Reborn as The Underdog First Prince Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 3

“He—Garu is a magic user that His Highness is looking for. Maybe he can even wield the toys we made.”

“Are you… no, are you the chief who can ride that Grim Reaper! Please, lend me a weapon like the one your tribe’s warriors use!”

Whether from barely contained excitement or not, his eyes were bloodshot.

Seeing the boy’s intensely threatening demeanor, Todd involuntarily made a face as if chewing on a bitter bug.

People who could use magic were quite rare.

Only around two percent of the population had enough magical power to use magic.

Moreover, magical power was often inherited through bloodlines, so magicians appearing from the masses was very uncommon.

According to Todd’s game knowledge, among the mountain tribe characters only Tottila and a few priests should have magical aptitude.

He didn’t think there would be such a young boy like this.

Seeing him, Todd desperately racked his brain, realizing he had encountered yet another exception.

Considering Renge, it was reasonable to think this Garul was someone who died at the stage when the mountain tribes became involved in the original story.

This boy still so young was impatient and seeking power.

For some reason, he would likely lose his life.

A young, pure-blooded mountain tribe member with magical power.

With high physical capabilities, if he could attain the balance to even sleep on horseback, he would have ample talent to become a powered armor pilot.

It might have been better if he was just an ordinary boy, but his current state could hardly be called stable.

While he might have aptitude, giving even a single enhancement gear to him in this state seemed dangerous.

But depending on the nature of his problems, Todd might be able to help.

Solving the issues plaguing him could surely earn Todd this boy’s staunch loyalty as a pure mountain tribesman.

Smirking wryly at his own calculating thoughts, Todd had Garul stand up.

“Garul, why do you want power so badly? Depending on circumstances, we may be able to help.”

“…Y-Yes! I had an older sister taken by another tribe. I want to take her back. There’s no way she can be happy under a man like that!”

Family huh…Todd instinctively sympathized.

If Edward or Takeru had been snatched away, he would devote all his efforts to rescuing them, research secrecy be damned.

So he understood the feeling.

When mountain tribe clans battled, the losing side was absorbed by the winner.

The women of the defeated clan became the victors’ property, while the men were conscripted and made to stand on the front lines.

So Garul must have fled from his tribe.

But if the other side was victorious, they were unlikely to be that weak.

Promising to rush to the rescue immediately seemed rash.

“Garul, we intend to unify all the mountain tribes and incorporate them into the kingdom. So while we can’t do it immediately, I believe we can surely save your sister.”

“…I-I see, thank you…”

“Don’t look so dissatisfied. Have you forgotten your life is in the hands of us, the victors, as is your sister’s?”

Seeing Garul lower his dissatisfied face,

Raienbach stepped forward and deliberately clashed his sword guard and hilt to make a sound.

“Well…no, in that case, could you at least lend me one thing? I won’t trouble the chief. I just want to answer that bastard with an arrow…”

“You, settle down already…”

“It’s fine Rai. Killing him here would be a waste. But Garul, is it really that urgent? I asked Hammerm earlier, but doesn’t he say women are valued for bearing children? If she gets pregnant, she’ll be treated well, and they all lovingly raise the children of fallen warriors I heard.”

Stopping Raienbach who was about to truly draw his sword and cut the boy down, Todd breathed an internal sigh of relief.

If he hadn’t been on site, Garul would have undoubtedly been killed.

He felt a strange sense of relief that he was here.

“Yes, but that man is different! He already has over a hundred concubines, and has absorbed over ten clans! When I think of my sister still shaking under that bastard…”

Todd had been nodding along, but stiffened at the mention of absorbed clans.

A high number of concubines was one thing, but clans was another story.

He had a terrible premonition why Garul was so desperate.

Why he didn’t appear in the game.

He could vaguely conjecture.

And Garul’s next words proved Todd’s guess correct.


“I have to kill that bastard Tottila! He’s destroying the mountain tribes’ values, twisting them for his own convenience. To protect my sister, to protect the mountain tribes themselves—he cannot be allowed to live!”

The facts that Tottila had already begun absorbing clans, and that he had properly risen this time were nothing but misfortune to Todd.

But a stroke of good luck in misfortune, Garul who had become part of Todd’s clan held deep resentment toward Tottila, and had closely observed his movements.

Thanks to him, Todd could grasp Tottila’s approximate forces and plans going forward.

It seems Tottila’s clan forces already exceeded one thousand.

His current target was the Gui clan at the base of their stronghold Mount Lic.

Though seemingly evenly matched numbers, Tottila would likely be victorious.

Even taking heavy casualties and losing half his forces, his numbers would continue swelling.

Because of their greater numbers, they could attack stronger clans.

And by absorbing them, gain even more elite soldiers and personnel.

If he continued gathering the mountain tribes like this, despite Todd’s side subjugating small clans, they would ultimately be badly outnumbered.

The intel Garul provided was truly worth its weight in gold.

Realizing there was no time for leisure, Todd called out Raienbach, the Royal Guards, and Haruto’s group.

He explained about Tottila who would likely become their greatest threat, bringing Garul along to add credibility to the explanation.

“Sorry, it seems someone moved earlier than us. At our current pace we won’t make it in time. If we’re careless, we’ll be smashed.”

“I understand what you’re saying, but with Your Highness’ Shiranui and us, can’t we manage with just being at a numerical disadvantage?”

“We might be able to handle a few dozen, but there’s a limit. If the orc muscle inside the iron and mythril exterior is severed, it’s over.”

“Then what will you do? I believe aggressively moving to absorb a larger tribe would be best. If we can match numbers to some degree, we just have to directly kill this Tottila.”

“Yeah, I mostly agree. But thinking ahead, I still want numbers if possible. So I’m thinking of splitting our limited troops further this time.”

Todd’s strategem was simple.

First, split the personnel from the kingdom into two teams – Todd, Raienbach, Haruto, and Randon, Mikito, Suto, Renge.

Have Randon’s team absorb the small nearby tribes, while Todd’s team continues ahead to conquer larger tribes.

Once confrontation with Tottila was imminent, they would rendezvous and join battle.

Ideally he wanted to advance ahead with everyone at once, but Todd had already picked up the former Gil clan’s twenty plus members this time.

Throwing them into combat would be unwise, and having them conquered by other tribes would leave a bad taste. At least nominally, Todd had become their chief who should look after them.

So he should provide minimum care.

It seems responsibility would continue increasing like this.

Todd couldn’t help thinking so.

“Garul will join our side, but I intend to have the other mountain tribesmen all go with Randon’s team. With just four enhanced infantry, they’d be at a disadvantage combat-wise after all.”

“So we’re separating me and Renge because you need maintenance huh?”

“Yeah, that’s right. And from now on, surplus forces will basically disappear, so I authorize lending enhancement gear to the mountain tribesmen in my name. Of course, don’t give it to any guys who look likely to defect to Tottila. Renge will join Randon’s team since it looks like you’d be bad at judging that, Haruto.”

From here on was a game of painting which mountain tribes would join either Todd or Tottila’s side.

Tottila’s fangs could reach the kingdom lacking powered armor.

Now was no time to hold back.

Oddly though, despite thinking they would be reluctant, the Royal Guards’ resistance wasn’t very strong.

If anything were to happen to Todd, they might physically snap.

I had expected strong resistance…but that was a bit of a let down.

Seeing the battle at Shiranui and Raienbach siding with us, it seems they don’t see me in danger. Well, if that’s the case then that’s fine, I think to myself with relief.

As I ponder what caused the softening of Landon and the others, Raienbach whispers to me that it was probably because they took a liking to the women.

Understanding his meaning, Todd’s cheeks flush bright red.

It seems they properly laid their hands on the women after all.

Now that I look at the three’s expressions again, they all look rosy-cheeked with good color, somehow emanating a mature air.

“So I…get to be with Master Todd?”

“Yes, that’s right. Garul, you gave me information on Tottila, the greatest threat to the mountain people in exchange for your sister. So as a reward, I’ll lend you enhanced armaments.”

I debated on how to handle Garul, but decided to take him into our side.

he is headstrong so I doubt he would listen to Landon and Renge.

So it would probably be easier to draw him in to our side.

I want to see how the mountain people adapt to the enhanced armaments, and how they will use those toys.

I plan to treat him as a test case.

It is also a precaution against him colluding with Tottila.

he would probably happily betray Todd and the others if it meant getting him sister back.

If that were to happen, I’m not sure if just Renge and the others could properly deal with it.

With our superior mobility, durability, and capabilities overall, we could cut him down in an instant.

There were those somewhat shady reasons as well.

“So for now, let’s decide when we’ll next meet up. But since we don’t actually know the distance to the mountain range, it’ll be hard to set specific dates.”

“At the very least, please come here once you’ve brought this area under control.”

“Hmm, is that a good idea? We’re a bit of a wild card, so even losing one of us would be a pretty big blow. It’d be fine if you just send a messenger from the mountain people or something to keep us updated. Since they’re illiterate apparently, we should exchange messages with letters, considering Tottila and the others might see them.”

“I see… Yes, we will hurry to meet up with you!”

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