Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 2

I was aware of my excitement for my first battle in a while.
It seemed that I enjoyed moving my body more than I had thought, and to be honest, I had been looking forward to this moment since I entered the labyrinth.
“Camilla, we’ve encountered a Wyvern. Requesting permission to engage in combat.”
I transmitted instructions to Camilla.
I drew my blade before her response came.
Alright, as soon as permission is granted.
“Understood. However, I’d like you to avoid combat if possible. Can you slip past it?”
“Yes, most likely.”
“In that case, please avoid it. Once the main unit arrives, we’ll surround and defeat it afterward.”
I see, that’s efficient.
We are part of the high-mobility mapping team, after all.
I signaled to the two of them and made a feigned attack before bypassing the Wyvern.
Surprisingly, it was easier than expected.
As a result, the Wyvern was defeated by the main unit, and our maps were once again significantly updated.


[Camilla, it’s a dead end.]
[Good, head back and take the left path at the earlier fork. We’ll adjust course that way too.]
As smooth as ever.
Despite being independent in a small group, Vim seems to infer our overall movements, sparing any need to explain.
With him now a full member, there’s no reluctance involving him in strategy.
Adding his individual might to his strengths of enhancement and situational judgment is now virtually omnipotent.
No matter how we use him, Night Dragonfly’s dives will greatly improve in efficiency.
So optimally leveraging him is also difficult, one could say.
I should’ve asked more about his enhancement abilities earlier.

“Sorry for the pretentious setup.”
The day after Vim accepted recruitment, I gathered him and some researchers in a conference room. An interview about his abilities.
“However, we’re considering party composition centered around you, who defeated a Floor Boss. I hope you understand we want to eliminate unknowns and uncertainties.”
“Y-yes… But um…”
From mentioning placing him at the core, Vim’s face tightened.
“I’m not sure… I can meet expectations that far…”
“Of course we don’t intend to burden you with everything. To grasp what you can reasonably bear, we must understand your limits.”
There’s no doubting his battle capability now.
But given he lost consciousness for days after defeating the Boss, recklessly throwing him at large types as some indefatigable battle machine gives me pause.
Furthermore, we completely fail to grasp the principle behind his various enhancements. Unclear which school of conventional enhancement they even fall under. We know so little about the technique we want to rely on.
“It’s about your enhancement abilities. What’s reproducible from that Boss fight? I want details within safe limits.”
In short, reveal your hand a little more, please.
“Um, where should I start…”
“Barring anything confidential, plunge into the technical details if needed. We brought researchers today for that purpose.”
I glance at the members beside me.
They’re Night Dragonfly’s research team. Uncommonly for such scholarly roles, many possess vocations especially for research, particularly Mages, analyzing, organizing, and sublimating all necessary information – monsterology, tactics, law – into new methodology.
Naturally hand-picked. For many, I personally visited the Magic Academy to recruit only the top or second ranked students.
Faced with their sharp gazes, Vim hesitantly opened his mouth.
“So, my enhancement, I mean, enhancement itself seems… fundamentally different from the buff Mages, Warriors, Clerics use…”
With that, he hung his head, so I prompt him to continue.
“A different system? Not that your enhancement style is different, but enhancement itself differs from other magic?”
“Yes… I think so. So, in my interpretation, template-style enhancement is more fundamental than what I use… All magic, or rather, can ultimately be replicated with mystic codes. Fundamentally, they directly convert mana into heat, force, and such. The body serves as the medium for that conversion.”
“…Go on.”
“For example, Warriors essentially move their bodies with a form of psychokinetic strength. You could say… they produce invisible muscles with mana clusters.”
Psycho… what?
“But enhancement is different – it can only fundamentally alter the properties of things. So, enhancing a Warrior, strengthening their body, the basic idea would be moment-by-moment switching the elasticity of their muscles to achieve high output.”
He raises his right arm sideways.
“To lift your forearm, the triceps relax while the biceps contract, right?”
As he says, he indicates the muscles and lifts his forearm.
“Here, enhancement would lower the relaxed muscle’s elasticity to the limit. And raise the contracting muscle’s elasticity to the limit. The principle for contracting versus relaxing is a bit complicated…”
He holds out both hands, palms facing in a mirrored stance.
“Imagine pulling taut a loose rubber band. When you let go, it will contract with weak force corresponding to its low elasticity. But if you use enhancement to alter its elasticity while pulled taut, the state of a loose rubber band being pulled becomes one of a taut rubber band being pulled, and it contracts with strong restorative force.”
Having finished speaking, he looks up at us.


“So… in summary, it fundamentally alters properties without changing muscle usage… A drawback is, as I said, it’s completely different from something like a Warrior’s psychokinetic strength, so forcing muscle movement in a way the enhanced can’t perceive. So without producing the sensation of output attainable from that level, a disconnect occurs… in essence.”
He explained it slowly and simply, so while I don’t quite grasp what he’s saying, it’s not incomprehensible.
“Sorry. I’ve never heard such talk.”
“Oh… I see.”
Utterly different from what I know of enhancement – no, magic as a whole.
Some variation exists between vocations, but handling mana is considered magic across the board.
As Warriors, we handle mana through the rough concept of “spirit” for our vocation’s convenience, but that itself is just a teaching appealing to the senses of the physical-oriented.
His explanation doesn’t seem to be about individual perception. More an attempt to reach the fundamental principle of magic itself.
“What do you Magic specialists think? Let’s hear it from the authority on magic.”
I turn the conversation to the researchers.
“This is… no longer a discussion about magic. While I cover enhancement basics as taught in spellbooks, this is completely different from the start. Enhancement itself is just one more magic employing the body as a medium, nothing more.”
The other researchers also shake their heads.
None of Night Dragonfly’s researchers seem to know what he’s talking about.
We could only silently watch him, demanding further explanation with our eyes.
A long moment passed.
He shifts his gaze repeatedly, pats his face, then with resolve, murmurs.
“It actually differs from magical theory fundamentals.”
A chair rattled loudly.
“Oh… maybe I shouldn’t talk about this…”
“Keep going, Vim.”
While reprimanding the startled researchers with my eyes, I strongly urge Vim to continue.
“Um… it’s related to one commonly cited cause of theoretical contradictions… Template-style enhancement begins with the verse ‘By my accredited principles, parallel lines shall never intersect’ but proceeds to add certain premises, refute the theory itself, then reconstruct it from there.”
He continues as if urged on by momentum.
“So… it’s abbreviated in the symbolic chant, but the final verse of my enhancement’s magical theory chant ends with ‘somewhere they intersect.'”
The conference room fell silent.
This is humongous news.
A genius, perhaps?
“Do you understand what Vim is saying?”
“Roughly… I think.”
“The specifics?”
“Not at all, not at all…”
Just catching the words’ edge, clearly ominous terms came up.
Altering magical theory itself is far too drastic.
The supreme principle upheld by the Sage Society is that all magic derives from identical definitions and systems. Overturning that foundationally threatens to shake magic schools and factions themselves.
“Altering magical theory contradicts the ideals of magic academies. It’s surely unthinkable.”
“I suppose… it would be seen that way.”
The researchers poorly concealed their dread.
“S-sorry, when I’d talk about this, Maris and Nicola um… oh, from Dragon’s Wings would get mad.”
Perhaps expecting our reaction, Vim grows flustered and bows apologetically.
“No need to be so guarded. I’m sorry… and thank you for telling me.”
I make eye contact with each researcher, confirming they’re fine.
The tense air seems to have passed, and they’re calming down reflecting on their actions.
“Don’t worry, Vim. We’ve no interest in such ideologies or prejudices. Our reactions just now were merely reflexive due to our backgrounds. Not our true feelings.”
But Vim remains wary. Testing if my appeasement is expedient or genuine.
“I… see.”
“Yes. The issue is if it’s useful or not. Night Dragonfly is an adventurer party, and we’re adventurers before researchers. Our top priority of conquering the labyrinth doesn’t waver.”
This is something I strongly established when taking command of the research team.
Once untethered from facts and immersed in fantasy, nothing good comes of it. Without properly defining conclusions, curiosity easily becomes a deranged force.
Especially for researchers.
I look to the researchers. They immediately nod.
“Of course.”
Good, no issues.
“Here’s the situation. Thanks to you candidly telling us, we can grasp your enhancement’s uniqueness. In this case, we’re clearly in the position of humbly beseeching your teachings.”
The research team readies their pens again. Rather than analyzing, to listen more modestly, they adopt the posture of students attending a lecture, merely taking notes.
With that, Vim finally relaxes his tensed shoulders.

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