorry… The experiment took longer. But, there’s nothing dangerous at the academy, so don’t worry.”
She stammered out, trying to explain.
“That’s not that!”
So, with a very serious expression, Folia told her, making Raze shrug her shoulders in surprise.
“There are dangerous things even at the academy. Really, nothing happened?”
“Uh, yeah.”
Scolded by Folia, Raze nodded blankly.
“Phew, that’s a relief.”
Hearing a sigh of relief so close by, Raze was bewildered by the current situation.
There was a discomfort in Folia worrying so much about her. It was as if she knew that the academy wasn’t safe.
“…Folia, did something happen?”
Raze didn’t overlook that suspicion.
“Huh!? N-No, nothing happened.”
To Folia, who avoided eye contact conspicuously, Raze’s expression turned puzzled.
“Is there something you find hard to tell me?”
“W-Well, not really. Sometimes things go missing, or I feel like someone is watching, but there’s absolutely nothing like that!”
She probably hadn’t had much experience lying until now. No, angels probably couldn’t lie. Raze calmed her down, smiling as she spoke.
“Which means someone tried to mess with an angel.”
Raze comforted the truthful Folia and smiled.
Folia didn’t understand the meaning, but seeing Raze’s smile, she thought she could brush it off.
“Yeah. Surely, it’s the work of an angel!”
With a relieved expression, she replied.
Although nothing matched in the conversation, Raze didn’t clarify the misunderstanding.
Just, her eyes didn’t show any signs of laughter.



Thus, Reuben’s birthday celebration approached, on the early morning of the day.
A modest knock on the door, and Raze opened it.
“Good morning, Raze.”
There stood kana, with her vertical rolls as usual.
“Good morning. What brings you here so early in the morning?”
Raze, still in her pajamas, rubs her eyes.
Noticing it’s kana, Folia also pops her head out saying “Good morning, Lady kana!”
“I came to deliver this to you two since I wanted you to come.”
What she handed them was a letter made of expensive looking paper.
“What’s this?”
Receiving it, Raze asks.
“It’s an invitation to Prince Reuben’s birthday party. Since it’s student organized, having everyone participate like with the welcome reception is difficult…”
“Eh! Is it okay for us to accept this?!”
Folia’s eyes grow wide going back and forth between the invitation and kana.
“Yes, please do. I even prepared sweets specially ordered from Masserone, so look forward to it.”
(What did she say?!)
To think she went as far as putting in a request with the famous confectionary in the capital’s main store in the Pheasa shopping district known for constantly selling out.
Raze’s heart skips a beat.
“Well then, see you later.”
Carne then hurriedly takes her leave.
The invitation left behind looks like the key to a treasure chest about to open.
“Carne looks so busy, doesn’t she?”
“It’s the main event tonight after all. She’s working hard for Prince Reuben’s sake.”
While getting ready in the morning, Raze glances at the invitation placed on the desk.
Chatting with Folia about Reuben’s birthday party, she solidifies her intention to attend since Carne herself invited them.
It’s definitely not because she wants to eat the Masserone sweets—yes, mmhmm.
“I’m looking forward to the party!”
Raze looks at Folia.
According to the prophecy notebook, Folia gets her invitation stolen by Reuben devotees resulting in her unable to participate in the party.
“Since I spent all my time at the church, I never went to any parties before, so it makes me nervous and excited. I thought the welcome reception was lovely, like I was in a fairy tale~”
Next to her was an innocent, pure angel. Confronted by such an august existence, Raze revises her earlier resolve.
No matter what, I will make sure she attends this party. Any interference will be thoroughly eliminated—.
“Folia, I promise I will make you into Cinderella.”
“Huh? W-what do you mean?”
Faced with Raze’s serious gaze, Folia tilts her head blankly.

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